New: CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client *Beta*

CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2009 06:51 am EDT

With RIM set to announce their BlackBerry App World offering any day now, we figured it was about time for us to announce the beta of our new and improved CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client!

Our standard web store at makes it easy for you to browse and purchase apps from the convenience of your computer and has been hugely popular - it powers millions of product views and hundreds of thousands of downloads each month. And a few months ago we introduced our mobile-optimized store at, which allows you to browse, buy and download more easily via your BlackBerry's web browser. Built for us and powered by our software partner Mobihand, uur new CrackBerry App Store client is a full-out BlackBerry application that offers an improved on-device experience and some compelling new features, including Deal of the Day (only available via the app store client). Add in the fact we offer free trials on lots of apps, carry thousands of themes, have regular sales and discounts and now offer paid apps for as low as 99 cents and this is a BlackBerry app store you'll want to have on your device and be checking into regularly! 

Get CrackBerry App Store Beta: For more information on the CrackBerry App on-device app store client, click here. To download the app store client, visit from your BlackBerry's web browser.

Beta Feedback: We already have plans to rollout some improved features over the next few weeks, including device-specific versions (ie. Storm-optimized version), support of Paypal (currently pay via credit card within the client; Paypal is currently available in our PC store at, and support of coupon codes. In the meantime, we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Be sure to email it in to We'll pick the top 20 emails received over the course of the week and reward those people with $15 of free app money!

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New: CrackBerry On-Device App Store Client *Beta*


Wait, this is ... right?

When you release a version of software for BlackBerry without a Storm-specific version, you're insulting a growing portion of your community.

Sure, the program works, but not as well as it could, or should.

I expected more, and better from CrackBerry. I hope that your future offerings include better Storm support from the start, instead of being an afterthought.

So, for the initial beta release, they should have released a generic client that worked for ALL blackberrys AND a storm specific client? Doesn't that make you sound kinda selfish?

Make sure you disable the compatibility mode. Before I did so, the app would only fill half the screen and wouldn't react at all

Make sure you actually close the program down fully. Do a Menu > Close (or exit, whatever it says). Then disable compatibility. Then start the app up again.

Mine did the same thing until I did a battery pull (actually...I used the "quick pull" app as it does the same thing as a battery pull). Now it is working fine. BIGGER BUTTONS WOULD BE NICE ON THE NEXT VERSION.

Did you download before ranting? I just installed this on my Storm and it works pretty well. It is definitely Storm compatible. That said I can see room to further optimize it by having bigger buttons but not bad for a 1.0 beta effort. And dude, are the screen caps above not shown on a Storm? Obviously they thought about the Storm in building this.

To disable compatibility mode, just go to options, advanced options, applications, hit the berry button on the "App Store" and disable compatibility.

Simple :)

To disable compatibility mode, just go to options, advanced options, applications, hit the berry button on the "App Store" and disable compatibility.

Simple :)

I might be stupid, but on my 8900 when I hit the Berry button, I don't get any option for "disable compatibility" after following your instructions.

For existing users, once you log in, it doesn't allow you to scroll up and down your purchased items list. The curser stays in the lower menu. Not sure if this is a flaw in the program or just a temporary fluke

I'm using verizon 8330 curve with OS

Said that it was downloaded successfully, but when I try to run it I get Uncaught exception: java.lang.error. Tried battery pull and permissions all to allow. Anyone else find this? I'm running .109 on a Storm.

Just downloaded, and getting java.lang.error message everytime I try to run the app. Running .247 on a bold. Definitely would like to get this working!

I'm running .241 on my Bold and I'm getting the same thing. I'm getting the 8900 next week so maybe things will be different? (Even though they shouldn't be...)

I have nothing but love for my BB, and with tools like these how can anyone compair. DOWN WITH THE IPHONE! THE STORM IS MOVING IN!

I didn't like it...... couldn't hide the keyboard on the storm, Couldn't navigate to anything but one deal of the day. All the buttons are too small to use without zooming in. I also couldn't get 'Categories', 'Top Apps', or 'Search' to work...... needless to say, after several minutes of frustration, I uninstalled it. Maybe when the Ddevice specific applications come out things will be better...

(I have a storm 9530)

Disabling compatibility mode will remove the keyboard from the screen. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications. Then highlight "App store", press the Menu key, then choose "Disable compatibility mode". The app works like a charm when turning off CM.

I did disable the compatability mode initially, but it wasn't until I did a battery pull that it actually worked. I guess I'll have to remember to do that first in the future before I panic!!

No worries. Pretty much any application that wasn't created specifically for the Storm will have that dumbass half-screen OSK when compatibility mode is enabled.

It is obviously Storm compatable after seeing screenshots and other comments. Any chance someone could describe how to get it to work for us worms out there? Is it working for anyone running .113?

Just downloaded and it works fine. Buttons are a little small for the touch screen but very nice job for a Beta release. I love the deal of the day, it will keep me checking back on a regular basis. Look forward to the release specific to my 9530. Well done CrackBerry!

You need to do a battery pull to get the app to function properly.

Like many of you I thought it was broken and I was ready to delete it. I tried disabling compatability mode (I would still do so) and that didn't fix it, but after a battery pull we're ready to roll.

I have tried every combination of downloading, battery pulls, and disabling compatibility mode, and nothing stops the java.lang error from occurring. I give up because I'm tired of restarting my phone.

You don't have to do a battery pull. When you back out of the program it runs in the background. while the program is running you just need to press BB Key then Close.

You don't have to do a battery pull. When you back out of the program it runs in the background. while the program is running you just need to press BB Key then Close.

no wonder people speak so badly about storm users . we complain too much ... before even tryin to work out the app a ton of people are complaining . it does not work properly on the storm unless you DISABLE COMPABiLITY MODE !! so what you do is go to options>advanced>highlight app nd click the menu button>select disable compability mode .. now it should work fine .. please give constructive criticism .. negative comments about how crackberry is storm centered do not help the app or the developer . thank you !

btw it works fine . looks better than the wap .. can't wait for paypal nd yes some bigger buttons for the storms touchscreen would be nice but ii'm not complaining =)

Finally... some information we can use! Disabled Compatability Mode pulled the battery, and it works like a champ. Portrait and landscape both work on .113. Thanks again!

I did a battery pull, a reinstall and still I get that same error. Glad to know it's working on the bold for someone!

You have to change the app in options to Disable Compatibility Mode, the keyboard goes into hiding and you pull it when needed. Sure I would rather have it in landscape, but this is the 1st of the beta of this...give it a little time

the new store is now working fine on my storm. once the compatibility mode is disabled everything is great. for a first beta I am happy

I disabled compatibility on the Storm to make this work, however, I cannot do a Search as the Search button is not clickable, nor does the enter key work.

I know this is beta, but please note this major bug for us Storm users...

I have noticed since posting my initial comment about disabling the compatibility mode, the it does show in landscape as well...

Even with compatibility mode disabled im not liking this for the storm yet...

I am excited to see the storm specific version of this..

Please let this be soon!!!

For some reason it loads with the keyboard blocking half the screen and I can't find a way to close it.

I had the same problem with Where after I upgraded to Version 113. Has anyone else had this problem?

Having some problems with loading any content. I downloaded the app - by now have done a battery pull, and still when I load up the app none of the content shows. It is blank. I tried it with WiFi as well and same results.

one suggestion, instead of the more button, put it as when you click the menu there is an options button to click there where you can have your account permantly logged into the app and give an option to require a password when downloading apps. That should make it much more convienent and streamlined.(not that it isn't already) ;)

I have disabled compatibility mode, done a battery pull. re-installed it tried it all again and it still will not work on my storm, I keep getting "Uncuaght exception: java.lang.error. anyone else having this problem?

I am running .113

I also am having the java.load error. I also cannot disable compatibility I go to options then advanced then applications I highlight app store hit the bb button and no option to enable and disable comp mode shows up. I am running .75 on my storm

Although I don't use the storm (curve 8330), I must admit I've fallen in love with this app. I haven't experienced any issue what-so-ever with it, and it has lead to to find some of the best apps I could hope for. Nice work CB! Check out this video I posted on YouTube highlighting some of the features of this app; I just now uploaded it, so it will take a moment to process...

i have a sugestion...
how about instead of having pages at the bottom.. why not just scroll sidewides? that would be cool for the storm.. since the buttons are so small...

On my storm the keyboard is up and no way to get it go away, I can only see 3 apps at once and half the buttons do not work.

I tired it several times, and finally gave up and installed it.
Let us know if you get it working.

I downloaded a version right after the announcement and it was .108 and it did NOT work for the storm, with full screen and landscape. I just opened the app and clicked on the bb button and then check for updates and it said i had the latest version. This was BS. I clicked the bb button again and clicked on support then scrolled to the bottom of the browser screen and clicked on the "Click to download app store launcher" and it asked to replace vers 1.00.108 with 1.00.110. i did that, AND THEN disabled compatability mode and did a battery pull. Works great now.

Funny how the illustration of the BB switching pages is a storm...and it doesn't work very well...keyboard stays on...on my storm. Guess I need to wait for the storm specific version.

It looks like it might be pretty nice... Wonder if it has many close locations to me... Thats one thing WxBug has, both our local wx station(Hanford) and the Navy base where I work as well (about 20 miles apart, but a world apart as far as wind speed here!)

I'll bite at this, but I know I'll end up paying for it. The last time I won anything was a bet I made that I wouldn't win anything. :)

I downloaded the app on my storm and am not getting a full screen. Is the app ready for the storm yet or should i wait to download? Thank you for your time. Email and Pin# on profile.

This is definitely a welcome upgrade. Crackberry, keep up the great work. You make owning a BlackBerry not only useful, but fun as well

Definitely a welcome update. Crackberry, keep up the great work. You make owning a BlackBerry not only useful, but fun

Downloaded the app (was ver ..108), and it did not work properly on my Storm (.75), nor my fiance's Storm. There was no option to disable/enable Compatibility Mode, even after a battery pull. Deleted, rebooted, reinstalled (this time it was ver ...110. Interesting?), and still no option; not even after a 2nd battery pull. This is the only app on the Applications list that does not have the option for Compatibility Mode.

Quite a few reports of this popping up. Very buggy release, indeed.

you show a pic of the CB app store on a Storm, when you say yourselves that a Storm-optimised version is on it's way (and trying it on the Storm, I uninstalled rather quickly as it sucks balls in compatibility mode). It looks nothing like that on the Storm

you show a pic of the CB app store on a Storm, when you say yourselves that a Storm-optimised version is on it's way (and trying it on the Storm, I uninstalled rather quickly as it sucks balls in compatibility mode). It looks nothing like that on the Storm