The BlackBerry Trackball: Good or Bad?

The BlackBerry Trackball
By James Falconer on 9 Apr 2007 10:14 am EDT

A touchy subject but one that needs to be addressed here on CrackBerry! The new Trackball... Good or Bad?

Personally, I am still in love with the click wheel on the side of my 8700. It's easy to use, fast, and intuitive. I'd really like to have an opinion of the new trackballs but I haven't tried one yet... So lets hear your thoughts...

Good? Bad? Ugly? Useless? Tell us about your experiences and opinions on the new trackball in the forums: The New Trackball: Good or Bad?

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The BlackBerry Trackball: Good or Bad?


I tried to use the trackball on an 8800. The whole device felt kind of cheap compared to the 8700 models. The 8700 feels solid and tough. Maybe the demo model just had a lot of use but I didn't like the trackball. Personal preference unless they convert them all. That is scary.

I agree with johnny-d. I tried the 8800 (not a demo unit) for awhile and even though I got used to it and adjusted the sensitivity, I missed my clickwheel. I find the clickwheel fast and very easy to use. I also like the feel of the 8700 - more sturdy - than the 8800. I have a feeling however, sadly, that the clickwheel is going to be a way of the past in the future - :<(

I used an 8700 and now a Pearl 8100. I had no problems with the wheel on the 8700, but I have to admit that I like the trackball more and felt comfortable with it almost immediately.

Chuck Angel

I have used both the trackball and the wheel. I have been using my 8800 for around 3 months. I prefer the trackball over the wheel. I used a 7520 before so I will sometimes catch my self trying to click on the side for the escape button.

I prefer the trackball over the clickwheel, mainly because i am left handed and natually use my phone in my left hand, therefore the clickwheel was awkard to use where as the trackball is suitable for both left and right hand users.

I have a question, I tried to navigate with the trackball when I was pressing it. I was using the media player while I'm doing that. I think I did this action for 15 seconds. So, pressing the trackball and forcing it to navigate up down or left right will cause a failure in mu BB?

After being told by T-Mobil my trackball was not under warranty, I had to order another one and pay for something
that should have been covered, since it cruicial to the phone operation. The second one (trackball fell out) and is useless. DO NOT!!! DO NOT!!! DO NOT!!!! BUY A BLACKBERRY

I had the same issue, and AT&T said I had to buy a new phone. Instead, I bought a new trackball from

They sent it out the same day and I had it fixed immediately. It was so easy and the service was fast. Don't waste your time with the phone companies. I saved so much money.

My BB's trackball lasted exactly 2 months. I know a few people who've had them go bad too. It's an awful feature, stay away from it! I am switching to a different PDA (NOT BB) asap.

I have a curve and the track ball keeps poping out of the socket. The little chrome ring is very delicate and doesn't hold the track ball in very well. I have gone to at&t multiple times to get a new track ball.

i got a blckberry with a stupid track ball that goes like crazy and when i wan it to work it donsent move i open it and try ti fix it but it didnt work i like better the 8700g

Hey guys... I purchased an additional BB Tour battery from ebay just to have an additional charged battery in emergency cases. But now I've lost my original battery and need to return it because of the annoying trackball problem. Will they still replace my tour with if I return it with a different battery? or do you just return the device and not the case, battery, SIM, etc)? Please advise, thanks!