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By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Nov 2008 03:01 pm EST

With so many new BlackBerry smartphones, accessories and software titles hitting the market it's tough for us to cover everything here on the CrackBerry blogs... that's why we've added a new section to the CrackBerry Forums created specifically for in-depth member-contributed reviews!

Our new Community Reviews Forum contains dedicated sections for Smartphone, Accessory and Software reviews. All new threads appearing in these forums will contain detailed reviews, making it easy for you to locate and learn about the latest and greatest (and potentially not-so-great) goodies for your BlackBerry. Suffice to say, you'll be wanting to visit these forums regularly as our community fills them up with value-added content.

And to sweeten the deal for our contributors, a few times per month we'll be promoting the best reviews appearing in the community reviews forum to the homepage of! If your review makes the CrackBerry blogs, I'll hook you up with a $20 coupon to our store that you can spend on more accessories or software for your BlackBerry!!  

In addition to community reviews, our indepedent review team will continue to work hard on the software and accessory reviews you regularly see featured on the site. I'm also going to try something a bit new on the blogs in the weeks ahead... as you can see from the picture above, I'm a bit of a junky when it comes to accessories for my BlackBerry. These won't be in-depth reviews, but as I try new stuff out I'll bring you some short and sweet Pimp My Berry / First Look posts so you'll never run out of items to put on your to buy list!

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New: Community Reviews @ CrackBerry.Com!


I think this is a KILLER idea and a great way to get the community more involved. Way to go! This is definitely something that I can see really giving people a whole flood of information and it doesn't require you to spend every waking moment reviewing every thing created for a BB.

Is the Platronics Discovery 925 worth the buy?

Is it a better Bluetooth piece than the Jawbone Noise Assassin?

What in your opinion is the best Bluetooth device you can buy?

Addressed to everyone BTW.

I have the 925 and I think it's great. There are a few things that I wish were changed though. First, this kick about micro USB. Why change thing for the sake of change? I know, I have read all about the benefits about micro USB, but mini USB is so ubiquitous it just seems that some propeller-head needed to come up with something to keep his job. I now need to get a mini to micro converter cable off eBay so I don't need to carry two chargers with me wherever I go.

Second, Only 1 volume button and it cycles through low, med and high. It does remember your last setting.

Third, I can't use voice dial with it. I have enabled my auto lock on my Bold and with it locked, the voice dial won't activate when I push the button. Not really a big deal but I got used to it on my old Motorola phone.