New Game: Air Traffic Control for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Apr 2009 04:20 am EDT

Calling All BlackBerry Storm owners! New from Mobigloo, developers of such popular titles as Nintaii, Storm Level Pro and Next Dual Pack, comes a fun and addicting game called Air Traffic Control.

The premise of Air Traffic Control is to land all of the planes on the runways by using your finger to draw the flight path. The game includes two scenes -- Bora Bora and an Aircraft Carrier -- and several aircraft types, including two fighter jets, a jumbo jet, a private jet, a helicopter and a hot air balloon.

* Warning: this is a totally fun and addicting little game. The planes keep coming, so you need to think fast and draw those flight paths quick. If you give it a go on your Storm, be sure to drop in the comments how many planes you land! Air Traffic Control retails for $9.99, but until May 3rd is available at an introductory price of $4.99 (no coupon code required). You can grab it from the CrackBerry App Store at the link below.

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New Game: Air Traffic Control for the BlackBerry Storm


D/L Air Traffic Controller, I was very impressed how well ATC works with the STORM. UI is smooth, Just remember to pay attention to the Pilots Thumbs Up when you vector their aircraft to one of two Land Based runways, (or Aircraft Carrier). As the game progresses, It becomes Los Angeles Freeways in the Sky. Fighter Jets move in fast, Hot-Air Balloons will always find their way to get IN THE WAY... Over All, I'm IMPRESSED!!! AWESOME WORK GUYS!!!

The one on the iphone is more toonish. This version has better detail. imo. but at 5 times less the price, the iphone is a better bargain but this one is good

So 4:20 was the time of your post. You seemed ecstatic about the game. Should I trust that this game is actually good, or were you just easily ammused at the time?

It looks fun but its 7:30 in the morning and I haven't slept. I wont trust my judgement and instead wait for some review comments before I decide on pickin this up.

Detroit Red Wings - 2009 Stanley Cup Champions


HAHA. That's funny. I was out last night, got home late, installed ATC and got playing the game and couldn't put it down (check out my twitter on that - @crackberrykevin), so blogged it up since I was still awake.

Didn't notice till just now that the time was 4:20. That's just the time when I hit the publish button - 4:20am though, not afternoon. Not sure that really counts quite the same?

Hmm I guess I can quit working on my version lol. Mobigloo makes some great, high quality apps. I will gladly donate my 5$ to them

Yeah this game looks great BUT I am not willing to pay so much for it. This is the problem with Apps for Blackberry. Everything costs so much!!! You can get the same App, Flight Control (just one airport though), for Apple iPhone/Touch for 99 cents. Come on Mobigloo lower your price!

I completely agree, Blackberry apps are WAY too expensive, I'd probably buy 5x more apps if they were all $1 like the iphone.

RIM REALLLLLLLLY needs to figure out how to save/run and downloaded apps from an SD card. It's sad and comical at the same time that they created App World without being able to have our Berries not have their precious tiny biy of memory shrunk even more by downloading apps. They really need to get with the program or.. Hire better programmers..

$9.99 retail, what a ripoff. These people need to quit smoking whatever they are smoking when they try to charge so much for mobile games. NO mobile game or app should cost over $3-5

I am tired of games and programs that don't have a free trial. Who would spend 10 bucks without trying it first?

I'm totally addicted to Flight Control on the iPhone, so I'm looking for a similar game on my Storm. However, without a free trial, I'm hesitant to buy this until there are a lot more reviews. I think the developer of this app is going to have this chicken and egg syndrome.

Why are we being charged so much more for this than iPhone users? I'm not complaining, I would really just like an honest answer as this seems to be an on-going trend with a lot of apps.

This is not a 'fun and addicting little game'. This is an overpriced port of an iPhone game!! Avoid this rip-off.

Mobigloo posted the following in "We need FLIGHT CONTROL!" thread earlier today:


- If we want nicer apps for the Storm, they are going to use more memory. It is very common on the iPhone to have 10MB games. Flight Control is 6.7MB

- Not including any music or sound was a difficult choice. Did not want to make the project even bigger. But the main problem was that there is a bug on the .75 version of the Storm OS where the sound can only be heard with a headset. Also, BlackBerry devices are unable to play 2 different sounds at the same time.

- Concerning the pricing, we will consider it leaving it $4.99

- More updates will come will new types of planes and more scenes.

- Settings will get improved to add "weather" conditions.

If you have any suggestion on the game or request for improvements, please let us know!

thank you,
-the mobigloo team

They also said that the updates would be free for current users. I think that makes this game well worth the price since the iphone version only has 1 level and no weather. This also has far superior graphics

I would have still included the sound. It makes it easier to steer that way. Weather conditions would be great. Cant wait to see version two. Also I liked the feature that requires you to land on a specific airport.

A fun game that's made for the Storm! Quit whining that it costs a whole $5 people! If you cant afford to spend $5 on a game why do you have an expensive phone like the Storm that costs $100/month to use??? Well worth it IMO.

My phone is a Curve 8330 so I can't even try this game... but the same game on my iPod Touch is only .99 cents... WHY is it $9.99 on the Storm with an intro price of $4.99 ?? Seems very overpriced to me.

This game is fun, but until you actually controls real planes. Thats where its at. Air Traffic Controller, Edwards AFB, ca

Another solid release from Mobigloo. After Nintaii and Next Dual Pack I had to check this out. Fun and tough as well...i'm sure it'll keep me occupied during those little down-time moments.

ps: got 40 on the aircraft so far

44 on land...after 35 if because almost impossible I've noticed. There is just 1 plane after another like rapid fire. You can't land any planes because new planes keep coming into the screen and messing up your path. After 35 planes are landed it gets super stressful lol.

I would imagine the lack of users might have something to do with pricing. It take awhile to produce quality products suchs as ATC. Iphone has what 21million phones sold ADD the Itouch (same platform, same app place) vs BBStorms like 2 million or so sold. So a .99 cent app have 10x more exposure and 10x more customers than a 2.99+ app on the BBStorm. The people producing these apps generally dont do it as a hobby and even then fund's are gratifying.

I don't know about you guys, but I think this game is awesome. Definitely a time waster worth 4.99. I really like it, especially since then announced updates for it. I really appreciate a software company that puts out free updates, really says alot about their integrity.

Download a pdf of lax or den and use a real FAA busy airport. That would be very cool, and realistic too. has taxi diagrams for most any us airport. Maybe even a carribian island airport.

Air traffic controller, Pilot

If there was a way to have airport files loaded from SD card, you could offset some of the memory size for the game and have "airport packs". You could then have unlimited airports without having to worry about the game's base footprint!

What about having to navigate a busy city skyline and instead of landing. The planes. They have specific exit points on the screen.

im actually going to school for ATC and i find this game very addicting and realistic in a sense of timing and having the ability to think quickly. i do find this game a bit pricey though, but if 5 bucks gets me out of tons of boring moments its worth it, my record is 52!

wow, bout time some "real"games started coming out. BB Storm is capable of so much. Need some apps and games like th Iphone has. Lets get with the picture! Going in a good direction though. Maybe another year and we'll be on top of it. I dont care what you Iphone tree huggers say. I LOVE MY STORM!

I bought this game and i have to say it's pretty good. here are the two down sides i see. 4.99 is a little much for it 2.99 would have been the perfect price where i would have felt good about my purchase. i would not recommend any one paying 9.99 for this ater may 3rd... it's just not worth that much at least to me.

Second after downloading and installing the game i have approx 34 MB of memory(after a battery pull also) after running the game and exiting out i have 19... so it seems there is a major memory leak in it and that should probably be taken care of very soon, i'd say it's a fun game but it's a little ridicules to rip off an iPhone app and then charge more for it 4 dollars more than the original app let alone 9.

basically if you feel like you really should buy this game buy it now before it jumps up to 9.99. cause if i would have payed that much i would feel dumb.

I have this game for my iPod Touch and it's very addicting, but also only $1. I would love to have it for my Storm but not for this price. I think I'll just stick to playing on the iPod...

Hopefully we get more good games that aren't just clones of successful App Store games sold at higher prices.

I remember playing ATC a LONG time ago on my PC. I think it was even a DOS game, or one with very little graphics. Planes would need to take off and land. They eventually came out with a Windows version several years later. It was a very addictive game!

This game is fun and addicting. I recommend highly. If you tired of Word Mole and Brickbreaker, this is fresh new game to download. I tried demos for Nintaii and Labyrinth, although those games are solid, they didn't make me want to buy them. This is the perfect game to play for 10 minutes at a time. This has nice graphics especially specific for the Storm. What you waiting for download the sucker before May 3 for 1/2 the price.

Thank you for making a cool app! Some suggestions:

-allow the user to adjust the speed so we can get higher levels. Slower speed means we can still have more planes on the screen and still try to manouver them. PLUS if there is a slower speed, it will allow for longer game play and at this point all I can do is get to 35 max. Thats only 5 minutes of play. If there was a speed setting that could be lowered, I could sit and land planes for 20 minutes or all afternoon!!! hehe

-enable the Blackberry menu button to pause the game. I want to be able to keep playing, but without being able to pause limits my happiness about the game.

Good job on the green radar, the planes, map, and perfect response time and accuracy for following my finger.

Forget the $5 price, this is a great little game, normally I'm cheap and I don't want to buy games, but decided to try this one and I really like it. Can;t wait for the update to include another scene. Hey Mobigloo how about including a jungle scene with water landings between a specific area and landings on the land on a makeshift runway.
Oh and I looked at the iphone version, this one looks a lot better and not cartoony.

I'm loving this game, but I got up to 59 planes landed and my Storm crashed. It just froze and would not respond, and I had to do a battery pull. I'm loathe to try the game again since that happened.

I've reached 70 planes landed. I'm sure there are folks out there who have achieved higher. It starts getting crazy 50-60 mark.