From the Editor's Desk: The New CrackBerry... 3 Days Later - traditional blog view, bug fixes, win a Z10 and more!

A quick update as the CrackBerry community settles into its new home...

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2013 09:54 pm EST

As I type this we're nearing three days since we officially unveiled The New to the world. The response to our new digs has been overwhelmingly positive, and readers have been fantastic in helping us hunt down and troubleshoot any post-launch bugs.

With the re-launch dust now starting to settle, I thought it would be a good time to check in and provide a quick update on where things are at and shed a little more light on our plan of action for the weeks ahead. Also, reading through the comments on our site announcement posts, I noticed some of you didn't catch the fact you can choose between two homepage views -- featured view and the traditional blog view -- so I wanted to highlight that to be sure everybody is aware of it.  Let's get to it!

Hit the Blog View button for the old style CrackBerry blog!

With the new CrackBerry we wanted to cater to both our hardcore regular visitors and first time and less frequent visitors. The new homepage was designed with that in mind. The news stream on the left provides the 21 latest stories for the news junkies who never want to miss a headline, while the rest of the homepage exposes much more of our recent popular content for the benefit of less frequent and first time visitors. With the old CrackBerry, once the content fell to page two, it was more or less gone unless you searched for it (and unless you knew exactly what to search for, you'd never find it). The new format provides a balanced dose of CrackBerry goodness.

To get to the traditional blog view, all you need to do is tap the button that says "SWITCH TO BLOG VIEW" at the top of the homepage news feed.

That said, we know many of you -- especially our members who practically live on the site (myself included) -- tend to be fans of the more traditional blog format. There was no way we'd re-launch CrackBerry without having the traditional blog view available. There's just something satisfying about being able to scroll through one page full of big images and teaser paragraphs that's tough to beat. To get to the traditional blog view, all you need to do is tap the button that says "SWITCH TO BLOG VIEW" at the top of the homepage news feed. We changed up the button today, per the photo above, to make it a little more in your face so you can't miss it than the text-less icons we launched with. When you choose the blog view we set a cookie to remember your choice - so you'll stick with that view unless you reset your cookies or choose to go back to the featured view. We're like the Burger King of blogs baby... you can have CrackBerry your way! 

We wanted to get the new CrackBerry launched in advance of the release of the BlackBerry Z10 in the US market, so we locked down our design and feature set so we could push the site live with time to spare. Now that we're up and running, you'll continue to see the new homepage evolve as we further execute on our full vision. We'll be asking for your feedback soon via a site survey, so be sure to spend time on both homepage views so you have experience with both. Our ongoing goal is to make CrackBerry as freak'n awesome as it can be for all BlackBerry owners, so we want your input.

Finding and Fixing Bugs

Our tech team has done an outstanding job of addressing any and all post launch bugs that have popped up. We still have a hit list that we're plowing through, but the biggest bugs have now been taken care of. 

Internet Explorer 8 was causing some problems for users after launch, but that issue has now been resolved. Personally I feel bad for anybody stuck on IE8, but I get that workplaces are slow to upgrade, but at least you're up and running again. 

If you see any bugs, just blame KEVZILLA

We also had a little bug we had to solve that was causing the site to load slow for the BlackBerry PlayBook browser, but we got it resolved and the site is running fast and smooth now. PlayBook owners should automatically be directed to our tablet optimized site at If not, you can always type it in manually.

Over the days ahead we'll continue to tackle smaller bugs and continue to optimize the site templates across browsers and devices. If you come across anything that you feel is a bug that we're not aware of, be sure to drop it on our bug reporting thread.

And remember, if you see any bugs, just blame KEVZILLA. Apparently it's my fault whenever anything breaks on CrackBerry. I almost pissed my pants laughing when I saw the KEVZILLA landing page while the site was offline during the upgrade process. A nice joke by our design team - I had no idea it was coming. Thanks guys. Love you.

Report bugs on the new CrackBerry site

Coming Soon...

As mentioned, we didn't have time to build out all of the features coming to the new CrackBerry in time for launch. Over the next two months we're going to keep the pedal to the metal on the development of the site. It's going to be exciting to see things evolve.

We're also changing up our process for how we roll out updates. In the past we'd sort of just push new features live as they were ready. From now on, we're going to push updates live in release packages. What we launched was CrackBerry 10. Expect to see CrackBerry 10.1 soon, followed by CrackBerry 10.2 and so on. With each update we'll also release a change log detailing the tweaks and new features added.

I want to save some surprises so won't get into the details just yet of what's coming next. Well, how about I give you one for good measure. Subscriptions to article comments will definitely be in our next release. Speaking of comments, you can now easily spot my comments and replies to articles easily - they're highlighted in blue as you scroll through.

CrackBerry Redesign Contest - Win a FREE BlackBerry Z10!

If you haven't entered our CrackBerry Website Redesign contest yet, be sure to enter! The contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST, so jump over to the forum thread at the link below and post a reply to enter. We'll be announcing the winner of this contest along with the winner of our birthday contest early this week.

Enter CrackBerry's Website Redesign Contest

Get ready for a Surprise on Monday...

I'm not telling. It's gonna blow your mind. Heck, it's blowing my mind right now just thinking about it. Get ready for it. Be here Monday. That's all I'm saying right now.

That's it for now, Kevin out!!

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: The New CrackBerry... 3 Days Later - traditional blog view, bug fixes, win a Z10 and more!


All I can say is, "Luv it, Luv it, Luv it. New site looks fantastic. Just need my Z10 and everything will be perfect.

How do you go back to the New CB from the blog view? Very nice site BTW
Its come a long way from back in the day lol

Once you click into the blog view, the button will be in the same place, but now say "Switch to Featured View."

Easy peasy. On the mobile template we don't have the text on the button... just tap the same button again and you're back to featured view.

Kevin, do you know when MTS is releasing the Z10? Us fellow Manitobans are getting upset with such a long wait and no real communication coming out of MTS about it!

The beginning of March is almost over, so I guess it will be the end. Hoping this week but not overly optimistic.

I've been checking the @talktomts account daily. It seems that MTS hasn't received any shipments of the Z10 yet, never mind having them for sale.

I find it rather strange since BlackBerry was the only smartphone you could get from them for quite a while. There's some behind the scenes dealing that I've missed.

hahahhaha.. The CrackBerry forums have just been awesome lately. Sooo much action in them.  I always love threads like that. #KEVINSSECRETS

Love the upgrade but I have not been able to view it at work as it freezes IE. So thankful for the traditional blog view; thanks guys ^5

IE8? Try it again... that issue got resolved on Friday around 3pm. Should be ok now. If you're on IE7 or older though.. well.. time to find a new employer who's keeping up with the times! :)

Well that's not easy. When you have drafting stations that cause $4600.00 each, 3d software at $7500.00 per station and Windows pulls off there regular Bullshit upgrades for a money grab and you have 15 stations, us asshole bosses are not the ones with their heads up their asses. Never mind all the problems that come with these upgrades. I have been using PC's since they came to market. Most upgrades are marginal crap. That is why I support BlackBerry. They dont fleece the crap out of you like Apple does with their next of the same thing.

Posted via CB10

Already done. They love them and the BYOD Samsung users cashed theirs in after 2 weeks drooling. I hope BlackBerry makes a dock for this phone that I can plug in a keyboard, mouse, screen, and printer. That would be a great solution for most people. Also a plug in for an external drive. Go BlackBerry and the new CB is great.

Posted via CB10

When Thorsten Heins talks about "the future of mobile computing"... the vision I take away is much what you're talking about. Your phone or tablet goes with you everywhere, and hooks up to the peripherals when you need them. 

I just absolutely love the new site all the way across the board. I was kind of panicked when the PLAYBOOK was having issues loading but that's been fixed so I am now happy.

This is gonna be a huge week for  and CrackBerry. I'm excited. The U.S launch is gonna be a relaunch packed with surprises,new apps etc.

I can't wait to get a Q10 and lay claim to having the best mobile device on Gods green earth.

Thank you to the design team for their awesome creative work and revamping crackberry to something amazing and different at first I needed to learn my way around but after time things became easy. Next time please include a tutorial that way regulars will know how to access the regular old content.

I like the interface a bit better. There is less of your products on the side where I can buy accessories which is nice. I really like how you incorporated the your product specials into the thread of blogs or conversations on the left side. I think this is a much better approach. Dare I say, your site has definitely classed up the act :) Good job crackberry :)

I'm sure it'll be great, but don't expect the Q10. When it comes to BB hardware releases, there's NEVER early surprises. Let's just hope the Q10 isn't delayed even more!

I commented a few days ago that I preferred the old look of the homepage due to its simplicity and being easy to read. I headed over to the homepage for a second feeler and actually noticed the switch view button, clicked it and voila problem solved! Now this is what I call progressive evolution, nice one guys!

I'm glad the log in problem has been fixed. I love the new modern look of the site. Great work everyone. I can't wait to find out the new news on Monday. It's not like I wouldn't have been on here anyways but it's nice to have a heads up.

Well I get the title of the article, but I can't see the actual article that Kevin wrote.?!?!

This has be happening with several articles using CB10 app.

What's the issue CB?

Posted via CB10

On several attempts at posting comments on the CB 10 app I get user banned pop up I've no issues posting without the app. Great work on the site thought.

Posted via CB10

Will have a new build for CB10 coming early this week to address. We've been able to duplicate a couple of issues users have reported. Thx for the patience!

Thanks for keeping the blog view! I understand why the new view style would be good for a lot of people, but I'm on here 100 times a day so blog view is better :)

And I did notice when it first launched I thought it was pretty slow on my Playbook, but it's a lot faster now!

Thanks and keep up the good work crack team!

Hmmm.. I've always kinda wanted to do a Kickstarter project... maybe Kevzilla doll could be the first go. I could imagine the video pitch that would go with it. 

Generally nice, but please dump the captcha stuff from the comments, they are mostly just annoying for genuine users rather than being of any use.

The website is great on my z10...but the cb10 app is even better for it :)

I wish we have a cb10 app for PlayBook also.

Very fantastic website, it is an amazing work that you achieved ( is still very slow on my PlayBooks).

Posted via CB10

You are a horrible person CBK! Telling us to wait an intire day for something. Can't even give a hint? Is it about OS10? Z10? CB? App launch?

First time I can remember looking forward to Monday!!!!
Great job with the new look!

Loving the zed10

P.S its zed10 not zee10 lol

Kevin and CB team

The site ROCKS!! I suffered from both the slow load on my Playbook and the load freeze on my laptop, and now I'm blazin'!

I love the new look but was also fond of the "classic" view very much. The fact that you offer a choice of views is friggin' awesome! Thank you for trying to draw more people in and keeping those already in happy!

Good job!!!

Happy Sunday! Love the new Very easy to scan and read. As much as I hate naysayers... And abusers, keeps me happy and moving:)... Now just waiting to afford new BB10 phone of some variation. The PlayBook update will keep me going till then!!! Drool... Thanks for great organized info.

The site is awesome, Kevin! Thanks again for all the work that you are your team did in getting it launched. We appreciate it.

The Site is working much better now, day one was scary, My work laptop on IE8 didn't work, the Playbook was super clunky and my 9900 hung up. Thanks for the updates

Love the blue highlighted CrackBerry Kevin comments, will Adam, Bla1ze, Simon, James & Umi's comments get the same treatment? We like to read what they have to say from time to time.

I am reading Crackberry via your app for Playbook and after the new redesign the font has changed to worse. It is hardly readable now. I know that I can view the site in the browser, but I like your app. Can this be addressed?

To be that excited Monday has to be the early release of the Q10, or the release of a Porsche BB10 phone... These are my guesses!!

I don't find the cookies stick which keep my preference on blog view, it's just a click away for now. I'm on Firefox 19.0.2.

The Kevzilla was a nice touch when the website was off-line. ;)

Posted via CB10 on the BlackBerry Z10

Death to spammers, your links will never be clicked on CrackBerry...try Android Central, I'm sure your chances are better over there.

Props to everyone that busted their @sses to get the updated site online and looking so spanky!

Keep up the great work!

Posted via CB10

is there an option to go back to the old forum view and blog view because I don't see that button anywhere and the way I have to click around to get to things is driving me crazy

The last month has just been amazing. New website, new phone and the CB10 app to boot! Keep it coming guys :)

Really wonder what's the big surprise..

Posted via CB10

See most PB bugs fixed: great, quick response ! Just wish story comments were broken into pages- like in forums- as my fingers get blisters scrolling through more than 50 comments

Testing out version 1.3 of the app. It's super fast and smooth. Couple little glitches in 1.2 that we needed to iron out fast.

Posted via CB10

I love the look of the new CB. It's so classy and sleek. The ability to switch views is an awesome touch and it's very easy to navigate. Congrats to Kevin and the CB crew!

Somehow finding the latest topic is just happening with this new look.
Ever since windows 8, all the websites has done this flat look - its just the sites are only tailored for one websites.

And while I try and post this comment, getting a spam error message - that will stop me from doing....So trying this from another machine

So, why are you changing it to make the site worse? Now when i hit the site, on a 1366 x 768 laptop, i see the following:

- half of the screen (top half) is filled with three big images, pointing to what you think are the most important messages
- the bottom half of the screen is filled with a big square ad, and the Most Recommended Blackberry Articles.

I now have to scroll further down to be able to hit the 'blog view' button (thanks for making it bigger).

This is a design fail - you have lost visitors because of this - all you show is (for me) not-relevant items, and links to other sites in your family. Please, do an honest compare of this site with your previous site design, and tell me, honestly, if it is better or not.

You are making it hard to keep on coming back and visit your site.

I thought i would never say this, but: is there an rss feed that i can view, so that i'm not bothered by all this fluff at the top of the page(s) ?

I agree with you, I think they went to far with this new site and made things more difficult to read and navigate thru.

Sorry Kevin and Crew; you all really dropped the ball on this one, big time!!!!!!!

Waiting for the news that will blow my mind!!! Please tel me it is not just the AT&T news, I'm Canadian.

Sorry, site on PB- my primary "surfing" device- still not good. News portion has tons of blank space, and there is no getting to past items- single page of news only?! And trending vs new posts still redundant, as duplicate items show on both

Again: trending AND new posts- still producing duplicate items!! And, on the PB, only one page of news shows... Have to switch to blog view for more... Love the new n4bb site...

Like the design but very laggy on my 9850 :( so much that I have to close the browser. Not all of us have a Z10 for viewing CB while mobile. ;)