New BlackBerry Q10 photos show off two different battery doors

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2013 01:42 pm EDT

Last week we got a glimpse of a rubberized battery door on the BlackBerry Q10 and now some more images have surfaced thanks to Twitter user @1337group. The images show off two different Q10s - one with the rubberized battery door and the other with the woven battery door that we expect to be on retail devices.

We're still not 100% sure what the deal is with the rubberized door, but the more we see it the more we want to check it out. It's certainly possible it will show up on devices at some point, but nothing we've seen thus far suggests that it will. 

As we've said before, the battery door on the BlackBerry Z10 is awesome - it has a great feel and texture to it and we'd love to see that carry over to the Q10 -- but at the same time the woven door just works with the BlackBerry Q10 design.

We're torn as to which one we like more at this point, and we'll definitely do some more recon and see if we can figure out some more on these two. For now, enjoy the gallery and be sure to hit up the forums for more discussion.

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New BlackBerry Q10 photos show off two different battery doors


"The one on the right is going to be the official black colored device and the one on the left with carbon weave will be the white model when released.

A white model with a rubberized backplate would get dirty so fast. Similar to how the white Z10 doesn't have the same backplate as the black Z10." - Plazmic Flame

Interesting point!

The intention to paint over it would explain why the weave is so matte and dull, not the beautiful gloss we see on the 9900.

Definitely interesting...

If you guys look closely, the battery slot on the left is bigger. It was stated in the forums that one was 2100mah battery and the other 1800mah. I do hope that BBRY goes with the former.

Hmm yes there seems to be a diff in battery slot size, but if you look carefully at the last image (where the batteries are flipped over) Both batteries say '1800mAh' :( certainly hope this wont be the case.

The glass weave back will just get scratched up and nasty like the door on the 9900. Hopefully the rubber back is the one that hits the market.

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oh man, i am really looking forward to this device. I like the look of the glass weave, but the rubber would be more durable. I leave my device naked, so the rubber finish might make more sense for me. 1800 battery is still a big improvement over the 1230 in my 9790

how on earth did they manage to get a 2100 mAH battery into that thing when they could only get an 1800 into the Z10??

I want I want I want I want I want

Lack of track pad is probably my biggest worry with the new devices. Lots of websites menus are optimized around being able to mouse over the menu without clicking...

Oh, cool. So there's a way to see mouseover text on a link without following the link itself? That's been one of my biggest gripes on the playbook, and the reason I've found that my 9930 is handier for browsing even though it's a much slower browser than the playbook's.

Finally some new Q10 images. I'd definitely go for the rubber though. Haven't felt the love for that glass woven thing..

Perhaps it,s me but the one on the left looks bigger and even thicker than the one on the right, they don't look like two identical phones on a table, anybody else think this.

If the Carbon was high gloss like my 9900, I'd say yes... But for me, Its going to have to the rubber. I like the naked look on my BB's and that would give a much better grip.

The door on the left is a NPI (New Product Introduction) door used during pre-production for internal employees for cost-savings before the final materials are selected. They do this for every device.

Go with the woven battery door. It has its own statement to make!

Most folks use "rubberized" cases anyway.

I would prefer the rubberized door over a slick surface that slides easily. I actually took an extra-wide piece of electrical tape and put it neatly on the back of my 9930. That extra grip was very much welcome.

This post crashes the CB PlayBook app. I had to fire up the laptop to read the article.

I'm still waiting on the glass weave. The photo makes it look worse than the rubber, but in real life, it will be awesome.

The rubberized texture is way better. Look at the pictures, the fiber glass one is full of finger prints but the rubber one isn't. And it looks like it's not just the battery door but the entire back of the device that is different.

Honestly would rather the rubber. I still throw my bold around fearlessly. I like that feature in a phone. This thing with a smaller screen and bigger battery is just going to be a titan I tell you.

Whats up with the glass weave part? Is this just a fancy way of saying "fiberglass" or is this something more special than that?

It could be but ordinary glass fibre is rather floppy unless it is in thick sections. Both Kevlar and carbon fibre would be thinner and lighter. S glass is possible but hard to form. I'd go for Kevlar if I was asked to design it.

I'm not sure if its me, or the camera angle or what, but the rubber one looks slightly thinner. An it seems to have a different camera lens or cover than the glass one.

I would love someone to say the same, but it could just be me! Ha

I like the woven door. especially since BlackBerry said they put a lot of time into developing it. My 9900 battery door isn't scratched at all, so I won't have a problem with the carbon weave.

I'd choose the rubberised door any day. But what's up with the decrease in battery? Hope that's not final because it would be very disappointing.

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i'd choose the rubberized door over the glass weave. it will slide less on flat surfaces and not show scratchses as prevelant as the glass weave might

its simple. ALL carriers have diff doors, Verizon always gets the nice back door, Different door different carrier, not much else to it

I don't know about you guys but the roundish cut of the camera really ruins the sharp sleek look of the phone. I square cut for the camera (like the Z10) would be much more suitable in my opinion

my z10 is badass but that q10 with the rubber back is perfect, I want it. For anybody in the US who hasnt touched the z10 yet. The feel is perfect.

Rubberized back looks much better to me. Too bad the cover doesn't extend to the top of the phone then users could swap out doors to be whatever they wanted.

BlackBerry i hate you. Sincerely. I bought the z10 to hold on until the aristo come out...first problem is that i felt in love with the stupid phone! how can i get rid of it and buy the aristo when i can't see myself more than 5 minutes without it? Now their is this sexy Q10? Seriously? You want to ruin me or what blackberry?

Lol seriously it's really hard to decide, I'll probably end up the year with an aristo but for sure I'll give them a try...all of them! :p

Keep the BB10 goodies coming!!

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I hope the white Q10 will have a glass weave back. The white would look really pretty and almost opal-like I'd think!

For me... I don't give a flying turbopiggy fart. As long as I can get that damn thing in my hands, I'll be happy. :)

Did I say I still love my 9900? :D

I like the one on the right. As far as one being smaller than the other i think it's just the angle of the picture taken. The batteries themselves do look a bit different, the one on the right also has some stuff blurred out in the last three pics. My guess is going to be that one is NFC enabled and the other will not be. Just my humble opinion.