New BlackBerry PlayBook ad - Why can't every tablet do that?

By Bla1ze on 2 May 2011 09:22 pm EDT

Another new ad for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been added to the BlackBerry YouTube page, although we've not seen it air on as of yet -- it's a pretty awesome video that oddly enough, shows off some clips of the upcoming Thor movie as well. Have a look, drop some comments in the forums or on the post and let us know your thoughts. With a new software update rolling out, Facebook now available and more on the way -- I think we'll see plenty more RIM marketing for the BlackBerry PlayBook arrive soon. 

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New BlackBerry PlayBook ad - Why can't every tablet do that?


Maybe the CMO leaving is not a bad thing and the new marketing company is paying dividends. Finally a cool commercial from RIM.

Impressive Ad - too bad it wont ever air in my country but brilliant marketing -- I so badly want to drool over Thor now.

Looking at the coverage of BB World on my playbook tonight through the News 360 app. It's very noticeable that US coverage (main stream) is generally negative, while outside the US (and I don't mean Canada) is much more positive. Not sure how RIM can counter the negative bias of US media which they have to take some responsibility for (late to innovate). I do think more commercials like this are needed. They need to aim stuff like this not only to consumers but to the media. That is they need to put out stuff that reporters just can't ignore.

I believe that most tech reporters are walking around with iPhones and iPads and people get really attached to their phones (as well all know) This just means has to work very hard o their image.

Good news is I sense that reporters are willing to give QNX on phones a chance, but I'm pretty disappointed about coverage of the PLaybook. I sense newer reviews are better but from what I know in using it the Playbook is just fantastic, this news is not getting through. I hope ads like this help.

man!! wish they didn't have to cheap it out at the end saying that the images were simulated. would have been much better had that been an actual demo!

Love this commercial. PS - Also love the fact that CTV News (in Canada) for its election coverage was using a Playbook to send webpages showing pictures, tweets, and so forth through HDMI out onto a big screen. Was very entertaining watching the female reporter flicking through different websites and seeing the browser load everything blazingly fast. :)

I contend that the showcase feature serves no useful need or want. Will any one really watch a movie and play a game in tiny windows displayed at the same time? No. You will desire to pause the movie or game while you surf the web, check email, etc. Of course playing web music and multitasking is available on every tablet.

If i am missing a real world use for the showcase mode please share. It seems like it is a demo feature to impress onlookers.

you missed the whole point up until your last sentence. It's suppose to impress with the power this little thing can actually do. In real world uses, you wouldn't normally have all those things open but hey at least it gives you the option.

traditional ways of getting work done still doesn't make me want to get a tablet but I can definitely appreciate what it can do and its unique take on the tablet market with the blackberry phones and its multi-tasking capabilities.

Did anyone notice there were two separate instances of the browser running? That's not possible on a PlayBook. Little detail, but they should have had one video running in the video app and another in the browser. That way, it really could have been possible all that was running at the same time.

RIM please add zoom to the video camera and while you're add it please add OoVoO, Yahoo Messenger and Skype to the list so we're not just stuck only able to do Playbook to Playbook voice/video calls. Also, Please add a dock like the rapid charging dock that has full size USB, HDMI and SDHC slot, as well the ability to connect and sync with the computer. Lastly, please let us connect external Hard drive, video camera or printer to the PB so that we can transfer/copy/view files on the PB.

Let's add all that so this thing becomes a PC. And step back in time 10 years to Microsoft's crappy UMPC's. You would have loved them - Microsoft and its partners sold about 10 of them.

3 words..."Screen Images Simulated"

this ad means nothing. This ad is a lie with simulated screens. I'll hold judgement until this is in my hands.

i agree that it's a shame they had to put that in there, but it was to make all the videos time perfectly.

my playbook can do all that, cept for having multiple browsers open at the same time haha

Sorry... Its no LIE.. I have one in my hands and it does everything it shows.


Just sold a managing partner and he now wants one.


Just hope with the updates out now and native Email etc. on the way, the media will revisit the PlayBook and give it the street cred it deserves.

Looks sweet. I played with one in Best Buy and man it's a cool device. I won't be getting one though. RIMM can shove that partnership up with Microsoft/Bing. I'll never buy another berry again. HTC Flyer/some phone combo here I come.

1) I like the subtle background shots of people talking / texting on their Blackberry devices.
2) I wish they picked a better part of that J-Lo video to show.
3) I don't like how the advertisement relies so heavily on showing the video-playing capabilities of the Playbook, although this is one of the biggest selling-points. I mean, Thor, music video, snowboarding... then Need for Speed.
4) I don't understand how they are swiping to different open apps, they're not swiping from the bezel... ?

I hope each advertisement shows a different 'use' of the Playbook while re-enforcing the multitasking capabilities.