New BlackBerry Touch (monaco) Hands-On Photos Emerge

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2011 01:19 pm EDT

BlackBerry Touch
The new BlackBerry 6.1 icons look pretty snazzy... but I wonder what the
blacked out ones are for?! 

If you're getting sick of the PlayBook tablet talk and have been hoping for something phone related on the news and rumor front, here it is. BG posted some hands-on photos of the upcoming BlackBerry full touchscreen device (monaco/monza... aka Storm 3 but it won't launch as a Storm) which *could* hit the market as the BlackBerry Touch. Not too much was said by BG that we haven't already seen or talked about in the past about the device (see 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone Roadmap, Monaco Hands-On Video), but he did note that it seems BlackBerry OS 6.1 requires you to create a BlackBerry ID account. We saw this on the BlackBerry PlayBook Setup Tutorial the other day and have talked about this previously on CrackBerry podcasts - BBID is definitely growing into the centralized "iTunes" like account for RIM. As for specs, here's where things have been sitting...

BlackBerry Touch Specs:

  • Dimensions: Sleek, thin profile - 11.5mm thick (120 x 62 x 11.5 mm)
  • Processor:
    • Monza / GSM: TBA...
    • Monaco / CDMA: Qualcomm 1.2GHz Processor
  • Radio:
    • Monza / GSM: TBA...
    • Monaco / CDMA: Dual band CDMA, EV-DO Rev A, RX Diversity ; Quad band EDGE / Single Band UMTS
  • Display: 3.7" - 800x480 resolution, 15:9 aspect ration, 253 DPI
  • Camera: 5 MP - Flash - Image Stabilization - HD Video Recording (720p)
  • Navigation: Capacitive touch + BlackBerry navigation keys + optical navigation module. One convenience key
  • Memory: 4GB storage + 768MB RAM + up to 32GB MicroSD
  • WiFi/GPS: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n + GPS + Bluetooth 2.1 EDR + Mobile HotSpot
  • Connectivity: Micro USB - Bluetooth - NFC
  • Sensors: Magnetometer - Accelerometer - Proximity
  • Software: Enhanced BlackBerry SW v.6.1, BlackBerry Evolution 6, Open GL ES 2.0, APIs for magnetometer and augmented reality apps
As for release date, BG's hearing the same things we've been hearing, that's it looking like BlackBerry World in May will be the venue where RIM announces most of these new devices, including the BlackBerry Bold Touch, BlackBerry Torch 2, BlackBerry Touch and new Curves. Should be a great show and May can't get here soon enough! One more photo below showing off the new battery, and you can hit the source link for more photos.

Source: BGR

BlackBerry Touch Photos

BlackBerry Touch


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New BlackBerry Touch (monaco) Hands-On Photos Emerge


Yes, it looks cool, but need a little more improvement. I wish the BlackBerry touch has 4 or 4.3 inch screen device!

This device looks good, but I currently have the Storm 2 and hope they bring out a Storm 3, a.k.a touch with SurePress, I love this feature, it's feels so much nicer when you are typing compared to the iPhone 4.

Hate to tell you, but they're "silently killing" the Storm clicking idea. They just couldn't make the phone thin enough with that technology in it. So out it goes.

I too love SurePress and there are a large number of capacitive touch devices out there. SurePress was certainly unique and it works great for me. I am very sad to see it go, but I suppose RIM may resurrect it once they get more touch devices out there. I think there is still a lot of fans out there who love SurePress. If the Storms weren't so slow, SurePress would probably have been a bigger hit!

surepress is only good when your Storm1 is not freezing up every 30 seconds and not letting you type regardless...

so yeah, surepress sucks

surepress is only good when your Storm1 is not freezing up every 30 seconds and not letting you type regardless...

so yeah, surepress sucks

Are you saying the Storm sucks because you legitimately don't like it after using it for a reasonable amount of time or are you sounding off your opinion based on what everyone else has to say about the phone?

I have really enjoyed my time with my Storm 2 and it might possibly be the most underrated phone of its time, thanks to the unsuccessful launch of the Storm 1.

I love my Storm 2, and more speed would have made it perfect for me. I too will be sorry to see SurePress go. I had the Storm 1 from its release and upgraded a month or two ago.

I didn't own a storm, but I did play with both S1 and S2. The s2 was a great device... Surepress worked like a charm on it.

the Storm1 was straight garbage. I got a dead one (my second one) in the drawer next to me that tends to agree.

That said, I am absolutely obsessed with this Monaco and I want one like yesterday.

I am quite sure that as soon as RIM stops holding the exclusiveness of the tech other people will get their hands on it and improve it. Most people make it out as being all about the click, when what is missed most is what you can do without clicking. A pressure plate under the screen could perform the same function, without the physical sensation and I would still prefer that to any other touch screen phone out there. I will wait and see. Maybe the BB Touch is going to have something like that at some point and the sure press will be optional for those who like triggering 3-4 apps while scrolling.

dont think torch 2 is coming out in May... torch 1 still hasnt go thru a full year.... to early. i also doubt this will ever be called 'blackbery touch...' but we'll see..

Well... rewinda few years to the Bold 9000... it got announced in May at WES, was released in Canada and overseas in August... and hit AT&T in November.

Announcing new products in May doesn't *necessarily* mean they'll go on sale that day. So you could see it get announced, but not released just then.

With AT&T having a very minimal selection of Blackberry handsets, do you think AT&T will be releasing the Bold Touch to consumers sometime in late Q2 or early Q3? I find it odd that they don't have a "high end" Berry (i.e. Bold 9780 or another device like the Bold Touch) currently in their handset lineup so my thoughts/prayers are that they won't wait until November to release the Bold Touch. Would you agree?

Yes Harry, I live in a cave and haven't heard of the Torch.

I don't know if I would classify the Torch as a high end Berry. Plus, if you are classifying the Torch as a high end Berry, you might as well include the Pearl and the Curve in the the "high end" bucket too.

The Torch has nearly the same specs as the Bold 9780, so yes it is top of the line as far as BB's go. The Pearl has the same processor as well, just less RAM. The Curves (except for the 8900) have processors half as fast as those. I base "high end" on the insides, not the form factor.

Really the Torch is not a high end Berry. You better call RIM and tell them that. It has the same specs as other high end BB's and has great build quality and feel. RIM also lists the Torch in the high end area, so if it walks like, sounds like, and acts like, maybe it is. Maybe you do live in a cave??? ;)

well, it looks like two other posters have now brought some well known facts to your attention.

BTW, I think you looked great in that geico commercial about living under a rock... appears that I have unintentionally ruffled some feathers. Settle down people, I wasn't saying the Torch wasn't a nice phone...I'm just not keen on the tiny keyboard. Plus, the main point of my question to KEVIN was regarding AT&T not having a Bold handset in their lineup and the timing of the Bold Touch release.

Funny. I always thought it was Verizon that had a minimal selection of Blackberrys. The Torch is the first BB device since the Storm that has a touch screen of any kind. To say its not a high end berry is saying the Bold Touch and its successor wouldn't be considered high end, including the 9780 (which is basically the same device minus the touch screen.) You really shouldn't say anything unless you choose to make sense. Jesus.

I did make sense.. you just need to re-read what I said. Considering the Bold line is the creme de la creme of Berry handsets, I would consider anything new in the Bold category (i.e. Bold Touch) to be "high end".

I love BB, and will never leave, but if RIM don't release any new phones until November it will be an absolute farce! It'll mean that they'll have released one progressive device in two years (the Torch - am not counting the 9780 as it's basically the 9700.2, and the new Curves have been sub-8900) - two years! This would surely be unprecedented in the world of modern technology!

The 9700 came out two years ago this coming fall and the Torch came out this past fall. They almost always come out with new phones in the fall/November, except CDMA phones, they get the shaft. (minus the Storms)

well the 9630 was a big fail so.... big difference .... (ever think they'll name anything a tour again?.. probably not.)

No new models are slated out before the end of May. Which sucks because it would help boost adoption of RIM's trade-in program, which expires at the end of .... May.

i like the transition to bb id

after going thru different berries, i know i dont always remember the pin

i hope bbm adds an option to add a contact via blackberry id.
and if by chance someone has say two blackberries, one work and one personal. he/she would get the invitation on both berries, but obviously can decline on one of them.

also would be cool to have a portal/website, where you can see what pins/devices you have for your blackberry id. and maybe add some social web features. and of course link to your bb protect page!

most importantly, all this opens up a gateway for bbm expanding to other platforms if eventually it not need be locked down to a pin

Kevin/Mod: What's with the icon with the black box over it? What's there to hide? BBM Video?:P jk, but really....

could be :o
im not sure about it on this phone though, mainly because of a lack of a front facing camera

but bbm video on front facing camera playbook we all know :D

on second thought the actual email addresses don't pop up unless highlighted... it's impossible to tell what those icons might be.

Not on my Storm. My 4 accounts have an icon and the icon is named whatever I want them to be. He probably doesn't want to show any of that information. Like he has 52 unread emails.

Looks like the guy with the thumb ring might have lost his job for posting the other videos lol..........Or he just took it off for these pics

or maybe he put one on to throw them off lol... reverse psychology... they'll be looking for the guy with the thumb ring who never exists!

Sooo sorry to lose the STORM name. It was and still is a great name. It's too bad RIM doesn't want to keep it. The name had nothing to do with the Storm's lack of success. The Storm did suck, but this device could have regained that momentum. I feel they're blaming the lack of success on the name. Hope it's NOT Monaco!

Sucks. No forward facing camera. Looks like 2 much of a misshapen rectangle. Not enough storage.

Just kidding it is hard to write like a negative person that often post on this site.

Might actually look at getting this device. With the playbook I haven't decided on this or the Bold Touch. Exciting times they are a coming.

I hope there is a front facing cam! What's BBM Video without? BBM Video needs critical mass to succeed and without the BlackBerry smartphones supporting it, it will die.

I think the hidden icon are the mail icon maybe the guy don't want to have a million mail asking him when does the device comes out !

Looks like a Telus unit from the green walpaper on the top. That lit up trackpad should have come out on all track pad berrys to start.

what's up with those three icons on the bottom of the screen that are blacked out. what are they hiding? any guesses?

My guess is they are hiding email inboxes. They don't want to display their email IDs to the world and lose their jobs.

That will be my new phone... I like the Storm name but I can live with Blackberry Touch, although it will be accused of treading on the iPod Touch name. Don't really care WHAT they call it, just get it out there!

Love the new Setup screen! Going to an icon user interface... cool!

PLEASE!! PLEASE, say its for VERIZON too...does anyone know? I am so tired of my BBTour but I dont want to "droid" I love BB too much!

Ready to release in a month? Not likely.

The software is not near gold (not even bronze) on any of these devices.

Think late summer. Just in time to compete with a horde of dual core devices on recently upgraed OSes that wil fully support and utilize the extra power (not to mention flash).

And released to an enviroment of developers who are developing for Android and porting to the PB 'sandbox' who will be wholly disinterested in writing for a platform that will see 4 devices and a less than a year of use prior to OS7 handhelds being released.

I'm not sure on the state of the software on these devices unless you've used them but I tend to agree that all these new features like better graphical performance etc won't increase the amount of third party apps and games just for these phones . Like u said there's a transition to OS 7 and unless people find it warranted to create java apps specifically for 6.1 that can then been repackaged via a vm on playbook... Would love to see it tho. Tho other devices like the torch and bold 9780 won't have the graphical power for open gl etc. Nevertheless, Looking forward to 6.1 and if there's a release in may/june that would give the platform more traction too esp with capable devices

I am stoked for this device, but in all seriousness, Where the hell is the 4G? and I definitely loved SurePress, Why don't they just make a SurePress device that has an option to turn it off. The Storm 2 could totally function by just tapping on it. I love Blackberry, but they definitely are always about a year behind in technology.

They need to put the Red and Green back on the call/end buttons.

That's my only complaint. Other than that, goodbye Bold 9780. It's been great but as a former Storm owner, I miss the big screen.

I like BB keyboards so this isn't for me. IT looks fine, but I don't see a difference between this and OS6 except the icons are a little different. Don't get me wrong, I like OS 6 and I'll be glad to get the extra power of the chips, but I was hoping we see a little more WOW in the UI, or a hint of "Jaws dropped" a la Jim B.

Way to jump to conclusions....

It's one screen shot and you're already passing judgement???

At least wait for a video before you start complaining...

sorry for being a spoiler....
but it doesn't have that.....
still same old BB....
it seems like a grandfather wearing a new T-shirt and Levi Jeans.

pretty cool.. but damn same old boring OS. 6.1 doesnt even look any different?? how lame.

when they said in their earnings call that it will blow people away what do they mean? it now has BBID itunes-like integration with the same look at feel of os 6? therefore its revolutionary?

Oh Good. I was wondering when there would be news about other devices besides the Playbook. I already know I'm getting that but with my contract coming to an end in September with VZW, I was really hoping to move away from "tablet talk" and back to what RIM does well for me.

My wife loves the Storm. And this new one, which has only 11 mm thickness, and a decent screen-resolution of 800x480 appears to be replacing her beloved Storm2.

I hope, it will be released soon! I really do admire the new sleek design-line.

O aparelho é lindíssimo e a bateria é gigante.... parabens a RIM BlackBerry, parece que será maravilhoso como todos os Smartfones RIM BlackBerry que eu já vi.


The unit is beautiful and the battery is huge .... congratulations to RIM BlackBerry, seems to be wonderful as all RIM BlackBerry smartphones I've ever seen....

loving the new Blackberry but i have my eye on the Bold Touch....SORRY!!!!!

its amazing how they havent came out with a device that has a front face camera!!! HMMMMM

I still think this 1 may be dual core . That chip and battery size has me thinking. .........

I've been waiting for something earth shattering to come from the Storm 3 or whatever the hell they decide to call it when released, and I"m deeply disappointed . I have been a BB user and abuser for almost 5 years and on 2012 and bidding farewell to RIM and jumping ship to the HTC Thunderbolt or whatever other awesome phone comes into the horizon by then, from HTC or Droid . With all the awesome phones that have hit the market I can't believe RIM hasn't come up with something that will leave their competitors in awe and shock as well as us the customers... RIM you have been like my two marriages, it was good while it lasted but its time to bid adieu, you just don't do it for me anymore.

What were you hoping for, a 4Ghz 8GB of RAM and 120GB storage? The only thing that I can thing it came up short on is a front facing camera, and I hate those anyways.

So, your wives left you because you didn't know a good thing until it's gone eh?

Have fun with some cheap android phone. When the novelty wears off and you need something dependable, then you'll come back to the BB.

SurePress was a great concept and much better with Storm 2. I wish my Torch had something similar.

I've lost count of the times I've accidentally called someone or opened an app I had no intention of opening because my grip slipped.

WTF..... NO 4G?????????????????????

WTF..... NO 4G?????????????????????

My thoughts and hopes are that the covered icons are Big Red's stupid Non-delete-able stock vz navigator, V cast music, Vcast apps icon. But seriously,
WTF......NO 4G?????????????????????

Getting rid of PINs - or associating them to a BBID instead of a device - would be a great idea. Would also be the precursor to allowing BBM on non-BB devices.

I'm having a hard time justifying three devices:
1. A touch screen phone, where almost all of them have poor battery life. Great for a play phone, but for business, I'll stick with my 9650 to get me through the day.
2. A Playbook, which I'm very interested in. Portable and a good work device.
3. A laptop, for everything serious.

Sometimes I wonder if a dumbphone, Playbook, and laptop would be a better mix.
A 9650-like device and a laptop, which I have now. And I seem to get the job done fine.

the first thing that came to mind when i saw the blocked folder was...ANDROID MARKET. maybe for some reason it cant be displayed yet , who knows.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Bold Touch but this is definitely an awesome device for those that like a full touch screen. GG RIM, stepped ya game up fo'sho!!

3.7 inches?! Hard to believe it's RIM!

I guess none of us know for sure, however wondering what some of you think the odds are that Verizon will have this device? I am *so* hoping that is the case.

Lets hope RIM gets all the upcoming devices on all the CDMA/GSM carriers around the globe. It would help them so much. They can do some better marketing though. I love BB's but damn lol.

well I for one had a Storm from release and I only recently thew it against my fridge and broke the backlight so I had to hold a flashlight against the screen to be able to text anyone! Just got the Torch but I was hoping I could have held out till the "Storm3" came out! But this IS the phone I am going to be getting when its released....ive been waiting for this phone since they announced the odin refresh! And im pumped for the 1.2GHZ I wish it was dual core though....

Why does it still have a trackpad if it's a full touchscreen device? Seems redundant...

But the light-up trackpad is a nice touch, though...

People who want front facing cameras should go pick up iPhones and leave us alone.
Really cool looking phone, but I've never had a full touchscreen phone so I'm not sure if it's something id enjoy. Will definitely check it out though!

The photo's are very nice. Wish it had a front camera or at the least kept SurePress, really enjoyed that since it helped it stand out from the onslaught of touch screen devices today.

FINALLY!! I can't wait for this to finally come out. Each day I make it without throwing my Storm 2 on the ground for the screen not working is a miracle.

I would take a look at it, it would be a step down screenwise from my SGS but with the RAM and the OS I would take a look.

It would have to run minimum as well as my SGS though.

Looks like the blackberry button, call, end call and back button are not actual buttons but sensors to touch. I hate the buttons on the torch, make it feel cheap, hopefully it is, looks nice.

finally i have the storm 2 cant wait to get this one i just hope this isnt the finally product because they need to make this a 4g LTE phone and it should have a front facing camera but i still would get it cuz i love blackberry im so getting the playbook and this phone with 6.1 would be the perfect combo i just hope blackberry really steps up with this new touch

What no duel cameras come on now everyone is getting fuel camera. Rim really needs to step up there game and improve their cameras too

Seriously?! No 4G ???

You might be able to make the case that a phone doesn't need 4G (for itself). But if I'm going to tether my laptop and/or Playbook to it, I want 4G!!

If this is confirmed, it will be "Hello Android phone and Android tablet" for me....

Why the heck would I want to spend all that extra money EVERY MONTH, when I have a data plan on my phone that I could tether to and use for a Playbook, my laptop, my other laptop, etc.???

i really like how all the buttons light up in white. the white torch really needed that. it would of looked so much better than having the green and red. i also would guess that the blacked out icon in the pic would be his email, and he didnt want anyone to see it

why is RIM always so far behind the times? ill bet this phone wont even have 4g.

a 3.7inch screen? really? why couldnt they make a 4.3 inch screen?

no front camera?

if blackberry cant get with the times im gonna have to move to a droid thunderbolt or something newer and awesomer.

Any word on whether there are truth to the rumors that this will be the first BB to allow apps to be installed on the memory card instead of the measly segmented "app memory" portion? If not, I'll probably be switching to Android, which is sad because i love everything else about BB.

who would want apps installed on a memory card? seems like a waste of memory card space.

ive got a 16gig memory card on my bold 9650 that is 100% full with nothing but music.

would love to be able to use a 32gig card for music pics, and videos.... but apps? not so sure thats necessary. the blackberries have plenty of handheld storage for my apps, and i have/use a lot of them.