New Cases From Speck Coming Soon - Enter to Win One Free!

By Michael Hepples on 26 Jan 2010 09:59 am EST

Since checking out the Speck booth while down it Vegas a couple weeks ago (which was a favorite for most of the CrackBerry attendees) I have been on their site taking a look at some of their new cases being offered for BlackBerry. Adam dropped a quick announcement of their upcoming products, and I have to say they have some pretty sweet new stuff coming this year, most of which I had the opportunity to check out first hand. Speck has brought out several new cases for the Tour, Storm2, 9700, and 8520. For the first three devices, Speck has introduced their line of PixelSkin, SeeThru and Fitted Cases, which have always been popular for the iPhone but have now made it into our accessory-starved hands. For the 8520, the Fitted case is available now. The list of new product available for 2010 includes:

  • BlackBerry Tour 9630 - Fitted: Black & White Plaid | PixelSkin: Black | SeeThru: Smoke
    • BlackBerry Storm2 9550 - SeeThru: Smoke | PixelSkin: Black | Fitted: Black Pinstripe & Tartan Plaid Grey
      • BlackBerry Bold 9700 - Fitted: Black & White Plaid | PixelSkin: Black | SeeThru: Smoke
        • BlackBerry Curve 8520 - Fitted: Black & White Plaid

          Now, just because you don't have one of those devices - don't worry. Speck also offers several fantastic cases for other BlackBerry devices, as well as many other personal electronic products. You can check out the available products for your device on the Speck website.

          Contest: The great people over at Speck dropped me a line to offer up 5 cases to be given away to the CrackBerry community. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post. One per customer please, multiple entries will not count. Contest ends Sunday at Midnight PST.

          Reader comments

          New Cases From Speck Coming Soon - Enter to Win One Free!



          What the heck.. i never win in crackberry contest and been one year i"ve enter in many contest... so the chance is little..

          I have this case for two of my Macbooks. I love the protection. Would really love to have it for my storm 2 pick me PLEASE!!!

          I enjoy reading and thank you for running these contests!!!!

          I'd love to have one of these cases!

          In miami it's all about style so if my 9700 gets a little attention with a cool case design, then i know i will be in style as well!!!!<---ok.... i dont know what i just said but i do think the case is cool so pick me!!!!

          I'd love the tour case, just lost my BB AGAIN :( and hate to leave it naked for the 2+ weeks that it's gonna take for an Epik to show up

          i have one of there see though case's for my blackberry 8820 and i love it..i could use a new one tho for my new 8520..i hope i win..

          my new 9700 has been caught naked multiple times....I would really use a case.
          And I love Speck cases!!

          I have, or used to, a couple of cases for my old blackberry and an old iPod. High quality, for sure. I never thought about Speck for my 9550. I am now!

          I just got my new baby...9700 on Tuesday and it's sooooooooooo naked. I loved the Speck clear case I had on my 8900, I never took it off. Pick me please and help me protect my baby.

          I've been shopping around for a great case for my 9550. Apparently I'm a case "junkie". Problem is, I have yet to find one that really does it for me....until now. These look to be exactly what Im looking for and I really hope to win one!

          I would love one of these for my 9700. Oddly enough, I can't see them on the site anywhere.

          I'm gonna keep looking.
          Thanks CB and Speck!

          I recently bought a Macbook pro and I also bought the speck see-thru hard shell for it and if the BB case is anything like this shell then it will be amazing.


          Just my luck someone wins 4 times in one contest and I have never won I can only keep hoping that I win not giving up yet please let me win

          and it flashed back at "I WANT A FRAKING SPECK CASE!"

          stroking my 9550, I was telling it in a ever so soft voice "but they dont make one for you" her response was "GO TO CRACKBERRY YOU MORON" and it rebooted itself just to frustrate me.

          Please make my 9550 a happy girl!

          A new case for my not so new Storm. New Year...time to clean it up, and add a new case for free compliments of Speck and CrackBerry.

          I have a new 9700, due to clumsiness, I have a few imperfections. Help me to avoid any further damage to my baby.