New BlackBerry World changes to improve visibility and discoverability of Built for BlackBerry apps

By Bla1ze on 16 Jul 2013 06:12 pm EDT

If you've been looking though BlackBerry World lately then you no doubt noticed there is a little bit of revamping going on. Things are being moved around, getting better organized and according to a recent email sent out to developers, there will also be an increased amount of focus placed on Built for BlackBerry apps. 

We've seen them placed in the forefront before but the new additions will bring some welcomed changes. So what will the new Built for BlackBerry placement look like? You can jump below to see some screenshots of what you'll soon be seeing in BlackBerry World when coming across a Built for BlackBerry app along with the notes from BlackBerry about what the changes are exactly.

Introducing exclusive Built for BlackBerry promotional features - The first thing your customers will notice when browsing BlackBerry World in the list view is the new Built for BlackBerry indicator located next to your star rating. This easy to recognize symbol helps your customers quickly identify that your app is Built for BlackBerry. 

We’re also increasing the visibility of your Built for BlackBerry app on the app details page itself. This new Built for BlackBerry badge will be prominent on the app details page, and giving it a quick tap will take your customers to a new page that explains what a Built for BlackBerry designated app means to them. These features are currently being rolled out and you’re not required to take any action.

If you're used to seeing the Built for BlackBerry logo on apps, otherwise known as the BlackBerry peel, you'll see that start to disappear. Hopefully, these changes will help developers who've created great apps for specifically for the BlackBerry 10 platform get some well deserved attention and downloads. You can also check out some of editors selections in the CrackBerry App Gallery if you're looking for some of the best-of-the-best apps.

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New BlackBerry World changes to improve visibility and discoverability of Built for BlackBerry apps


I agree. They need to start identifying apps as "Built for Android" so the customers can know what to avoid.

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Great to see there will be more emphasis on built for BlackBerry apps. My experience is that those apps that have the qualification deserve it.

There are more then we can see currently, thanks to flood of Android ports :( Good apps are really hidden and moved to the end of lists

Why are they getting rid of the "BlackBerry Peal"? For me the icon is the 1st thing I look at. I would think it is more visible then a BB icon beside the star also looked cool

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I'd prefer to keep the peel as well. What's really annoying though, is the dev had to put the peel on their icon in the first place, and now the dev has to go back and remove it again.

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Agreed! The BlackBerry Peel was easy to spot and I think it should be kept. Star ratings aren't always present and it'll be more difficult to spot made for BlackBerry apps. Add the other indicators, but keep the peel too!

The peel is essentially for really well done native blackberry apps that pass a certain score. But there are many native apps without the peel.

This is good for devs, i would be a little upset with putting effort into building a native app, then have it mixed in with the flood of "easily" ported android apps.

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Good. If someone has bothered to get the Built for BlackBerry accreditation then of course they should be rewarded with more screen time to sell their app.

After all, why bother jumping through hoops with no benefit?

Well done BlackBerry...

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Actually I like the "BlackBerry peal" in the app icons... but having the "Built for BlackBerry" stamp on all native applications should help differentiate from Android ports (which I don't like at all). BB10 native apps rock!

I love the BlackBerry 'peel' too but it's not on all Native apps, just those that qualify for BFB status and use the Cascades UI.

I vote "keep the peel".

Posted from The Force wielding tap-dancing mouse on secret pantless missions (hiding in Jaydee's backseat) :p

There should keep both.
Loving the peel. I can slow scroll through the apps and focus on the icon and it's easy. Woot! There it is!

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I'll go ahead and throw it out now. Yay! A new BlackBerry World!....................except for those of us on Verizon.

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I don't understand why they just don't make a permanent category like the "New", "What's Trending" and so forth called "Built for Blackberry" and then list every single Built for Blackberry application there. Or, at the very least, when searching for "Built for Blackberry", it actually returns a list of all of the apps that carry this designation.

That would be the better solution, especially when searching for BFB apps.

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I posted below before I read this comment, but you echo my thoughts (or I guess my comment echoes yours since you posted first).

I'm also getting annoyed with Android ports posting images that make them look native. Wtf?

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I like the idea of prominence, although as a non Dev, I'm not sure how hard the hoops are to jump through to get certification. Hopefully it accomplishes the goal of more apps available (where quantity unfortunately seems more important to the masses than quality).

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"(where quantity unfortunately seems more important to the masses than quality)"

Sad, but true. Personally, proffer quality over quantity.

Finally, happy that its here. I don't use many apps but i rather would choose native apps and previously i found it hard to distinguish them, so thanks BB.

Guys I must b blind or something what is up with my app world, I see absolutely no change what so ever and have not seen an update. Any thoughts, thanks

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A great first step. I'd also like to see an indicator to let us know whether apps are native or not. The BFB designation is great and I'm glad the devs that met the requirements get recognized for their efforts, but I'd also like knowing what apps are going to run the best on my phone. Maybe they wouldn't implement something like that in order not to alienate new app developers or developers who are well established on other platforms already. Not sure.

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I know that there's been many users asking that Android apps be somehow segregated, but this is probably the better choice.

For one thing, there actually are some decent Android ports, and these will be ignored if they get stuck in their own "ghetto".

At least users who see the "Built for BlackBerry" logo will know that the app is A) native and B) meets a specific standard set by BB.

Apps don't have to be native to get the Built for Blackberry designation. They can be Air, Webworks or Native.

Okay, let me rephrase a bit. There are certainly NO Android ports in the "Built for Blackberry" program. They are explicitly disqualified.

Absolutely agree with thunderbuck!

a) Not all ports are bad, and given the early stage of the plattform, each port is welcome... as sad as it may sound but it's better than nothing! A port means a dev that wants to give a chance to this platform!

b) As thunderbuck said, let me ask you: If you would be a dev, would you port your android app if you would know that it lands in a sort of "euw-android-ghetto-section" in the store? Don't think so...

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I just hope that the "Built for BlackBerry" category shows me a longer list of apps. As of right now, if I go to that category, I get a list of about 20 apps and I can't load more. That simply sucks.

I'm starting to phase out Android ports as apps become available that do what the ports do, and I need a better way to find them.

Some welcome changes seem to be coming, but I will reserve my judgement until later.

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Was very happy to get this email this afternoon. Finally giving us of those who have achieved this certification more visibility (:

People and their "judgments", impossible to please. So, BlackBerry just carries on the right path, making awesome phones.

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Holy Jesus.... I am noticing great apps in B-World, expensive but as a BB user I do not mind paying a premium for apps, anything to make me productive on my Z10/Q10 ...I like this now give me BBM Channels so I can micro enterprise and offer some business consulting services for a fee !!

I want to see a category to filter just Built for BlackBerry apps. I want to look there first for those apps and of it's missing I'll go to the "all "category

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I also wish they would keep the peel. I'm glad they are focusing on making Built for Blackberry an upfront item on app world. Those of us who know what it is have always searched for those apps, which is easy to do by just typing Built for Blackberry in the search box. However, this will bring the attention of these apps to those who don't yet know how those apps are the best.

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Can music be separated by popularity and trending in BlackBerry World? This could include movies. It needs to be more like iTunes.

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Good to see move forward. Now bring the channels for every one. They are grrreat.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

Good that BlackBerry is doing something to promote apps which have been specifically designed for BlackBerry (most BB developers suffer from a huge lack of visibility because of Android ports). But without the peel, this is just a step backwards, the visibility decreases. Why not doing the changes and keeping the peel at the same time?

A very important set of changes that will make things clearer for the general public. I had no idea the peel was even being used for some apps, first I heard of it is in these comments.

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I don't mind an android port as long as it works and it's Smooth ,however I do prefer native
Ooh and yes I like the peel better

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who cares about the peel.

It's better to a have a uniformed designation that is assigned for all built for blackberry apps instead of something that only highlight certains apps that are built for bb. it could certainly confuse or lessen the use of the logo in the first place.

If certain apps are much better than others, They'll be put at the forefront due to ratings and downloads etc.

either give all built for blackberry apps the peel or not.

Well just as long as the objective of being able to differentiate the built for BlackBerry apps with Android ports is still there then it's all good.

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