New BlackBerry KickStart Images - Finally a Comparison!

BlackBerry KickStart
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jun 2008 10:50 am EDT

BerryShack got its hands on some new leaked BlackBerry KickStart photos. We've seen lots of KickStart images already, but this is the FIRST time we have actually seen the KickStart next to another device (in this case two BlackBerry Bolds) and it's the first time we have seen the device be fully functional with the OS running. Also interesting here is the date - I'm pretty sure the Bold displays in the image above say Monday, June 16th, so we know these shots are recent. BerryShack also noted these specs:

  • Internal LCD: 240×320
  • External LCD: 160×128
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • "Next Gen" SureType keyboard
  • 2 Megapixel camera
  • 16-bit color LCDs
  • Supports Wi-Fi b,g
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • 4.6 OS (not 5.0 as was previously rumored)

More images after the jump. So whaddya think? Is it a Yay! or a Yawn? Beauty or Beast?

BlackBerry KickStart

BlackBerry KickStart

BlackBerry KickStart

BlackBerry KickStart

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New BlackBerry KickStart Images - Finally a Comparison!


I think its alright, looks like they're modeling it a little bit like the Bold / Javelin with the sleek silver drop-points. But for those who don't wish to carry around a "big, gaudy" Blackberry but still want the functionality of one, they'll probably sell. I'd just be a little weary of the use as I know for prolonged use on a flip-phone, the hinges start to faulter so I wouldn't expect major corporations giving this device to people who are going to use it on a regular basis.

I think if I were in the market for a Pearl, I'd be strongly tempted to wait for the KickStart. However, I've had a Curve since November and am spoiled by the full QWERTY keyboard. I've played around with my boyfriend's Pearl and really just don't like it as much as the Curve - smaller screen, more difficult keyboard. I'm not going to wait for Rogers to bring out the KickStart, but I will definitely be hovering outside their front door the day the Bold releases!

I have been trying to convince my wife to get a Pearl because I know that she would love the features of a BB. Now that a BB is available as a flip phone I am sure that she is going to want this one! I thinks it's a nice phone.

I think this handheld will be prefered for womens, cause it´s smaller and fashion. I had a curve too and it´s awesome, only for the Bold will change, but I don´t know when it comes to Argentina..... the as of the world.

I think it looks great, although slightly bigger than I originally thought (unless he's got really small hands)...wait until I see a real one in my hands first before I'll decide. I think it'll be a big winner for all those who like a flip phone but want the functionality of Blackberry.

Really hard decision over the next 6 months as there's different appeal to all these new releases, Kickstart, Bold, Javelin & Thunder...which ever one I upgrade to I know its going to be awesome & continue my addiction :)

Honest opinion? I don't like the way the KickStart looks at all. The bottom half of the phone (the half with the keypad on it) looks too bulky. And then it looks like RIM just stuck a Razr's screen to the top half of the phone. No finesse, no style. This phone looks like the love child of a Razr and a Pearl, but it's definitely not a looker. x_x

I think the blackberry kickstart is a nice looking phone. I personally wouldn't buy it for myself, but definitely has it market out there; it would sell well. There are 2 kinds of people in this world. One kind would buy a phone no matter the size, this kind would go for features.... and the other kind likes their phone as small as possible. So for the smartphone market the kickstart would attract the second...

a smartphone type for every consumer.... this is the way to go to beat apple.

As mentioned by a few others, this phone will ensure that everyone in the market can find a Berry to their liking. That said--and I think it's important to note that I'm a male consumer-----I think it is a happy medium between a full querty and a Pearl. My first BB was a Pearl--I loved the Suretype, as it was 100% reliable for me, however it was a bit dainty for a guy plus I always carried it in the leather holster (at that time sold separately). The Kickstart has basically all of the attributes of the Pearl with (obviously) the flip functionality thereby not needing the unfashionable holster. I currently have the Gold Curve and love it. I will get the Kickstart, however still keep the Curve depending on whether I'm in a biz environment or not. Normally I like to do the Ebay phone flip when I get a new one. But really there really are no flaws to the Curve and that's what make it a keeper. Having said all this, it is evident that I can find merits in different models offered----simply put, a Home Run for RIM!

im not into flip phones, but this is a good look for blackberry... people that want something more compact will probably have an eye for this one.

Although I think it has more to do with the fact that it's being profiled along side the Bold. Anything sitting next to the Bold is going to look ugly :)

This is my next phone if AT&T or Verizon offer it. After having a RAZR, and then going to a Pearl, I'm ready to go back to a flip phone. I just don't care for how the brick style phone handles or fits me when I'm talking on it compared to a flip.
I would not go back to a non-BB though just for the flip feature!

Putting the KickStart next to the like comparing a goldfish to a piranha.

However; looking at the devices indivdually...the KickStart definitely does seem a bit large for a clamshell phone. This is evident as it rests in between the two bolds.

However, I think the KickStart will be a hit with the average consumer...particularly if its price-point is aligned to fit the budget of the masses.

The keyboard side of the flip looks thicker than the Bold (therefore even thicker than a Pearl) then close it up, and what do you get...

Porky Pearl

just a question why did so many of us purchase BB's? I thought it was because of the look, it's originality, the Bold statement it makes in appearance, it's stand alone character. My opinion and the gate post but this is what i use to use a FLIP and this again my opinion is a FLIP

If this phone it to try to bring non-BlackBerry phone users over with a more familiar style phone, they should have checked out current flip phones. New buyers will think this thing is a BRICK.

My phone before my first Pearl was a Nokia flip phone which was shorter and slightly thicker. I couldn't imagine carrying around the KickStart if it is thicker than the Pearl.

I don't think the flip aspect will be any more of an issue than with current flip phones. I've seen some pretty active "texters".

Nice try RIM, definitely a good idea, they just need to put it on the "Biggest Loser" and then it will be a hit. I think it is just too big for most new to BlackBerry users.

It would definitely be a hit, i think, but i'm a big fan of flip fones anywayz! I have a Pearl now and i jus want to see the KickStart compared to the Pearl and then we'll see which is better for consumers...

It looks nice but I've always been used to the BB as a bar phone. Also, the KickStart has a lot of room under the keyboard. Idk what's up with that? I do, however, like the guts of the phone... wi-fi b/g and 2 MP cam will do it for me! I'll use the term "nice" once again :)

I think that it's just aimed at a different market. With my curve, I am always nervous that I'm going to crack or break the screen. The flip style of the kickstart really gives you some nice protection. It will also be embraced by people who have gotten used to their flip phones. And at this price point, think of how many more friends you will be able to add to bb messenger :-P

If you like flip phones it is nice and sleek. I just think they wear out too fast (in my hands anyway) I like the pearl's size and the trackball that lights up but I'm a practical girl. I have to have the curve because of the memory. When another one comes out with larger memory, I will be jumping on that wagon. I can't wait to get my hands on a Bold, but it will be awhile because Verizon doesn't have them yet.

Well, I think the Kickstart will be a winner with people who like the clamshell factor but want something more than a simple cell phone. I realize it has suretype which doesn't come close to qwerty, but it sure beats the standard phone which takes 75 kestrokes to type 25 words!