New From Bplay: EA Titles, Seltzer Theme & Gift Cards!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2008 01:49 am EST

Bplay Gift Cards

New From Bplay!

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Our friends at Bplay sent out a newsletter yesterday which has some exciting news...

Bplay is now distributing EA games for BlackBerry! EA has some awesome titles including SimCity, Tetris, Monopoly, Scrabble and many, many more... you'll definitely want to check these titles out. They also just released a cool new animated theme called Seltzer. You can catch a youtube vid of it after the jump. The Seltzer theme, EA games and WAY more stuff (including some sweet holiday themes) are all available when you jump over to

Also just announced and just in time for Christmas, you can now buy Bplay gift cards! They are available in $5, $10, $15, $20, $30 and $50 amounts. Click here for more info.

CONTEST: I've got a $50 Bplay coupon in my possession and your chance to win is EASY! Simply be logged into and leave a comment to this post! Need something to comment on? Why not let us know what your favorite Bplay game or theme is! Contest closes Sunday at midnight EST and I'll update this post after that with the lucky winner's username. Good luck!! 


New: Seltzer Animated Theme - click here for more info and to buy >>

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New From Bplay: EA Titles, Seltzer Theme & Gift Cards!


Im old school, i gotta give some love to bplay for keeping the old games alive like frogger and the card games, texas hold em and such. And i love me some of the saltwater theme...only problem i have is that i cant enjoy most of this stuff cuz alltel refuses to release a 4.5 OS for the 8830 and i dont know how to upgrade despite all the info on crackberry. i tried it one time, but no luck. so if i win, maybe the wife will 'let me' just upgrade to a curve for Christmas!!????

(honey if ya read this... ill be out in the doghouse if ya need me) :)

i buy stuff off there all the time, as a matter of fact i just bought something on there for someone else

Seltzer theme looks like an extension of the worldmate live look and feel. Which happens to be very cool.

I used to love playing SimCity. Thinking about when the first one came out makes me feel old, hah! I'll have to get it when it comes out to relive my old glory days.

i am a first time user of a blackberry and i would love to take that coupon off your hands for my soon to be bell mobility storm 9530 :)

I am new to the BlackBerry family and absolutely loving it. I originally went to Verizon to get the LG Dare and walked out with the Storm, and have been hooked on it since the minute I walked out. I am glad I found Crackberry, as it give me a fix everytime I log in. Looking forward to getting some themes and more apps soon.

I've been waiting for them to support PayPal as a payment method, but I think now I'll just ask for someone who has an account with them to give me a gift card for Xmas.

Ya, I been waiting for PayPal as well,but I think that's a lost cause at this point with the new carrier system in place.

Anywho, If I won the $50, i'd just spend it on other ppl buying them all themes for xmas lol!!

I did notice the Pay By Phone they recently introduced, but unfortunately they only support US carriers right now. Sadly PayPal may never happen with them or Handango. At least the Crackberry store supports it.

Bla1ze, it wouldn't surprise me if you did give it all away in gifts if you won, but might I suggest instead if you win, trade it to a theme designer to make a custom BB Videos site theme that you can give to all your peeps.

I'd love one thanks! :) I want bplay to fix the Medieval chess game so I can play it on my storm :)


Just got a new bold for my Birthday a couple of weeks ago. Could use the BPlay gift card to load it up with new themes! I used to have iBerry 2.0 Today Plus on my 8800 and would like that to go on the Bold also.

Would love to wake up Xmas morning and see this in my stocking!

Merry Christmas and Happy Festivus to all!!

I would def like to get SimCity. Anyone know how well their games work on the Storm? They don't seem to have trials and I don't want to spend $10 to find out it won't run too well with my Storm.

My personal favorite at the moment is iBerry 2.0 Today Plus and Guitar Hero but that Seltzer theme looks pretty sweet and I would like to try it!

I have downloaded a few dozen games in the past week, from free sights and from pay sights. Bplay I would say hands down has the most quaility games I have found. I will be shopping for all my games from Bplay from now on. So far Call of Duty 4 has been my personal favorite. \
Merry Christmas everyone!

Have had a CB for years but only since finding this site a few months have I become thoroughly addicted to animated themes. I either have to stop the addiction or win a free gift card to purchase more:) Happy Holidays

My favorite games are Golden Tee and Call of Duty 4! Good luck to all who reply. I am new to Blackberry this year, curve, and am feeling at home!

That has to be my new fave. Kind of a theme freak. Also would totally dig guitar hero mobile! Sheesh!
Ho ho ho!

My girlfriend is always telling me I play with my phone too much.. Maybe she would understand when I get Tetris and let her play it. I sure that would put a stop to the nagging. Reason being I would probably lose my phone to her because she is playing Tetris 24 /7... LOL

That's a lot of games. I don't know what I'd do after monopoly and guitar hero and sim city and ...


A quick look through Bplay games and I came up with a short wishlist. Leisure Suit Larry, Miner 2049er, Monopoly, Stratego and The Legend of Spyro. As you can tell I like the classics.

I have the snow globe theme on my phone right now, got it for like two bucks. It's the cutest theme with the snow always falling. Bplay has some good stuff.

I think the Gift Cards that BPlay have started is one of the best ideas yet! It makes for the perfect stocking stuffer, or birthday gift, or for yourself to stop "charging it" on the credit card all the time. This also has one more BIG benefit. For those few people (Like myself) who does not have a credit card. Makes it possible for a friend to buy the card for the non-credit card people, and be able to take advantage of the awesome themes and games and other goodies on this great site.

I know one thing, I'm finding a friend with a credit card, and getting myself one of these gift cards. I want NextGen Themes, they look sick!

Hey Guys (and Girls!),

Not sure how many know about it, but you can enter "ECOUPONS" as the coupon code in the shopping cart page for 20% off of your total order.

I've used it a couple of times and am using it now for a couple of EA Games.

I hope this helps spread the BB fun (and earn me a cool $50 gift card!)!!!

I'd love a sports game, too bad my 8830WE is memory delinquent! I may have to delete tons of stuff if i win that card tho......

I love the new animated themes that Bplay offers. Tranquil Garden was my favorite, and I'm really liking this new Seltzer one! As far as games go, I think my favorite is still the Golden Tee Golf. Love that!

Bplay has soooo many awesome things for Blackberry. They've got to be one of the leaders in cool and new features/programs.

I love BPlay....I get all their emails! My favorite game I bought from there was Spyro and I'm getting Frogger now!!!!

Has SimCity come out yet for the Curve? I didn't see it as an option to download. Golden Tee is going on my phone soon, as well. Honestly, as soon as I saw the trackball implemented on the BB, I thought, "I bet Golden Tee would be cool on a BB."

Just upgraded my AT&T 8300 to 4.5 (thanks Rogers!) so I'm getting into the new themes people have created, would love to check out that seltzer theme and playing texas holdem sounds more fun than me just watching Poker After Dark on NBC! Good luck to all! (little more luck for me pleaze)

Tetris!!! I have always been a fan of Tetris since I was young. I had the Tetris watch that I got out of a cereal box! Then when it came to mobile phones I always had Tetris on all of them. Now that I got my BB Curve and the New EA Tetris it just takes it to a whole new level making it funner and more challenging!!!

I'm in desperate need of a new game for my BB. The new Monopoly game keeps calling my name, lol!

Cheers and Happy Holidays! :)

Very cool. I've actually never bought anything directly off Bplay, so this coupon would be a nice way to get started.
Their themes are pretty impressive (I'm a fan of that Crossbar theme), but I've never got around to actually buying one, well, probably 'cause some of the members in this fine site make awesome themes... for free ;-)

BPlay has always been my source for games and themes since the 8800. I really hope I'm selected for a prize, but if not then that would be fine too. BPlay customer forever!

Boy that card would come in handy to laod up my storm. I have to say my favorite game is curling challenge on my curve, waiting for it to work on the storm!

I would LOVE to win this!! I wish everyone good luck in the contest, and I also would like to wish everyone a warm and pwaceful holiday season. Thank you CrackBerry, for the best BB stuff and info on the Planet!!!

I don't have a single game on my new Storm other than the Brick Breaker and Word Mole. Winning this contest would change that for sure!

I'm becoming a big fan of Bplay. I never thought I would be a mobile gamer, but thanks to games like Chuzzle and the assortment of card games I am frequently a thoroughly distracted disaster.

I've been wondering what I would do after Christmas, when I'll have to change the Snow Globe theme. I think Seltzer may make a nice change.

Well - I would definitely leave a comment regarding what my favorite this or that would be...but, the problem is, I haven't purchased anything from BPLAY yet! So, maybe this is my chance to experience BPLAY!!!!!


My favorite BBplay item brings me back to my days when my grandpa was a alive. We used to sit at the kitchen table and plays cribbage for hours and eat popcorn. Seems in today's high paced world I couldn't find anyone to play cribbage with any more. So I found it for my blackberry on bbplay. It even lets you count the hand yoursleft and take the points if you are wrong, just like he used to do. Now if I could only get it to tell me stories walking in snow this high it would be a complete experience.

The seltzer theme looks great!! - I need some games and such for my phone - A gift card would be great!! Thanks Crackberry!

A fifty dollar gift certificate to would make the perfect gift...and I wouldn't have to worry that I might shoot my eye out.

Wish i would have become a blackberry user yrs ago. Still learning and having fun doing it with my storm.

Tell BPlay to stop spamming people who have never signed up for anything with them while offering no unsubscription option. Low life scum company.

I have a few games from Bplay and enjoy them. My wife just became a Crackberry Addict and would love to give her the gift card for Christmas so she could enjoy a few games also.

The EA games look great, but my favorite BPlay game is still GH III mobile! It's nowhere near as good as the console version for sure, but it's still a great game to have a cell phone!

It is great to see more products becoming available for the Bold. Personally since we've had Snowmaggedon in Ontario, I like the Fireplace theme. The oldies but goodies look like fun for the games...monopoly & frogger.

Happy Holidays.

Thank you Crackberry and BPlay for picking me for the gift card. I placed my order for some themes and games:

I bought:

Who Wants to be a Millionaire 2009

iBerry 2.0 Today Plus
iBerry Neo Today Plus
New England Patriots
Reflex 2.0 Today Plus
Snow Globe

By purchasing 5 or more items I got the 20% discount that allowed me to add more items!

What a great Christmas gift for my three week old Blackberry Bold!!!

Enjoy the Holidays everyone in Crackberry Nation!!!