New BlackBerry PlayBook video posted by RIM demonstrates full web fidelity (multimedia, games, social networking)

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jan 2011 10:32 am EST

Go BlackBerry PlayBook!!! Just in time for CES, RIM is showing off the BlackBerry PlayBook again, this time with a deeper dive into the web browser. Check out the video above to watch Matthew from the web browser group at RIM really put the PlayBook's browser to use. He views video content (HTML5 and Flash), logs into Facebook (the full facebook), and even plays flash games on the web. Overall, it's looking to be a really compelling experience. Sound off in the comments!

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New BlackBerry PlayBook video posted by RIM demonstrates full web fidelity (multimedia, games, social networking)


Yes! - Can't wait to buy one of these! The PB truly is looking like it will finally give us a fluid UI experience (on a touch screen)... Thank you QNX!! Good job RIM on acquiring QNX

Glad to see a more in depth look...I'm really pulling for this thing to hit and hit hard...looking good so far

The Playbook is looking great! Too bad I'm an Android user now. I'll be getting an Android tablet, but I can see the Playbook being a great companion for Blackberry users.

This looks amazing, I want it soo bad. I'm alreading saving up a bunch a Bestbuy gift cards to get this as soon as possible. (Hopefully they sell it there)

OK, so now the web appears to be f***ing good.

Now please RIM, show me how a 1080p mkv plays on the PB.

And please tell me more about apps and games. Especially the french one that I still miss on my Torch (newspapers, radios, banks)...

Because the Nvidia Tegra II Android tabs seems more appealing on this side. 200,000 apps on Android Market. All the main french one already. Adobe Flash and support for 1080p MKV in Honeycomb too...

I don't want to stop my love affair with RIM so please do what you need to do to keep me in the BB world...

Since the PB has full codec support there is no reason why it couldn't support mkv if someone writes the codec for it.


With the Playbook, my 8900's browser will never be opened again ha

I'm beginning to believe that RIM has no intention of marketing the PlayBook to the general public. Their master plan is to occasionally release videos of a prototype machine that they'll continue to work on and tweak until the technology is no longer relevant.

Ahh, I just fell in love... This is the ONE. Good job, RIM!

Now the painful wait until it is released. Don't worry, I'll save myself for you my love...

ummmm... this looks pretty damn good... cant wait!

i hope in the real world they will perform just as smooth!

I am so ready to own this. I just hope its not some ridiculous price !
Even though I would still find a reason to get it. Lol

Go to the last screen of the video, and look at all the icons, BBM, BB Calendar !? hmmm, yummmy...and here comes the QNX phone announcement, drum-roll, please .... :->

Stoked. Can't wait to get one. Hopefully they have some demo units at ces and we can see a bunch more videos of it in action. And a release date

The main reason I'm even interested in the PlayBook is the hope that I can tether my BB to a PlayBook and use my BB for a 3G (or better in the future) connection to the Internet.

I still don't understand (outside of corporate greed / profits) why I should have to pay for a data plan with BB, again with a MiFi device, and again with a PlayBook. If I pay for access, I want access, and if I have to share that access between a BB and a PlayBook I'm good with that. I do not want to end up with 3+ data plans to hand over money to Verizon or have to ration my use on a particular device if I choose low end data plans.

Since I can't share an Internet connection with an iPad it's out. If I can do this with a Honeycomb Android tablet I'm in... especially if they beat RIM to market (like they have over and over again).

I agree. I'm surprised that the tethering feature isn't getting as much attention as its other features. For the majority of smartphone users that have BBs, this is a huge deal! Especially for us Canadians who have to pay a fortune to our evil oligopolies for wireless access.

Like I didn't already want this! Every video they release looks better & better which makes me believe they're just working everything out so when they do finally release it they're not bogged down with little glitches here & there. As friends & co-workers slowly get ipads I'm just buying my time as the Playbook gets ready to drop, can't wait to get my hands on this bad boy & will I be "showboating" it like they do their ipads? I don't think so, I'm going the down low route & just gonna let it speak for itself, "Oh what's this sweet piece of machine in my hand? It's the Playbook!"

Am I the only one that wants them to make the UI a little more visually appealing? TAT better be working on that :) from the videos on youtube I saw of their work it looks promising. And if they don't work on the PlayBook maybe in a future QNX BlackBerry???? :-O

Im so buying this when it comes out, im with pootermobile i want to see some of that TAT influence in the UI. Still this was a great video cant wait to get my hands on one.

They are taking so long, they must only work on it during weekends! By the time this is released, they will already be starting to really tank. Whoever is the head of this project, I would fire immediately. What a stupid long drawn out introduction to what looks to be a great product. RIM is in bad shape, and yet, I would buy this if it was available, and I still love my BBs.

Umm you do realize they have stated it should be released late 1st quarter, so they still have a lot of time.

Yeah. They need to move that date up. They're taking too long. Why show a video demo every few weeks. Just release it.

This is exactly why you would never manage a project of this size; you have zero comprehension of the time it takes to develop this type of product. Think the iPad was developed in 4 months?

I've been thinking about it and I'm not quite 100% sure how the PlayBook will fit into my life but I'll find away! I am most definitely getting one shortly after release (if not right on release day!).

With everything built into the PlayBook and all the formats it's able to support, I can only imagine the apps, games, hacks and tweaks that are going to arise!

Patiently waiting :)

Why don't you ask the millions of people who purchased an iPad last year... I know what I want it for... Internet,ebooks, and for viewing email attachments - and I can't wait!!! My Bold and PB are gonna be the perfect powerhouse combo for my small business - I'm getting giddy about this!!!

Im Sorry to say but i believe RIM made a really big mistake by not releasing the playbook before the holidays to increase sales and compete with the ipad since apple are already working on there ipad2 and will probably hold better specs then the playbook.
Bad marketing decision RIM!!!!

Yes i agree, it seems like they are trying to persuade potential iPad buyers to hold off until the PlayBook comes out. The advantage that Apple has is that they have an army of apple fanboys/girls who will buy anything they put out. I wonder how many iPad owners will be upgrading their units to 2nd generation iPad when it comes out. RIM can't compete with that...Unlike Steve Jobs, Lazaridis could not sell his fart in a jar.

True, however - RIM has a huge huge fan base as well, a fan base which will run out and buy a PB just because of the BlackBerry logo. However, RIM has a guarantee which Apple does not, the business class... Call it whatever you will, but RIM will be successful with the pb for one simple reason... Businesses will gobble up the playbook!!! Guaranteed!!! Also, I think for the average consumer, the life cycle of replacing a tablet will be closer related to that of laptop or desktop computer, rather than that of a cellphone (cell phone replacement times are much shorter).

let me cut through this: apple is good at marketing RIM is good at product. I know which one I'll pick, thanks.

But seriously, yes apple will sell and ton of iPad 2's that isn't bad for RIM. RIM doesn't have to be #1 they just have to gain a respectable market share and make enough profit to keep producing good stuff.

I think RIM will still be the corporate choice. I see the slow turn to apple on the corp front, but that's only because RIM didnt' have a suitable competitive product. This playbook is looking like you give up nothing versus and iPad and in fact gain some, so most businesses are going to say why switch and give our IT people multiple headaches.

The company I work for is under some pressure from people wanting apple product on their desks and laps but with Win 7 and producers stepping it up on the hardware side, IT is leaning toward just saying no.

Marketing decisions need to coincide with product development lifecycles... I think they're doing what they can do to keep people from buying iPads this holiday season and wait for the PB to meet a quality bar. They've been throwing devices into the field that have not met the bar, and they're feeling the repurcussions from both carriers and end users. Where this is their first plunge into the consumer market (with the first iteration lacking a 3g/LTE modem) they will need to ensure a good experience or this is their last chance. I think for once their marketing department is doing their job and hyping people up instead of throwing out another lackluster device and saying it's great.

I agree with you but I think also you are buying into the whole apple hype a bit too much. I have a torch and it is a super device (and yes I've owned and iPhone although not a droid phone). I simply find the Torch a better device for productivity, although I admit probably not for gaming.

PB is a fab product for RIM. I especially like that they went for portability in the size. For most people this light small product will allow PB owners to say "so what" to the iPhone and it buy's RIM time to come up with a QNX competitor to iPhone and Droid phones.

Apple needs to go big with the ipad otherwise they just eat into the iPhone market.

So you're saying they should have thought of building a tablet earlier? This isn't exactly a marketing decision... marketing can't compress an engineering design cycle (unless you cut features).

Alex from RIM here - We agree that pairing the PlayBook with your BlackBerry smartphone is a great feature. With pairing, you can access the data being pushed to your BlackBerry and be protected by BES security. Plus, pairing means your BBM community is always available to you.

With the PlayBook's uncompromised mobile browsing and true multitasking capabilities, pairing enables you yo simultaneously access your secure corporate intranet, run your favorite apps and browse the web - with no exceptions and without a loss in quality or functionality.

Thanks for the comments! We hope you'll stay tuned to the Inside BlackBerry blog ( for more info!



Consumers lose interest overtime, we waiting for this product from September 2010 now is 2011, how much longer will we need to wait?

I must admit it is really breathtaking, i like it very much. I cannot wait to own the PB.

I have a bold 2 and i know when i own this product it will make my blackberry experience perfect.

I just hope it will be released soon we dying here lol!!!!

Alex I gotta ask. Any news on a smathphone stragegy? I'm really growing sick or RIMs inability to keep up with the competitions. Yeah I know RIMs in bed with corporate IT and I as a consumer I feel frustrated.
Can you send an email to higher ups and ask what's up?
I literately haven't heard ANY good news for consumers.


WOW!!! I'm really wanting to see the final specs, but I really do think this thing is going to be hot. I still don't think it's going to meet my needs, but it will be an amazing tablet anyway.

I think the guy who did this video demo should be the official spokesperson for the PB. He has a great speaking voice, is to the point, and knows what he is doing.

There will be a million of these out by the time its released, faster and better. Besides the fact it wont come close to the IPAD sells ....focus on fixing your phones.

Who care's how well it sells, it will be very useful to me and other blackberry users. Only Rim and Apple care about how many they sell, we care how well is going to work and what extra productivity will bring to us on the move.

Maybe, but they'll all be running the virus and worm infested Android OS. Just recently I read 2 more articles about Android security about virus's not having to request user permissions anymore and another about Botnets filled with Android smartphones because of all the security flaws....PUKE! Anyone who buys anything with Android OS is an absolute moron and is just asking to pay out the ass when they get exploited. The PlayBook will be the most powerful most secure tablet when it comes to market....even if its in Dec/2011 cause Google has messed up Android and iPad 2 won't measure up spec wise.

nah... Playbook FTW!! all other tablets are just copying what the playbook can do, and this playbook is a mean of competition towards 2nd gen ipad... android tablets are still using single core, while there is no garauntee that the honeycomb will be able to utilize duo core. tegra duo core just came out recently and everyone is scrabling to come out with a duo core tablet while RIM has been working on this duo core since April of 2010. This is what we call leap frog my friend. we jump ahead of the competition by releasing a tablet with heavy spec just like the bold 9000. The only competition the PB has would be future Android Tablets which will come out later this year, as for IPAD2... I don't think it can even handle duo core as it will be using an Iphone os....

After reading a number of comments I have found it interesting how people have become so impatient regarding the playbook. "Rome was not built in a day",getting the product right so that every aspect of the design works the way they describe is of utmost importance to RIM. It appears that those early users only wish to have gravy instead of remembering how pissed off we get when we break down in the meat and potatoes of a really good product. I applaud RIM for taking the time to analyse and review making sure it's done right the first time.

My daughter has an IPad and an IPod touch....I had my finger poised to buy the IPod touch last night. RIM....I can only wait so long. I do realize you want a kick ass ad run during the Super Bowl...but....I am seeing more and more tablets....and liking them more and more. I know a bit about marketing...and, this isn't working. At least announce a release date. The only reason I am waiting is the flash capability...longer I wait...the less I care about it. my mom said 'sh*t or get off the pot'.

[Carnac_on] Tom Brady, you just won the Superbowl, what are you going to do now?.......I'm going to Best Buy to purchase a Blackberry Playbook!!! [/Carnac_off]

tee hee......