New BlackBerry Q10 commercial now hitting the airwaves

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2013 04:49 pm EDT

If you were settled in watching some TV this weekend then you may have spotted the new BlackBerry Q10 ad that's being played across the US. Since the launch of the BlackBerry Z10, people have been paying attention to the commercials on air and commenting about whether or not they're they 'right' kind of marketing for BlackBerry.

Some folks love the commercials so far, while others don't think they feature enough of the device and OS features. Flip4Bytes captured the latest one last night and has posted it in forums and many folks agree, this commercial is better than previous efforts.

Have you seen it yet? If not, you can hit play above and check it out. Might want to crank the volume, it's a bit low. Does this latest commercial covey the message better? Let us know in the comments what you think.

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New BlackBerry Q10 commercial now hitting the airwaves


Great commercial, wish we saw more like this earlier in the BB10 launch.

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Good ad. I find that there are a lot of features eg remember that aren't clear how to use for the average customer

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This is not a BlackBerry ad. It's a carrier ad. That could explain why. Frank B can't take credit for this one.

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Now that's what I want to see in a commercial. What the product actually is, and not some guy on a flying carpet.

This is 1000% times better then those keep moving commercials. On one of those commercials, the phone is actually only shown for ~20s of a 60s commercial. For a brand new product, only devoting 1/3 of a commercial to showing off a new phone sounds like a horrible idea to me. By just producing new commercials like the one above, they could increase the exposure of BB10 by 200% without increasing their budget one cent.

Now that is a great commercial. Highlights the devices features and peek gestures. It should help move some units!

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Cmon now. I love my BlackBerry but there is nothing about this commercial that would compel someone to check out the phone if they weren't a BlackBerry fan already

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I think that you're both right. The commercial does a good job at showing someone using and sharing using a Q10, but if I were happy with a different phone, I see no reason to switch. That's because the commercial shows something that can be done on any phone, with only a slightly different way of doing it. If the commercial showed some feature that is not available at all on a different phone, that could compel people to switch.

I like it, way more than the z10,
It actually shows what the phone does, it's time to believe in bb10,
I do.
And blackberry yes you can

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Yeah, should have happened BEFORE Q10 came out: its called building custormer anticipation. MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING

So much better than the first Superbowl ad. You can actually see what the Q10 can do. Hope it garners the attention it deserves.

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The Q10 should have been launched first.

The dreadful Z10 should have been built better or heck, never have been built at all!

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I have no issues with my z10 at all. Actually it is a great device on 10.1 and will be better on 10.2. And this says a lot because right now I am thoroughly pissed with BlackBerry!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

What are you talking about. I own a z10 and love. My daughter has an iphone and cannot believe what the z10 is capable of doing. I cannot stand her phone and cannot understand what is so good about it.
It is so yesterday.

Tell me, Geezer, are the people who enjoy their Z10s full of crap, just because you personally don't like it? What makes you right and us wrong? (Other than the fact that you seem to think your opinions are 'facts')

The only thing dreadful about the Z10 is that I can't seem to ever put it down for more than a minute at a time... especially since installing CB10 and Crackle.

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Yep better than the other commercials in that it actually shows what the phone can do but it doesn't entice me to go get one.

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From a business pov...good commercial. when looking at the avg consumer...not so much.

BlackBerry is gonna have a hard time re branding the idea of business phone is now an everyday phone.

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Good commercial but I still would like to see more of what the phone can do displayed. I loved the BBM video chat commercial. I would love to see more of that. Maybe different commercials with different video chat conversations, each with one showing people using different features on the phone during the conversation.

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I with the other side now! Too little too late! ..... i think there first marketing efforts were a joke! They must have hired an advertising company that was a joint ownership between Apple and Samsung. Better commercial, but still could do more. Prove the phone is better. Put it on the line! Else die! Because so far "it's too little too late"!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Just get rid of your PlayBook... Haven't you heard? BBRY expects the tablet market to be played out.

In. Five. More. Years.

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How come it seems so effortless in commercials? Swiping, switching over to new apps etc. I know I can't escape from windows that quickly. Is this some sort of gimmick? I've been had! LOL

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It's an improvement. But I would replace the very generic music with something that does a better job of grabbing attention.

This is what BlackBerry needed from the get go...a commercial that shows of the awesome features of the phone. They should bombard the air ways with this commercial for both the Q and Z

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Shows the features a little better but still very dry/dull. BlackBerry commercials just never seem to make the viewer care about, or connect with, the product. Needs heart of some kind.

It's ok. Not sure if it makes it clear that Q10 has a brand new OS, with new UX.

Lot of features left out, so hopefully we see some follow up commercials.

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There should have been a commercial like this for the Z10, although I did like the screen share commercials for the Z10 from Verizon. When the A10 arrives, we need to see more commercials like this for that device. Seem to air on BBC America every time Top Gear is on, which is great. After all, I'm a huge petrolhead, and an even bigger BlackBerry user, lover & addict. Go Team BlackBerry!

Another suggestion, take advantage of the NSA scandal with Apple, Google & Windows. Advertise on the security and privacy factors of BlackBerry. This could be a way to start getting the attention of the youth too. A new poll shows that 77% of youth think the NSA's actions are a massive invasion of privacy. Exploit this, use this in our favor. Hint... BBM promotion on BlackBerry & cross platforms.

On a completely different subject, the massive stock plunge is a load of sh!t. Way overreacted in my opinion. I'm not worried. Probably will start to go back up once the quarter news settles. Until then, BlackBerry needs to keep moving. As Jeremy Clarkson says, "Forward into the Pages of History!"

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Maybe they should change their slogan to "it's time"...

"It's time to get things done faster than before"
"It's time to stand out from the crowd"
"It's time to keep moving"

And have "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons playing in the background. Easily recognizable and good song.

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That concept fan commercial that the Toronto firm put out at the beginning of the year is what they need. They could have had it for free also. I don't know what they are thinking. That concept commercial gave me goosebumps. What's with this junk?

I'll admit that this one is better than the keep moving ones

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Still junk. Why can't they just make simple commercials showing one or two features of the phone at a time. Like take one and show how the hub works and take another showing how the Timeshift camera works and another showing peek etc etc.

I just don't get these idiots. Looking at that commercial people won't know the difference between the Q10 and the 9900 if they've never used one before.

And WTF is "it's time." That is the tag line? How about "a better mobile experience," or "THE phone you've been waiting for" or anything besides just "it's time." BB marketing is second to Palm at being the worst mobile advertisers in the industry. And now THE worst since Palm went belly up.

Should definitely have shown more features amd it was sooo possible to do so .

One of the most desired app was Sound Hound so how come that app is not shown?? Since it's one of the most popular

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For every 1 keyboard user (I am one) there are 99 full and LARGE screen users. Q10 ads should target precisely. Z10 ads should blanket all media.

I am afraid RIM is once again doing the wrong thing.

Don't forget this also gives those 99 people the impression that RIM is only good at keyboard device and BlackBerry devices have SMALL screens.

So wrong!


Average commercial but it needs to be punchier. Where's BlackBerry Balance for business. Good but not going to make people switch. JAZZ IT UP!

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Finally something that makes sense !!!
Enough whit the ridiculous commercial !!

Long bb :(

Hopefully things will turn around !!

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It's better but it still isn't hitting the spot. At least we're halfway there but it's still too weak. We've now gone from 'Keep Moving' to 'It's Time' but there is STILL no human interest story, no benefit and nothing that any of us on BB10, Q or Z, can relate to in terms of the reaction we get when we are asked about our phones by users of a different platform. I honestly don't understand why they don't understand what a great product they have. As I said in the Z10 forum here: :

'What BB should have done is use the resources they have to find out what really hacks people off about iOS and Android and build a new OS that addressed these issues and more. And here's the weird bit - they did.'

This is the commercial I still think they should do that I posted on that thread, apologies for the length but BB10 can still knock 20 bells out of the opposition, as no one else is getting anywhere near mentioning human beings in their ads or real life situations, it's all flimmy flammy corporate rubbish, not what is happening out here and if BB would just get it they would be onto a winner:

As promised here's what I would do if I were the BB Marketing dept (or, at the very least, advising it). A word of warning here guys, not only will this be a long post but also in my experience of corporate world there is not a cat in hells chance of them taking this approach. I'm not an advertising agency. I give people marketing that works, not that makes them feel good. I have presented stuff like this to countless organisations who look at me as if I am mad because, marketing is sexy and needs to be glossy and conceptual and cost a fortune, right? Wrong. But the corporate employees have to present it to the board and that's what they want to see. So that's what the agency gives them (for a fat fee) and everyone slaps each other on the back, the employees keep their jobs (hey, they gave the board what they wanted, didn't they?), and they all go for a beer and tell each other how great it all is. Only months later, when reality dawns, do people blame ANYTHING but the slick stuff they made because, it looked really, really, REALLY, good. Only Joe Public didn't buy in. The fools.

No. Marketing needs to WORK. That's it. And the definition of marketing working is that it brings in a damn sight more money than it costs. I've been doing this for years and I no longer get mad (it used to drive me crazy!) at someone who looks disappointed (or even waves me out of the room!) at what I tell them will transform their business. I really don't care anymore because I have delivered big results for those who, sometimes very, very nervously, went for it. If you want something that works, this is the type of approach to take. If you want to create a cinematic classic full of conceptual subliminal crap - please, take that. I'm off to make someone else a load of cash.

Everyone, in whatever country you are from, is bombarded with marketing messages every day. It's not just tv ads, it's billboards, radio, print and right down to the fact that you might have a Nike tick on your shoe. People have busy lives and your product, whatever it is, has a very small chance of being noticed amidst everything else going on out there unless you connect with them - and quickly. You have a split second to gain someones interest and then be relevant enough to hold it past the next ad they see.

So, this is what my BlackBerry TV/You Tube ad would look like. It would follow a template based on BB10 USP's (Unique Selling Points) that we KNOW are unique to BB10 and that Apple, Android and WP (and BB07, to be fair) don't have. In that way there is no comeback. I have put these 2 together based only on what has been posted on Crackberry by Z10 owners like me and the reaction we get when others see what our phones can do PLUS the positive reviews those that have come from other platforms have given.

The template needs to follow some rules in that:

1) It relates to a real world problem
2) The feature is easily explained
3) There is a real world benefit, particularly effective is an emotional one
4) It kicks the competition, whoever that may be, squarely in the nuts because only BB10 does it - they don't.

Now what you do is you apply the above to the unique features of the phone and you do it HARD. Try this:

TIME SHIFT 30' Commercial

SCENE: 30 - 40 year old well dressed lady (in the UK we would call her a 'Yummy Mummy' is heatedly telling her friend over coffee about her 5 year old daughters birthday party yesterday. She is talking to the camera excitedly, we are the friend.

'So, there I was, in the middle of the chaos. She's 5! Can't believe it. But you know what they're like, they run around for fun and I wanted to get them all together for a photo so Hannah would have a memory of her and her friends together. FINALLY after they'd blown the candles off the cake I managed to get all her friends in one place and get the shot! But when I looked at my phone Hannah and Michael had their eyes closed and they'd when I looked up, they'd all run off again'

'Thankfully my new Blackberry (camera view switches to the screenshots BB have already done on this showing how easy it is - ladies voice turns to voice over) has this great thing where it detects all the faces in the photo and I can move their expressions in time. Within seconds Hannah and Micheal's smiles were perfect and I had the shot I wanted, (camera switches back to the lady) that of my little girl and her friends on one of the most important days of her life.' She looks down and smiles at her phone contentedly which is sat on the arm of her chair.

Next shot she has turned to another camera over her shoulder which has been eavesdropping. She smiles knowingly and says 'So, tell me, can your phone do that?'

View changes to logo, Z10 and Q10 zoom in.

Male Voice: 'The new Blackberry Z10 & Q10. Because You CAN With A Blackberry....

Or another:


SCENE: 20 - 35 year old male in a suit. His tie is undone. He is in a bar talking excitedly to his friend (the camera) at the end of a long day. We are the friend.

'You wouldn't believe it. Last night I stayed up late getting this damn presentation together and then we were up and away early this morning. The customer is worth a shed load of money to the firm and I've been working on it for weeks. Then, we get there and I have this horrific dawning realization that I haven't brought it with me. This was seriously bad news. The whole office was away for 2 days and everything I'd worked for, the lynchpin of the visit, is about to go down the pan'

'Thankfully my new Blackberry (camera view switches to the screenshots BB have already done on this showing how easy it is - mans voice turns to voice over) has this great thing where I can access any file on my office PC. I simply changed from phone to PC, grabbed the file from there and I the whole thing went without a hitch. (camera switches back to the man) Man, was I relieved! You have no idea, that phone saved my life!'

Next shot he has turned to another camera over his shoulder which has been eavesdropping. He smiles knowingly and says 'So, tell me, can your phone do that?'

View changes to logo, Z10 and Q10 zoom in.

Male Voice: 'The new Blackberry Z10 & Q10. Because You CAN With A Blackberry....

I think you get the idea. You can turn this template to any feature, any market and not only does it work, no one else is bringing the human element to smartphones at all, as far as I can see. And this is only a reflection of what Z10 owners I see in the forums are reporting (plus my own experience since I got it in February) EVERY DAY!

i think you've hit the nail on the head here. if there is one thing that RIM was historically terrible at it was using the plethora of data at their disposal to actually understand their customer and create messaging that resonates. Hopefully BlackBerry can do better but so far i haven't seen much to make me think so. I'm sure there are some #bbelite who can attest to their half ()o() attempts at grass roots marketing and community building. Maybe once all their marketing staff relocates to major american cities we will see some change in talent and end product.

I am going to assume this is a great post. First I need a nap to read it. ;) just ribbing you I appreciate the work you put I to it.

Totally agree with your 'winning' format. The ads need to directly engage the viewers, and show what the phone can do that other phones cannot (or not as easy), in a situation that viewers can easily relate to.

Good to see something finally clicked for BlackBerry commercials. I do think this new Q10 ad did a good job showing off some features of BlackBerry 10. However, I feel like they can slow it down just a bit so people get a clearer view of what the hands were doing to multitask. Also maybe try different occasions, this particular one is about anniversary. So besides that they could try something work related and for younger demograph something with social networks. Like chatting while tweeting and Facebook simultaneously.

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Good blackberry you are getting there, let's have it in the UK now, FYI wife has got the Q10 today and yes a very nice bit of hardware let's tell the world.

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It's time to rethink ad campaign in a big way. This commercial may be better than others but it is still unfocused and really doesn't say much to an Android or iOS user. Pick ONE great feature at a time and milk it like crazy. Show WHY it's faster, better and more productive. Don't just state that it is.

Pims, you are spot on, look above...

BTW, I'd love to do one on the Last Weather App as iPhone users love that one, not so much when you say 'sorry, Blackberry only...'

I show it to people all the time and just wait with a smile on my face as they try to find it in vain hehehe >:-D

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On my Z10 you go to Facebook in the hub and on the bottom of the screen is a status button. Hit it and update. It must be the same process on the Q10

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Even faster (and what was done for this commercial on the q10) is go to universal search and type "facebook" followed by your message and then simply tap the update status below it. ;)

You can also use "tweet" in the same way to post a tweet.

Voice commands will do the same thing, and also add LinkedIn updates. ;)

From the ZED via CB10.. booyah!

Um ... couple of things:

1. Good commercial showing the speed of BB10 - what we've been craving for.

2. Anyone else notice the thumbs when typing to the guy "let's honeymoon again" ??
Here in Canada we just celebrated Pride week (originally Gay Pride week and Sunday was the Gay Pride parade so don't tread on me) but that's the reason I noticed the broad cut nails of the typist. ???? Not important but I'm very curious if this was intentional and which audience BB is targeting.

More to the point ... not enough was shown, no advantage over Android in speed to do this action.

PS: Side note that HP will enter the smartphone space again soon, no timeline but they did mention something to the affect of a "differentiating operating system" so how similar will it be to BB10 and moreover will it actually be a rebranded BB10 ?? inquiring minds need to know.

PSS: Just found out today another user at work fully displays her Z10, and she's cute ... convo is pending ;)

Just saw one, was glad to see them show the phone up close and show some of the social media features which is probably more appealing to people who are unfamiliar with the product. I saw the Skype app displayed a lot along with Facebook.

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I like the Q5 commercial better. Showing off BBM video is great, it's something I would love to use, and to see more people have. Good job on this one BlackBerry, now take some of your own advice and Keep Moving! I want to see a lot more BlackBerrys around.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Better but needs heady advertising. 1.5ghz dual core, better battery life, camera, over 100,000 apps available, hub stuff as shown, etc. Then. Rebuilt. Redesigned. Reinvented. Buzz words to associate brand name

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What ever happened to that long commercial they had with that cute chick developing a high rise complex or something? That one was pretty awesome, and that woman was beautiful, lol.

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Hurray! Now BlackBerry needs to say when and where this commercial will be on the air. Their absence of marketing is further adding to their demise.

Good commercial. Now just make a ton more like that and get those apps coming in too.

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Has anyone saw this airing in Canada as yet? I would love to see it here in Canada..

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10

Posted via CB10 with my BlackBerry Q10

Just saw it while watching chopped. I like this. I'm sharing the video with some friends who are undecided. I wish sprint / softbank would announce something like a date vs a vague season about bb10 release.

Awesome commercial! Shows what you can do in 30 seconds. (Something like that) but it shows how quickly you can use it.

Why do some people have to add negativity no matter what... They admit it's a good commercial but add their little negative dig???
All I have to say is Great job BlackBerry! Excellent commercial.

This ad is just an american re-hash of a British commercial. The British commercial is actually quite good. It has pep and seems to be read by engaging actors. This version sounds flat as though the actors are reading th lines but can't see the story. Blackberry needs to go back the the drawing board. I don't know what they are thinking with their advertising at the moment. It's expensive and bad - a terrible combination and frustrating because their phones are awesome!

I think the crackberry team should make their own adverts. Showing real everyday use of the Q10 and Z10 and all that BlackBerry 10 has to offer. As to many people that are on OS7 devices don't realise how advanced BlackBerry 10 is compared to what they are using now.

Then release all adverts via you tube, twitter, Facebook, vine etc, even see if BlackBerry would pay to air the adverts made by BlackBerry.

Or even have a public competition and the user to make their own adverts and Crackberry offer a few prizes to the winners.

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LET'S HONEYMOON AGAIN!! Does that mean let's get F+++ed again like never before??Couldn't resist.The commercial sucks.Let's go!Bad Boy Bieber.When will you people wake up??

It getting better but need to emphasize that it's a whole new OS and better than ever before. Americans still think it's the old stale BBOS. They need to touch the new bb10 devices.

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terrible marketing.....the Q10 has been out for how long now?? blackberry quick question... are u going on word of mouth? hmmmmmm.... i remember that movie coming to america Sale Sale Sale hahahahaha

Are you guys serious? The commercial sucks! All the commercials BlackBerry has released since the launch of BlackBerry 10 are terrible and worse forgettable. I have a Z10 and I think it's great and I've had a BlackBerry since the 6230. But you know what? The Samsung commercials are hilarious and memorable, the latest Microsoft/920 commercial is great. BlackBerry needs new fresh commercials. Not the same old dull crap

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Way to go To. Finally something. We need more of this!!!!

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

I have a feeling that BlackBerry did this on purpose that they released the better commercial only until 10.1 are fully released by att and Verizon. Because you don't want too many people to return the phones after the purchase and find out reboot issue and other issues. Only die hard BlackBerrys won't care those issues and know they will become better and better. What do you guys think ?

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Good start. Very late in the game. US market needs more than this stiff commercial spot to get excited the brand.

HBB Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

It's much better than previous Keep Moving ads, but I agree that BB needs to have a more straightforward comparison how much faster, easier, and more elegant it is than the competition and a sarcastic/funny approach. A side by side split screen showing how someone could accomplish multiple tasks on the BB versus the iPhone and Android would really help, along with a better tagline that says something to the effect of:

"BlackBerry 10. It's time for those who value it."
"BlackBerry 10. For people who value their time."
"BlackBerry 10. Spend more time with your friends and family instead of your phone."

I also think that it's important that BlackBerry puts out some funny / sarcastic ads that helps repair the brand image of the phone. Why not a direct ad that goes straight for the elephant in the room situation? Many people are ridiculed when they have an older BlackBerry 7 device, and in many situations it's justified (we all have horror stories of BB7 freezing at the worst possible moments.) BlackBerry has a horrible brand image in the US, especially because no one has seen BB10.

Create an ad campaign that shows what could happen in the situation Apple or Android fanboys encounter a person with an BlackBerry device, start to ridicule the person. Show how the BB10 user "smartly" shows them how they are mistaken, then leaves the fanboys speechless at BB10's capabilities, realizing how embarrassing their own phones are. I do it all the time! Why not show this in a major ad? Why not emphasize that it's time for something better, and not be just another lemming?

Every iPhone and Android user I've encountered leaves stunned, and says "WOW." or "The best technology doesn't always win you know." Every one of them I meet.

Would anyone be interested in helping to construct a viral ad campaign with me? More details to come.

Mix 1 feature with some usefulness one can relate to and you have a commercial.

Marketing is everything

People will never be able to attempt those actions in the retail stores when the phones are stuck in demo mode.

I've never had a more satisfying device than this Q10. I also love my Z10. But, there is something extra special about the Q10. It's the best phone available in my opinion and probably also due to some facts.

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