New BlackBerry Song: BlackBerry Man by Sway

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jun 2009 05:30 pm EDT

Hitting youtube today courtesy of Sway (signed to Akon) is yet another funny anthem for all the BlackBerry Users and Abusers out there.... BlackBerry Man! Give it a watch and sound off in the comments. You can check out more Sway at

Reader comments

New BlackBerry Song: BlackBerry Man by Sway


Atleast Hit me on my Blackberry sounded like a real rap song, instead of annoying music and just one line repeated over-and-over. EPIC FAIL of a song for SWAY.

that was scary. that makes us all look crazy for owning a bb. :(
sad. i think he should have put his pin at the end.
this mad me lmao

I can see some just don't get it.

I do and I loved it! Of course I own all of the Mothers of Invention albums on vinyl too...

...really tho, entertaining and fun!

i really hate british accent especially on blacks, no offence, cause im black too, but the accent drives me nuts i really would have preferred american, got 2 love that accent.

The entire video has to go, though some of the graphic montages were funny if you paid attention. Definitely has potential. Make it your ringtone and go hang around a bunch of iPhone owners. ;)

wow, looking at some of these comments it looks like couple blackberry peeps forgot how to have fun.

sway as always you give me joke, some of them lines made me chuckle


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