New BlackBerry devices said to be arriving at Bell before the end of August

Bell Q3 BlackBerry Lineup
By Adam Zeis on 7 Jul 2011 09:43 am EDT

While waiting for some more accurate release dates for the upcoming BlackBerry devices, TechFIBE has posted a portion of Bells Q3 BlackBerry lineup that shows off the BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360. The first three devices are listed with a launch date of late August with the Curve 9360 being shown as September. While we know these early docs don't always hold true when it comes to actual release dates, they do give us a pretty good idea of what to expect. Aside from flying rumors of the Bold 9900, we haven't really seen too much regarding dates on any of these other devices, so it's good to finally have a timeframe to work with. Surely once the Bold 9900/9930 hits the public the other devices will pop up one after the other, so just hang tight for a few more weeks.

Source: TechFIBE

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New BlackBerry devices said to be arriving at Bell before the end of August


I'm sorry, but the Torch 9860 looks like a relic 1st gen touchscreen from 2007...IMO RIM should have just produced two devices every year around the same time (like Apple) a high end state of the art Bold and then a economical lower end Curve. say release the new Bold's in April and the Curves in October on a yearly basis. trash the Touchscreens, the Torchs and the Styles....minimize and make state of the art yearly up to date ready to compete with 'Droids, iphones, etc.

+1, The reason why I strongly agree with you is because yesterday I bought me a Wacom Intuos4 Medium pen tablet and as far as I know Wacom is the industry standard, They release QUALITY replacements every 3-4 years. Also, I have a top of the line Powerpoint controller by a company called Interlink and the model that I have is still their flagship and it was released in the early 2000's. With that said, if RIM focuses on releasing quality as opposed to quantity they should be in a better position. +1 again @ leftypepper716

I agree with you on the cadence for releasing Bold and Curve updates, but I disagree with you on whether RIM should make a touchscreen BB. I think they should, because the market for touchscreen smartphones is huge and RIM's ability to compete in this market is key to RIM growing.

I'm actually impressed that RIM continues to have such a large share of the smartphone market when they really don't compete in the touchscreen smartphone market. Torch 1 is only on ATT, so that limits its sales potential here in the US and Storm 2 is EoL. That means there's still a lot of people buying QWERTY keyboard smartphones. I think RIM has those buyers locked up, and will continue to have their loyalty when the new Bold and Curve hit the street. If they can make a competitive touchscreen device, available on multiple carriers, I think you'd see some more growth for RIM.

I don't think they need a touchscreen slider AND a touchscreen only. They should go with one or the other but not both. My vote would be for the following lineup:

Bold (flagship QWERTY handset)
Curve (entry level QWERTY handset)
Full Touchscreen (High end slate phone with strong multimedia and social media integration, high quality camera etc).

I don't know enough about the Style to have an opinion on whether it should stay or go. But I would say that RIM has to avoid exclusive deals until they can get their market share back up.

For now, that would mean dumping the slider Torch, and either making the Style available on more carriers or dumping that phone too. And having all three phones in my lineup on all of the carriers.

IMO the only two major reasons that RIM is still even in the smartphone game, is one: BES companies NEED secured devices, hence the USA Goverment having them, and the UAE oposssed, security. two: Countries that 90% MUST prepay for thier services can get a BlackBerry for around $250.00-$300.00 USD as opposed to an iphone @ $600.00-$700.00 plus. Apple is slowly, but surely cutting RIM off bit by bit, iphone 5 w/imessenger and if they can effectivly have a secure network, there goes RIM's Goverment contracts...and MOST importantly, rumor is that Apple is producing a cost effective iphone for other countries that rely on prepaid services. I love my BlackBerry Curve 8330...but i'm sure in 1918 a fellow said "I love my horse & buggy, but a automobile would make my life simpler" SNOOZE...YOU LOSE

No no no.. it is I who is sorry but your opinion on the Torch might be sharred by some but not by everyone. I have a 9800 and I LOVE the form factor and the feel of it. I have nothing but GOOD to say about this phone and I'm sure there are other who feel the same.

The refreshed Torch COULD be better... but I'm sure there are reasons behind why it is what it is. In time, all will be revealed...

The Torch 9860 I'm referring to is the full touchscreen "monza/monaco" device. RIM is known for full qwerty keyboard and great BES...unless they can come up with a QNX full touchscreen that can fully have BES & state of the art design and quality, there really isn't a need for RIM to produce I said previously, go with what got you there...and KEEP UP WITH CURRENT TECHNOLOGY fer Christ's shakes :)

Come on U.S. carriers, you still have a chance to have the #2 spot. LoL, I am on T-mo but I will be excited if any U.S. carrier announces it, that will be a sign that the others will soon follow.

I am due for a new BlackBerry and although I am a die hard Bold user, I really am considering the Torch 2. I have been playing with my wife's Torch and love the screen and the qwerty keyboard is actually quite comfortable to type with (wasn't expecting that). If the T2 comes weeks after the Bold 9900 I will be going Bold again but if released around the same time I will have a real decision to make.

I'm wondering why it doesn't say "HSPA14.4Mbps + WiFi" on the Bold 9900? Maybe it's just a typo because I'm sure WiFi is an industry standard by now.

If i read the article correclty then TechF.I.B.R.E are saying teh Torch 9860 will be OS 6.1 whereas the Torch 9810 and Bold 9900 will be OS 7, that doesnt sound right to me?!?

I like the choice of RIM phones but they should all have a touch screen (even the curve) to make it easier to developers to get their apps across all fragments of RIMS line up.

It's gonna be so confusing to have 2 different products named the "Torch"!

Consumer: "Do you have any Torches in stock?"
Dealer: "Sorry, we just ran out of Torches. But we do have the Torch."
Consumer: "Ok, I'll take the Torch."

Looks like they've dropped the "lite" OS name from the curve. I wonder if it will still be a lite version though...

It's highly unlikely that we'll see any CDMA versions of these devices in Canada. Bell, Rogers and Telus are concentrating on HSPA. None of these carriers bring in CDMA devices anymore. RIM will probably only make a small amount of these devices CDMA for the carriers that still primarily support that technology in the US.

What I'm most excited to see in this picture above all else is the headline - "A large focus on new Blackberry devices" etc. I hope they push them all out right at the same time and bring back that excitement that Blackberry has had in the past. Maybe with that digital media guy gone and I'm sure a refocused marketing effort, we'll see some great things from RIM this summer/fall. We have to/they have to.

Come on RIM just announce a release date! Waiting for this is like waiting for a it coming? No not today.

Not sure what dates for Canada is...but pretty sure Sprint is releasing the Bold 9930 on 08/21/11...yeah, it's a Sunday, but a sale is a sale, right? lol

this doesn't look like a polished ad, especially by bell design standards. they typically have real slick graphics... although this is an internal document. i'm doubting the names selling points are 100% accurate at this point.

quick question guys, will the prices on the old bb's ie the torch drop once the torch 2 and other ones release?

quick answer: yes, in the short-term...until they pull them like they did with the bold 9700 when the 9780 was released.

Pretty sure since the overwellming sales (being totally sarcastic) you may already see a EOL for the Style...I mean, RIM has to make sure the Bolds' 9900/9930 take off great and hope that At&t can repeat the same sales for thier Torch2, THEN see how the outdated looking Torch (fulltouchscreen "monza") sells for Sprint, VRZ and At&t and T-MO do. The rest of this year and 2012 will really be a make or break time for RIM.

Excellent. It will be on a plane to me in Australia shortly after release. I'm not too keen to wait for it to come to Australia. And then ill be tempted to smash my 9700 with a hammer for the frustration its been putting me through.