New Software: Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry

Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jul 2008 12:47 am EDT

Taking my nightly stroll through the software store I stumbled upon this new app for all the lady CrackBerry Addicts out there and just felt an immediate responsbility to post on it... Allow me to introduce you to Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry.

Developed by S4BB, Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry allows you to keep track of your period. Features include:

  • Benefits: Keep your diary. Anywhere. Anytime. Mobile.
  • Sort: Entries are showed to you in the order you created them.
  • Export: Allows you to export your entries to share or transfer entries to your computer.
  • Export Formats: Text files, HTML, and even MemoPad entries.
  • Statistics: Figure out your longest, shortest and average period. 
You can pick up Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry for $9.99 from I won't be giving the app a test run, so if you buy it be sure to report back with your comments!

Side Note: I just realized we don't have enough female voices in the CrackBerry Blogs. So if you're a hardcore female CrackBerry Addict and think you have the interest, experience, attitude and talent to write for us, I want to hear from you. Shoot me an email at kevin at (put Blog Writer in the subject)!

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New Software: Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry


it`s not for females only....
in some cases it`s good to know when your wife
has her period(or special day`s).
like - darling can i buy me the new bold or i need a
expensive tool for my curve....

I am happy to see that there are more and more applications coming to the market for stuff like this. I am hoping someone might develop tracking software for people that are diabetic like me. It would great to keep track of my blood sugar thought out the day. I started to use BB alarm to help with taking my blood sugar and with a tracking program; it would make life a lot easier.

WahhhH!!!! My last sacred haven from all things period related has now been invaded! The TV non stop now NoooooO!!!! Say it isn't so..
Ha ha... :)

How thoughtful of S4BB to come up with this novel idea. I mean really, do I need a program to tell me when I am going to have my period? Are the food cravings, cramps, and sudden mood swings not enough to tell me that Aunt Flo is coming for a visit. And really I don't care how long my period was 4 months ago, or how many days on average it lasts. Thanks anyway.

I guess me not being able to squeeze into my jeans,having to wear sweat pants for a few days, giving the evil eye to all offenders (real and imagined) and eating all the chocolate cake wouldn't be an indicator...hummm

Representing the geek female population here. I don't know anyone who uses something like this. If you need to keep track you can use a calendar. If you are in a situation where you need more detail, there are free tools with many more features. (

I'm a little annoyed at companies making recipe databases and menstrual calendars, who think they are catering to the "female market". I'd much rather have a good affordable ssh client any day.


Definately not on my top list of apps to buy for my berry, but I can see how someone out there in web-land would think women would buy this.

I'm thinking this will be at least as beneficial to the men in a relationship... keep track of that time of the month... etc

Those of us with fertility issues or medical situations like endometriosis need this type of information. It's actually a great idea.

This might be good for those women who are trying to get pregnant, but I am with a bunch of women who have posted. I know when it is time for the visit. The chocolate cravings, not being nice to the male population (thank goodness I have girls. My poor husband), can't fit into clothes that I was able to a day ago. Otherwise, I have enough stuff on my Blackberry now. And not really in the mood to try to explain what the heck I have something on there like this. So, Kevin, nope not even going to come close to installing this on my device.

"Oh Marsha, LOOK! My last period was only 22 days ago... my 8830 says so! Isn't it special??"

WHO MADE THIS PROGRAM?? Musta been some guys!! Let me at 'em! I'll rip 'em apart!!! No I am NOT PMS'ing!!! GET ME SOME CHOCOLATE!! GET ME SOME SALT!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! :o)

I can see it now....

Hey darling, do you want to eat out tonight?

What?!?!?! Like I want to go out every night or something.... what's wrong with you??!?!?!

WTF is up with her? :confused:
Oh snap, let me check my BB.... yep, that explains the bitch attitude... it's that time of the month. Damn, I should have set the alarm reminder for it. There's always next month to test that. :p

Alright, boy's night out!!! :Billy Madison:

This is soooooo stupid. I do not need a program to track my time of the month. I know when it's's always the same! This is the beauty of birth control. This is a waste of memory space......

I agree with Civic98 up there: You thought you've seen it all...
In my opinion, this is... just... there aren't even words for it. *smacks palm on forehead*
I dunno, maybe I'm the runt in the bunch, but do other ladies really write down when they have their periods? Do you really keep track of it that explicitly?

Pa-lease! This gal has better things to do. *runs off in search of Guitar Hero*

No offense, but I'll be saving my money and memory on this ap.

Well it is very obvious that none of you really battle with infertility, and for those who does a proper created tool might do the trick, where you will actually be able to monitor your cycles, your mucus, your BBT etc...

For the lady who doesn’t use the tracking mechanism, ya you’re lucky if you don't suffer from infertility, but for those of you who know what I am talking about, the tool could have come in handy if it was created with more features...

And maybe this is one of those? What is the benefit of this anyway? What sort of OCD records-keeper needs to calculate their long-term menstrual cycle statistics....and be able to export and share these with others? If people are using this as some sort of aid to the antiquated "rythm method" of birth control (the reproductive version of Russian roulette), it begs the question: is a woman who lives in a developed nation where there is BlackBerry service, and who is sophisticated enough to be using a BlackBerry herself, also likely to be depending upon the rythm method to avoid unwanted pregnancy? Probably not.

Maybe this is for women who are trying to get pregnant? But wouldn't it be much simpler to observe when your last period wnded, and then start having alot of unprotected sex following that? I love my BlackBerry, but I would have serious concerns about procreating with a woman that feels she needs to use her BlackBerry as part of that process ;)

IMHO this is an application that lets you track something that just is not neccessary to track on your BlackBerry. Also, I think they should have picked a much grumpier chick for the cover art. I don't know any women that are in such perky good spirits when they are at the height of their period.

There are quite a few perks to knowing your cycle and when you are most fertile vs your safe "go" days. It’s a big part in FAM, and a very very effective way of preventing pregnancy w/o the use hormones, it’s actually as effective as hormones but safer. And no it is not the "Rhythm Method" as one user posted.

My wife is skinny and doesn't take the pill. So she might not get her period for months. This made it hard for us to tell when the right time to get pregnant would be. And since she's a teacher, we had to time it just right to coincide with her summer vacation. This tool would have made things a lot easier and discreet than writing her period dates on the blackboard in my home office.

Also, as a lot of men have commented, this is a great tool for the guys to be able to anticipate when to avoid getting sucked into a pre-menstrual argument which has no point and no resolution.

Would you happen to have the directions to the calender? I would to make sure I am doing it correctly.

Thank you.

I have had cervical Cancer and PCOS I have to watch my timing it's everything to me to my life if I miss a month it could mean something is wong, if my days get longer over time then something is wrong.there are some peeps scoffing at this but it really is helpful I have been doing it for years on m own but might be just a tad easier on me.

I purchased this software for my daughter and I. Ladies beware. It aint worth the 10 bux. It practically does nothing and was obviously programmed by a dude!

Save your money. Use your memo pad.

Honestly, why are people scoffing at this? If it is not for you, fine it's not for you.

Lots of people might like to use a program to keep track.

People trying to get pregnant and want to know when they are most fertile. People who don't like using hormonal BC but want to avoid having sex when they are the most fertile.

People with irregular periods, or people like me, whose periods are fairly regular but don't get very noticeable pms symptoms (I've been getting my monthly visit for 12 yeas now and I've never really had strong pms symptoms so without tracking I suddenly find myself at work or out and about and suddenly here it comes).

So i may not want to spend 10$ on THIS program. (I have found one called EZ Her Calendar that looks a little better and I think is free I may try) But don't knock it simply for being a period tracker.