New E-Book: BlackBerry Storm Made Simple

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jan 2009 04:04 pm EST

BlackBerry Storm Made Simple

With many Storm owners being new to BlackBerry, the folks at Made Simple Learning have released their latest book, BlackBerry Storm Made Simple, which at 397 pages is full of useful information to help both beginner and advanced BlackBerry users get the most out of their touch screen Storm. The book is currently available in e-book format, with the print edition soon to be available from It sells for $20.99. Some of the BlackBerry Storm Made Simple highlights include:

  • Dozens of hidden or little-known time-saving tips and tricks.
  • Learning all the ins and outs of the new Touch Screen Interface
  • Synchronizing your BlackBerry with your Windows or Mac computer.
  • How to squeeze every ounce of power from the Address Book, Calendar, Tasks and MemoPad.
  • How to become "Master of Your BlackBerry Email"
  • How to use Google Sync for true "Wireless Sync" without an Enterprise Server
  • Support for both BlackBerry Internet Service and Corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server users.
  • Tips and tricks to unlock the rich Media Features of the BlackBerry Storm.
  • How turn your Storm into something that could replace a video and audio "iPod"
  • How to use your Storm for Mapping (including Google Maps.)
  • Learn how to go Online as well as update your Facebook and Myspace pages right from your BlackBerry

Since the launch of the BlackBerry Storm our CrackBerry Forums have been insanely busy, with Storm owners looking to rave, rant, hunt down updated OS's and apps, share their experiences tips and tricks and get help with their device. The knowledge base in our Storm forums (provided by our awesome members!) is HUGE, but if you fall into the "looking for help" category and want an offline learning experience that you can walk through at your own pace, you'll want to check this book out. So you can browse before you buy, Made Simple Learning has made available a sample .pdf that gives you a peek of what you can inspect to find inside.

Reader comments

New E-Book: BlackBerry Storm Made Simple


i guess this could be useful for the people who bought the blackberry storm and are first time BB users. Of course if you are reading crackberry you already figured out the forums (which are free) provide the same service and are even better!

On a totally separate side note; Kevin, it seems like you have great influence over many companies that do anything with blackberry software. i was curious if you can try to get anything out of google when an updated version of gmm will be available for the storm. reading the forums on googles site about this, they seem to be lagging and seems like they may never have it support the storms stand alone gps!

Umm my Storm blows the iphone away at surfing the web. And I love Macs.

The Storm is the best smart phone out there. If you are just looking to play around with applications and dont have anything important to do then the iphone is fine.

Don't kid yourself. Saying the Storm sucks a thousand times still doesnt make it suck you freak.

Now this looks like somrthing I have been waiting to be published since I first got my storm.

Let me know when it is available in printed book form.

price is a little steep considering you can get the info for free if you wanna work a little for it. ;) but for some convenience is key !!

First off, just a note to let everyone know that we do read all these comments and we take every comment - negative and positive to heart - especially when they come from the CrackBerry community.

Book pricing is always tricky for us - we made the philosophical decision long ago to keep E-Book and printed books at the same price - there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

So, we start with the printed price which always set by the publisher based on the number of pages in the book. We tried to keep this one under 400 pages to keep the price down.

Both books take a tremendous amount of time on our part to prepare - the E-book has nice resolution full color graphics and close to 1,000 working clickable bookmarks (hyperlinks.) Each one is inserted by hand and then they all have to be tested individually once the book is completed. We also generate an index and test every feature and function to make sure we are 100% accurate in what we write.

Certainly, some - not all - of the information is available in the forums here - but the addition of the graphics, the simple user layout, the indexing and hyperlinks make this very worthwhile for many of our readers and justify the price.

I do hope that those who commented negatively on the price at least looked at the free preview first before making a decision - if not, check it out.

I purchased the e-book Friday night. I'm a first time BlackBerry user and found the book to be a wealth of information. The book was easy to read and structured nicely. I read the forums, but I found that the format, pictures and organization of the book was an advantage over the forums to learning the 9530. The price of the book is relative. If it's too much, don't buy it. Being an author myself, I appreciate the time and effort that went into preparing and writing this book. Great job.


I have just received an email from the author, Martin Trautschold informing me that a similar book for the Bold 9000 is now also available for electronic purchase and download, and a preview sample PDF file is available for this one too.

It does look very informative, and again, like the above will hopefully also be available from Amazon within a couple of weeks or so.

(Kevin, You might even think that this warrants a separate 'News Item!)