New Launcher Now Available!

The New Launcher!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jun 2008 02:22 pm EDT

Here it is folks, the moment you've all been waiting for (especially you antiandy)... the beta unveiling of the all-new, totally kick ass launcher!

CrackBerry Launcher *Beta*: The new launcher is MUCH MORE than a simple BB shortcut. Once installed on your device, you can actually change up the shortcut settings by going to Options > CrackBerry Launcher. You can select what color of CrackBerry logo to appear on the homescreen along with the onclick destination - launch either the CrackBerry wap site index page or go to the mobile forums directly!! Now your CB logo will always match your wallpaper and theme!

To Download: Visit on your BlackBerry and click on the Install the New Launcher link.

Beta: Keep in mind this is the first beta release of the CrackBerry Launcher application. While it has been tested extensively by the developer and a great team of helpers, it's possible some yet-unfound errors could pop up. Likewise, ideas are planned to continually improve the application. Please leave any bug reports, comments, suggestion and praise on the Launcher thread in the forums.

Credit: A HUUUUGGGGGGGGE THANK YOU goes to member patrick.waugh who made this awesome new Launcher a reality. While Patrick is an experienced developer in the field of avionics, the development of the CB Launcher is his first BlackBerry application, and he has built it as a free gift to the CrackBerry community. Yet another awesome surprise in our 200,000 member milestone celebrations! Take a read after the jump for the credits and full story. Again, a HUGE THANK YOU goes to all those involved!

CrackBerry Launcher Credits

Developed by: Patrick T. Waugh, MA, of BerrySoft, a sub of Benchmark Avionics Corp.

The following programmers assisted in development:
Simon Hain
Fabian Heuwieser

The following people assisted in alpha testing of early versions:
Donna Alderman
Robert Barnes
CJ Carbone
Cole Ciprari
Jeff Hamilton
Christine DeVoy
Reed McLay
Rick Webster
CB Moderator Team

Behind the Scenes of the New Launcher
an interview with Patrick Waugh, BerrySoft

Behind the ScenesCrackberry:  So, what inspired you to redo the shortcut?
BerrySoft:  Well, to be honest, my own frustration with the existing application’s icon.  Because the shape, color, and size are very close to the size of the highlight used on the main screen, it was very difficult for me to tell I had selected it, which often resulted in me running the wrong application.  And, after coming to love, I thought we could improve it a bit and give the whole community a nice gift as we launch our first application.  Also, we wanted to find a quick application to develop that would allow us to ensure we understood how to get an application to market that would work on all the platforms we wanted to initially target.  So, this was an ideal way to learn and give back to the community at the same time.

Crackberry:  You mentioned other applications.  What are you working on?
BerrySoft:  Well, we have 4 projects underway, one of which is a game program that we’re excited about, but will take a bit longer than the others to develop.  The one project I can talk about is TipBerry, which unlike the others, will again be freeware.  It was the program we were originally going to use as our “test” application, created for much the same reasons, but then we got more excited about the project as we felt it would reach and benefit more people.  Our first commercial project will go into beta soon after we identify and correct any problems with the CrackBerry application that keep it from running on systems we are targeting.  The Board, of course, doesn’t want me to reveal more for competitive reasons.

Behind the ScenesCrackberry: Tell us about this cool shot.
BerrySoft:  Well, because we also develop avionics software, we have great tools for 2D and 3D artwork design, as well as several different programming development environments.  The code for this application only took about 20 minutes to write initially, but several hours were put into the artwork (we’re perfectionists), as well as testing various things to avoid problems and learn more about the RIM environment.  Then a couple of weeks tweeking what we had done till we were really happy with it.
To achieve the best looking results, our artist created a fully 3D crackberry logo in a sort of virtual studio, where it was then animated and shoot just as it would be on a live stage, with camera and lighting.  In this behind-the-scenes shot we see the virtual studio set with the camera and lights setup on our model preparing for a rendering.
Those shots were then rendered and sent to a 2D artist for post-production to add some subtle special effects.  Several versions were screen tested in the actual application till we found the right look & feel we were going after.   We spent a lot of time on it because we had fun and it was important to us for it to look good.  We hope you and the community are pleased with the results.  Over time, we’ll incorporate and feedback from the community into updates for you as well.

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Reader comments

New Launcher Now Available!


Just installed it. Thank you very much. Contratulations on the milestone. I just love being able to change colors of icons and stuff and make things look cool. This is a bonehead question I know...but how do I get the other orange icon off? I have hidden it but I was wondering if maybe I should have uninstalled the old one before I installed the new one?

Yaya thats what i did. uninstalled the old one.

I have a question to all...
Are we able to look @ the free ringtones/wallpaper on the launcher? Sorry if this is dumb question but forgive me ima newbie!! =)

The Media Galleries are designed for viewing over computer... and then sending the links for wallpapers/ringtones/themes you want directly to your BlackBerry for over the air download (or download to computer and install via Desktop Manager).

i was getting a error 503 but i got it fixed now loving the new icon i got mine set to mauve matches my theme woohoo

Great, nice color and it goes straight to forums! Had an uncaught exception after install - seems OK so far, though.

Can you access the page?

If you go to Options, you'll find CrackBerry Launcher on the list.

Once you make your changes, click the back key and you'll be prompted to Save changes. Save the changes and you should be good to go.

Click the Forum Thread link in the post above and leave any further debugging info there (device model, os, etc.) if that doesn't help.

When I went to install it, I got some uncaught exception error, but the app worked and installed fine. Thanks everyone. I like the Navy color a lot :)

Thanks guys! great job! love the colors and no more opening the browser and hit (Go to) in order to get to the site. Im so addicted to this, LOL

PS. I did get that exception error but the launcher works fine...

Uncaught exception: Module with Handle [2409] and index [1] has no application entry point, wtf is that :)

I got an "uncaught exception" error at first, then I got things working fine. I have noticed, though, on my 8300 Curve, that the CB launcher seems to work better when I have the main Browser turned off first; otherwise, the CB launcher seems to get hung up. And Purple Rules!

I did get that exception error but the launcher works fine...
I'm digging the Navy blue CB. Thank you to those who worked on this project.

as posted on the forum thread...

The message reads "Uncaught exception Module with handle
[5515] and index [1] has no application entry point" and then has the ok button below (Pearl 8100)
Error reports are good, as they help us make it better, so no worries.

from developer:
We are aware of that problem. It has been reported to RIM by a number of developers, but unfortunately there is no known work-around. I first encountered it myself with REXwireless software, and that's how I learned of it. Scared me too, but it is harmless, and should only occur on your initial install. Basically, it is reporting something intentionally coded per RIM specs, which is ironic.

Glad you like it!

I love change so being able to change the color at anytime is cool. I'm still learning to use CB Mobile. Anything additonal hints I'll take it. Thanks.

Thanks for all the hard work. Black would have rocked as a color on black wallpaper but navy looks awesome too.

What is the name of the 3rd theme in the image? The one on the bottom with the icons across the middle of the screen. I want it.

Thanks for your help

Andrelaw - the one you want is called Surreal.

I want the one in the middle! What is that called??

To e3bk: That theme is the iVista Theme, I think.

I have one word for the new Crackberry Launcher - SWEEEEET!!

Love it, folks! Great Job!