New device switch and data saving features coming to BlackBerry 7

By Bla1ze on 15 Jun 2011 10:40 pm EDT
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If you've taken the time to poke around the BlackBerry Torch 9850 simulator you've no doubt noticed it was running OS and as we mentioned when it leaked, that OS and the simulator does have some goodies hidden in it. One of those goodies is a new "Device Switch" and data saving features.

In the past, you had to go ahead and hook your device up to BlackBerry desktop manager in order to go get a full back up of your device or switch to another while transferring your device info. BlackBerry 7 looks to ease some of that pain by allowing you to do everything on device with the use of your available SD card storage. Head on past the break to see exactly how it is done.

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Just had this discussion at work today! A co workers Torch is being sent in for repairs, and she wanted to borrow my old Curve in the meantime, but was dreading the time between sending the Torch away and being able to get home to put the backed up data onto my Curve. An SD work around would be phenomenal!


That is a great feature, I hope someone can pull that out of an OS release and add it into a hybrid OS for my 9800 before I switch...


Nice. Shame that they don't have this feature on OS6.


Well surely just using BB protect would do exactly the same thing?

Bk up and the restore to your new device.


Blackberry Protect is not saving everything. Its not a full backup solution.


Well near enough.

It doesn't save emails but they would be on your email server but texts, contacts, calender etc so its good enough for me.


Ok can someone please explain something. The photo of the Blackberry Torch 9850 does not look like the Torch from AT&T. It looks like it is just all touchscreen with no slider keyboard. Can someone enlighten me please?


yeah.. that doesnt make sense. The Torch 2 is coming.. which looks like the first Torch. Why is this being called the Torch. I thought it was to be called the Touch....


To keep desing as secret they create simulator w/ storm shell also 9900 simulator has 9780 shell.


Might this feature bring deeper integration between smartphones and PlayBook? When I use my BB bridge files i often get a message "there are no files that can be opened in this application" or when trying to access pictures from my phone through the bridge there seems to be a lack of continuity. I'm hoping this feature will bring more support to the bridge functionality.


Blackberry better have a superior browser coming soon. 2011 will be my last year if one doesn't hit the market or at least is talked about for early 2012.


Blackberry better have a superior browser coming soon. 2011 will be my last year if one doesn't hit the market or at least is talked about for early 2012.


The browser in OS 7 appears to be as good as any. It is at least 30% faster than OS 6 and supports HTML5.


Hi @JimmyBX,

Douglas from RIM here. To add my .02 on top of @Joe257’s thoughts, one of the big factors behind BlackBerry 7’s speed is Liquid Graphics, which helps deliver faster rendering, and seamless panning and zooming, while a new JIT (just in time) JavaScript compiler improves the load speed of web pages. BlackBerry 7 also enables multi-touch capability, voice-activated searches and the ability to manage personal content separately from corporate content when used for business.

Check out this video ( of BlackBerry 7 in action on the new Bold 9900 smartphone.

Douglas, RIM Social Media Team


This will be great moving forward, but it doesn't do much for those of us planning on switching from OS 5 or 6 devices to OS 7.


I still think they should have called it OS 6.1 or 6.5. It's not like it's a radical redesign.


Welcome to RIM :) Their hardware follows a similar script.


i wonder will it be fully touch or touch push?


This is an ok new feature at best. I didn't find switching devices a chore before. I want/need more substance than this to prompt a buying spree.