New BlackBerry PlayBook commercial talks BlackBerry Bridge and sports a video chat cameo

By Adam Zeis on 1 Aug 2011 12:38 pm EDT

There have been a few BlackBerry PlayBook commercials floating around that I'm sure most of you have caught during your prime time TV viewing. The latest caught my eye over the weekend. This ad features mostly BlackBerry Bridge but manages to sneak in a Video Chat cameo as well. Take a look at the ad above (sorry for the quality - we'll get a better version posted ASAP) and let us know your thoughts. Do you think it's a good move to run an ad with BlackBerry Bridge? Do you think they should show off other features as well? Sound off in the comments!

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New BlackBerry PlayBook commercial talks BlackBerry Bridge and sports a video chat cameo


1st. Heard this commercial this morning on the TV while I was on :o). But, I didn't look back to see it. Nice commercial

My only concern with this commercial is that it seems to jump around quite a bit. I never feel like I get a decent look at what's being shown off.

totally agree with you. Instead of just showing a person going thru his email list in pb and accessing email content "in closeup" and video chatting feature in close up, they are all over the place. For me it looked like we have all these feature but we dont want you to see it becuase we are not sure.

Showing off video chat and BBM, and the way it tells you that your phone is ringing (which I love), is way better then constantly talking about flash, which most consumers don't quite understand anyhow...

i like the AD, i think they should have pushed it out a long time ago, it shows that u dont need a separate data plan for u to have the internet, u can just use bridge and BAM!! thats something apple and other competitors don't offer.

It's hard to get an idea of the playbook's versatility and speed vs. other tablets from commercials. Something I've noticed on competitor's advertisements is the fine print - "Screen images simulated." How about doing a playbook commercial with some not-so-fine print, "Screen images NOT simulated."

I really hope BlackBerry comes out swinging with the new phones and plus more marketing for the Playbook...they really are the best products and need to be shown off! RIM we need more great marketing! :-)

do they always have to have such horrible music? why dont they just go through the options the playbook will offer and they make it sound like only those with a blackberry phone can use a playbook they need to dum it down i bet a guy off this website could make better comercials for them cause we know there products better than they do,btw sent from my Blackberry Playbook

Is the Playbook efficient on data while on BB Bridge? I am considering one after I upgrade to the Bold 9900 and I would like to know if I should also be considering to upgrade to the 5GB High-speed and Unlimited slow speed data from T-Mo. I am currently on the 2GB high speed and unlimited slow speed and it is more than adequate. I barely use 100MB (Max) while on the network, I update my apps and do most of my internet use while on Wi-fi (of course that'll change when the Playbook comes along)

I can't stand this voice over guy... he just sounds confused. Probably the crappy copy, but unless you KNOW blackberry and BBM well, you're not going to understand what the PB is really doing in this commercial. I think RIM should highlight one feature at a time to show what it really can do, then tie it all together once people are familiar with the base functionality.

"You can enjoy the best of your phone on your playbook" ? I think this speaks to RIMs misguided marketing strategy. If people wanted a nice screen but no keyboard for their email and messaging they wouldn't be Blackberry owners in the first place. Why would I reply to an email or BBM using the playbook screen and not the phone keyboard? And they're pushing this is a big selling point? This is why it's getting hosed in the marketplace. It's an AMAZING tablet hardware wise, just unleash it and let it compete in the market place RIM and stop trying to sell it as a godamm palm folio!

I love my PlayBook only a week old I have the 32gb model and its awesome in so many ways. This comercial just shows a few things. The bridge browser is very fast and no problems for me.

i don't think running a ad about the bridge feature is a good look...only because it plays into what ppl continue to think, that u have to have a BB to use the playbook. Your die hard BB fans know about the feature and have or either going to get the PB because of brand loyalty but it alienates those that are not BB users

I've been wondering if video chat was possible over Bridge, and I never came across the answer. Could someone confirm this?

Why would RIM advertise video chat over Bridge if it wasn't possible then? Yeesh. They're always shooting themselves in the foot.

I think Bridge is a great idea and I think your going to see Apple and others, come out with their own version. Why? First off, your not paying an extra $$$ a month to yourt cell carrier for service. One PB can be used by more that one person. There are 3 BB users in my house, everyone has the PB paired so who every wants to use the PB now has their email and BBM connect no extra steps. Its a mulit-user interface where you just login by connecting your BB. I took mine to work last week to show the Apple Fan Boy Club we have, as they have aways kicked on it for not have 3G or email. But once they saw it, and than connected it to 4 other BB users in the office. You could see thiers opening to how great of an idea bridge really is.

RIM please give us spellcheck first over native email.

Absolutely love the Bridge feature. My goal is to use Desktop/Laptop less and BB/PB more. Bridge is a step towards doing just that.

Hi @dosto,

Alex from RIM here. Glad you’re enjoying BlackBerry Bridge. We want PlayBook users to be as productive as possible in any situation, and it definitely sounds like you’re doing just that.

Besides the ability to mirror your BlackBerry smartphone PIM applications on the PlayBook’s larger screen via a secure Bluetooth connection, you can also browse the full Web (including millions of Flash and HTML5 sites) and connect your PlayBook to an HDMI-enabled HDTV for an even larger screen!

When you can, check out this post from our Inside BlackBerry Help Blog that offers five tips on getting the most out of BlackBerry Bridge:

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

See, I always felt Bridge was a FEATURE. The problem is, the competition has been able to spin it into a disadvantage (heavens! no native e-mail!).

Conceptually, Bridge isn't too far off from that Palm Folio thing a few years back. In that case, it was an interesting idea but a crappy execution. Here, it works well, and as far as I'm concerned, yes, I DO have native e-mail and calendar. AND I can use it for casual browsing without racking up a massive data charge.

Here's RIM's problem, though. Bridge essentially makes the PB a phone accessory, and an expensive one at that. For those of us who have the phones, it's no big deal, but for pretty much everyone else it presents a barrier.

I don't need it myself, but RIM really needs native e-mail on this thing to make it a self-contained device and so that they can tell the critics to STFU.

RIM can't say in the ad "Get around your carrier's tethering fees by using the bridge". I mean that's why most consumers would find the bridge appealing. But RIM can't or won't say it.

They are missing a subtle ad trick here.

Why don't the ad guys make the ad itself swipe to a new scene when the PB is swiped? When it's swiped up, you could see lots of people using their PB as though the ad itself is on a PB.

A way to push the multitasking identity out without ramming it down your throat.

Just a thought.

Oh, and as already mentioned: *sigh* "Screen images simulated".