New BlackBerry Theme SIX Evokes Thoughts of Homescreen Widgets and OS 6.0

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Mar 2010 09:33 am EDT

Remember the screen captures of that "personal concierge" app RIM put into a BlackBerry Developer presentation that had people wondering if by chance it could be a glimpse of what OS 6.0 is going to look like? It has been the cause of a lot of interesting conversation in the forums and must have struck a chord with theme developer WJD Designs too as demonstrated by their new theme SIX which emulates the app design in a theme and even makes room for two widget-styled apps. WJD Designs worked with Toysoft to put a working analog clock and calendar into the theme. Definitely cool to see some collaboration in the app/theme space.

There is a LOT to SIX, so be sure to watch the video above and jump over to the product page for the full description. It's available for the BlackBerry Storm2/Storm, Bold 9700/9000, Tour 9630 and Curve 8900. The theme normally costs $4.99 but is on sale right now for $2.99 until March 20th. The Calendar and Clock applications are in 7-day trial mode and each sell for $1.99 normally, but are discounted to 99 cents each when purchased via the installed theme. 

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New BlackBerry Theme SIX Evokes Thoughts of Homescreen Widgets and OS 6.0


First of all i'd like to say i cant really see from the video how it really differers from other themes.

Some real home screen widgets are well over due

What's the big deal of this theme? OS6 better be a real competitor or we'll see some owners jumping ship. This holiday season looks to be exciting with all the new smartphone operating systems coming.

Playing around with the options and stuff right now, it is definitely a little cluttered on the 9630 screen not a lot of wallpaper space. Also the clockapp really serves no purpose as the time is already displayed in the center on the wallpaper, i do like the bottom having three separate screens of icons though. Will give it some time

why do people wear watches when they have a clock on their phone..why does Win7 and Vista use the analog clock for sidebar when there is a digital in the taskbar...Style

true but it somebody said you gotta pay 99c for another clock even those you had one what would you say then?

So i just got this theme, and so far love it, only gripes i have about it are the calander on the background (wish i could remove it to see the background), and the grey bar at the bottom underneath the 3 pane buttons... i have the 9700, but overall its really smooth, it does seem cluttered at first, but when you start using it and getting it set up, becomes very nice.... also just curious, but what weather app is that??

sweet thanks for the people can do is tell me what could change and ill take it all in consideration and maybe shoot an update soon - as people know I update ALL of my themes a lot to better the theme... I might change it to where you can hide the dock and all bottom components or just make it transparent a bit... thing is I was mimicking the concierge app and gearing it towards the business user BUT I am ready to update best I can!

Wow, not used to the feedback, that's kinda cool... As for the theme, as a business look, or even a personal look its very good. The ability to make the bottom hide, or partially transparent would be sweet... Just curious though, but what's the weather app? I like the look of it on the top, and have been wanting one for a while

Even though this is my theme - you deff have the right to call it the worst looking theme this side of CB but I gotta say FUGLY :( oh well lol maybe FUGLY themes need love to!

Bought the theme today, and have the following comments:

Bottom Dock:
This just looks plain awful on trackball devices
- Takes up too much room, thus no reason to have a wallpaper
- Color doesnt mesh with most of the theme (gray just too bright) :-/ Bottom bar & top bar should be the same shade/color

- That Bottom Gray bar serves absolutely no purpose, it would be nicer to have those icons there on the header bar (gps, bt, wifi)
- The option to hide the bottom dock would be fantastic!

- This thing just plain gets in the way
- Bc of the Bottom Dock, the today area is crammed
- Calendar should be a hidden today choice (via changing the homescreen icons) not a default

those changes would make this theme well worth the money!!!!

these are all noted and will be looked over - the bottom bar is the application status when you go over the icon - sometimes it cant be read by the user with just a wallpaper...

would you like to hide bottom dock and icons as well?

Just curious, since the bottom most bar displays the title, would it be possible to put it above the icons? And get rid of that bottom most bar?

the top 2 are defined by the applications screen - simply move the icons you want to show in the slots on top of your homescreen by moving them to the first two slots in your application screen - then the 3 sets of icons below will follow the order you put them in your application list...

I like the bottom tier of apps being able to switch from one set of apps to another, but, I'd recommend making the buttons smaller. I have a Tour and the Storm screen on the vid looks crowded. Also, rather than silver why not make this animated bottom dock, black? With these recommendations, I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

Haha I totally love the music :D too bad the video was set on crap-mode viewing it on my 9630 tour :( keep up the great work!

Running OS 5.0 on a Bold 9000:

* No customized icon for VVM and for the Desktop (i.e., BES) email account -- two icons always front and center on any theme I use.

* The Calendar listing simply repeats the first calendar event on my schedule two more times instead of listing the second and third calendar event.

* The track ball often gets hung up within the Calendar, and one has to keep rolling it one way or another to navigate out of it and onto either items on the home screen.

* The Sounds (Profiles) icon on the home screen is for display purposes only -- you have to go find the Sounds icon to actually change Profiles.

* The overall home screen was obviously designed for the Storm -- only the top half of any wallpaper can be seen (maybe this will create a market for 480 x 160 wallpaper).

Frankly, I would have likely kept my $3 . . . .

Now the phone just froze up on me after I entered Switch Applications, saw a weird icon labelled "calendar_startup," and clicked on it. I can't remember the last time my BB froze dead. (On edit: this happens every time one selects this icon.)

Also, there's a glitch in the display -- sometimes two or three icons and other parts of the home screen simply disappear when one is scrolling around.

I also agree that the icons are too large -- like many third party themes with customized icons, there is a jarring disconnect in terms of size, if not design, between the customized icons and those for third party or add on apps (e.g., Facebook, BOLT, UberTwitter, etc.)

Accessing apps via the button bar at the bottom seems clumsy and unsure -- seems easier just to click the BB button to get to all of owns apps.

I don't necessarily want the clock app. But Switch Applications shows that it's one of the apps permanently in memory -- even though it doesn't do any more than present an options screen because I haven't purchased it. I realize it's a widget, but do widgets have to be permanently running? I guess so . . . .

(Thanks to TJM below re: the Sounds/Profiles key -- I had been using a dedicated Sounds icon on the home screen for so long, I had forgotten all about that shortcut.)

to the person talking about finding the Sounds $ on homescreen that is the hotkey said it right in the description.

I too would like a hidden today for calendar, as I agree about getting "hung up" in the Today portion.

I'd get the ClockApp if clicking it would take me to clock maybe make the actual time an alarm hotkey? and that bottom bar with GPS bluetooth etc. needs to go

There is just no wallpaper room.

On a good note, great to see your actually reading these comments. Love the fonts and dial screen along with missed call screen. I really like this theme and with some fine tuning will probably be my #1. Keep it up. can't wait to see some updates :)

Also i'd say get rid of the border on icons you created it makes it very hard to see that it is selected because it takes up so much space. Just a thought PM me if you want any more ideas :)

How about making the pointer usable on the theme screen. Kinda like the youtube video, but on the berry. Is that even possible?? That would be different. Also smaller icons and more selectable options on the top header, kinda like the Section 8 theme. And last but not least you shouldn't have to select the three tabs at the bottom to change the page, it would be better if we were able to just flick through the different pages of icons at the bottom.

first off... A+ for innovation...

second, if this theme is not to your preference then don't download it, but let's not make ridiculous statements. I don't really think people realize what it's like to try to make a theme function on multiple devices. This theme was DESIGNED for one type of phone and adapted to the other devices. People REALLY need to understand how much time and effort goes into a theme, especially a 100% custom theme with animations built in.

third, this designer put more effort into the video explaining the theme then you would put into making your own theme, so stop being trolls.

last, this designer ALWAYS updates their themes... If you have a request just ask! Don't trash a persons hard work.

I can't believe I fell for it again! Wasted more money on a useless, excessively busy theme. Yes, contrary to the claim, I will not be making good use of this theme. In fact, I am off any themes except the original.

I love your themes man. I also am a picky highly selective fan of great designs. I don't have this theme yet bc I'm uber broke, I do however have and love Azuric on my 9550, I own Candi as well and I've always wanted to test and review some of your other themes for the page I write for. Persnickity people for persnickity themes up there. Thats what I'm saying bro. Looks rather dope to me.

WJD:Your theme is a cool idea. 1 However is pretty annoying to have unsolicited icons with links to other places. Is already a pain having Verizon pushing their crap through the service books. 2 After playing a bit with the theme, I came back to the standard precision zen. Your theme is too slow compared to the factory one and the icon pics tend to be old fashion (a BB pearl with the old school bbm logo on the bbm icon?). Overall I regret to say that is easy to get bored of this theme.

This theme took a couple of days for me to get used to but I actually like the layout of it. I do have a few suggestions though............

#1. Place the bluetooth and WiFi icons at the top of the homescreen on the right and left sides of the Time. This would provide a little more space to actually see the wallpaper.

#2 Ditch the current icons and use something different. It's hard to tell exactly what each icon is unless you look at the actual name of the icon.

#3 Use a different color to highlight the icon that you are on. It's hard to tell which icon you are on unless you look at the actual name.

Other than that I actually like this theme. It's different from the usual and at $2.99 it didn't break the bank.

Went back to Foppa theme, the calendar bug, and inability to distinguish which icon was selected without looking at the name ultimately led to the theme change. Not to mention not one wallpaper would show up on the screen as it was so small you couldn't see anything

why doesnt this theme work on the 8530?? what can i do to get it on it or what? somebody fill me in cause i want this one