New BlackBerry Theme Studio available with support for Pearl 3G and Bold 9650

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2010 03:24 pm EDT

BlackBerry Theme Studio

We asked complained, they listened. Fresh out of the frying pan comes the latest BlackBerry Theme Studio. What should have popped up long before the new devices were even released has finally made its way to developers. The latest version adds support for both the Pearl 3G and Bold 9650 and is ready to roll. The newness comes in the form of a service pack (add-on) that adds onto the original theme builder - so download, install and get to theming. You an grab it free from the link below.



BBleaks tweeted that the Curve 8950 is also being listed in the new Theme Builder version...


yup, my pics up there on bbleaks :)

the 8950 version actually shows as a 8900, and has a trackball!!! talk about confused!! (OS5 if that matters btw)


Still no support for Mac users? *sigh


Just virtualize a Windows 7 Os on your Mac and run it in there. thats what I do and I run Linux.


You can use Boot Camp to help dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X on Intel Macs. For me on my PC, I dual-boot Windows 7 and whatever Linux distribution I feel like using (Ubuntu or Arch).


Stuck at installing BBAlphaSans font.... busted...


nice can't wait to fire this up and try my hand out on a theme for my bold thx for this cb...


I wonder if they fixed any bugs on this release


...they would make the darned Pearl 3G AVAILABLE IN THE U.S., ALREADY


i wondered why the bold 9650 theme section was dead....


Hmm... this worked so well for the theme builder... how 'bout some ramped up complaining... err.. "asking" for Desktop Manager syncing properly with Office 2010 (without having to use a Office 2007 base install).


its about time! this rogers theme is killing me!


i downloaded this twice and it still won't work, when i click theme builder it opens the old version without support for my bold 9650. i searched my desktop for the new theme builder and it couldn't find it, just the old one. any advice?


Im having the same issue...


I thought I was the only one having issues with this. I downloaded this yesterday, and then I noticed there was no option for the 9650 and Pearl 3G, so I decided to download it again. I get to the part where it says "installing" and then it just doesn't do anything. It kept installing for over two hours last night. I am trying again as I type this but once again it seems to be stuck. Based on the amount of responses here, I don't think it may have to do with the amount of users actually downloading the program. I don't want to delete my current version of theme builder just yet and start all over. I was looking for a thread to post screen captures of what I get, but there's none as of yet.


has anyone found the solution yet i was wondering if you had to use the 9700 one


Keep coming with the updates RIM! As long as they keep being proactive I like


I don't see this in my list either after updating and restarting my computer...I did leave a msg @, hopefully I'll get some answers from them.