New BlackBerry Game Balloon Filler is Fun!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Sep 2009 05:34 pm EDT

The folks at Mobigloo have just released their latest game for BlackBerry, Balloon Filler.  Balloon Fillers works both on the BlackBerry Storm and trackball/trackpad device models and sells for $2.99.

You'll want to watch the video above to see Balloon Filler in action, but the concept is pretty straight forward. The goal is to fill the screen up with balloons while avoiding the bouncing balls. You only have so many lives and balloons per level, so you have to think quick and act fast if you want to keep progressing. No free trial on this one, but it's definitely a lot of fun for just a few bucks.

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Reader comments

New BlackBerry Game Balloon Filler is Fun!


Looks pretty slick. Reminds me of that game that came with Windows with the red and blue lines that would eliminate the playing field as they were sectioned off without balls.

Can't remember the name of that game.

I'm kind of a cheapass, so I don't know if I'd spring for that game. But you never know, I could be convinced.

New school JezzBall knockoff (remembered it for ya, Bobaloo). Used to play THAT game for hours on end. Win95 FTW.

I would grab this for the Storm... dunno if I'd get it for a trackball device...

maybe there is some hidden depth that Im missing... i dont know. Just looks like I would get bored with it within 10 minutes. Maybe that's why there isn't a demo

whats up with these boring games crack, i have harry potter (HBP) and sims3 and sims castaway, you should start posting awesome games like these.

This is the best game ever made for Blackberry! wow i play it since hours and it doesnt get boring!!