New BlackBerry smartphone under the tree? Hit up the CrackBerry forums!

By Bla1ze on 25 Dec 2013 05:28 am EST

If you’ve found a brand new BlackBerry smartphone under your tree today, there's probably a lot you want to find out about your new device. Whether you’re looking apps, tips, tricks, how-to’s or just some friendly discussion, you’ll find it all in the CrackBerry forums. Jump past the break to find links to the most popular devices and forums for conversation. Also, if you got something new let us know in the comments!

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New BlackBerry smartphone under the tree? Hit up the CrackBerry forums!


my gf's sister just got an almost new green Cadillac ATS-V Sedan only from working part-time off a home computer... this page
> > > >>>>> c­a­s­h­4­­m

Amy if this Santa knew where your tree was located for sure your stocking would have been stuffed with a box labeled Z30. Anyway I'm sure you know what a hint is and here's also wishing you all the best for the season and a wonderful and blessed 2014

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Left it up to you. ;)

Also, this post is bad example anyway cause the table in it messes with the app. Apologies for that but it can't be helped.

Got the same combo, bad boy black Q10 and white attractive Z10. Could not wait for Christmas to get the Z though...

For "legacy purposes" or the good old "retro" feel (yes I will get hammered by BBOS7 lovers now), I got myself a 9810, because I'm keyboard nut. Used, good condition, under $100 AU. Nice li'l mp3 player btw.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Did I mention, I love touchscreen AND keyboard. That's when you own a Q10 and a Z10, and want a Z30, but really you are waiting for THE SLIDER. Could not wait. 9810 "bridges" that gap in an nice way. (several puns intended, haha... also eases the "pain" temporarily)

Anyone else in that tricky situation?

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

The very first thing to do is install Do it before setting up the phone and you will be loving it even more.

Team Crackberry please update your full review of each BlackBerry 10 device with OS 10.2. A Lot of people will be receiving Blackberries this Holiday and it would be helpful to get an updated review / overlook of the device with the most current OS. No other site that I can find has done this as yet and I personally would be eternally greatful.

Just a side note I own a Z10 and feel in comparison to the Z30 both running OS 10.2 that they fair in performance which could be highlighted in a Crackberry video.

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Most of the people receiving a BlackBerry 10 for Christmas have never heard of CrackBerry. I mean when I bought my BlackBerry Q5 last there was no insert mentioning this forum.

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No but they would likely Google (or bing!) blackberry and soon find themselves on crackberry!

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I didn't get anything from Santa this Christmas, I must have been really bad. I wish he had left a Z30.

My BlackBerry Z30 was an early Christmas gift. So not quite under the tree, but the spirit was still there.

Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe!

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My brother is getting rid of his iPhone 4s and getting a Z10 :D
He is getting it when the holidays are done because he's afraid the post office will f*ck it up with all the crazy things happening in post offices during this time of the year LOL

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My Z30 was an early Christmas present along with my 64Gb Sandisk. Oh and for it yesterday.

Merry Christmas all :D

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A white Z10 for my daughter to replace her broken iPhone. Hopefully she doesn't read Crackberry... yet. :)


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Got my update to yesterday and that was a great Xmas present..... i just realized I can check my hub from the lock screen.....this is too cool

Z10 /

I installed the new 1925 leak from my 10.1 and it is like I had gotten a new phone for Christmas. Have not stopped playing with my phone. Love it!!!

BB Uniq BB Bold -Z10

Yes! My wife and I just got Z30 as well. White for her and Black for me. Gorgeous phones and my wife is coming from an iPhone 4S. It'll be nice to video chat and here ourselves through their natural sounding speakers! Love it! Now, I'll use my Z10 to install and test leaks. I'll be doing this for the first time, but I won't be stressing because my Z10 is now my test phone. Merry Christmas to all!

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I sorta got a Q10 for Christmas. Had ordered one from Telus 2 weeks ago and showed up in the mailbox yesterday afternoon without me knowing. I was expecting it to arrive at the door but it didn't lol was near least it felt like it from the deep freezing weather last night. Overall I'm really pleased with it coming from an iPhone to Z10 now the Q10. Hope everyone else is enjoying their devices. Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Although i bought it for me, gave my kid my old z10 for xmas gave myself a Z30. I love this phone. And with the otter box on it, its exact same size as my Z10 was with otter box.

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My BlackBerry Q10 was an early Christmas gift from my wife and I haven't stopped loving it since she gave it to me. Best BlackBerry since my Bold 9000

I was hoping for a z30. Got a lovely new watch instead so I'll happily settle for my current z10.

Also found a fellow z10 user in the pub last night. We talked about our love for it and hatred for iPhone for a good half hour

Merry Christmas everyone

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Couldn't wait for Xmas, Got a Z30 to complement my white Z10 a couple weeks ago. Love this thing. Thought the Z10 was amazing, this Z30 Rocks. Got the Otherbox defender for it for Xmas.

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Merry Christmas to all To the BlackBerry 10 nation I got my Z30 is an early Christmas present and I'm loving it running OS10.2.1.1925 Amazing update so far

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I got myself a Z30 for my birthday/anniversary/christmas. I ordered it on Friday and it got here yesterday. Just in time! Now it's charging. Gonna load up later. :D

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Yes. Me too. Early Christmas with a Z30 and now with the least buggy OS - 1925. Merry Christmas Crackberrians!

STA-100-3 v10.2.1.1925

I bought my mom a Z30. Now, let's hope she can learn how to use it. I'm a Z10 owner and I am envious, the Z30 is a beast of a phone.

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although it was gotten a few weeks early, my Q10 is my present to myself. Never thought i would like going back to a QWERTY keyboard, but i love the phone.

I upgraded to a Z30 last month from my Z10 and my wife upgraded from her Bold 9900 to a Q10 around the same time. We both love our phones. I was at The Source yesterday and saw a old friend of mine looking to upgrade her and her husband's blackberry's. He refused to get a BlackBerry and wanted an iPhone 5s. They are getting the same phones and the sales guy convinced her that the iPhone wasn't worth the money but told her to get a Samsung Galaxy. He wouldn't even show her the new BlackBerry phones! I was so frustrated. I tried to tell her about how good the new BlackBerry's are but he wanted to sell her a phone like his. That's why no of buys the new phones, the idiots in the store know nothing about them.

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BAM! That's the major problem and it's not going to change. The only BB10 users are those type of people that know what they want and go after it. It's a leap of faith and well worth it. Rocking the z30

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Same issue here in my local town with the Source and Future Shop, the sales people just want to sell you what they're using and the Bell store is hit and miss. The local Telus store on the other hand has better informed staff and are BlackBerry friendly.

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My sister bought herself a Q10 yesterday upgrading finally from her BOLD. Can't wait to play with it tomorrow.

Wanted to upgrade my Z10 to a Z30 but it would cost me an arm and a leg. Will have to wait a year I guess.

Congratulations to all the new Z30 owners, you're in for an awesome experience.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Woo-hoo!!!! Brand new Rogers z30 here!! My lady knows what I like :D
Didn't even need to suggest it to her

Merry Christmas everyone

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To the 6 people in the US that were fortunate enough to have someone with intelligence give you a bb10 phone for Christmas:

Enjoy it! Best phone on the market.

I have got one!!!!!! And I'm so proud of it! A new BB Z 10 device!!!!! So happy!!!! Best Christmas present ever!

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I'm hoping to buy a new Z30 when the one that just passed through the FCC compatible with AT&T LTE bands becomes available...

I upgrade to z10 about 6 months ago so have to wait to get the z30 if not it will cost an arm and a leg,but cant wait to put my hand on one.

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I got my Q10 shortly after launch, but I did get my mom a Z30 that should be arriving tomorrow :) I'm afraid I won't be willing to hand it over to her if I get to play with it for a while! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I found a Z10 under the tree for myself from my lovely wife and family and it's more than I could have imagined. It's absolutely amazing, I'm hooked, can't seem to put the damn thing down

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The wife is getting me a Z30 for Christmas. The Greek Christmas is on January 7. So I will have to wait and see.

Enjoying my Z10STL100-4 with - noticed though - my porsche clock is gone! I loaded the leak the day it came out and when I'm trying to get the clock back I don't get the back door option - you type "fostah" right? Got the new nexus 7 gave my girl my old nexus 7 and buying her a white z10 off contract when she decides she's ready to make the leap (she LOVES the keyboard on the torch.. I miss my 9930 keyboard but can type fast as hell on my z10 just have to look to see where the keys are) . Anyways I love my z10 and am hopeful that there will be BlackBerrys with s600,s800 chips in em in the next few months while they are still new. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and to the ppl who got a porsche z10 I am jealous.

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I have a z10 since last month from bold 9790, now i´ll present of my girlfriend maybe a z10 as well or q5, i don´t know still; hopefully a z10 becouse the price have dropped a lot :-))

I got my new Z30 under the tree yesterday. Updated to latest leak and love it. The Z10 has been a great phone but the Z30 is a beast! I got amazon app going, love the direct install of APK files. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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Got a Z10 for my birthday...which was yesterday of course's a awesome gift. I love ittttt

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.....I just joined CrackBerry Nation! I'm a proud BlackBerry hard-baller, BB Curve was my first device until I bumped up to the BB Bold 9900, which is my everyday work phone..........and just bought myself the Z10 for Christmas, as a second device for personal use!

Me Z30, wife Z10 black, sister Z10 white, mom Q10, brother Z30... the one left behind is my dad with a 9810, he wants a 4 inch screen slider.

UPS delivered my BlackBerry Z10 on Christmas eve at 8PM !!!
I didn't expect to receive it so soon but it was a pleasant surprise.

I miss the physical KB of the 9870 but the speed of BB10 is fantastic.

Ordered a new Z30 from Rogers for ZERO dollars. Little worried from changing from my bold 9900, guess if I do not like, can always go back to my bold 9900

So I thought I'd update everyone on the Q10 status. As I posted before I had mentioned getting the Q10 Christmas has been good.....until yesterday I flashed and WOW it seriously breathes new life into the device. One click APK downloading/installing plus all the new little features which does take this phone to the next level. I love my Q10 more than any BlackBerry device I've owned in the past, I call it a "Modern Classic". Feel free to add my pin if you want to chat about your device or talk about anything. Here's my pin: 2AE32934 :)

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