New BlackBerry PlayBook video shows off highlights for business users

By Michelle Haag on 31 Jan 2011 04:29 pm EST

A new BlackBerry PlayBook video from Jonathan with the Product Team at RIM has just popped up demonstrating some of the uses the new tablet will have for business professionals. It's a short demo, showing mail pairing with your BlackBerry via BlackBerry Bridge, multi-tasking, viewing Microsoft Office documents, and secure access to business applications such as Flash-enabled dashboards from SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

I think it's awesome how fast the information is shared between your BlackBerry and the PlayBook! It's also nice to know from an IT/BES point-of-view that everything is encrypted and that no corporate data is stored on the PlayBook. 

Source: BlackBerry BizBlog

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New BlackBerry PlayBook video shows off highlights for business users


What are you talking about? That video actually showed the PlayBook doing something with some substance... not just opening the browser and looking at a few pictures and a video. It also showed how far the OS has come with how quick and responsive it looks. I didn't see a single hiccup the whole video.

I want a playbook !!!
Hopefully it'll kick the Ipad's a$$ !! :D
... And the stupid samsung's tablet too :p

I'm digging the way it must use a BB for corporate data and email. This is a great feature since it allows you to use the tablet securely for business and un-securely for fun.

Can rim now tell us if we can tether our data plan to our playbooks using "blackberry bridge". I'd also like to see a 5.0 device doing this. As a 9550 user, I don't want to get burned again being left out on new software like os6...

RIM please hurry and release the PB. If they wait to much longer, the dualcore iPad 2 is going to one up this thing. Plus the countless Android tablets that are coming to market. RIM needs to get a jump on the competition. They announced this 4 months ago on Sept 27,2010, please bring the Android market and apps too.

ipad shmyPad. Even if the iPad2 is crap we are going to be innundated with how great it is. It just something we have to live with in North America. I was happy to see from the other posts that BB is doing fine elsewhere. A refreshing change from the "Blackberry is going to die" stuff you read on these posts.

I'd be fairly confident to say an app would become available soon enough.

Something like MindBerry can't be far away from development.

I know the PB can do email and BBM, but does anyone know if it will do sms and mms? I know if it doesnt, im sure it will do sms if I add them to the BBM contact list. Just wondering if sms was ever specifically addressed.

This video specifically addressed this feature for BES. Will it also do it for BIS users? Not all small businesses need the capabilities of BES, but would like some of the benefits of it.

I don't know 100%, but I'm almost positive it does. It should not make any difference at all and I don't think RIM is dumb enough to exclude BIS users from this feature.

this is pretty unimpressive. this is gonna kill battery life if you have to have bluetooth on, plus doesn't gmail already sync through internet, why do you need bluetooth for this

I am still waiting to see if you can tether your data plan on it. If not, that is a big reason to wait for a 3g/4g version IMO.

It isn't a finished product and why should RIM show their hand before the pb is launched?this is like preseason nfl games,they use basic vanilla plays.You don't show your real scheme before the regualr season starts.

So according to this video, the PB basically acts as a bigger screen for you BB. There's no way management is going to approve one of these puppies for me if they see this video, they'll just give me 5 bucks to go buy some reading glasses to read the BB. Guess I'll have to wait for new videos that are meant to convince management that I can't do my job without this!

Then again, this video is meant for hardcore BB users, no one else is going to get excited about a PB being able to sync with a BB.

The way you need to sell it to your management is that it can do EVERYTHING the iPad and Android tabs can do, PLUS sync with your BB in a way that won't compromise any sensitive data. So you're/they're getting more for the money (of course that statement depends on what the price is going to be ;) )

Have people been living under rocks?

#1 There is no native BBM app or PIM apps...yet. RIM stated that they're coming.
#2 YOU DON'T NEED A BLACKBERRY TO USE IT. You need a BlackBerry to use the tether feature and get BES mail/calendar.
#3 Yes, you can tether your BB and use its data connection.

we all know that blackberry is good at business but it only really showed one feature. a feature they've been harping on about for quite a while now... I'd like to see more to be honest.

Not even close. Only the newer devices with OS6. I know, RIM and their restrictions but what can we do its all business here.

So happy I ditched my Bold 9000 for the Torch (although I still miss the great keyboard) will get this as soon as Rogers releases the 6GB data promo in the summer (figured 500MB won't be enough to use it for my bb and for tethering with the PB) and will be tethering like there is no tomorrow lol

More teaspoon feeding! At least it amuses and keeps the appetite whetted while the launch is readied. I know, I know, its in development and all that, but this snippet, while it helps me to begin to appreciate how the bezel functions will work and is impressive in the way you can quickly access other documents in other programs (exactly the way you do on your desktop/laptop -- and much easier than you can currently do on your smartphone), its still just showing simple, one-sided effects, although instantaneously shown on the Torch). What happens when you open an email on your BB? Does it open on the Playbook, or just show up as read (although remaining "closed" on the PB inbox)? Can I open and reply to an email on my BB, using the physical keyboard, and see it on the larger PB screen? Stay tuned, I guess.

The more I see, the more I like, and the more I'm thinking the wifi only aspect will be ok. Blackberries are still mostly terrific email and txt devices, with increasing capabilities when you're not doing your primary work. If I can cut and paste from the larger screen into an email, from a variety of sources, this will be a productivity booster.

Both playbook and blackberry run independently, the only bridge is the pairing process that runs in the back ground of both the devices and syncs the data either ways via bluetooth, you still will be able to do other tasks while pairing is taking place, for example opening an email on BB won't open the email on the PB but the pairing process only updates the status in playbook's DB as read and viceversa but not open and flash a window. On a BB you may be able to be on a call and at the same time you will be able to view your emails or BBM or update your calendar on the PB, all these are synced in the background while you are talking on your BB and you will not know unless you open the respective apps on your BB.

The fact that I can use PB for my corp email with no additional data plan is almost enough on its own to justify owning one. Agreed -- using the BB keyboard to input information (email text, etc.) needs to be there. Sounds like it'll be a software update, post-release though.

I just wish they would be specific about whether if I'm on my Playbook and want to quickly surf to a page for some info or do a google search it will use my BB's data plan, or if it will use Tethered data. And if it is Tethered Data that we'll get charged up the butt for, if someone like Tetherberry will come out with an app so we can use our BB data plan on a BB playbook.

I just don't get why I haven't seen a video clarifying that.

Huh? PlayBook will use your BB data plan if you have no WiFi connection. Pretty simple stuff...No video necessary for that.

wow! that’s simply amazing! two products made by the same company interface perfectly with each other. maybe someone can explain to me why i actually need a tablet. how does it make my life better?

The cool part is that you may be able to be on a call on your Blackberry and at the sametime you will be able to view or reply your emails or BBM or Update your calendar on the Playbook, all these activities are synced back and forth to your BB while you are still talking on your BB. This mutiplies the productivity as you talk and text at the sametime with one data plan :)

Secondly it is a wholesome mutli-media and a computing device which is uber-portable and that could replace your mp3 player, psp, portable dvd player, netbook and partly your home entertainment hub like WD TV, Apple TV, Boom Box etc

Good answer:) If the batt holds to their promise it would be a great device for me. Even if it had fast recharge time, it would work just fine

Thanks for the helpful comments. One thing that is still unclear after watching the video and reading your comments is where the data is coming from. Is the Playbook tethered with the blackberry and sharing a data connection or are both devices using their own pipes? Are both scenarios possible?

I actually had the opportunity to play around with one and it is soooo awesome! It's fast, perfect for a multi-tasker like me, since I use my Blackberry for work and home. I want one NOW! pleeeease!!

I hope this is the tablet that will allow me to carry a binder full of documents, edit and annotate them. I'm not looking for games, music, video, pictures, ebooks and web/email only.