New Canon app opens up the world of printing and scanning for BlackBerry users

Canon BlackBerry App
By Zach Gilbert on 19 Jul 2012 03:00 pm EDT

While HP has their printing application for BlackBerry smartphones, the other printing giant that is Canon has been a little quiet in the mobile space until now. Cannon is officially releasing a mobile application for the BlackBerry smartphone. The application will allow users to not only print directly from their BlackBerry, but also scan documents from their Canon Multi Function printer and have it sent directly to their handheld.

“In today’s highly mobile workplace users seek instant access to important documents without sacrificing print quality,” said Sam Yoshida, vice president and general manager, Marketing, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A. “The Canon Direct Print and Scan for Mobile application meets our customers’ demands by coupling the ability to manage printing needs from your fingertips while achieving high-quality output results.”

To achieve full connectivity with Canon printers you will need to first download the BlackBerry app and second you will need to have a Canon imageRUNNER Multi Function printer. With this new system from Canon and the ability to use Print to Go on the BlackBerry PlayBook, we truly have the ability for a paperless world

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New Canon app opens up the world of printing and scanning for BlackBerry users


hehe they should have an upvote option on comments. i think more users would post and read if that were the case.

this would definitely get an upvote

Oddly enough - I am in the market for a printer scanner

Now get this to work with Playbook Cannon!

Curious if you can BB Bridge a document from Playbook to BB 9900 or 9860 and then print that way (yes I know its extra work)

The links is cut off by the system... Can someone please post a link to compatible printers?


Update: found it and it turns out, this is useless to me even though I have a Canon printer.

Oniberry thanks for pointing out that this app is only for commercial printer/copiers not for what's connected to your PC at home. Kind of makes this announcement useless.

Question: Will there be an app for the Playbook?

Oh and just an observation about Print to Go - you can only go paperless if your on the same wireless network; this limits the utility of the Print to Go app. For example, in my employment, we are forbidden from hooking our personal devices onto the wireless network; therefore, using Print to Go at work is a non-starter for me.

It would have been a much more useful tool if Print to Go allowed you to print from any computer to the Playbook regardless of what wireless network (or tether or bridge) the Playbook is connected to.

At home of course, it works well. But outside, it's just too limited to be of use.

"It would have been a much more useful tool if Print to Go allowed you to print from any computer to the Playbook regardless of what wireless network (or tether or bridge) the Playbook is connected to."

That is equivalent to saying "I wish all my neighbors were able to send print requests to my wireless printer even though they are not on my network"

Would that make you happy? upset?

I do get what you mean as far as your personal usefulness of the app. But, it doesn't make sense overall if everyone can just send requests without being on the network.

You misunderstood the point I think. I meant that the Print to Go app should not be tied to being on the same network but rather be tied to the unique identity of one's Playbook - probably by BBID or Serial Number - in which as long as the Playbook is connected to the internet, via wifi, tether, or bridge, it can receive documents printed to it from any computer.

I imagine it working like my printer - it has it's own dedicated email address whereby I can send an email to my printer from anywhere in the world, regardless of how I am accessing the internet, and my printer will print the document.

Perhaps what is needed is a cloud service similar to what other platforms have whereby I can send a document into the cloud and it will download to the tablet regardless of where it is and what it is connected to.

Adding the "unique identity or e-mail" to make the link with the PB makes sense. In that case, I apologize :)

I really hate the fact the HP hasn't supported BB users. HP is crazy if they think that BB users dont want a printing app.

This makes me want to get a Canon printer just for the capability to print from my phone.

I have the app and it doesn't seem to work with my HP wireless printers. I could be setting it up the wrong way.


That capability will also run you about 1200 minimum.

I have one of the smallest units (size wise) The Imagerunner 1025iF. That set me back almost $1400. It's probably come down by now. These printers are enterprise units, and not intended for small business or home use.

I just bought one of the best Canon photo printers for the consumer level and it looks like it's not supported? Only ImageRunner printers? That's sad for me.

The bb app is free but...
From appworld:

"1) The Direct Print and Scan for Mobile MEAP application must be purchased and installed on the Canon imageRUNNER /
imageRUNNER ADVANCE multi-function device."

And I have not found a price but one of the printers is a PRINTER - humongous!

I'm not sure this is a consumer product.

Yes, my Canon printer cannot connect to this either. I have no idea why this developed fast moving tech world, no one has an app that use the Printer's IP address to print just like a computer, instead of using these stupid "apps" on both ends!

MEAP is included with all basic functions when you purchase a C series (not sure if that functionality was included in the B series). Now these printers are going to run you around 4-6000 for one of the C series, so at the end of the day, it's probably not worth it...LoL

THIS IS FOR THE IMAGERUNNER LINE. BIG Multifunction machines. This is for Business offices. Not for the average joe. Imagerunners cost 4000 bucks to 100k bucks. So no its not for the average consumer like the HP thing is or what they tried to do with webOS.

Could we spell Canon right every time in the 3-paragraph-long story, rather than about half the time?

This is great news. Gotta spend a grand or more on one of those compatible Canon printers.
Way to go Blackberry!! Keep an eye on RIMM shares!!

Not good enough! I have Canon EPP mobile printer installed on my android phone for years now and it works perfectly on my canon wifi printer PIXMA MX 347, why can't be this with BB. I thought I could totally abandon my android phone with this new BB Canon mobile printing application. Mobile printing and remote IP camera viewer are the only things that keep me using my android phone.

This got me excited until I realized this is not really for the home user market :-( Decided to order an HP e printer last night, it will be interesting to see how it works with my 9900?

We for sure need to be able to view IP Cameras on our phones!!!! That needs to be there!

Models supported are the very large MFP not even the small LDP imagerunner printers will work.

Supported Models:
iR ADV C5051/C5045/C5035/C5030
iR ADV C7065/C7055
iR ADV C2030/C2020
iR ADV C9075 PRO/C9065 PRO

imageRUNNER ADVANCE Monochrome:
iR ADV 4051/4045/4035/4025
iR ADV 6075/6065/6055
iR ADV 8105/8095/8085

imageRUNNER Monochrome:
iR 3245/3245i
iR 3235/3235i
iR 3230
iR 3225

We have an imagerunner C5035 so it's supported yet how do we get the QR code to show on the printer?