New CrackBerry Mobile Forums Launched!

New Wap Forums!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jun 2008 12:18 pm EDT

Our first treat to the CrackBerry community in honor of passing the 200,000 member milestone is the launch of our new and improved Mobile Forums!

The new mobile forums offer way more functionality than the existing mobile site template (which is still accessible if you're resistant to change!).

New CrackBerry Mobile Features:

  • Access User Control Panel
    • Send / Receive Private Messages, View Subscribed Threads, Edit Signature and Edit Options
  • More Information / Functions when Browsing Threads - create threads
  • Ability to Reply to thread with Quote
  • Ability to Report Posts (spam, inappapropriate, etc.)
  • BUGS ARE FIXED - No need to refresh posts, Remember Me works
  • and more!!
How To Get There: Point your BlackBerry's web browser to or and click on through to the Forums. We hope you enjoy the improved format! We're still working on a few tweaks to make it even better, but it's a BIG step in the right direction.

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New CrackBerry Mobile Forums Launched!

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I was waiting for that!

Stay Tuned to the site. Another "Present" coming out soon is a new and improved Homescreen Launcher! And we're talking big time improved... it's being developed by one of our members (I'll leave him nameless until we unveil it) and will be the launcher of all launchers (more of an app than a launcher). Just wait and see!

What a great improvement! Everything is so clean and crisp. I am looking forward to our new launcher.

The only possible improvement would be to make the thread titles bold in order to have them stand out more.

The only possible improvement would be to make the thread titles bold in order to have them stand out more.

This really is awesome. This is truly a great mobile forum now. The new forum style is a breath of fresh air from most mobile forums.

can the old desktop launcher be re-directed to the new Forums...

kinda stinks to open the old forum style and have to click again to get the new goodies... Looks great though...

Also, can't want for the new "launcher/app"