New: Bubble Defense Game for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jul 2009 10:48 am EDT

Second Gear Games has just released a new game for BlackBerry Smartphones called Bubble Defense. The video above shows it in action for the BlackBerry Storm, but you can also run it on non-touchscreen models including the Tour, Bold, Curve 8900 and 83xx/88xx series devices.

The goal of the game is to pop the bubbles before they reach the end of the path (beware the evil red bubbles!). Game features include:

  • 7 unique maps
  • 200 enemy waves to destroy
  • 4 upgradeable towers
  • 5 difficulty levels from "so easy anybody can do it" to "this is insane!"
  • Hours of exciting gameplay

Like most tower defense games I have played, Bubble Defense is totally addicting and definitely looks good the Storm. It sells for $4.99 and a free trial is available so you can try before you buy. You can grab it via App World or the CrackBerry App Store (link below). If you like the looks of Bubble Defense you should also check out Bubble Army by the same developer.

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Reader comments

New: Bubble Defense Game for BlackBerry


This game is awesome. A bit more tricky than Fierce Towers but so unique it its own bubble-fighting way. Go buy it!

After purchasing this product, I had significant trouble downloading it. I still don't have the product.

they move slow initially but speed up once he presses the fastward button, at least it looks like it in the vid.

I loved tap defense on my ipod touch, and this game is just as good. I have an 8900, so I can say that it plays perfectly well on a non-touchscreen device. Controls are easy. I love the fast forward feature which allows for quicker play. You can download the free trial first before buying it, and you probably will end up buying it because it's addicting.

Works great on my Bold. Speed is fine though sometimes I do speed it up when I'm clearly going to pass a couple levels with no changes (like after an ice bubble assault).

Now that I've gotten into the game a bit.... I LOVE it!!! beat the demo multiple times.... time to buy this addicting game!!!!

after a week with the demo i had to buy it. Very addictive and very fun. Hope they come out with more tower defense games.