New BlackBerry Storm Videos from Vodafone UK

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Nov 2008 10:49 am EST

Wouldn't you know it, this morning I received an email letting me know there are some new BlackBerry Storm vids for our viewing pleasure. They were first posted in the Vodafone UK Help Centre channel on YouTube. Above is the first vid, 'How to Use Email'. After the jump are 2 more videos, 'Downloading Applications' and 'Bluetooth Setup'. Enjoy! 

Downloading Applications on the BlackBerry Storm

Bluetooth Setup on the BlackBerry Storm

Thanks Chinedu!

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New BlackBerry Storm Videos from Vodafone UK


SOD off fanboy. This video is yet another iFanboy biased review. The phone wasn't even OUT when they did this review, and it was based on a pre-production software build.

Yet, the reviewer mentions the iPhone about a dozen times... go FIGURE.

iPhones are SO last year dude. Most SMART people want a phone that actually gets a signal, doesn't crash every 5 seconds, and isn't tied to a MONOPOLY driven company.

Apple BLEW it. Get over it. No amount of smearing will cover up the poor performance of the iPhoney. It's not now, nor will it EVER be in the same league as a Blackberry.

You'd think that they'd make an attempt to film in a location where the phone is able to get a better signal than two bars of GPRS. Oh wait, the Storm is terrible for reception.

All these videos shows them fumbling to get to certain features. Clicks don't seem accurate. The flow from feature to feature seems very laggy. Not smooth like the iphone. Can I just have a cdma bold please.

At first I thought the same thing, but then I realized that these are "Help Videos" from Vodaphone support. It looks more like he's intentionally selecting each option, taking his finger away so you can see what he selected and then going in again and actuating it. In the other video's I've seen, people don't have problems selecting icons on the first shot, whereas every time this guy seems to select, retreat, and then come back in again. Anyway, that's my take on that aspect of these videos.

I just called customer support to find out if the BB Storm will be compatible with Mac OX S, and after 15 min. or so they basically told me it will NOT. I was hoping to to get a Storm but now I can’t. I asked her if anyone had ever asked them this Q, and the nice lady laughing said yes.

I wonder why they havent made blackberry's compatible with macs yet. Its not like the 80's or early 90's where alot of people do not have mac computers. They came out with this phone to compete with the iPhone how about making it user friendly for mac users. I gave my bb curve up for an iPhone because I couldn't I would go back to a bb any day if they made it mac friendly.

we all have blackberries and macs in our office that sync perfectly.. wtf are you talking about??

how exactly? when i connected my storm to my mac with the usb port NOTHING happened. this was after getting little response from putting the bb cd in my mac as well. i bought it with the understanding that it was mac compatible, as i not very techy i just assume i'm doing something wrong, what is it?

That may have been an appropriate excuse 3 years ago, But not anymore. Especially when apple dominated the smartphone market in Q3. I use macs and I love BB. Its just so damn frustrating to have to go through back channels to get basic stuff done. BB should have came out with Mac tools long ago, and hopefully they will in early 2008.

Mac may only represent 8-10% of the market, but amongst blackberry users, Im sure the ratio is much highers since we really cant use windows mobile devices.


Maybe I misunderstood, but it looks like you have to push the BB button, then select send in order to send an email. If so, this is a pretty big oversight. W/ the trackball on my curve, it wasn't a big deal, b/c I could just double click the ball. In other words, I seems unnecessarily cumbersome to have to use the BB button just to send an email.

I hope this was just an over simplification on the on the customer support's end and not actually a UI oversight.

I hope they're never completey compatible with Mac. That would make me happy. Every Mac owning customer who calls customer support where I work has trouble because of their Mac. They're always snobby, and they're never happy. I just laugh at them when they're on mute. If you took 50 calls a days for years in technical support, you'd know what I mean.

"Hi, I'm trying to sync my Mogul with my mac and I can't get it to work"

"Hi, I'm trying to connect with bluetooth with my mac to sync my contacts over to my htc touch pro"

"Hi, I can't get my aircard to install properly on my mac"

it just goes on and on-

Give me a PC and a blackberry anyday and I'll have it installed, synced, and be doing something else while the Mac person is tediously and angrily on the phone with customer service copping an attitude.

I got a chance to play with one of these today at my verizon store. my buddy brought out one of their storms from the back room. I just about busted a nut, or a bolt. the one I played with seemed to have much faster responce to everything than most of these videos. acctually holding it and seeing how clear the video is, was a beautiful thing. cant wait to have my own on friday.