New commercial highlights the BlackBerry PlayBooks Adobe Flash abilities

By Bla1ze on 16 May 2011 06:08 pm EDT

Unless you live in a cave, you've no doubt seen at least one BlackBerry PlayBook commercial by now. The latest, which is sure to hit airwaves soon if it hasn't already -- takes a quick look at the Adobe Flash abilities of the BlackBerry PlayBook all while firing a warning shot in Apples direction, discreetly. Needless to say, having Adobe Flash on board is no doubt, an awesome thing.

However, I'm a little torn when it comes to their marketing that puts Flash at the forefront. Yes, it's cool but make sure you highlight some other things as well -- lending all that time to solely highlighting Flash in my opinion, takes away some of the other highlights such as the form factor, size and portability of the Blackberry PlayBook.

What do you all think? Is Flash important enough of a capability on the PlayBook to be highlighted at such a level? Sound off in the comments folks and let us know what you all thought of the commercial.

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New commercial highlights the BlackBerry PlayBooks Adobe Flash abilities


I don't think it hurts to do one commercial touting Flash. Now if they make a whole string of them, then yea, it will get a little long in the tooth.
But definitely, now that they've advertised the Flash capabilities, hammer home some of the other highlights and capabilities.

Agree, this is just one of a series of commercials, so far we've seen portability, multitasking, and now Flash, ah ah!

I can see running all three of these plus perhaps one or two more during a football game and you are going to begin to get a really nice picture of what this baby can do.

By the summer they'll be able to tout tens of thousands of apps as well.

I think once they get native email they should drop the price $100 and watch the money flow in. After all the tear down shows that it is cheaper to make than either the iPad2 or the Xoom.

Yes I know it's a better product, but one needs to recognize that the other two OSes hav a head start and I think price could be used as a strategic weapon. A lower price doesn't mean the product is worse.

I bought two at full price and I won't complain if they drop the price.

Of course no need to drop the price if they are already selling all they can produce.

Totally agree! the ad is just 30 secs long, probably aimed for running in between primetime, fast-paced shows where it could make viewers awe at the freshness of the product.

Like john_v said, the key is not overdo it with senseless variations of the same theme. RIM should move on to focus on the other PlayBook capabilities.

I'm just excited to acually SEE BB adds on TV for a change! It used to be Apple Apple Droid Droid but in the past 2 weeks I have seen a boat load of Playbook adds. Good to see RIM finally putting it's self and the brand out there.

I'd love to see a commercial where a couple of guys are at a Basketball game or something and you see them ordering hot dogs and as they go over to the condiment station the guy with the iPad has to put his on the counter with a bunch of crusty mustard and relish while the guy with the Playbook slides it into his jeans pocket (as I do each day). I think it would be slick to have the tagline "true multitasking" at that point, so we'd see that his Playbook was running two apps while he was putting toppings on his hot dog. To me those are the biggest features; multi-tasking, flash and portability.

Great idea. Portability is where it is at.
That is why the 2 part phone is no longer. (remember the one that you had to carry a base around)

And remember the walkman? Who wants to carry that thing around?

RIM really thought this one out. I love the PlayBook!

Cool idea except for the basketball thing. ;)

With the Stanley Cup Finals coming and with RIM being a big sponsor they really need to get some great commercials out. Unless the 2 remaining teams are San Jose and Tampa Bay. Talk about ratings. LOL

They are a sponsor of the rugby world cup coming up in New Zealand so they could also use that to their advantage.

Hilarious! The song! LOL Now I want to go back and watch that movie, lol

I think Flash is it's main selling point right now because the unit is SOO buggy. I also think the lack of apps is made up for partially by having Flash because honestly, I don't want to use a FB app because i can use the full site comfortably, including gaming.

It's = It is... for a business crowd I see far too many grammatical errors in people's posts on this site. Notice the proper use of the apostrophe in the word "people's"; it represents possession. The posts belongs to the people! Geesh! If it helps, some folks may need to get out their (possession of the word "their") 8th grade Warner's Book and touch up on the English rules...

Dude, if you are going to rip into people for their grammatical errors, I might suggest that you get your own grammar up to the standard that you expect from everyone else!
"The posts belongs to the people" (singular, plural possessive?).
I sure hope that you own the book, to which you referred in your post above, in order to improve your own grammar!

Also, if you are that peeved at these people, maybe you could be spending your time better and focus your frustrations (and money) on the education system that seemed to fail them (and you).

I too, am astounded at how common these mistakes are nowadays. It's almost as if schools have by-passed this part of English completely! Having said that, I NEVER comment on this sort of has no place on a forum like this one, where the focus is on other things! Cheers!

with Adobe Flash onboard my laptop is collecting dust, PB has become number 1 choice for my entrainment needs, the playbook plays almost anything you throw at it, and hence it is correctly said powerful, portable and professional.. playbook FTW

I'd also like to hear less "Why can't other tablets do this/that" phrases and focus more on its strengths. Because, there are things that the playbook can't do while other tablets can (bluetooth headphones, skype, kindle etc.). Nice to see those Ads out there for RIM.

I'd also like to hear less "Why can't other tablets do this/that" phrases and focus more on its strengths. Because, there are things that the playbook can't do while other tablets can (bluetooth headphones, skype, kindle etc.). Nice to see those Ads out there for RIM.

I like this short commercial. I hope they make a handful more, each showing off a different strong feature of the Playbook. Then maybe 1 longer commercial putting it all together, maybe around the 3/4G launch time.

It's not a horrible ad... but every time I see an iPad ad I wish Apple's competitors could learn from Apple's PR people. Whether you like Apple's products or not there's no arguing that they do a great job on their advertising and I've yet to see another company come anywhere close on a consistent basis. It's too bad because I think that in at least some cases there are better alternatives that people just skip because they're infatuated by Apple's great PR.

I loved the BB "All You Need Is Love" commercials..they should've added more of the actual phone to it though. I used to love Apple commercials; but know they're getting a tad overdramatic (the facetime ads and the new ipad 2 "amazing" ad) tot he point where it makes me sick to even see it.

You know what apple ad that annoys me the most right now, its this one where it says "if you don't have an iphone... well, you just don't have an iphone" @#$%^

Otherwise, the above ad for RIM works well highlighting a major point of the Playbook, a catchy sound bite with a bit of major movie thrown in for good measure but it would be nice to see more of the playbook being seen as a very pocketable device(without the use of this 1st person take on it)

think it's a fair point to focus on, so many people I know (myself included) point blank refuse to by an iPad for the sole reason that it won't run flash. It's a deliberate choice by apple that spites it customers... the ipad can and does run flash fine as we've put some homemade flash runners on it, they just choose not to due to a dispute with adobe and because flash can slow machines down if some muppets put it together.

So I think pushing hardware intensive flash on the tablet is a great idea, plus no doubt there will be a whole host of ads pushing separate features anyway, so seems like a good move to me, specially loving the cheeky dig at apple directly too.

Love the Queen Flash Gordon theme song. How many fracking times have we seen a different "There's an App for That" commercial? Well flash and the multitasking are two key differentiators between it and the iPad. Can't wait until they get this thing talking to BIS and BES, that's when I think the full out marketing blitz will occur.

If you don't have a Playbook, don't have a Playbook.
: )

Sweet commercial. They need to come to Aus now...I'm thinking another month atleast though.

Honestly, i was reading a blog and this guy was saying that RIM's marketing team is bogus, due to the fact that he actually works with them, like I mean flash does stand out but there is so much more the playbook has to offer. As far as i can see RIM's marketing team is bogus as well like i personally believe that they should be emphasizing on its portability, its power (although i pushed mine to its limit which truly tripped me out), its capabilities, like presentation mode alone is a killer.

RIM truly needs to get their act together with there marketing strategy, no doubt am a die hard fan of blackberry but they make me wonder about them most times. Another thing that they should be doing is working on updates for this because this thing is truly buggy, man, i mean i love the device but yet still there is a lot of work to be done instead of lowering ppl to buy their device just because it has flash capabilities.

Stop playing RIM, there is a tough tablet world out there.

Emphasising its power or portability just like they did in the previous two adverts you mean?

This advert is just one in a series of ads that have so far done a pretty good job of highlighting a strength of the device, so who can tell what else will they show in future ones.

Uh, it's emphasized a lot in the commercials. Portability, the person pulls it out of his small carry bag and is using it outdoors (i.e. not at home). Power it shown in the websites it accesses, and the whole 'it runs flash' is a proof of its power.

And of course there is the Playbook tagline.

So this is what Apple fan boys resort to when they have no come back for flash.

"I'm a BB guy really, I love BB, but it's buggy and I don't think they should be caught up in telling people that it runs flash."

You have been caught bullshitter.

I use the hell out of my playbook and there are few bugs. It's so easy to use I've pretty much tossed my laptop, including going away for a 4 day conference sans laptop.

Why is it that once in a while I use the PB to watch a youtube video like this and it starts loading it with the dots circling around and then an exclamation point comes up in a gray circle!?!?!?!

Couldn't see the video, but I don't think that they are over doing it yet. As long as they do not go bananas and make more focusing on flash before bringing focus to some of the other awesome features.

I just LOVE the video picture/quality (especially outdoors).

I'm thinking you meant to post it in the draw to win the Playbook. Hopefully you see this or realize that you posted in the wrong place. Good luck!!

just had the same problem i restarted mine and its playing the video now. Hopefully the next update addresses these issues for theres alot.

I'd like to see them make a commercial featuring a woman pulling her PB out of her purse--just like I do--at a meeting and flip open the calendar, contacts, messages, and a PowerPoint. Talk about portability for all genders, power, functionality, and BB bridge!

I can't tell you how many women have commented on the portability of the PB--even my friend who just purchased an iPad. Men and women alike are impressed by the BB bridge feature wanting to return to BB when their contracts with their android based phones are up and the new BB phones are available (the sooner the better the new BB phones are released).

Why wait for 3G/4G, when the PB will become like other tablets and one needs to pay a separate fee? Why not highlight the symbiotic relationship between the PB and a BB phone tucked out of sight in a purse or a pocket? Use this unique relationship and the bridge feature to tout the new BB phones that will be released soon and the PB. That would be a fabulous marketing angle to pursue to make RIM stronger and recapture its market share. Then when the 3G/4G is available expand the marketing.

I think that RIM's probably focusing on Flash right now because (a) it's something the Playbook does very that the iPad doesn't, and that many Android tablets don't do particularly well, and (b) because they (RIM) aren't quite ready to compare other features, until they roll out more core apps. If they get too much into other features of the Playbook, such as showing it being used at business meetings, then it might open up the door to comparisons from competitors that highlight the current lack of certain key apps. I suspect that RIM will start touting other features of the Playbook a bit later, when they've got the core application suite filled out.

As long as we talk about the commercial i believe they made an excellent job specially showing powerful visual effects (that came free for them cause someone else did the flash site :P).

I also think they want to show what they are sure they can rock atm and avoid been pressed to deliver half baked features because competitor start pointing the lack of "basic Blackberry apps"

Bridge does the work for now but they have to improve it a lot (in terms of performance) to give the user the same snappiness we get from the rest of the OS

Yes! It is important. It is the only thing that turned me away from iPad. (And I am an apple fan)

Yawn...Android also does flash, the typical consumer won't know that the PB does it better. How is this different than Android? This is what consumers will be asking.

This whole flash thing is becoming too obvious and lazy, everyone knows the iPad can't do it, why waste good money pointing it out once again?

Showing off Bridge would have been cool, but Rim can't do that because of the uncertainty with ATT. The commercial needs to go after BB users, get the core nice and happy before convincing the general public.

What is Android? Moto, Samsung HTC, Kraft, Chilis, and Burger King....

Android is a mess some flash some don't none does it well. I really wonder about the long term prospects for Android in the tablet market. If RIM get into high gear I think Android is finished. The only reason they got in on phones is BB waited far too long to update.

Apple is a brand, Blackberry is a brand, Android.... is a mess.

You need to give the media what they want. If it's flash they want, give it to them. If it's apps they want, give it to them. Give them what they want, and they will promote you're product.

Unless you went out and bought a PlayBook, you will never know just how great it is.
And one thing that I have noticed lately ... the apps are starting to pile on. Everyday, RIM is adding boat loads of apps. Try the POPCORNRUSH app .... that's a lot of fun. Or the AMAZING .... SUPAIR PONG ..... man o man ..... does that bring back memories. Remember Atari? Yup ...... life is making a full circle.

This PlayBook is getting Better and Better every day that goes by.

Lovin it!

I am a former Blackberrian and have an iPad 2. From my perspective, the Flash commercial serves only to make me regret my iPad 2 purchase.

For those of you who don't have a tablet yet, typical use by me and everyone I know is to check and respond to email (typically using a gmail app), check the calendar, and search the web. Everyone has work-specific applications on top of that. The lack of Flash in the iPad 2 is a major downer. Catcha (or whatever it is called... I call it "Work of the Devil") usually doesn't work without flash. SItes don't render right. A little question mark is all you get where "Flashy" content goes. I'd love for RIM to make a trade-in program.

Flash is a big deal.

I've just borrowed an iPad2 for work for the last two weeks and it is everything the commercials say. It's fun, it's easy, it's powerful and yes even 'magical'. But the lack of Flash on it IS a turn off. Whilst it was amazing having an iPad2 for the last two weeks, I genuinely wouldn't shell out £400 for one when I can't even access all of Youtube on it, or streaming TV services like 4oD, Demand Five and ITv Player.

Yes, there are apps for SOME things like BBC iPlayer, but I want access to ALL the stuff I can get on the web.

So this commercial is a good commercial, it points out how powerful the Playbook is.

Although if Apple ever launch flash on the iPad, it'll squash the competition forever.

They need to tout flash because everything else about the PlayBook is a mess. I'm haning on to mine for a little longer to see if they can iron out the bugs, but now in its current state Flash is just about the only thing it has going for it.

They need to tout flash because everything else about the PlayBook is a mess. I'm haning on to mine for a little longer to see if they can iron out the bugs, but now in its current state Flash is just about the only thing it has going for it.

I own both an ipad2 and a playbook. Not having flash is no big deal for me.
(I watched this video above on my ipad2 so I guess I did not need flash to view it)

Lots of things are h.264 compatible now and flash is becoming less relevant in my opinion.
About once per month using my iPad I hit a site that requires flash and I cannot go there.
I either do not bother and continue on with my life or switch to a playbook or laptop if I reall,really need to view the site.

Not sure hanging their hat on flash is a big enough differentiator.
Love the commercial though...

I like it but I agree with Bla1ze, maybe throw in the "uncompromised web browsing" but it is only 0:30 - my fav thus far has to be the "Power" one :)

does the xoom play flash? i love that i am able to go to and other flash gaming sites using the playbook. yesterday i was able to play a multiplayer, online texas holdem game against friends using the pb and it didnt skip a beat. then i found a flash version of plants vs zombies which was fun for a little bit. id love to know of other really good flash sites and flash game sites that people have had success using with their pb. would make for a good post i think as it really really makes up for lack of apps with the endless amount of sites on the web.

Whose head is that in the commercial sitting down, and why are they touching my Playbook.
The internet... don't need apps for that.

I believe flash is more important than we realise. Flash player is not going away its become a internet standard. We should be congratulating RIM for giving us this at the start and not having to wait. You know like ipad 15. If RIM behaved like Apple they would be slated in the media. What is it that is so magical about being version screwed by a manufacturer.

So I guess this site is going to become everything playbook now? what about phones? I don't even know one person that has or wants a playbook. But I do know people with iPads. This site is really going downhill.

the site reports everything blackberry. currently RIM is announcing more things regarding the Playbook vs their Smartphones, hence you'll find the same level of Playbook bias on the site.

i went on the gabriele perici website (see video 0:18) and my playbook didn't run that smoothly. I wonder if the units on the commericals are running the same OS version as the one out in production. Anyone try it?

I think its fine they did it - it is quite a drawback not having it for iPad as most everything on web is flash.
However, they've dished it out - can they take a hit back?

Definitive a nice dig at Apple. Since their 2nd tablet is still not able to support Flash within web-browsing (and surely the next gadgets won't support it as well), it is a good way to get this baby into spotlight.

I think that fact that the PlayBook has flash is something to mention. However, I think they should give more attention to the fact that the PlayBook does true multi-tasking which the iPad/iPad2 does not. Add a sprinkile of form factor and portability and you got yourself some great marketing. Hitting all the points that the iPad/iPad2 don't have.

Crippled Flash??? I'm confused about Flash, on tablets.

Unless Flash works exactly like Flash works on a PC or laptop or netbook, I don't care.

Example: Play non subscription Hulu, non subscription full video on ABC/CBS/NBS/

Am I incorrect that the above is not do able on any tablet??

FYI: Go here to download free and LEGAL movies and TV shows,

I don't think the limitations on the sites mentioned have anything to do with Flash. I believe those sites are running browser recognition to determine your platform.

Dear RIM:

You need to move quicker on these updates. How far away is the Droid and native BB app support? I'm starting to get the feeling the Playbook is going to be updated on the same snail pace the phones do. Perception is reality RIM... Please don't make your early tablet adopters feel like they bought what some have called a DOA product. Also, grease whatever wheels you have to in order to get a Kindle application, ASAP. Skype would be great too. A Netflix app would not hurt either. The queue manager, which is not exactly what most people want, does not even load the title images. If this is not in the near future, can you make an attempt at incorporating Silverlight support? HBO GO would also be a nice addition. Also, what is the official word with AT&T? Can users tether with a tethering data plan or is this a no outright? Where can we find this out?

On a good note, it is nice to see you have been heavily advertising the product. The more users you get, the more likely developers will feel compelled to write applications for you.