New BlackBerry Feedback Tool lets your voice be heard

By Adam Zeis on 12 May 2011 04:10 pm EDT

BlackBerry Feedback Tool

If you've ever wanted a way to voice your opinion on BlackBerry functions, apps, features or whatever - now you have one. The new BlackBerry Feedback Tool will let you do just that from anywhere on your device. The app places a simple menu item on your device so with just a few clicks you can fire off a message right to RIM.

Express yourself with the BlackBerry Feedback Tool - a feedback application especially for your BlackBerry! Once you download the BlackBerry Feedback Tool, it is available in your device menu at all times and can be used to send feedback on BlackBerry features, functions and applications at any time! We want to hear from you! 

Are you native apps buggy? Wondering why certain features aren't working on your device? Fire off a message and let your voice be heard. While there are no guarantees that anything will actually get done about it, you can still let RIM know what's bugging you. The app is available for most devices and is currently only supported in the US, Canada and UK. Hit the link below to download.

More information/download of BlackBerry Feedback Tool

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New BlackBerry Feedback Tool lets your voice be heard


Exactly - I downloaded it to my 9530, it shows up on the app list, but nowhere on the home screen - and not in downloads, app center, hidden icons, nowhere!
Good way to stifle feedback I guess...

This was one of the first few apps to make the BETA Zone, wasn't it? I'm surprised its taking so long for release. Either way I think its a great way to get some feedback back to RIM! Way to go team! :p

WOW...I didn't realize it hadn't been released yet! I've been using the beta version for quite some time. I'm glad most BB users will now be able to voice their opinion!!!

Got it! and feeding back already. First up, App world. I want to look up top recommended games in their entirety, instead of each genre.

Good to see there actually trying to get more people involved in leaving feedback,and this will reach them way better then some comment in a forum

Well I think it's an awesome idea, however I am a BES account user and there is a note that says that for BES users you need to ask your administrator to enable the feature for your account. Sigh! Here's a feedback for you RIM, I'm sure my administrator has better things to do than spending his day enabling this kind of feature for everyone in the company.

Too bad, I was pretty excited to get this.

The app on their phone... Its placed right in the system menu, as it states in the first paragraph of this blog post.

Well I just fired off a comment about the most recent OS update to my Storm2 (9550) hosed the bedside more no longer display the clock.

The screen immediately display a message that I sholdn't expect any reply to my comment.
But I feel better that I got it of my chest.

BTW: I sent the feedback from the Clock app. It picks up that you are sending a comment about the app you're in.

Good Luck

9780 not supported ??? even RIM's own apps are not ready yet... is that another "be patient, we're working on it item?" I have already returned the plybook and the ipad2 is on the way, I hate the idea of switching to iphone or android but I might not have the choice soon...

I am sorry but this is utterly priceless. The 9780, which isnt exactley old, is not supported! Wow RIM, way to show the consumer that you support your own devices. Here's a suggestion, now wheres the app that I can send it to you...oh your existing devices! Oh, and I would love to see this app work on the Playbook so that we can give you lots of feedback there. Love blackberry, but honestly, this company can be so ass-backwards sometimes.

Tried to install this on my 9650 and it crashed my phone. I'm still trying to get it to go into Safe Mode, but no luck after eight tries (so far).

Your device is not supported......hmmmmmmmmm I guess the 9780 is old now. I guess i need the

The most annyoung thing about rim is that it takes so long, until new devices or apps (even the feedback app) are released to germay.
But the BIG question now is: How can I send a feedback message to rim if i can't download the feedback app...

One of the weakest points in the Blackberry product line is the inability of the users to say "Hey this is wrong". I welcomed the new feed back program however it does not work on my Playbook and I doubt if it will work on my outdated 80 series phone. They need to take a page from the Apple folks who welcome feedback and make it very easy for users to provide.
If I could tell them I would say that there has been an ongoing problem with the mail program in my Playbook. If you try to delete more than one or two messages at a time, you will loos the wifi connection. This problem was slightly improved by the last update however it is still a very large issue. I get tons of junk mail each day an deleting it has been a real chore. The multiple delete function worked very well originally but not any more. A junk filter on the eMail program would be a real asset.

Long waited for the Q10 and hope that all the bugs were fixed after they have launched and tested the Z10.. I payed a lot of money for that phone while I could have had the samsung S4 for better performance and options. And what makes it worse is that i can't send my feedback to RIM to tell them that they failed. Who told them that if i live in Saudi Arabia i want the app world to be in arabic???!!!! And i can't change it? I am very annoyed that i can't be in control of everything on my phone and personalise since it is called "personal" it is not RIM's Phone!!!!!!!!