New BlackBerry Messenger in Indonesia Video: HellBobs Tattoo

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Jan 2011 11:22 am EST

I'm now back home after my trip to Indonesia for BlackBerry DevCon Asia. There are a few posts left to hit the blogs from the trip (Indonesia internet didn't like me uploading vids to youtube for some reason), but in the meantime while I get those posts together here's a new user Indo BlackBerry Messenger user video. In this video, Bobby and Ucha from HellBobs talk about their passion in the art of tattooing and how BBM has helped them to connect with their clients and exchange ideas on what tattoo design is perfect for them.

Unless you actually hit a city like Jakarta and see it with your own eyes, it's actually pretty hard to convey just how over the top the BlackBerry use there is. I hit up some restaurants where literally every person had their BlackBerry either in hand or on the table, or in some cases two or three devices. It was pure BlackBerry craziness.  

In the video, Bobby says he belongs to 20 BBM groups and has over 500 contacts on his BlackBerry. Not too shabby. How does that stack up to your BlackBerry Messenger list?

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New BlackBerry Messenger in Indonesia Video: HellBobs Tattoo


500 contacts and 20 BBM groups are normal around here in Indonesia...i was a part of 31 groups and 1018 contacts...but kills my battery and too many broadcast so i have to narrow it down to 418 contacts + only 2 groups left now.. lol

I started using BlackBerry because most of my indonesian friends are using it and i felt a lil bit left out (lol). But the BIS is so cheap in Indonesia! I'm so jealous because i have to pay 7x more here in Brunei. Sigh..

I have a total of 6 people in my BBM contact list, and have never belonged to a bbm group in my 3 years using a Blackberry. Not that I don't want to have more contacts or use groups.....It's just that my group of friends don't use Blackberry.

@Andrew, you could always try making more friends that are BB users. That's what I did.

The only person I knew personally who had a BB (and influenced my decision to switch) went Android shortly before I got my Torch.

So should I be by myself or look to make some friends who have BB's? I chose to reach out and try to make more friends since I didn't want to miss out on BBM. It's now my favorite feature.

More friends never hurt anybody.

hahaha of oh yes indo rocks for bbm for sure, i like groups they help keep a list of 100+ organized what do you think, just will like to see them out of the main field on the outside.

20 groups or more shouldn't be a noise pollution. Just turn off the group notification sound, and you can just read them when you please. The problem is whether your blackberry will lag after all those group messages LoL

anyway, yeap, that's Indonesia alright. EVERYBODY, no, E V E R Y B O D Y has a blackberry somehow, even if some of them DON'T actually use it for their purpose (no bbm or bis service, just phone and sms), it has become a social status in Indonesia hahaha welcome to Indonesia :D

The company i'm working for give all managers and higher a BB so they can push u to work 24 hours...yeah, BB is a dangerous thing for us.

come and look at in Thailand (Bangkok). here BB craziness are everywhere, schools, university, office worker to all business area. :)