The new BlackBerry Vendor Portal is now live for developers

By Bla1ze on 22 Jul 2014 03:29 pm EDT

After a rather lengthy round of beta testing, BlackBerry has now pulled the covers off their new BlackBerry Vendor Portal for developers. The site was long overdue for a makeover, so a lot has been improved and changed for the better. The focus was to emphasize the user experience on the whole, so here's what you can expect if you're a developer and have not yet had access to it.

  • New UI look and feel
  • Streamlined process for submitting apps
  • Simplified management of screenshots and images
  • Promotion codes
  • License type management: switch from free to paid
  • Enhanced reports: more detailed and specific for downloads, purchases or subscriptions
  • Reports for customer reviews
  • Both preconfigured and custom charts for apps and promotions

Having a developer account myself, I logged in and saw the changes and while they look great BlackBerry is also aware it may take a bit of getting used to for some folks. Knowing that, they've kept the old BlackBerry Vendor Portal alive as well and it will remain active for some time yet.

BlackBerry also notes the services are aligned, so any changes you make on either the new or old version will be reflected across the board. Are you developer? If so, login and let us know what you think of the changes.

Reader comments

The new BlackBerry Vendor Portal is now live for developers


I agree, I logged in and I like new interface a lot. Well done blackberry :)

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

great thing that they are upgrading

Loving my Q10 and Z10 and waiting to try out my Z30 when I get home next week

BlackBerry needs to be ahead of the pack; not behind all the time!

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

Not sure how updating the vendor portal puts them ahead or behind unless you're comparing vendor portals and storefronts but sure.. BlackBerry needs to be FIRST! lol.

Why is the PlayBook shown in that promo image and not the Z10, surely the Z10 is the more important device as its on the BlackBerry 10 platform, priorities for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Guess they have chosen to show the devices across three OS's.. OS 7, OS 10 and PlayBook

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Glad to see the Promotions finally being added. The real time 7 day Report is a great addition too. Very pleased to see the effort for the developers by BlackBerry even after Amazon appstore deal. Thanks BlackBerry!

The PlayBook has never stopped being supported in BlackBerry World. There are almost daily new apps and games.

Posted via CB10

It's the first step but very important one. As the old vendor portal is really extremely bad. Still a lot of work ahead of the team to match other portals experience.

Posted via CB10

When do you create an mobile site or an application? It's a nightmare to check my news on this site!

Posted via CB10

Developers, developers and copy all the Android and Apple App to match up with them 1st then start to develop.... BlackBerry World really just need to step up big time with their Apps.

Q10 Qwerty Lover.