New Cross Bar Extreme And Platinum Series Themes!

By Bla1ze on 24 Dec 2008 08:25 am EST
CrossBar Extreme!
CrossBar Extreme
Platinum Series!
Platinum Series

Not one, but two (three if you include the versions lol) sweet new themes have been released by JC Designs - recently for the Bold.

The first one being CrossBar eXtreme (video) which is an amazing theme that has a whopping 19 user customizable icons for the homescreen. Seriously, I can't think of any reason while using this theme that you would ever really even need to use the application key to jump to the main screen of your BlackBerry. With so many user customizable icons on the homescreen, you can pack it all in there. Excellent!!

Next up is my personal favorite of the lot, Platinum Series, which is coming available in Crossbar Plus and Today Plus variations. With its fresh looking icons and over all industrial look to it, it's easy to see why this one is my favorite of the bunch. Everything in this theme is laid out nicely and just seems to "fit". The menus are stylized to match the theme with a nice grey/platinum background and flow nicely throughout the whole theme.

Both themes are now ready to go in the ShopCrackBerry Store for only $7 and be sure to check out the rest of the themes offered by JC Designs - that are available. You can check out the forums for more info and screenshots as well.

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New Cross Bar Extreme And Platinum Series Themes!


I purchased the Platimun Crossbar Plus this morning. I paid with my wife's paypal account. As of yet I have not recieved the app nor has her account been debited. Should I resubmitthe order? The order was confirmed.

I tried again by credit card and was successful. The download email came within minutes. This is a really cool theme. Merry Christmas.


I will try to make something similar for the Curve but might not have the Today icons, and for the Storm, once the builder is avail I promise to be making themes for it.

As for bmac571, I am sure you will get a confirmation link shortly, if not you can email mobihand for the link or if you have the order number, email me directly at and I will get you setup.

Merry Christmas!

JC Designs -

Hi John i bought this theme as soon as blaze leaked it in the thread of wallpapers and theme before this blog post and i have acouple questions and maybe some custumization that i would love to talk to you about

*dont take me wrong im not trying to tell you how to make your theme i just wanted to ask some questions and would rather not edit someone eles's hard work on my own!

other then that i love the themes!


This is a really nice Theme! Stunning color set and the icons work great. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a Bold!!

sorry by my english, 3 weeks ago i bought this theme for my bold and never send me the email with the link and i saw my account and i paid the 7$ y you want i can show the debit the my account what can i do for obtain the link