The new BlackBerry Retail Store is now officially open in Dubai

By James Richardson on 20 Jun 2013 06:29 am EDT

We told you just recently that BlackBerry were due to open their first retail store in the UAE and with it launch the BlackBerry Q5. It's all systems go now in Dubai and as you will see from the images above the store is looking real sweet. We've been told that there are a limited number of Q5's available to purchase today but pre-orders are also open so the good folk of the United Arab Emirates can get their hands on the third BlackBerry 10 smartphone pretty sharpish.

Emirati citizen Hamad Majed Alabbar, flew down from Qatar where he lives, to buy the BlackBerry Q5, becoming the first ever owner of the smartphone worldwide. BlackBerry COO, Kristean Tear handed him the smartphone in person

Twitter was buzzing as the event was taking place. It looks like the store is going to be a big hit.

Press Release

Dubai, UAE, 20 June 2013 - BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today opened its first official BlackBerry-branded retail store in the Middle East, expanding its presence and bringing BlackBerry even closer to customers in the region. The 1,000+ square foot store, located in the world-famous Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is operated in partnership with Axiom Telecom. This store opening marks another milestone for BlackBerry in the region. With approximately 37 million visitors from around the world each year, the Dubai Mall will bring the BlackBerry experience to an even bigger local and global audience.

Underlining the company’s commitment to its partners and customers in one of the world’s most diverse and fast growing smartphone markets, Robert Bose, Regional Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at BlackBerry said, “As one of the leading smartphone brands in the Middle East, our customers are our number one priority and along with our partners, we are always seeking ways to provide them with the optimal BlackBerry experience. Following the very successful launch of BlackBerry 10 in the Middle East, we are building on this by strengthening our partnership with Axiom and opening this new BlackBerry-branded retail store, bringing our premium BlackBerry 10 experience to customers in a premium location.”

Faisal Al Bannai, CEO of BlackBerry retail and distribution partner Axiom Telecom, said: “BlackBerry’s new flagship store is a milestone moment for cutting-edge mobility retail in the region. Fuelled by the on-going success of BlackBerry 10, the brand is stronger and more desirable than ever in the Middle East, and we expect a strong response from consumers.”

Located on level two of the world’s largest mall, near the Dubai Metro Link and Bloomingdale’s department store, the BlackBerry Store is designed to provide customers with a first-class, authentic BlackBerry shopping experience. Through Axiom, the store will also offer services such as free software upgrades, data back-up and transfer solutions, product set-up, service collection and warranty verification, as well as service and repair logistics.

A team of fully-trained staff will be on hand to provide expert advice and assist customers in the store. All BlackBerry smartphones available for purchase in the store will be genuine, with the authentic seal on the product box, and will be set-up for customers for free. 

The BlackBerry Store will also provide pre-registration for the all-new BlackBerry Q5 smartphone, which brings the BlackBerry 10 experience to customers who want to have the best tools to explore, create and share, at a more affordable price. Every feature and every part of the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone has been built to flow and move with the customer to help them keep moving. With the introduction of the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone, BlackBerry will bring the new BlackBerry 10 platform to more people than ever before.

“We have a proud legacy of bringing the latest BlackBerry smartphones to the Middle East, including the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Q10 and now the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone. Together with our partners we will continue to move forward and build locally relevant experiences for our customers in the Middle East,” added Mr. Bose.

BlackBerry smartphones are available across the Middle East from 32 carrier partners in the region.  For more information on BlackBerry products in the Middle East, visit


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The new BlackBerry Retail Store is now officially open in Dubai


Forgot to add, there is no better way to show that BlackBerry is still alive than opening a store smack in the one of the biggest (if not biggest) malls in the world!

Posted via CB10

Very true! With all the doom and gloom in the US people forget that BlackBerry is still massive in Middle Eastern markets, among others. May they live long and prosper!

Aaaaand...the unnecessary shot at Apple. Nice. Why can't we just celebrate this great achievement and not worry about the competition for once?

They need to do this in every major center. Sales staff in every other store are instructed to sell what the management wants sold. Here and only here will BlackBerry be allowed to showcase BB10 accurately.

Posted via CB10

yeah.. because the sale people at the cellular stores, most of them don't even know how the device work *

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Yeah ! Like what Nintendo do :
They have a sales rep at the best buy. He has way more knowledges about the process than the best buy staffs so if you have any questions he can answer this rep is there for that
. No need to spend crazy money on a store. A partnership with the retailers is the way to go imo

Posted via CB10

Sales staff in every other store are instructed to sell what management wants sold, eh? What a broad, bold, idiotic statement!!

Posted via CB10

One? Heck there should be around 5 at least in Ontario. Toronto, Waterloo of course, London, Ottawa and Niagara Falls (A BlackBerry store would look great at the Galleria at Fallsview Casino Resort)

PlayBook 1 is dead...long live the Playbook 2. Time for a next gen hardware revamp. I'll be first in line!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Great step forward. Hopefully with this momentum, Blackberry could become the powerhouse it once was and not deal with this OS fiasco with providers right now.

Posted via CB10

They must be selling like hotcakes over there. It's nice to see blackberry pushing sales into, not so saturated markets.

Posted via CB10

Great news and the store looks great! This had better not be their last official retail store. Like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung have realized, it's vital to have company owned retail locations to provide the kinds of services that customers expect.

They need to roll out stores in Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, South and North America. I hope over the next couple years they grow to a couple hundred retail locations world wide. BlackBerry does need a retail strategy and this looks like a good first step in that direction.

I wish they had one of these in the US.. when I went to buy my Z10 at the Verizon store, the salesman was very adamant about trying to talk me out of it and pushing the iPhone, not really giving blackberry a fair chance if you ask me

Posted via CB10

Wow...Looks great...Open one in London, Toronto, NYC, Honk Kong, Paris, Tokyo, New Delhi , Jakarta...and other hubs..looks awesome

Posted via CB10

The women in the dark grey slacks with the incredible hair (lower-right corner) is reason enough to have been there.

The Keg here is when they become No.1 again is how they can become a social and morally ethical company.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

I definitely think that BlackBerry needs a store in London.

There is almost every nation living in London. The capital of Europe.

Let's look at the craziness that happened in Selfridges when the BlackBerry smartphone was launched. It sold out within hours. You can't tell me that there is no demand for BB10

If there was such a store you could buy sim free BlackBerry smartphones , merchandise and if the PlayBook won't have an update trade it in for a new Aristo.

What do you think?

Posted via CB10

The USA may be powerful and all, but currently we are NOT a BlackBerry hotspot.

The company is merely going where their bread is buttered first, and although it's frustrating at times, we Yanks just have to deal with it. No worries...

Posted via CB10

What is the purpose of this store ?? Have I missed something, well I must have....

They wont be selling playbooks, because lets be honest that was just a disaster, they won't be sellling BB7 devices or at least they shouldn't be because BB 10 devices are what they should be pushing people towards and they've only got 2 phones of this the Z and Q. So they've opened a store to sell 2 phones ???

they have the Q5 on sale already, you obviously didn't even scroll through the pictures. And even if they don't sell a thing, I think the store is more about customer service + brand presence, Arts.

ok, i apologise 3 phones...not exactly a game changer by any means a store to push 3 phones ???? Unless they have a tonne of batteries in the stock room to sell as battery use on the Z10 has been reported as more miss than hit then maybe but once again 3 phones require a huge store ???

Good just create stores where they are popular very popular.They don't need to have stores in the west kiosk are just fine.

Anyone from Dubai reading this who just bought a Q5: which model are they selling there, and what carrier did you buy it from/for?

I would do anything to have a BlackBerry retail store in the US. Imagine a bunch of BlackBerry retail stores all around the US just like how there is a bunch of Apple retail stores all around. I would love to see this

Posted via CB10

- I wish they made the Q5 slightly cheaper would be able to afford one then .. dying to get a hand on a BB10 device

just been there. The Q5 looks and feels really good and will probably be a secondary phone. Sadly the only one still on stock is the red one.
I was nevertheless pretty dissappointed that no PlayBook was on display. Only in package in a showcase in the corner...

I saw the q5 today
. Amazing phone. It's price will def drop in a few months. It's an excellent 2nd phone with the Z10. Feel sorry for q 10.

Posted via CB10

If blackberry is to succeed in the UK, I think they will also have to open blackberry stores. Apple stores are half the story why people buy iPhone. Easy swapouts, Technical support, etc....

Posted via CB10

Just read the other day that Blackberry still has three or maybe four more devices coming out this year! It must be a new tablet, that's what logic would dictate. Also they opened their 3rd app creating lab in Brazil and 2 more are to follow. they are also opening an app lab at the South African University. Pretty soon EVERYTHING will have QNX software inside. Wait, somebody must be working on a certain note of the musical scale to represent "QNX Inside", just like we always hear that note of the scale for "Intel Inside".
'Ding!' QNX Inside.

Well I'm glad they have finally opened a BlackBerry Store for us here, and I'm going to go and visit the store later today :-)

However we still don't have the main features enabled on our BlackBerry 10 devices :-( like BBM video and screen sharing, and I'm still waiting for that to be enabled. BBM voice chat is also not working here either.

I jumped on to the new BlackBerry 10 as soon as it was first launched :-) I got the Z10 and now also have the Q10 as a secondary phone.

To even go further, I placed an order online for the 4G Z10 edition as the Z10s sold here are only 3G.

The BlackBerry 10 has got some mixed feelings from bbm7 users over here and thats mainly due to the new ios, but honestly saying that's due to the lack of sales product knowledge and sales reps not pushing the BlackBerry 10 devices by going the extra step in helping the customers understand the new features and navigation basics in using them.

I have met many who have bought the Z or Q and sold them back for bbm7 devices due to not being able to use the device as they found difficult to use.

However After showing them the new features on my device and taking the time in actually helping navigate through and demonstrating how it's done got them back on a BlackBerry 10 device and they're even happier then before, and that's just by actually helping them when ever they get stuck or need to know how to do certain functions.

Now that's the lack in some of the sales reps fault for not understanding the product there actually selling, again third party vendors.

I have even seen some advising some customers to actually not buy the new BlackBerry 10 devices and trying to push the old BlackBerry devices, and if you ask me that's either because there trying to get rid of there stock or they have no clue whatsoever in the true powers of the new BlackBerry 10 capabilities.

I noticed the Q10 was more of winner over the Z10 and that's mainly due to the physical keyboard, and plus the Q10 comes as 4G unlike the Z10 only 3G.

I still meet the odd ones who complain about the new BlackBerry 10 not being what they expected, again that's a minor few but after showing them and helping them navigate through the complain disappeared :-)

As I always say, never base your judgment on others feedback as you need to test it for yourself and only then will you know if it's as what they say it is.

9 out 10 actually end up saying I was told it couldn't do this or that based on a friends feedback that's why they bought one.

Thanks to Crackberry and other BlackBerry fans and BlackBerry sources, by taking the time in sharing a lot of knowledge has actually helped those still out their in doubt :-)

BlackBerry 10 all the way I say as it truly keeps you moving and does more than what you expected to do ;-)

Posted via my Z10

Just walked into the store. Very stylish, very busy. There is a cool seated experience area where people can play with BlackBerry 10 devices. Q5 on display. Location of the store is smack in front of the Metro link into the mall.

Posted via CB10

Brilliant stuff from Blackberry, im in Dubai on business in a couple of weeks time so will definitely check it out.

Blackberry needs to open up one here in London UK ie flagship store like Apple have. At least that way people can go in and play with the devices rather than having to rely on mobile phone stores, who majority of them dont even have a working BB10 device :/