New details about the BlackBerry 'Windermere' have changed my opinion on the device

By Bla1ze on 7 May 2014 09:16 pm EDT

We've all seen the early prototype pics of what is assumed to be the BlackBerry Windermere. From what we've seen thus far, it doesn't look the best and truthfully, I've been rather harsh on the look of it. I realize the images we've seen don't show the device in the best light and however, thanks to some new-ish details that hit the CB tips box; I'm starting to have a change of heart. So what have we learned?

  • 4.5-Inch 1440x1440 Full HD LCD 453 DPI Display - A Beautiful large display for the largest BlackBerry experience to date.
  • A Revolutionary Keyboard - The fast, accurate typing experience you crave with the convenience of all your favorite all-touch gestures at your fingertips.
  • Designed to keep up with you all day - A powerful and efficient battery designed for a full day use. A slim 3450 mAh battery.
  • A better BlackBerry 10 camera and photo taking experience - 13MP OIS rear camera designed to capture the best photo every time.

The device is said to be incredibly light and built using a stainless steel frame with the overall design inspired by modernist architecture. On top of that, it's also said to be thinner than that of the BlackBerry Z30 which is 9.4mm thick and by no means a thick device. Realistically, a lot of this info has been bumping around for a bit in one way or another but hearing the sales pitch on it if you will, gets me excited.

PS: So as to not cause confusion, the image above is not of the device.

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New details about the BlackBerry 'Windermere' have changed my opinion on the device



1. So is it a removable battery, which is a must for professionals?
No recharging dongle to hold you back, just swap in a 2nd battery and keep working!

2. So did BlackBerry get rid of the missing/double/triple contacts bug yet?
It is well over 1 year since BB10 has been launched, and glaring usability (or lack thereof) bugs like this needs to be corrected pronto!

Just to be clear, you can "link" multiples of the same contact together. Just select them all, then hit link in the drop-in menu.

It then amalgamates all of the contact info into one contact.

BlackBerry does automatically link them when it believes there is a match, but in some cases it's not so obvious - but I agree the algorithm can and needs to be improved....

Posted via CB10

You can link them, but the inherent bugs means that the links keep dropping, and then you have to link them again. I've given up linking contacts because it's pointless. Similarly setting a picture for a contact, sometimes it's there and sometimes not. Basically too buggy. Needs fixing properly.

However the features on the windermere are at last a set of specs we can boast about. Please make this come to pass.

Posted via CB10

Agree! I couldn't see my score while playing flappy bird on my Q10 because of the aspect ratio. I am sure that it happens with other apps too.

Just don't crash, then you don't have to worry about you score! Simple really......

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Not speaking about this phone in particular, but I don't mind the 1:1 screen because I don't want the phone to be too insanely tall. It would make it harder to reach the top of the screen while using it one-handed.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

If the keyboard doesn't have the symbols printed on them and require a gesture just to see them and to use the (no shift or alt key) then, still no... I don't care what other fancy gizmo feature they add, that alone gimps the keyboard and I might as well get an all-touch...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Ohhh chill out damn. This phone is going to be freaking awesome if it's like what we're hearing.

It sounds like it will be very intuitive, sleek and fast. Can't wait for this.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

So there will NEVER be an improvement on the current technology and you can say that without trying any alternatives?

Then why in the world are you looking for an "upgrade"?

When did I say that? But just because it's different doesn't mean it is better.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Because you've already condemned it without even trying it. It could actually be better but you might as well get an all-touch...

Don't at all see how that means I'm not open to actual improvements to the technology. Requiring more steps to do the same thing is not an improvement...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I am referring to the 3-row keyboard that has been discussed many times on this website... Maybe you should go look it up.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

For example, removing the symbols and requiring an extra step to see them isn't an "improvement." But let's say they made the keys act to recognize gestures for other uses, such as if you swipe left from the delete key, it'll delete a whole word at a time instead of just a letter. And swipe left or right from the space bar will bring the cursor to the beginning or end of the sentence, or something like that. Those things would add to the function of the keyboard and improve on them. But making it so you need an extra step to see the symbols, and to remove the alt key so typing multiple symbols in a row becomes a chore, that's not improving it at all, it makes it much slower and less efficient...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't there already an additional step to get to symbols - no matter what the device?

Q10 - have to press "alt" and then the corresponding key"
Z10/Z30 - have to press the symbols button and select the corresponding symbol

So if the new BlackBerry keyboard allows you to select a symbol with a gesture, wouldn't this be one step less? Or if, at the most you have to for example, swipe down on the keyboard to display symbols on the touch screen, wouldn't this be the same amount of steps?

If this is the case, there's no disadvantage for symbols and numbers - yet all the benefits of having both QWERTY and gesture options on a physical device.

For me, that's a win-win scenario.


No, you will need to swipe JUST TO SEE it. Then you still have to press the key to enter the symbol. There's the time to swipe, then the time to process where the symbol is. The current way you already see where the symbol is while you're typing and then while you're typing the last letter you're already reaching for the alt. You can then either press it for one symbol entry or hold it for multiple symbols in a row.

In case you haven't been following it, I'm referring to that 3-row keyboard that doesn't have any of the symbols printed on the keys, just the letters.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Do you type to friends in Webdings or something? How often do you use a large number of symbols in succession? I think that this would work just fine for anyone without an obsessive preoccupation with how many milliseconds it takes for them to call up the symbols menu. Calm down.

Posted via CB10

OMFG, I actually care about efficiency! I can't believe I have different priorities than you. Will you ever forgive me for not being exactly like you? :'(

Seriously you are making a fuss about something that is still in production. All that has been discussed about the device is based solely on rumours. Wait for at least a hands on.

Posted via CB10

i bet it will be faster to swipe instantly from any point on keyboard then push the symbol button. then holding shift. wayyyy faster

I'm with you there if there's more tapping and swiping. Who knows, maybe it's intuitive. I mean, right now, most of the time it predicts text, why can't it predict you want a symbol?

Of course, my initial reaction was pretty bad. I'm a grammar and punctuation freak. I think that keyboard will annoy me. That's the poor initial response, unfortunately.

swiping down on the keyboard to access symbols is far far far far simpler than locating and pressing a Shift key with one finger then, with another finger, pressing the symbol you want, then releasing the shift key and rearranging your hand/s for typing again.

Locating?? Does it move or something?? I start to reach for it while typing out the last letter or letters prior to the need for the symbol, so it actually doesn't take any time at all. Plus since the symbols are already printed on the keys, I already know which key I need to press once that time comes. How is typing, stopping, swiping, looking, finding, then pressing, any faster? Have you put much thought into this?

Maybe it will behave like on a Palm? You kinda use gestures on the keyboard as if it's a big tablet. Make a free style gesture for comma and it shows up, do the same for a period, it shows up?

That would be cool =)

Actually just holding the letter key a tad longer gives the capital letter. No need to use the shift key at all. My own particular beef with virtual keyboards is the apostrophe and the question mark. Who on earth EVER thought it was cool to have these two punctuation marks on a separate screen? Relying on the word prediction is just not good enough for the apostrophe and question marks are NEVER predicted so always have to be put in. It is a real pain unless typing on the physical keyboard where two fingers type as one. Virtual keyboards do need some re-thinking. The anguish I feel going from the beautiful Q5 keyboard to an iphone or similar virtual one is shortening my life.

The other point about a physical keyboard is keyboard shortcuts which seriously improve productivity.
Here's a list - not exhaustive:
* To perform a soft reset of your BlackBerry, just press ‘alt + right shift (aA) + del’.
* When talking on your BlackBerry, press the Currency Key to enable Speaker Phone.
* On OS 10, just hold down the shift key for CAPS lock and hold down ALT for numbers lock.
* hold down letter key for its capital letter
* Shortcuts for the Twitter for BlackBerry app: R – reply, L – reply all, F – retweet, C – compose, D – refresh your timeline.
Space bar just scrolls one screen down at a time when in chat or channels. shift + space bar scrolls up.
* Type LD when writing and predictive text shows the local date, and LT to insert the local time in a message
* When sending a message type myver then Space to display your BlackBerry smartphone model/current OS version.
* Press ‘P’ in Messages for previous day. Press ‘U’ for oldest unread Message. Press ‘S’ to search.
* Press ALT + Left Shift + H simultaneously to access your BlackBerry smartphone ‘Help Me’ screen.
* To reply to all in an email or PIN message press L. To reply to just the sender, press R.
* Type B to go to the bottom of message, T to go to the top or Space to skip a page in your Message list or email.
In the browser
* space bar scrolls down one screen
*shift + space bar scrolls up
* k for book marks
* h for history
* r for Readability
* w for new tab
* t top of page
* b bottom
* u copy url
* s search
* l re-load

It's alright, I have the Classic to look forward to, as long as the internal specs are good...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

What do you mean by as long as the specs are good though, they could very easily reuse the existing specs of the q10 for that one, they will allow them to keep costs down to open it up to a wider market and it is with the return of the toolbelt that they hope that device will convert bbos people into making the move onto a current os.

Well, if that's the case, I'll just hold on to my Q10 until my contract expires. Then hopefully they have a better phone out at that point. If the internal specs are good enough to justify me spending the cash to buy one outright unlocked, then I would when it's released...

When I upgrade my phone, I'd like it to be an actual upgrade of things I care about...

no matter what our opinions is.. we cant change the way you look at this virtual keyboard is... but as far as i count.. there's 7 of us that think blackberry virtual keyboard is on the same level as the physical keyboard..
to add this thing up, I'll say that you need to actually press the keyboard in the physical keyboard, compared to virtual keyboard you just need to touch it..

Which is why there are also more typos on a virtual keyboard, and why I can type on my physical keyboard without looking at the phone at all, and why I can speed dial someone from the homescreen also without ever looking at the phone. And honestly, if you care about how many other people agree with you, that's a pretty sad way to live. I care about what works best for me. Whether that's the most popular opinion or the least popular opinion, I couldn't care less what you or anyone else around me thinks... That's what being an individual means. Hopefully one day you will get to experience that...

It would be foolish to release the same device as the Q10 which already didn't sell great then just add the toolbelt from BlackBerry OS (the devices BlackBerry said everyone hated when BB10 launched) and expect people to dish out $700!

I don't care what you think... this is definitely on my to-buy-list!
Will be the best qwerty device

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Enjoy needing extra steps just to see where the symbols are. It'll be a blast I bet.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Fewer steps for one handed typing, actually. And less complicated and less time consuming for two handed typing. Remember, if it's like the Z10, you can swipe where ever your thumb/finger happens to be on the keyboard. You don't have to locate, navigate to, then press the shift key.

Locate?? Does the key move?? It takes me absolutely no extra time in the current setup. I know what I'm going to type, so when I know it's coming close to needing a symbol, I'm already reaching for the "alt" key right when I'm typing the last normal letter, then I either press alt for one symbol, or hold alt for multiple, and I type the letter I need to get the symbol I need. Also, since the symbols are already printed, I already know which key I need to press to get the symbol I need before I do any of that. While in the whole swiping thing, the symbols are not visible until AFTER you swipe. So basically, you're typing, then you swipe, then you look, then you find, then you press. And if you need another symbol right after that, you have to repeat that whole process...

I agree as well...but I want to see how they set this up, it "may" turn out to be more efficient & more intuitive than we think it can be at the moment.

Let's wait to pass final judgment on the "Windermere" until it is officially released and in someone's hands to review.

Murray Squire Marr

You don't have to locate the keys because you have trained your mind to know where they are. It will be the same thing when you swipe down and you have trained your mind to know where the key is. The symbols wont be randomly placed after each new swipe.

So memorizing where one key is will be the same as memorizing where 26 are. Okie doke man. :-)

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Dude you are an idiot. I am a coder and programmer and run multiple business locations and send emails constantly.

You will NEVER need to use enough symbols to even slightly justify your ridiculous rant on the keyboard. Why are you even a BlackBerry fan?

Support the company we all love for trying something new! You haven't even tried it or seen it. Maybe when you do someone might take even an ounce of what you say seriously.

It will take about a nano second either way you look at it to pull up the symbols. You sure your not just a little Jell? Sounds like a hater to me.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Damn, I'm such an idiot for not blindly supporting anything and everything a company I support does. You know, that's just how a company improves itself, when it gets no criticisms and every move they make is praised by their supporters. ;-)

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

That worries me as well, even if we can long press keys to get them... It will still be better than an all touch for accuracy and maybe there will be a way to permanently have a couple of rows of symbols above the keyboard...

I'm sure they will try all kinds of crutches to help the process along, it might help get the process close to where it is now, but most likely will not meet it or beat it. It's a sacrifice they will make to save space for the keyboard. Decreasing it down to 3 rows will allow for the device to have a larger screen without making the overall device taller. I love the people who think that somehow this will magically improve everything. You almost always have to sacrifice something in order to gain something else... For me, I prioritize the keyboard functionality over the screen size, but that's just me.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Same! I can't handle screens larger than the z10. It's just not me. I hope they work on a newer improved z10.

BlackBerry must have received a huge number of requests for another qwerty device if they've spent money on a new qwerty device that will require the old school BlackBerry users to relearn how to use a BlackBerry device, again. How big is that market?

Perhaps Mr Chen is keeping a monster touch screen device secret, we all know that the majority of smartphone users want full touch not qwerty.

I firmly believe that BlackBerry must always have a qwerty device range as that is a BlackBerry signature but personally I'm over qwerty phones, the Z10 showed me a new way to stay mobile and it's only getting better.

Posted via CB10

Why don't you give yourself a pat on the back?
Not a clever use of sarcasm, but I bet you feel like a big person.
Thanks for your input!

The majority of smartphone users might want all-touch devices but the majority of BlackBerry users want physical keyboards.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

The other point is that them simply doing a me-too device for the all-touch market is not going to convert people back to bb10 from android/ios, they need to try and do something different to really stand any chance of drawing those people in.

This device may not prove to be the answer, but it definitely asks a better question than just another all-touch does right now.

Agree! I love my Q10. Z10 or Z30 is nice but they can't bring you feeling of keyboard like classic BlackBerry.
Especially that Q10 is masterpiece. I regret one thing - small screen.

Posted via CB10

That's it...and "Windermere" looks like it can alleviate this problem, along with having a better camera.

Q10...excellent...just needs a little bit bigger screen.

I don't mind, probably actually prefer 1:1 ratio screen with a physical keyboard...just black bar to create correct ratios.

I just tilted my Q10...what would be incredibly cool would be a small/discreet joypad on the upper bezel...this addition would change my mind about 1:1 ratio.

Murray Squire Marr

Is it true that more BlackBerry customers want a keyboard device? Does anyone have a link for unit sales of Z10, Z30, Z3 and Q10, Q5, etc.? Has there been a Crackberry poll?

It seems clear that there is a much stronger market for all-touch smartphones, and there is evidence that this trend extends to BlackBerry. For instance, when I look at internet sales sites like, the popularity score of the Z10 is 24%, but the Q10 is only 6.7% and the Q5 is only 6.5%. The Z30 popularity score is 7.5%, likely due to the high price.

But I do see problems with the Q30. First, given how many complaints BlackBerry 10 got about not being "intuitive" enough, the Q30 keyboard seems like a big leap. Second, this phone doesn't look cheap, and with no carrier relationships in the States, it will not sell. And forget about exclusivity deals here in the States, because I've never seen a company disrespected like Verizon disrespected its "exclusive" of the Z30. Humiliating.

Sent from my BB Z10 running OS

This phone is meant to be an upgrade for bold users who refused or weren't interested in the Q10. Bigger screen, better specs, refined yet still new OS with the tool belt.

Posted via CB10

Still love my z30.
I abandoned the keyboard type.
I'm enjoying a large screen.
Battery will probably give a awesome long lasting to the phone.

Posted via CB10

I have my Q10 as a backup. I still miss the physical keyboard but man I love the big screen on the Z30.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones!

Where have you been all this while? There is already one called Z30.

Posted via CB10 using my Gorgeous Z10

I think he means a BlackBerry with same screen size as the Z10, though I would suspect a 16:9 aspect ratio.

I'd be into a new Z10 with the Paratek antenna, Miracast and minor bump ups in specs. But I think they should not use the Z10 name again. Maybe Z12, when BES 12 comes out or something.

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I'd like a Z30 in the size of my Z10. Especially the antenna and better battery. My Z10 otherwise perfect from what I can see.

Posted via CB10

Yes the z30 succeeded z10 but I doubt he means specifically in the z series..

Even I want an actual successor to z10.
With a screen size not more the 4.5" (16:9)
A minimum of 13 MegaPixels.. 16 would be great.. atleast 3mp front..
Quad-core Processors atleast, 3000+ mAh batt.. 3gb ram.. hell even Water & Dust resistant If you go by the trend Sony started..

I love my z10.. but I want updated specs now to sub 5" phone for one simple reason..
Don't get that in a 5" Phablet..

Posted via CB10

This sounds great. I have no use for a tablet in my pocket, the Z is perfectly sized. No more than 4.5" sounds about right.


Well said... I was thinking the same... no more than 4.5" please... I love my Z10 at 4.2"

Posted via CB10... and my awesome Z10

Z10 feels quite nice to handle. However I feel, the bezels inspite of their unique look and great grip during landscape mode, can be eliminated to extend the screen pushing it to some 4.5 to 4.7 inch screen. Think Moto X. Its one hell of an ergonomic design. Not to mention the awesome voice commands, active-notifications and customization options. I would really love to see BB attempting to produce a perfect answer to Moto X interms of design and practicality.

Upgrade the z10 under-the-hood and sell it for around 300$ while maintaining it as mid-life kicker version or something, and larger screen device like i mentioned above with similar/close physical dimensions could be name Z15 and it could cost around 450$ and Z30 successor as flagship offering for touch enthusiasts.

I loved my 9930 and after using z10 for 2 months now, I think BB 10 is best-suited for touch-screen. So, customize the hell out of the OS 10 for keyboard devices and sell it at a premium like a king with no competition what-so-ever. But then are Q10 users ready to embrace the next keyboard flagship with a track-pad belt and customized OS or do they want a Q10 on the rocks with no UI changes?? Maybe BB could again, release 2 versions. If not now, sometime soon, once they turn profitable again.

Unfortunately there simply isn't the market for multiple sizes of bb10 all-touch which means they have to go with the more popular size and right now that is in the 5" range, so the odds are that there won't be a direct successor to the z10 for a long time if ever.

Z30 mini anyone?

I also haven't moved to a Z30 because for me my Z10 is the perfect size. If I could get a new Z with slightly more screen area but still very similar overall size to my Z10 I would be tempted to move on from my current Z10.

Longer battery life would be my biggest request followed by more modern specs, along the lines of the Z30.

Posted via CB10

As long as a Z30 "mini" isn't underpowered compared to the Z30. (most "mini" versions of phones have slower CPUs, less RAM, etc...)

Posted via CB10

I don't find my Z10 underpowered so I assume the specs used to make this imagined Z30 mini would make it a better device than the Z10. Personally I wouldn't want any mini device that is smaller than a Z10 but yes, my expectation of a mini Z30 ≠ Low spec.

definitely not low-spec but if it has to be, then certainly not the AMOLEDscreen or better battery life, Paratek antenna, Natural sound technology.

Could be interesting, but my understanding was that this photo was a CB fan's mock-up, and not a "leak" of a real device....

Posted using my BlackBerry Z30.

Yes, but it doesn't change the new details. Bla1ze already knows that since the screen form factor on the image isn't even 1:1.

But it's better than nothing, and a cool fan-made prototype anyway.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30.

Probably. If you include a fan fantasy design with BlackBerry specs you could expect to have to explain why over and over and over.

Posted via CB10

You give people on the internet too much credit. You only need to look at some of the comments below to get your answer.

Doing the math, that's a pixel density of about 453ppi, which is way overkill in my opinion. Your eyes won't be able to tell that apart from a screen with 350ppi...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I was hoping BlackBerry wouldn't fall into the "moar pix3lz" craze. Oh well now they're all idiots. Needs a more powerful gpu with a bigger battery just to deliver the same visuals. Maybe it's just screen manufacturers don't leave much room for options. Upgrade to newer higher res or stick with old lower res but also inferior in color and contrast screens.

Posted via CB10

I imagine the reasoning is to make it a simple scaling from the Q10's 720x720. If they did 1080x1080 or something like that it would be trickier to make things display correctly.

Maybe, but it does require more power to do everything in terms of the gpu. But hopefully the internals would have enough muscle to make that a non-issue.

And for the record, I am not talking about marketing, I know gimmicks sell. I'm merely talking about the actual practicality of it for argument's sake. If this helps BB sell phones, then more power to them.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

And people complain when they don't keep up with specs and complain when they do.. how can they win? Lol

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

For me personally, I wish they would keep up with the competition in specs that I could discern. Faster CPU and GPU, more RAM, more internal storage, better quality camera, etc. Not more ppi that my eyes cannot see...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

In what ways do you think that you can readily distinguish between those that you mention, you would only notice RAM for example if you were running out on your current device, similarly with the CPU/GPU.

While we might not be able to distinguish between 1080x1080 or 1440x1440 on this device, we would be able to distinguish between either of those resolutions and 720x720.

Well, exactly, if you're running a lot of apps, you'll notice the extra RAM. At no point will you ever notice the extra pixels unless you one day decide to put the screen up to your eyeball... Same with extra GPU and CPU, you'll notice when you are either running a lot of apps at the same time or if someone releases a 3D game that would run choppy on a lesser device. The point is, there are situations where those other things can become discernible. While a ppi that's the MAXIMUM your eyes can distinguish to a ppi that's much greater than that, you won't be able to tell, ever. And I never claimed they should stick to any resolution. They should do whatever they think will sell the phone. I'm simply stating a fact. And yes, I would rather it be 1080x1080 since then 3D games will work the GPU less (the higher the resolution the harder the GPU will have to work to render the graphics) which means they can make better looking games that run smoother... But once the resolution gets beyond that, to the point where your eyes can't tell the difference, but the GPU can, you end up with games that run choppier or look worse, since now it has to devote more processing power at the sheer resolution.

I don't really play games on my phone, except Real Racing 3. I would love to see an even prettier version of that game. :-P

Ahhhh, Real Racing 3. Gotta say that this game is awesome on my ipad air, wish they'd release it for PlayBook! Best game out at the moment, IMO. ;)

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10!!

Tell that to Samsung stop making 4k panels because no human eyes can see the difference. Tell CPU manufacturers to stop making 12cores processors because no apps will need that much horsepower. Tell Internet company to stop making faster wireless Internet because we won't need that much. Tell camera companies to stop making higher megapixel cameras because no one prints that big.

See the pattern?

Posted via CB10

No, because I said nothing about who should do what and who should not do what. If this helps them sell phones, then definitely, do it. I'm simply stating a fact.

And FYI, just about everything you mentioned there is a discernible difference. A big screen tv between 1080p and 4k you can tell the difference. 1080p and 1440p on a 3.18" tall screen, you won't tell the difference. See the difference? Lol

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Some people "Soft Shoe" & some people don't know anything about "Soft Shoe"...what can you do?

Murray Squire Marr

If it's sold directly from shopblackberry then I wouldn't care which carrier will have the device

Posted via CB10

Will wait and see. I'm used to the BlackBerry virtual now. I'd rather have 5" and Jo qwerty.

Posted via CB10

I hope it won't look like that ugly squarish device that Asian case-makers were using in their mockups.

I like the look of the device shown here, and the specs sound like they might quiet down even some of the harshest BlackBerry haterzzz

Posted via CB10

Be interesting if the space bar was a track pad. I'll be getting this! And still loving my Q10 :)

Posted via CB10

Now this is the first time I heard, what whould it (if the space bar is a track pad) accomplish since the screen is touchable..

Any idea when this might be out? Also anyone have an estimate on how long the battery will last? Wil the battery last as long as the z30?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Same here. If this the info is accurate, I'm definitely going back to qwerty.


I need to see what this revolutionary keyboard means. I've fallen in love with my Z10's keyboard which makes me hesitant to go back to a physical. But my main problem with my Z10 is the battery, which this looks like it would solve easily enough, so that alone might be enough to force the upgrade.

If the screen size can give me an experience close to the z10, I'll definitely switch.

Posted via CB10 running on Z10STL100-1/

"and built using a stainless steel frame with the overall design inspired by modernist architecture." Ummm.. You mean modernist architecture of today's smartphone?

Dream device for me. I have both Z10 and Q10. Q10 is my daily device. I am ready for larger and faster Q! So excited. BlackBerry please launch this device on your website!

Posted via CB10

If you cha ge the 4.5 to ateas a 5.5 you peak my interest. I can't go small again.

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

This sounds very exiting. Its what Chen meant when he promised a cool device. That + 10.3...if I ever hear another "BlackBerry is still alive?" I may become violent.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

I hate keyboards but the specs are appealing. A follow up to the Z30 would be welcomed; though not necessary at present.

Posted via CB10

2.1" x 2.1" screen roughly..I wonder how that'll even feel in hand. Not a fan of the 1:1 STILL but we'll see.

Posted from my TARDIS!

Any idea on a release date for this - I've been waiting for this phone since leaving the Q10 last September when the Z30 came out....

Are we talking before the "Classic"...
Will the spacebar being in the middle of the "third" row be an issue or will we instinctively pick this up?

Hmmm....looks like a certain someone got a ring from BlackBerry. new pic, and a disclaimer, plus a couple comments.. tisk...tisk...

No, the image was a mock up that we previously posted and I got tired of people thinking the mock up was the device lol.

I gave up my Z10 for the Q10. If I need to view something on a larger screen I swap my sim card.

Problem solved.

Posted via CB10

That's awesome. Bring it on BlackBerry. Really excited as I am bored with q10.

Posted from my Black Beast Q10

If only we can see a damn picture of the device. I feel like BlackBerry needs to put one just in case is terribly ugly. This phone makes me nervous for BlackBerry

This is a device I am interested in. I have been using mostly q10 but have used q5 and z10(battery was too bad). I passed on z30 opting to stick with the keyboard, wife would have killed me if I bought another bb so soon. I will be buying the next quality qwerty, and everytime I need to click on a map, or a small link I hope next qwert has a track pad.

1440x1440 on 4.5 inch device???? It's going to be crazy clear and crisp better than any phone out there with that screen size I will buy one cash out of contract easily when the time comes :).

And since the resolution is so high, I should be able to set the font at 7pts as it is currently on my Z10. Nice!

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I probably will not be able to resist this phone. It sounds to good to pass up. And I can't wait to try the keyboard. Might end up as my weekday phone, and Z30 on weekends.

But who knows, maybe it will be this AND a Z50!!

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No matter what the specs..if that thing looks like the pics we've seen then it's still a hideous looking device.


3450 mAh battery!!!!!!

I'll send my Z10 flying against a steel wall for this. That battery life is going to be RIDICULOUS

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Battery life is my gripe about the Z10, so yeah, I'm very interested if the battery life spec is true.

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Given the higher resolution display and presumably faster cpu/gpu to power it, they might need that size battery to match what the z30 currently gets, so probably too soon to assume it is going to be stupidly long battery life.

The screen will definitely sap more power but newer processors are much more power efficient than current BB10 processors. Lol them processors are over 2 years old I believe

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Wow, if the design of it hits the spot I'd consider going back to a keyboard !

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Weather those specs are correct, it's my next device of choice hands down. But if they are I be looking for a new job at BlackBerry!

Take 3450 and be happy!! Do you need your phone to jump start your car?

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I don't get it, why not share R&D costs and create an all touch along side it with variation in screen size and ratio obviously. The specs are seemingly better than the flagship Z30.

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There needs to be sufficient interest from carriers and an expectation of sufficient sales of two high-end models for them to do that.

Also, there would be a lot of stuff that was different enough and couldn't simply be shared between the two projects such as antenna design that would mean you don't get the savings that you might think they would.

Everyone is commenting on the screen, but I'm worried about the keyboard. You would think BlackBerry would have learned to not mess with the keyboard/belt.

Tools not Toys my CrackBerry brothers!

With 1:1 screen ratio, they will n-e-v-e-r have suitable app support for most people...they don't seem to care though...

You forgot to add the most important spec: innovative anti-theft system, the design of the phone is so hideous no one would bother stealing it.

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I'd don't want it stolen, got all my business data on it. So that's a welcome feature, mate! ;-)

Sick productivity device doesn't need to be too fancy, separates the men from the boys, and the hipsters from the "get stuff done at any cost" crowd. No offense, Z30 is a great phone with mainstream appeal, this one might be different.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Yeah, the z10, q10, z30 etc. all looked at their best in those initial crappy leaked photos too didn't they?

I could care less what people think of the Windermere, I want one. I love new BlackBerry tech.

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This might bring me back to a physical keyboard. Not a huge fan of a thin phones though, but a case can solve that problem

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'hang your balls out there 'That's how you achieve greatness, man -

That's the only way BlackBerry is going to strike back.

Sometimes you just have to go for it.

I would still like to see the number 10 etched on all new BlackBerry devices. I would still like to see website.

Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10?

Let the public know that this is a new operating system and has nothing to do with OS6 or OS7.

Time to get it right first time on the device stakes.

The Z30 should have been the Z10.

There is no time!!!!

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Doesn't 1440x1440 mean a square device? Sounds kind of awkward, so I am hoping that maybe I'm missing something?

Cant waitttttttt!! plzzzzz plzzz come with this soon...i want a qwerty keyboard
touch has bigger tendency to TYPO.... come on Q30.... i want youuuuuuuu

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Wow that's impressive. Where did we get the details though? Hope we get a teaser soon. Very curious on how the design might look like.

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