New BlackBerry Theme: Inspired 9000

Inspired 9000 Theme for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2008 03:14 am EDT

Apparently I'm not going to get any sleep before heading to Vegas. Just as I was about to pack up the computer for the night, I checked out the software store and what did I discover? The latest theme by JC Designs... the Inspired 9000.

I shot John an email (luckily he was still awake on West Coast time) and it seems he spent the weekend working on this new theme after seeing how excited the BlackBerry community got over the photos of the BlackBerry 9000 that surfaced on Friday. The Inspired 9000 is just that - inspired by the new BlackBerry 9000.

I immediately downloaded and installed the theme. John drew all the icons pixel by pixel, and they are very sharp and 9000-esque. The background is a bit different than the one on the 9000, but the colors/tones/overall effect are really good. It's a clean professional look. If you want to change up the background to be even more 9000-like, you can click here for one that's close (from the PS3) and I also tried the Inspired 9000 with the ever popular Plain Black background and the homescreen shortcuts looked great on that too.

Right now the theme is only available in the Icon style, but John says he's going to get the Inspired 9000 built over the next couple of days for the Bottom Dock, Standard Zen and Today stylings as well, so stay tuned. The Inspired 9000 theme is available for $7. If you're jonesing for a BlackBerry 9000, this is your quick fix! Nice work John!

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New BlackBerry Theme: Inspired 9000


Just found out you can't use a UK PayPal account to pay for items on the store... Damn! I knew I shouldn't have maxxed my cards!!!

Yes I am going to finish the entire series by tomorrow or so. And yes the Pearl version will follow shortly, I wasnt sure if the Pearl crowd wanted a 9000 look =)

Woot! The first thing I thought when i saw this was I'll make this my first pearl theme but there was none yet = (

To each his own I suppose =) This isnt a theme where I just went and leeched off a wallpaper from the net and asked $7 for it. I had to spent time painstakenly make each and every single icon you see on this theme, I had to work on the layout, the fonts, menus and etcs to get it to the feel of a 9000. I had to contact the people about royalty for using his artwork on the wallpaper, so for $7 you are getting a deal for all the 2 days I spend this weekend on custom making each icons and dreaming up most of them to mimic the 9000 and everything else that went into making this theme. Maybe you can make this theme your first $7 spent on a theme -=)

Purchased & Downloaded and now my BB 8703e is FUBAR'd ... so much so that I have to take it in to a Sprint location to have the system re-installed.

... and not a spec of customer support.

The reason your 8703e isnt working is because its on OS 4.1 and it didnt meet the min requirement of OS 4.2.1 as stated for the theme. All you have to do is get the free update from your carrier to OS 4.2.1 and you be golden. There is even a blog here that shows you how to reload the OS on your phone

You can also email me for help at , I might have already replied to your email as I got 1 email regarding the same issue you are getting.



Seth your email is blocking my email or putting me in your SPAM or BULK box: Below is my email, I keep getting emails from you saying I am not responding to you. Here is the emails I sent you 3 times in the past 2 hours.

Ok your phone had OS 4.1 which wasnt compatible with 4.2+ themes as state on the product requirements. however all you have to do is get the OS update to 4.2.1 from Sprint here:

Once you finish downloading that goto here:

and follow Kevin's instruction and you will be GOLDEN!!

let me know when you are done !


JC Designs -

Tonight or by tomorrow it will be out -=) Hang tight people =) I am trying to answer everyone's email on when it be done, I will trying not to miss anyone by replying to all emails.

you should have the red wall as the backround for the six dock icons but when you click applications the wall should be black like the real 9000. then i would deff buy that version also. i already bought this current verision you if you can do that it'll be the runn for my 7 dollars ;]

I can actually do that for this version but not the dock bottom version.. I am gonna see what I can do, thanks for the suggestion =)

haha no problem hopefully you can get it to work for the docked bottom version that would be niice ;] thats why im useing a black wall for the current version lol

Just wanted to let everyone know the Inspired 9000 Abuser and User Zen theme is completed and uploaded to the server. Might have to wait for the server refresh in order for the product to show up.

2 Versions avail - The Abuser and User

Abuser Icons - Browser, Options, Messages, BB Messenger, Media, and Profiles

User Icons - Browser, Options, Messages, BB Messenger, Calendar, and Address Book

The Dock Icons cannot be change, again I made 2 versions to hopefully fit everyone's needs.

Avail for the 8700s with OS 4.2.1 / All Curves / All 8800s


JC Designs -


I take it you only sell through Crackberry now (No offence to CrackBerry - It's the only place I look at for Blackberry news, and have used my CC to purchase software from here!) - I ask as I seem to remember using Paypal to pay you last time, whereas I can't use my Paypal account with Crackberry :(

You can use paypal at ShopCrackBerry if you're based in the US. At this time we're not accepting International Paypal (sucks, I know - it's something we're working on)

I think this theme is so cool but I would like to have it in the today theme! The today plus theme would be ven cooler! I like being able to see my text before I open them and I also like scrolling to the side for my top five icons!

I love the looks of your new theme with the 9000 look and feel. I have been using the 8800 TodayPlus theme for about a month now and truly think that this is the best style for me. Is there any way to have this 9000 look and feel in a todayplus format?

Even if your initial view with the icons on the bottom had the ability to show the today style with navigation of the trackball.

Anyone using the Inspired 9000 Zen theme for the curve? I bought it last night and I love it. The only thing I can see that seems wierd to me is that you can set your wallpaper to anything you want (As usual) but when you are on the "zen homepage" (The one with the 5 icons on the left) it defaults to the red inspired wallpaper pictured above. If you press the BB key and all your icons pop up, then it displays the wallpaper you picked as "set as homescreen image." Any idea how to may one's selected wallpaper be on the homescreen at all times?

Let me first say great job on this one...I was psyched to get rid of the eyesore icons that came with my new 8310!

One thing... I bought the Inspired 9000 User 2 Zen (with the bottom dock). For some reason, the last icon (browser) is missing and displaying a black square. Any way to fix this?