T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8120: Unboxing Video

By David Boyd on 14 Apr 2008 01:30 pm EDT

As promised in their April 1st announcement, the T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl 8120 became available for sale today in stores across the United States. Needless to say, I picked one of these bad boys up! Be sure to check out the Full Review, but if just want a quick look at what's inside the box watch the hand-on video above. 



So kewl....I love new stuff.


I´m wondering whats the big deal about the 8120 ? it´s available for over three months in europe so it´s not a brand new device at all.

I know that WiFI is way bigger in the US but it still is just a Pearl 2 (we´ve seen those before, 8110 and 8130) with WiFi (we had that on the 8320 and 8820).

Anyway I think this website is doing a extraordinary for the BB community


Unlimited calling via UMA is the big deal imho.

And a new berry on any carrier is always a big deal.


...man! I want one, too. Just because!


i would love to have it even though i am used to full qwerty

Rumono Rm Rm

I've no problem with my BB.