New BlackBerry Messenger to Launch October 7th?!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2009 04:49 pm EDT
BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 Launching October 7th?!

Dang. Apparently I'll have to eat my own words on this one. So for the longest time both me and most members of the BlackBerry community have referred to the "new BlackBerry messenger" as BBM 5.0. Then, after hearing from so many RIM-connected peeps that internally "it's not BBM 5, but more like BBM 2 or BBM 2.5 depending on the device" then today we receive this email on the tipline with following update and overview:

BlackBerry® Messenger 5.0

Launch Date: Global - October 7, 2009

BlackBerry® Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows BlackBerry Smartphone users to send and receive instant messages with other BlackBerry Smartphone users.

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 is the latest release.


  • Enhanced SMS -Allows for a conversational chat-like user experience with a single contact list for the most personal mobile-to-mobile communications
    • Note: BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and later is required for the SMS functionality.
  • Avatars - Users can choose a picture from the BlackBerry Smartphone gallery and save it as their personal avatar, which will be seen by their contacts. They can also view other avatars in the contact list and zoom in on the avatars of contacts participating in a conversation by selecting "View participants."
  • Large Media File Transfer - Users can send/receive large file transfers up to 6 megabytes for pictures, files and audio.
    • Note: BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 is required to receive large media files.
  • Enhanced Group Functionality - Allows for the ability to update, share & communicate with a subset community.
  • Bar-code Identity - A user can add a contact to the BlackBerry Messenger contact list by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that invitees can capture with their device cameras.
  • Reliable Contact Backup and Restore - Contacts are backed-up on a server and do not require the need for BlackBerry® Desktop Manager.

So apparently RIM's market brand team decided to skip BBM 2, 3 and 4 and call it BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 to bring it in alignment with the OS 5.0 rollout that'll be taking place soon. Although hopefully even older devices that won't get OS 5.0 will be able to get BBM 5.0. But I doubt many in this case really care about the name game. What matters here is the expected launch date... October 7th! The BBM 5.0 support email went out to BlackBerry partners today so the info should hold legit, though of course we all know launch dates can change. But the 7th is only two sleeps away so we shall soon see if the info holds true. Excited much?!

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New BlackBerry Messenger to Launch October 7th?!!



"Note: BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and later is required for the SMS functionality."

You can use threaded text until your face soon as OS 5.0 is released

After using the threaded SMS in a leaked 5.0, to me the real question is can we turn the threaded sms off? Will it be optional?

IMO, it was the worst part of the 5.0 OS

your (yo̵or; often yôr)
possessive pronominal adjective
of, belonging to, made by, or done by you: also used before some formal titles Your Honor, Your Majesty
INFORMAL the: used to designate a typical member of a group or class: often followed by average

Bite me;) I had it correct.

Arguing that just makes you look...
Seriously, you meant to type "you are an idiot", with a contracted "You are". There is no case in which "you are" can be contracted to just "your".

So you were right about someone being an ID-10-T, just not the right person.

WOW read the whole definition.
Here is the captured part that you should have read:
INFORMAL the: used to designate a typical member of a group or class.

I was putting into a group, not singling one out.

Sorry gtstang, but rimbuk is right. You are = you're're-and-Your

It is a contraction, or a combination of, the words you and are. Other examples of contractions include doesn't, they're, and can't.

You use "your" in things like "Is that yours?"
You use "you're" in things like "You are an idiot." or "You are a democrat." ;)

This is the funniest thing I've (as in "I have") seen all day and I just finished 2 episodes of Family Guy.

I mean, the rebuttal was classic.

This is so funny. I have classic debates with my friend, the "Grammar Nazi." This kind of reminds me of it but without the bunch of people and its not public.

WOW!! I'm floored... Did you really cut and paste a definition of the word to try and justify the INCORRECT usage of a contraction?? I see it everyday, the English language has gone to hell with the advent of text messaging... I think we know who the real "I-D-10-Tango" is.

I promise that with me it has nothing to do with text messaging. I get on everyone that sends me a text to use proper grammar. So I miss your-you're once in a blue moon. Don't text me with "do u want 2 c a movie" I won't answer you.

Your cool for putting your worthless pennies in there. Seeing how I had already admitted to English not being my strong subject. :rollseyes:

ID-10-T is a "cool" way of writing idiot. I used quotations around "cool" to try to emphasize the amount of sarcasm I was using. Hope it worked ;)

Ok, so English isn't my best subject. I will admit. I failed it 3 time before I gave up on it in high school. That is why spell check is my best friend, both in texting on my phone as well as typing on the PC. In my mind I had it right though as I wasn't trying to single the person out, but rather include them into a group. If you read through my posts I think that you will find very few grammatical errors by comparison to the majority of people that do post on this website.

What you fail to understand is that spell check will not point out the improper use of "your" because it is still a word spelled correctly. "Your" and "you're" are what we refer to as homophones...words that are pronounced the same but have different meaning and sometimes a different spelling. This is 3rd grade grammar, not a high school AP class.

OK - We all agree that GSTANG is an idiot and doesn't know how to write and he even admitted to the fact (though, only after fighting the definition that he, himself, posted). That's all fine...but, you guys are wasting commenting space on trashing this guy instead of adding a valuable comment to the article.

BTW - Does anyone know how BBM 5.0 would be released to the general public? Would it come via a carrier update or a download from RIM via AppWorld or direct from

I am an idiot because I can't use your properly in a sentence. Yet you do not know me and I do not know you, but I bet you have done and argued idiotic things in your lifetime(note the proper usage).

This is great news! I've been hearing so much about this and I'm looking foward to checking it out!

If I already have this... will I need to delete and reinstall, or can I just keep using what I got weeks ago?

That's a good question... I'm running BBM 5.0 on my 8900 and I'm wondering if this will be easily available as an OTA download to replace it.

I have bb 8900 running on and LOVE using BBM 5.0 with no problems at all. I'm waiting for the official OS 5.0 so.. let's see.

6mb upload/download sounds great. Will the carrier's such as Verizon honor that? or will they limit the mb upload/download?

Does just mean that it will work with OS 5.0. Because all the features above seem like to be the same oas the bbm that is out now

I lol'd.... then I saw who was making the post and really lol'd.

No offense man, just from what transpired earlier it was funny.

Don't you mean "That is A question for the carriers"? I thought you didn't make a lot of grammatical Just picking on you...:-)

that an awful lot of these releases are mentioning OS 5.0? Does this mean we will get official releases of said OS soon?

I think I am actually more excited about all the references to "needs OS 5.0 to work". To me that indicates an official OS 5.0 release can't be all that far off! :)

Is Blackberry OS/software version or higher still required for 81xx/83xx/88xx devices in order for the official version of Blackberry Messenger 5 to work? The leaked version of Blackberry Messenger 5 required version or higher in order for it to work on 81xx/83xx/88xx devices so I'm wondering if that has changed with the official version.

The problem is that most people don't update their OS. I know some people that tried to install BBM5 on their devices that had too old a version of the BB OS (because they didn't know any better) and of course it didn't work and I think they lost the old version of BBM too. The average person gets a link from their friend for BBM5 for their Curve or Pearl or whatever so they just try to download it without understanding the BB OS requirements.

With our luck and impatiently waiting for it, it will probably be delayed. I wouldn't count on it until Oct 17 and possibly November 17.

Good News letss hope this really happens the main reason I check crackberry every 45 mins. Is to see if there's a new BBM leak. I'm running .230 and the only thing to me that's missing is bbm 5.0. To me this is what the storm should been when I brought it 11 months ago.

Rodstar - you made me feel better - because I do the same damn thing all to see if BBM has been updated or if OS5 is out finally lol. Thanks for helping me feel less crazy about it!

BBM 5.0 that works with OS 4.7 was leaked in July. BBM 5.0 that works with OS 5.0 has yet to be seen. The ability for this BBM 5.0 to work with OS 5.0 is what makes this big news. People who have been running a leaked OS 5.0 have been chomping at the bit for news like this.

Finally. I have been running os 5.0 on my Tour and really miss 5.0 bbm. This literally made my Monday become 100% times better. This better be true.

Now all we need is the official os 5.0 and we will all be happy BlackBerry owners.

C'monnnnn RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will this new BBM support OS 5.0? I currently have OS 5 on my 8330 and I can't seem to get BBM5 on it. It says that it is downloaded but then when I try to access it it will not do anything. It just takes up memory. And how will we be notified on downloading this?

did you read the post? there's functionality of it that ONLY works in OS 5.0, so it's fairly safe to assume that it will work with OS 5.0... :l

WOOOOOO!!! I am so excited!! I have been holding off on anything 5.0 til it got official! But I have heard many many great things about BBM5.0 especially the barcode pin adder!!!

October 7th marked down in bold red letters on my calendar!

Don't screw us over RIM, had enough of your fun and stupid games.

it better come out on the 7th~! or else...

:D YAY 2 more days!!

As a 5.0 user and running the 4.7 messenger i would love to have my old 5.0 messenger back, just like so many others.

As a 5.0 user and running the 4.7 messenger i would love to have my old 5.0 messenger back, just like so many others.

I don't know what the big deal is, I have had the same sms on my tour since the leaked OS 5.0.. I think it is sooooo awesome anyways. I hope they release the offical version of OS 5.0 at the same time.

I don't know Paul, I have the OS 5.0 working on my Tour, and the SMS looks and works just fine. All my apps worked except the Quick Pull Lite free app.

If you have BBM 5.0 on your BB then your not running OS 5.0. The BBM that works with OS 5.0 is not out there yet, hence the reason so many people want it.

its about time. i'll be on the hunt for it on wednesday. hope it'll be like the 238 release and be somewhere online right when i wake up. ready and just waiting for me to upgrade... !!

Heck yeah! I downloaded the leaked BBM back in July and it totally did not work right on my Tour. That's when I decided not to download anymore leaked crap again. No matter how long I hafta wait on something to be official I can and will do! OCT. 7TH looks like it'll be a fine day!

sorry to hear that, maybe you got a wrong version? the leaked bbm has worked beautifully on my gf's tour for months...

I've been using it on both of my old Berries as well as my unlocked Storm on Tmobile. It's such a better bbmsger than the older versions.

My brother got it to work on his Tour but that was through Sprint. The OS that Verizon sets to their devices is always delayed so to use leaked software like this you have to find an OS that works on the device that is newer from another carrier.

Now Paul, I expect comments like these from the newbs, but I expect better from you. You know Kevin doesn't hold back from the community... At least after a couple of days of private trials.

Facebook, app world, threaded SMS, and now I'm getting BBM 5.0 back.......Finally leaked .230 will be everything its suppose to be!!!!! Can't wait

◦Note: BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and later is required for the SMS functionality.

this is the kicker. why roll out this update if you can not use it without a leak ????? we all know RIM does not want us running leaks. ;). but than again, why would they roll this out BEFORE the OS? =(

Sucks the SMS is only for 5.0 or higher. My poor little Curve 8310 will have to suffer without. I hope the new BBM works on my Curve.

since the 8330 os 5.0 leaked is it safe to assume that it will get the bbm 5.0 also? When this is released, will it be pushed to the phone and updated or do you have to use the DM to update it?

why would you release something that isnt fully funtional unless you have another thing that isnt even in existance yet other then the leaked versions?? seems like they are getting ahead of themselves a little too fast. They should bring out OS 5.0 then BBM 5.0 right after....but then again....that would make too much sense!

It is fully functional. The functionality depends on what OS you run. Dont tell me that every single BB user will upgrade to 5.0 out there. And we know that this update won't be mandatory either, but we will get an annoying little screen every time we open BBM saying there's an update.

I guess it is per say "fully funtional" but some options wont be available to people who are not using OS 5.0 which will be alot of blackberry users who are not using a leaked version of 5.0.....see what im saying? why not just wait and bring it all out as a package?

Well - honestly they already have. BES 5.0 isn't fully functional without a handheld having OS 5.0 - it's call a ramp up period - I know it's painful because we want it all at once, but let's give RIM a break... some progress is better than rumors and no progress.

Damn!! This is real!!Its been month since I telling my self to wait for the official release on the new bbm!! And its finally here.. Just 2 more days to go!! What a mind job!!! hell yeah ill wait! Come on RIM do your best for us!!

Damn!! This is real!!Its been month since I telling my self to wait for the official release on the new bbm!! And its finally here.. Just 2 more days to go!! What a mind job!!! hell yeah ill wait! Come on RIM do your best for us!!

hmmm...from the screenshot, it appears that someone must already have a leak of the actual final release. I see they fixed the smileys and made them cute again like the old bbm! I also see they are touting the large image size transfer. So does that mean we are stuck with the lousy download and forced to crop and what-not that we've been hoping RIM would abandon?

Umm... excuse me RIM, but i see that you are still imposing a an ultra tight leash on the transfer limit... If you're going to be so stingy, why not at least 10mb as a minimum. I know you are trying to please the p2p hating crowd (RIAA/MPAA) with this move, but i think that having a limit set that is realistic up to the times, is what would set you apart from the competition. Come on let me utilize my 6gb data plan. If you catch my drift. Have another thing to brag about when talking about blackberries which will ultimately help you in your sales. Now i know it can be done easily so why wont you just type in a few keys into your servers or release some update and increase the file limit to something that is not so low. We are not in the mid 90's anymore...

"Large Media File Transfer - Users can send/receive large file transfers up to 6 megabytes for pictures, files and audio."

That's pathetic.... HA

bbm with sms? you've had that? well, where have you been hiding, nobody here has that, you must have somebody in the know...

the mods over at a week ago made a comment like STOP TALKING ABOUT NEW BBM ITS NOT COMING OUT ANYTIME SOON. so i posted this news, then quoted that mod and said he now appeared to be grotesquely wrong, much like most of their material that isn't directly copied from here. which prompted a mob of mod hammering my email saying they have more reputable sources than crackberry, and that i must be smoking crackberries...seriously a bunch of little girls over there, they claim its not getting released and their sources say its still reporting over 200 bugs.

It tripps me out how this topic got side tracked on this subject about grammer and the way idiot was typed(ID-10-T) when it was really a thread on BBM 5.0 LOL

It was about other grammatical errors in his post. It only became prolonged because he argued an invalid point. BTW, it's "grammar", not "grammer". OMG I'm so just kidding!!!

I use bbm DAILY and my friends send random pics to me via bbm. What I hate about the new bbm is that I "have to" save the pics to view it when I don't really want to save those pics, then I'd have to go to media to delete them. Waste of my time!! I like one thing from the old bbm is that I could just view the pics and not have to save into my bb. U know.. hope the new bbm released in two days doesn't do that!!

I been running the bbm5 for a while now, so hopefully the official release will bring a few more features. I just hope there is an easy OTA link to just replace what I have instead of having to uninstall and reinstall.

Too good to be if I can just find the newest 5.0.0238 leak link that still works! They have all been taken down. :(

I lost BBM5 for OS 5 when they release it last week for my Curve 8330 (ok, leaked it), 4.7 isn't as cool as 5.0, yay RIM! Can we get a Halloween present too (hint hint, official OS 5.0 perhaps), lol! Too bad I'm on Sprint and we'd be lucky to get it for Easter if it was released in October.

I just hope that the bugs have been fixed. I would love to brag about how Rim really did it this time. I use my bbm a lot with my daughter and we enjoy bbm so much that we are addicted to it for sure. I've noticed the problem with files transfer and really hope that they corrected it for us faithful bb users and abusers.

Looking forward to the update sometime tomorrow..... then maybe we will get the 5.0 OS folling that sometime soon.....

*Enhanced Group Functionality - Allows for the ability to update, share & communicate with a subset community*

Can someone explain what does this function mean???

Like a ding-dong I deleted BBM thinking I would never use it once I bought my Curve 8320. Where can I go to reinstall it?

I dont know but I am guessing we will all be disappointed, it will probably be the official release of of the BBM and us OS users will still be using BBM for 4.7

well if you even read 1/10 of the article you just commented on you would clearly see that it has features that don't have, and that some of those features are OS 5.0 specific, so obviously its a different version and will work with OS 5.

already have the leaked version. and went crazy installing it on all my friends berry's my question is will i be able to get the official version on my 8310 4.5?

could be a stupid question, but what exactly is the difference between the threaded SMS i have with my "leaked" .230 and what the new BBM 5 is going to offer?

I notice that some features are only available with bbm5.0.8 when wifi is turned on. These features include the 6mb file transfer and the option to show when you are on a call.

will this be compatible with the unofficial version of the 5.0? I hope so...I had the unofficial BBm2 before I upgraded to the unofficial OS five-O and thot is was very good. I want it back....

"Bar-code Identity - A user can add a contact to the BlackBerry Messenger contact list by displaying a 2-dimensional bar code that invitees can capture with their device cameras. "

how is this barcode thing going to work?

Sitting in front of the computer and watching my phone checking the wireless upgrade to see if its there but its not. I had to try.

would having the Beta OS currently on my BB if im trying to get the REAL BBM or 5.0 OS?would i have to downgrade or no?

VERYYYYY interesting...

on google today...barcorde is the topic

today is the barcode anniversary

and the new BBM which is supposed to launch today...can use barcodes

coincidence?? I think NOT


I LOVE MY Blackberry

so it looks like there wont be a midnight release....i just hope i wont be asking the same question in 24 hours from now...

amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg .. works kind of like the aim on sidekick but on steroids and much much much better!!!!

Can anyone else confirm availablity via this route? I'm away from my home PC.
Dr.S, what carrier do you have, and what device/OS?

Anyone else trying from within BBM? menu, options, menu, check for upgrade?
Mine says unable to check for upgrade. I don't know if it has always been this way cuz I've never tried before.

im going to take a screen shot of desktop manager im using a pc now and it is still giving me the option also!

i have the "check for update" but when i do try to check for it i get a message saying "unable to check for update. please try again later."

Calling BS says he has Rogers his profile which just opened 10 days ago says he has At&t. And he is the only one who has gotten the update.

1:54AM PST and still nothing through DM or OTA, application center or anything. I'm calling BS, and it looks like i'm going to bed. Lets hope its here when i wake up.

I am excited that the offical update is coming..hopefully today! I tried the beta and it caused mey messenger to go away. I want to use it like my friends on my blackberry Curve 8900!

When I go into options, there's no option to upgrade, only requests, conversations, status & miscellaneous settings to amend.

Is this the same as everyone else?

when you go to options, you then hit the menu button, and check for upgrade is in the menu, not the list in options

It seems like it hasn't been posted yet.

That being said, it's interesting how you now have to "search" through for BBM. I swore it used to be lumped with Instant Messaging. Now, it seems to be buried as a business solution. In the past, it used to be up front as a messaging solution for everyone. I can only assume they pulled a lot of the old links in anticipation of the new version (whenever that will be).

...because here in germany its allready 1:30pm on the 7th of October :-)
That makes waiting for it even worse :-(

Second person to post that link it is from July it is the LEAKED version we are waiting for official!!

Thanks but its not the new BBM 5...
See the date? its Posted on 18 July 2009. its the leaked
We are waiting for the new official release which suppose to post somewhere today....

Yea Sorry guys.
Dont do the link i posted, my blackberry messenger is now completely gone. WTF!!! I hope 5.0 comes out soon as i cant load the old BBM back on because my phone is 5.0.

Sorry Guys and Gals

I had the same exact problem with deleting bb messenger and i was on the phone with sprint with 4 different people and they couldnt do anything i had to go into the store and they couldnt fix it they had to give me a new blackberry, my initial problem was my bb messenger contacts kept disappering every couple of weeks so they told me to delete it and reinstall it and it couldnt be installed over the phone or the blackberry site or the store after a hard reset and everything

i am still freaking waiting for the update and nothing yet i hate freaking waiting man bb needs to hurry up with the update.

Its just 2:30pm there, here it is 4.47pm and stil nothing... LOL
eventhough we got 7th october before than the US still we have to wait for them

its only 9:50am here in Waterloo, lets not get all panicky until the day's done... even if they release it at 10:00pm tonight they're still upholding the date

i wouldnt be suprised if it wasnt released today seeing what RIM did with desktop manager for mac. dont tease us again

OMG You guys are way too impatient. It's not the end of the world it's not released today right? I would rather have a stable messenger rather than one that could potentially do harm to my Tour hence why I think it was more than likely delayed. I can wait...Go live your lives please.

the point is people haven been waiting a lot time for this, so when you give a release date and don't hold to it its annoying and frustrating. If they didnt set a release date noone would have a problem with it not coming out today

Point taken but the day is not over, for all it's worth, it could be released on Oct 7th @ 11:59. A little patience can go a long way instead of complaining about BBM not being released yet.

how about dropping a msg to eachother's PIN whoever finds the update. coz am not gonna keep pressing F5/refresh !

If sounds good 'reply' to this with PIN #

Seriously folks, its 10AM. The rush wont make it any better. I prayed last night, so hopefully it will come today mid afternoon. Just be patient. The offices at RIM just opened at 9. Give them time.

How do we think this will be deployed? Via OTA Wireless Update, carrier-specific links, an AppWorld update, or a direct link to somewhere???

I'm also curious whether or not only official OS releases will get the update vs. those of us that are already running OS 5.0.xx.xx leaked releases?? I haven't a clue or an opinion on this one...