New customers to get free minutes with EE on PAYG this Christmas

By James Richardson on 10 Dec 2013 04:29 am


With Christmas 2013 just around the corner, the UK's biggest mobile network is getting festive and offering new customers some extra incentives to choose their network. If you are in the market for a new BlackBerry, you'll see below in the full description that new EE Pay As You Go customers will get an extra 168 minutes each month when they top up just £10.00. This is on top of the normal minutes you would get for your money. Yes, 168 maybe an odd number, but if it's free who's complaining. 

As EE is the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile you can take advantage of the offer on any of the three networks which is great news, as between them they have a wide selection of BlackBerry smartphones. I'm not sure that the Z10 and Q10 prices are the best, but for folk wanting to pick up the Q5 or a very cost effective legacy device it makes EE rather attractive.

Remember - that if you want to have super fast data speeds (if in a covered area) you'll need a 4G SIM which means you will have to sign up with EE and not Orange or T-Mobile who only offer 3G. This will limit you to just the Q5 currently, but they have it both black and white. That white one looks pretty darn hot if you ask me. 


  • Join pay as you go or upgrade your phone by 31 January 2014
  • Each month you top up £10, we’ll give you 168 free minutes
  • Use them to call any UK network or landline or voicemail any time from the UK
  • These free minutes are in addition to what you get from your standard plan, such as T-Mobile Smart Packs or the new Dolphin plan on Orange.

Interested? Head on over to EE for more information. 




Slightly rounded up but 167.83 x 12 months = 2014 free minutes for 2014! That's their tag line line for this promotion

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BlackBerry news please

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Guess who is in EE pocket?

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


Orange don't even sell the Z10 or Z30

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Observation Junkie

Correct, nether Orange or T-Mobile sell the Z10, Q10 or the Z30. Appears they are more focused on the lower level handsets

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Dunmanway Emar

i would advise anyone considering signing up with EE to be very careful. My z10 on the EE network barely gets a signal in Central London - never mind 4G it gets no bloody G at all. Also the advertised free access to BT WiFi FON does not accept the Z10 password and all I get from EE is the same text reply with the same useless password.


You are aware your pumping a network, EE, that is no longer selling BB10s?

My want to fix that picture with an Iphone?

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