New BlackBerry Tip: How to change the Snooze time for calendar reminders directly from the popup!

Control the Calendar Snooze Time
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jun 2012 10:55 am EDT

Normally you do not have those arrows on the Snooze button. With this shortcut, you will!

Listen up all you 78 million BlackBerry users out there as I've got a hot BlackBerry tip you'll want to take advantage of immediately...

When it comes to calendar popup reminders (as seen in the photo above), you normally have three options: Open, Dismiss and Snooze, with the Snooze time being a default time that you set within calendar options. It is not adjustable within the popup. 

However, thanks to this BlackBerry tip, you can enbable it so you can adjust your calendar snooze time on the fly. It'll work for tasks too. Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Open the Calendar App
Step 2: Hit the Menu Key, and Select Options
Step 3: Type in the letters acsz

That's it. From there you *should* get a popup saying "Now allowing user to change snooze from dialog" as shown in the photo below. If this doesn't work for you, try holding down the Alt key while typing acsz. Having this feature enabled now allows you to scroll through the snooze times whenever you get a calendar reminder, so you're not stuck with the default time. And if you want to disable this functionality, all you need to do is repeat the steps and things will go back to the way they were. I tested this out on quite a few phones, and it appears this even works all the way back to OS 5.0.

So that's it. Set a test appointment and try it out for yourself. This is a no brainer to have enabled. Be sure to spread the word and tell everybody you heard it at CrackBerry!

Control the Calendar Snooze Time

Reader comments

New BlackBerry Tip: How to change the Snooze time for calendar reminders directly from the popup!


Amazing tip! Activated immediately, so freakin' AWESOME!

Why was it never added to the settings screen? So many useful features are hidden, go figure! Apple would have milked this for hype as a new iOS 6 feature. :-)

Although we're both guys, I am tempted to give you a big wet kiss!!


Note to RIM, P-L-E-A-S-E enable this feature in future updates and OS's.

What an awesome feature...why don't they just expose it in the Options screen?? It works on OS 5.0 phones as well as OS 7, fabulous

1st... Let me say: Thank You Very Much Kevin!!!

2ndly... W.T.F. If BB already had this option going back to OS 5.0, why did they wait to offer it until now? No doubt Thorstein is the man; but I sure hope he doesn't allow shit like that with BB10 or it will be the death of them.

This option should have been out 3 years ago... And they bring it out at the 11th hour of BB7? Or did they even bring it out?? We had to rely on Crackberry Kevin's skill and talent to get it to us?? Like I said... W.T.F....
Rim... You are better than this...

Oh please, give it a rest. There will always be people like you who can take a little piece of good news, and somehow twist it around into bad news and something negative.

I'm not saying it's bad news. I'm just making my point that that its highly unprofessional on Rim's part for hiding an essential option like this. Its things like this that got them in serious financial trouble to begin with..
I really hope they don't do dumb things like this with BB10.

Check out tekware's post just below a bit. It says the exact same thing as mine. I don't see you getting crabby with him.

We make a solid point.

I kinda agree with the Poster. Why is this a hidden feature and not a checkbox in the options? Especially since it is part of the OS, and such a valuable feature. I don't think he's being negative, just sharing that it is frustrating to have such a cool thing hidden and that RIM is crazy for hiding this.

Give it a rest? Now that I'm suffering on a q10 I can only say I wish he had made a bigger deal out of it... maybe q10 would have a selective snooze option...

For now my reality is carrying an android device that uses wifi only for calendar reminders... there are a few other problems with the q10 reminders:

They take focus and cannot be moved into the background in case something else is taking priority

The existence of a dismiss all button without a 'oh crap, I didn't mean to dismiss all' button is a recipe for disaster fir anyone who uses reminders on a regular basis.

This tip is is such a videogame-like code O_O
I wonder why this was designed this way in the first place.

Blew my mind... This is nuts.
I wonder what other hidden shortcuts there are in other apps. Is this in os7 or does it work in 5/6?

Great tip!! Also very usefull. I've wondered if there was a way to do this and... Here it is!!
Thank you!

Thanks, and while I love this feature, it pains me to think that one might require a degree in cryptography to discover it. Users that don't frequent sites such as this will likely never benefit from it. That's just wrong on so many levels. If users have to do head stands to even learn about all the nifty features that a phone (or any product for that matter) is capable of doing, then it is either not being designed well or there is a serious communications problem between the manufacturer and the consumer. All features should be found within the options menus - sure some should be relegated to an advanced menu and may even include some warnings. There should also be a default setting for each & every option and a factory reset for almost all options at once.

I hope BB10 is just as configurable but a lot less secretive about it.

I agree! I have said so many times I wouldn't even know half the features on my Berries if it wasn't for CB.

Thanks, Kevin!!! I have wished for this feature forever, and here it was all the time. What does that say? My guess is that in the past there has been a breakdown between OS Development and those writing the technical materials? Let's hope in the future that doesn't happen.

RIM - you have GOT to make it so that even a person who has never owned a smart phone can figure out all the wonderful BlackBerry features. Some should be intuitive, others learned thru tutorials. Actually, why couldn't RIM refer people to the CB tutorials? They would have to be fair and mention a couple of other BB-related sites, but people would quickly figure out CB is #1.

Oh I found another secret egg... just go to the option screen of any app and type in "C-r-a-c-k-b-e-r-r-y-R-u-l-e-s" and it will convert your phone to BB10, balance your cheque book, crash your friend's iPhone, improve your gas mileage, fill up your fridge with beer and sort your laundry. ;-)

Nice feature! I like having features built right in to my Berry. I've been trying to either find an app that can increase the calendar appointments in the notification list. Does anybody know if there's any way to do this?

I just have to say, after reading some of the comments, how HAPPY I am to know that I'm not the only one who got really excited about this!

Thanks for sharing!

Kevin, I hope you'll share the back story as to how you found this as well as let us know if you have any other tricks up your sleeve. ;-)

Kevin, dude, how long have you known about this and holding out? I have always wanted this feature. I have already turned it on and it will save me so much time.

Thank you!

Holy shit. This should be enabled by default. It has always pissed me off that you can't choose the snooze time. Excellent tip! Thanks.

now it is too late ;)

But you're right, can it be disabled too?

(perhabs if it is redone again - I have to try :) )

yep, I just tried it. But read it afterwards in above from Kevin, too. (I just was too exited before to read to the end ; )

Unbelievable... I have wanted this feature so long... :( RIM needs to work on their "blackberry for advanced users" skills.

Wow 78 million users, that sounds like a lot, I wonder how many more users do they need to be successful?

I've been looking for this option forever! In answer to a previous post, RIM probably left it out of the menu to try and keep it simple and clear of clutter. That's fine if they want to do that, but they should make this feature active by DEFAULT! It blows my mind that we have to find out like this.

Thanks Kev!

Thank you Kevin. I've always wondered why something so useful and seemingly simple was missing from a BlackBerry of all things. Looks like I've just been ignorant. Maybe BB hid this from us because having this option will no doubt make staying under the covers before work much easier. BlackBerry people do... Need a few more minutes of sleep sometimes.

OMG, of all the shortcuts and feature options available - this is one I have always wanted and it was built in all this time. Feeling a bit embarrassed to say the least. Thanks Kevin.

I've wanted this from the day that I went from Palm Treo to BlackBerry. Thanks so much!!
Over 25 years of technology experience.
Background in Avionics, self-taught on computers since the days of MS-DOS 2.0.
Experience with Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Palm OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, QNX, Window

Once again, Kevin has improved my BB. It was probably the single most annoying thing about the calendar and now it's fixed.

Thank you, good Sir!

#TeamBlackBerry all the way ;)

This is the one tip I wish I knew about years ago, always hated having to reset the snooze time manually and it even works on the alarm clock.
Genius tip, this is why CrackBerry Rocks and Kevin should be da man in charge!

Thank you Kevin.
Hope you came back from the droid saga to reveal more usefull secrets.

RIM people pay attention, you should learn from the comments and respect more your customers. You must say how long you have this feature, where can be used and if there are others.
Hurts read customers writing they wanted this for years

Again, another indication of poor implementation at RIM. This feature should have made it to the final menus without ppl knowing a bunch of secret buttons. Millions of users will never know this feature or ever use this feature... ever, because it is not accessible to the normal user.

Great tip!!!
Crackberry is number 1!!!

But what the hell is wrong with those guys at RIM who are reponsible for keeping this simple function hidden?!?
Do they really think that the regular user can't handle this "overwhelming" choice of snooze times?

What else do they hide?
And why?

How to activate vcard 3.0 support?
How to see the time a text message has been SENT?

Thank you, Kevin! I use my calendar for everyrhing including bill reminders so this is fantastic! So did you have to break into the RIM vault to find this out and what else do we not know? I want to know EVERYTHING about my 9900. No secrets!

Hey Kevin,
Since we have lots of time till we get BB10, and OS 7 phones are to stay for a while, why not do a "tip a day ". Give us your best kept secret tips like this one every day and finally you can compile them and post them as an article.
What say. It will help lot of people like me who are not as techie as you guys.


Now I have to ask why the hell do BB developers build in this option but have it almost impossible for someone to figure out. I have had my bold 9900 for 9 months and in no way would I have ever figured this out. What else can this machine do???

This is great. I don't know how many times I'm not at my desk when my reminder goes off and would love to extend the snooze time past my default 10 minutes. Great tip! Thanks

Thank you! Very useful for my clock snooze time! I had to open the clock app then set a new alarm, by then it was useless as I was already awake =]

Cool Tip!
Hope that RIM will stop the Consumer-facebook-twitter-everything-easy-and-default-train.

Wow! Something I can need. Thanks for sharing! I believe that I order to turn it off yo enter the same command again.

And if that fails the blackberry help team on twitter can help you I'm sure.

Hi, I have the same problem of Palm.
How can 9105 owners enable this tip? I tried to press 2-2-7-9 after "acsz" enabled in SureType mode and 2-pause-2-2-2-7-7-7-7-9-9-9-9 in T9 mode, no results.
I'm waiting for answers...
Best regards.

This trick worked great for me on my old BlackBerry but now I have a Q10. Does anyone know of a similar trick for the calendar on the OS10?

I used this with my Bold 9900 and it was great. I have upgraded to a Q10 and this doesn't work. Any ideas on how to get it on the 10 OS?