New free Telmap app for UK BlackBerry users

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By James Richardson on 18 May 2012 09:46 am EDT

I am a huge fan of "Sat Nav' applications but sadly on the BlackBerry platform we don't have as many options as our friends on iOS and Android.  Telmap dropped me an email today announcing their new free application is available for download (This is the kind of thing that gets me excited).  So I am going in and we will of course have a full review here in the very near future ... well, as long as I don't get lost! Download from the link below and keep reading for the full press release.

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Press Release

Telmap, pioneers in mobile location-based services, announced today that a new version of its Telmap Navigator mobile application is now available for free to Blackberry users in the UK.

Telmap Navigator can be downloaded on Blackberry's AppWorld and for the first time enables Blackberry users to turn their devices for free, into a real local search, mapping and navigation system with in-car navigation with 3D moving maps, voice-guided instructions, a dedicated pedestrian navigation mode, and a postcode business and address search that's specially tailored for UK users.

In addition, Telmap Navigator enables easy exploration of one's surroundings with free access to nearby restaurants, pubs and plenty of activities provided by TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet. Moreover, Telmap Navigator offers a layer of ultra-local content that's specific to UK users and will optimize their on-the-go experience with access to information from local brands such as Barclays Cycle, Ordnance Survey, and more. With Telmap Navigator, users can also keep in touch with their community through integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and the extremely popular BlackBerry Messenger, a must-have for BlackBerry users who will be able to communicate their location through BBM and locate their BBM contacts, all from within Telmap Navigator.

"Telmap's vision is all about providing people with instant, relevant, reliable and fun information while on-the-go, and we are happy to be able to offer just that to UK users of Blackberry devices. We have optimized the app to the Blackberry device for a great user experience and are confident that by using Telmap Navigator, Blackberry users will be able to derive a lot more value from their devices", said Motti Kushnir, Telmap Chief Marketing Officer.

Telmap Navigator is available for free download on Blackberrry's AppWorld. It's available to UK users, on the following Blackberry models (both touch and non-touch devices): BB9900, BB9810, BB9790, BB9380, BB9360, BB9800, BB9320, BB9300.

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New free Telmap app for UK BlackBerry users


You can download it. Just point your BB browser to

I downloaded it :) (I`m not from UK) and it asks me for a "Activation Code".
This app was available for free somewhere last year and i downloaded it was free trial at that must of kept my PIN :) ..i dunno ..but its frustrating that i cannot see the app..even if i`m not from UK :D


I have tried your URL but on the listed devices there isn't the 9790 which is the one that I have.

Also, I tried the link above from app world and it says UNAVAILABLE FOR THIS DEVICE.

In the blog it do says that is for the 9790.

Anyone can confirm it?


It does. Plug in the origination and destination addresses and it puts the path on the map along with turn-by-turn directions. It doesn't read them out for you.

But BlackBerry Traffic does, and it's free. I downloaded it last week and it's amazing. Doesn't show a map, instead it shows which direction to turn, which I was disappointed in until I used it. With a phone sized screen I think they nailed it. PLUS, with my phone bluetoothed to my car I'm streaming music through my speakers from my phone and the traffic lady speaks over it with no interruption. It's awesome.

BTW .. I remember when i first installed the app (it was something like "if you want to be a beta tester please submit your email address and we`ll send you a free trial something something" :)

It did not ran like Jagger at all :)))) It was slooooooooow and kept on freezing when trying to find sattelites...

It's good to see UK Blackberry owners getting something for nothing and a good app . My old Nokias used to have free sat nav .Getting a 9860 tomorrow so will give it a try , will also be transfering wisepilot over from my 9105 for comparison .

Google Maps would be great if it didn't give Blackberries the spinning clock syndrome! I am sticking with Bing Maps for now

Amazing!!! Downloading right now as I'm from the UK. Will create a post maybe in the forum section not sure which section as of yet to tell you guys if its decent but I cannot compare it to the BB traffic app at the moment as it's not available for us UK customers.

Doesn't Blackberry Traffic work in UK/Europe? It's great, turn by turn, and FREE. More accurate than Google for me, with voice navigation. No visible map, but the turn by has been bang on for me so far.

I would not get too excited. As its all well and good saying UK blackberry users now have a free satnav app.

But it would be good if the app actually worked..., yep, there is a reason why its free folks.

and it also does not have offline maps, not sure why people bother making "sat nav" apps to use in your car when you need a data connection. 3G in the uk is cr"p compared to other countries, so even if I do get it working, I wont expect it to be that useful....

Telmap works just great. Amazingly great. I've been in their beta-group for the past 2 years, and at this point I am confident enough in it's abilities to not even look up where I'm going before I get in the car. I have driven from my house in Kent to Aberdeen (and back) exclusively rolling with Telnav. And my house to Wales. And to Lancaster (via sheffield) and a dozen other places that are hundreds of miles away. It has never once steered me wrong, or stopped working, or done anything other than give me flawless directions to where I need to be.

Also, you're talking crap about quite a few things. Every free satnav solution I've ever used uses the data line to download maps, but they don't do it on the fly unless you go radically off course. When you put in the route, it caches the appropriate bits of map so that it doesn't just die without data coverage. And seriously, there is nothing wrong with the way they are doing this. Its the exact same way that googlemaps does its magic on android, and that's a just as good.

Offline maps is almost exclusively for high priced apps or stand alone units, and even then if you want things like live traffic, local search or basically any other functionality beyond just being a map, they have to use data to work things out. It's just the way it is. I can't stand when people spout off about things that they've clearly never used.

perhaps RIM needs to fix the spinning clock syndrome (quoted above) 1st,. otherwise, any apps pushed on to blackberries including this telemap will still be criticised. what's under the hood of 9900 at the moment is not sufficient for today's smartphone users.

I've been using this app in the UK for quite some time. For a free app it's brilliant. Yes it has its niggles, like the odd "loss of gps signal" causing havoc. Besides this it has provided me with good clear navigation literally from one side of the country to the other, alongside regular traffic updates, which recalculate the ETA, and is aware of 90% of fixed speed cameras and in areas in which mobile speed cameras operate.

You could use Google maps, but as said this doesn't offer turn by turn navigation. It may show you the route, but it doesn't offer an "on the road" display of your location in relation to the route and for any safe driver you wouldn't want to constantly look at the device to see where to go next; spoken instructions will always be necessity.

Someone please give us Aussies and Kiwis a free navigation app! Pretty please! Everyone else has turn by turn voice navigation and all the BB options are rubbish :( (no BB traffic here...)

I to liked Blackberry traffic, but with no map I thought it was inferior to the Garmin, and TomTom. But check out "Waze" turn by turn with voice and a map. Like it better than "Traffic" (or until Traffic add the map view feature)

Downloaded registered got activation code fantastic turn by turn with voice and free. Well done. I paid £10.00 sorry a crap map now I get a great on that we have been waiting for. Well done to Telmap, Crackberry, and I love my torch and playbook Julian

I am using the NavTrack UK version, excellent app for just 30 pounds a year including all updates. Not everything what is for free is also good...

I am using the NavTrack UK version, excellent app for just 30 pounds a year including all updates. Not everything what is for free is also good...

I downloaded this and have used it a few times now and it's been great. I get the spinning clock now and again but just for a few seconds. Went the wrong way to see how long it took to readjust itself and it was quick. Thanks for the freebie telmap