New Feature In OS 5.0 Battles Memory Management!

By Bla1ze on 14 Apr 2009 12:21 am EDT
New Memory Managment Warning In 5.0 OS!

I'm sure by now some of you out there have seen this once or twice when running OS 5.0 on either your Bold or 8900. But just in case you have not been willing to take the plunge in loading OS 5.0 onto your device or haven't bogged your baby down with a ton of apps yet, here is a snap shot of the new memory management warning system in place. Once your device starts using too many resources you can expect to see the above screen pop up on berry's display, indicating what applications you use less frequently and allowing you to remove some/all to free up some space.

[Note from Kevin: It's nice to see RIM implement a feature like this, but it's also a little painful that what we're seeing is a bandaid solution to a problem that should ultimately be fixed at the wound. Let's work to stop the memory leaks and give us more memory to begin with! Who's with us on that?]

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New Feature In OS 5.0 Battles Memory Management!


Haha! I know eh? Actually, this was on my Bold and I been using my Storm more lately as while OS 5.0 is nice and all, it has some compat. issues with some of my more favoured applications.

Heck yeah I agree with what you said!

But at the same time, at least theyre not completely ignoring the issue...and its about time something like this showed up!

Better late than never I suppose :)

PS. I don't think this is available in the storm hybrids (yet).

Hey everyone, look at me I'm RIM and I'm a monkey.

Instead of spending 50 cents per phone to triple the memory and make everyone happy and not worry about this, I'm going to spend 50K in R&D to make some retarded software solution for this.

I'm a monkey and my name is RIM.

"Stop the memory leaks and give us more memory to begin with!"


how about instead of RIM "leaking" all these half-assed OS verisons, they stick to one and make it bad-ass!?!

viva la revolucion!

Well, I am surprised and at the same time not surprised. Makes me confident that my decision to move to the iPhone is good. RIM just does not get the consumer space and this is more proof. The Storm will fail, RIM will fail. They have been striking out lately over and over again.

I doubt it will go that far...The Bold is an awesome smartphone,and with the 9630 coming and future devices...RIM is here to stay

"RIM just does not get the consumer space and this is more proof" Like background apps, turn-by-turn GPS, copy-and-paste etc??
"RIM will fail. They have been striking out lately over and over again." Been living under a rock for awhile have we? Missed the news on 4/3/08 'Research In Motion reported revenues of USD 3.46 billion for its fiscal fourth quarter to February, up 84 percent from a year earlier'

Yes I am a new abuser on the block and took your fanboi bait.

Thank you for clearing that up. Maybe if crackberry users did their "homework" first then we wouldn't lose people to the i-phone and other crap phones..

Do you know if it's possible, through software, to reappropriate some of the memory on the Storm?

Having 1GB on the device with no way of really using it is really annoying.

I've got 18MB left after a load if app installs just to play around with but...shouldn't I have around 900GB if I counted the 1GB?? Whats the point of the extra memory? Is it just an additional "memory card"?

I like the feature, but like kevin said, bandaid solution :\

Have the cod files for this feature been found in a 5.0 folder? I'd like it on my storm :D

when i got that pop up today i thought it was cool til i read i only had 700 kbs of space left.. but a quick restart back to 40 mbs. fix the leak 8 gig internal plz.. ty

I agree with Kevin.

RIM should be fixing the mem leaks and making it where the mem cards can be used for app storage etc..
To give us the option of what apps we want to uninstall instead of fixing the problem is a sad way to combat a real and growing problem with RIM phones.

I also agree with Kevin. Start fixing the leaks when they start and quit letting it go to the final version and and have to make a patch or a fix for the leaks.

I would love to have this on my Curve 8330. Please leak that. We know they tested it on 83xx series devices. It will leak for GSM only most likely. The 8703 didn't get any 4.5 action like it's GSM cousin did.

Just let is properly install and run apps from our micro-SD cards and we would all win. No increased costs for RIM, and almost no increased cost for us. (I mean seriously, 90% of us own micro-SD cards I think.)

I would love if my storm would use some of that on board 1 gig for apps. Why else did they ship it with a mem card. I have plenty of space for music and movies on that card. Open up the on board memory. Cant be that hard can it?

I had the same question...I didn't see you wrote this down here. It should be doable through software, right?

... the *apps* are the ones that are badly written and leak memory, not the OS, typically. The app developers are responsible.

I agree to a certain extent, application developers could be doing a better job of sorting their applications.

However, the JDE platform is NOT always a clean one and it handles garbage files horribly. These memory leaks can happen even with built in applications such as the application switcher, even RIM acknowledges this as seen @ so, your statement is partially correct.

The problem you mention was fixed in 4.2. Yes, there can be leaks in the OS, but the applications are typically the ones that cause the most problems.

The Blackberry OS's garbage collector probably behaves rather conservatively, too (collection is a big performance hit), so the onus is on the developer to make sure they profile their memory usage properly. Perhaps RIM should be creating some tools to help developers debug memory issues better.

But, more application memory will not go astray either, but you need to fix both ends of the problem.

As a BlackBerry user since Nov 2008 I Purchased a Storm 9500
after Symbian and WinMob. I wanted something that got what it takes.

But the minimal memory and a internal memory of 1gb is totolly useless!!!

Why not make it fifty-fifty or 60-40?
The memory leakage is more frustrating then the battery drain.

RIM should do everything about it to fix this problem and like Kevin manytimes suggested (good arguments why).

They release and firmware leaks come like every month!!!
And still has minimal changes.

We all are customers that buy RIM products but I won't be taking another BB after this one if the neccesary fixes aren't solved.

So I'll take my money and risk to go for something like the new Iphone or maybe Nokia.

But the Storm is n't that bad, with better memory management and battery life they would sell even more Storm ,bold's and curves.

So I COSIGN this petition.

@ ydaraishy

I agree. My Bold typically only gets rebooted when I upgrade the OS or meddle with something I shouldn't (just checked, the last restart was 27 days ago when .247 was installed and its been sitting with memory hovering around 40M all the time). The OS (at least 4.6) seems to be leak-free, the problem is buggy third party apps.

To say it again - The majority of the memory leaks are not in RIM's software. They are caused by defective third party applications.

There is no excuse for memory leaks in any app. It's sloppy and negligent programming. Maybe RIM should extend the new manager to detect leaky apps then name and shame.

Why not do what palm did and allow apps to be stored on the sd card. At launch they get copied to main memory then
removed when the app exits. The only problem I can see is that BB apps seem to be more deeply integrated with the OS than palmos apps.

Nice feature! Much better than the 10-minute reboot long as the memory fix window does not pop up while you are in the midst of dialing a number or something- like Windows Mobile does.

@kevin, @jaydee547,

I am all for more memory. However, no amount of memory is sufficient for a poorly written app.
RIM can't control how 3rd party vendors write their apps. Unless RIM decides to be a control freak like Apple (I am sure they won't) and disables background apps.


I tried iPhone. It is awesome, but not quite useful for work. Lack of background apps was a deal-breaker for me. I bought an app that tracked my running distance and calories. I loved it. However, if I received a call during the run, iPhone would shutdown this app. Come on! Why shouldn't I be able take a call and still let the app track my run??

I think RIM's consumer strategy is working just fine. As I understand, 50% of their customers are now consumers. The App World is gaining momentum too.

Regardless of how poorly written an application is, a well written OS should keep track of what application memory an application owns.
The OS should be able to track which application continually grabs app memory, and if necessary, kill that application and free up ALL the memory it had taken.

This is not how it should behave. You cannot tell whether an application is legitimately using memory or whether the app is leaking memory.

An OS should not decide to kill off applications you're using based on memory usage, because it *will* get it wrong.

This is too much of a band aid solution. RIM should hav ealready known that with the coming of the App Store, and attempting to reach more of the consumer audience, the low amount of memory in the BB would quickly run out. How many threads are there on here with people running out of memory?????

Asking users to delete apps they've paid for is not goin gto go over well. What if the person actually uses all the apps regularly? Settings will be lost when deleting the app, so if it needs to be instlled again, they will need to reset everything. It would be a better solution for an app that can look at what programs are running and free up memory not accociated with those apps.

I definitely think that RIM needs to rethink their thought process on this. Either increase internal memory to at least 1GB (of regular internal memory, not just add in 1GB of mp3 storage), or find a way to open up acess to the SD card.

I understand that there may be security concerns for business users running things from SD, but it should be pretty easy to assign a register to require some apps to be installed internally (or even a way to lock things via BES). I don't think Sudoku or other games need to be secured to internal memory.

I love my BB, and constantly have to weigh device memory vs. adding another application. If I were buying apps via App World and found out I had to delete things I've paid for, I would not be a happy customer.

I regularly drop from 25megs down to 5megs daily. I have to reboot my phone several times a day!... i think this was theme-related.

I agree that it's not RIM's is 3rd party apps. Until we get a lot of onboard memory for apps, the quality of apps will not improve to what they should be. (1Meg per program isn't a lot of space). Plus, 3rd party programs need to be written better so that they don't leak. I hope the App world tests out apps before allowing them to be featured there. I'll then stick to just downloading apps from there

What a major disapointment! This is a bandaid on a ruptured artery. With the introduction of the BlackBerry App World, hundreds of applications are going to be downloaded, and the current limitation of 128MB of memory for applications and data combined with the terrible memory managemnt of the Java Virtual machine are going to create some very irrate customers. Already my daughter swotched from her BB Bold to the iphone. With the same basic 1GB of memory, it is day and night for running applications and browsing.
RIM needs to get its act together very quickly:
1- Allocate the full 1GB available on the Bold and other units to Applications and data
2- Fix the memory management issues.

back to what I was asking before.

is this feature something available in the cod files that are workable on the storm's current OS?

OK, first, I have a BlackBerry Storm 9530 currently running (Leaked) OS on Telus' network in Canada. Since I have not yet discovered OS 5.0 for my 9530 (leaked or approved), I have not had the opportunity to use OS 5.0 yet. And, hence, have not yet seen this new feature.

That said, an issue I was hoping RIM would have finally properly addressed in 5.0 is the continuing problem with App Memory leaks. Under my current OS, I continue to have a couple of apps that tend to chew a lot of memory - sometimes rather arbitrarily - sending my memory down from a high of barely 28MB, all the way down to below 10MB. I am disappointed to see that RIM still refuses to address this issue properly - either by stopping the cause of the leaks altogether or, instead of telling me which applications have not been used for a period of time, why not tell me how much memory each app is using at any given time? This, undoubtedly, would then permit App Developers (eg MeterBerry?) to create a Memory Log Feature to their utilities, permitting users like myself to finally accurately discover which apps are truly causing that memory leak. This, in my humble opinion, would beat the heck out of uninstalling one app at a time or uninstalling all apps and then installing one at a time in an attempt to identify my memory hogs. Thoughts?

Give use 8 GB of space (come on some phone these days have it already there is even a sony camera with 4 gb of onboard mem!) and let us use the sd card! Even better give a 32 gb card! I love my Berry but you are making me get mad it for running so slow!

P.S. RIM can I have a 9630 please?

P.P.S RIM can we have a U2 BlackBerry as well?

But I have this feature on my unlocked bold running rogers 4.6, though I've only seen it once. Am I really the only one??

it's not located anywhere, it just pops up on its own when it feels memory is too i said, ive only had it happen once, but i am def not using 5.0...just 4.6.162 from rogers

I uninstalled Docs2go just to use twitterberry on my 8320 and I still have to pull my battery daily.

I agree apps should be tested for weeks on all berries before the app gets released and the leak shouldn't exist by the time we get it and more file free meand a happier berry