New BlackBerry Bold Touch hands-on photos

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Apr 2011 12:00 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

Here is some more phone news to get your mind off the BlackBerry PlayBook for a bit. Adding to the upcoming line of new BlackBerry smartphones is the BlackBerry Bold Touch. Last week we saw the BlackBerry monaco up close and personal, so now we get a chance to see more of another device we can't wait to try out for ourselves. The Bold Touch looks good - It's sporting OS 6.1 with both a touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard. It has yet another new battery and Mobile Hotspot Mode among other things, and hopefully will be on the list of device announcements (that should include the new Curves, BlackBerry Torch 2 and BlackBerry Touch) at BlackBerry World next month. Be sue that we're gearing up on the Bold Touch accessories front as well. More photos below.

BlackBerry Bold Touch Key Specs: 
  • Dimensions: 115 x 66 x 10.5mm
  • Processor:
    • Montana / CDMA: Qualcomm 1.2GHz CPU
    • Dakota / GSM: TBA...
  • Radio:
    • Montana / CDMA: 800/1900 MHz EvDO Rev A with Receive Diversity (PCS Only); Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE; Dual Band UMTS (HSPA 7.2/5.76) 900/2100MHz
    • Dakota / GSM: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE; Tri Band UMTS
  • Display: 2.8" diagonol - VGA 640 x 480, resolution 287dpi
  • Camera: 5mp - Flash - Image Stabilization - HD Recording (720p)
  • Navigation: Capacitive Touch, Optical Trackpad
  • Keypad: Wide QWERTY - Physical Send, End, Escape, Menu, Right Side Convenience Key, Volume Control
  • Memory: 8GB - 768MB RAM - up to 32GB MicroSd Card
  • WiFi: 2.4 GHZ b/g/n - 5GHz a/n - Mobile Hotspot
  • Connectivity: Micro USB - Bluetooth - NFC
  • Sensors: Magnetometer - Accelerometer - Proximity

Source: BGR

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

BlackBerry Bold Touch

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New BlackBerry Bold Touch hands-on photos


It may still come with a leather back, look at the pre-release 9700 with its plastic cover. (Watch Kevin's review of 9700)

wow. definitely deserves the name 'Bold' RIM better release this quick cause the competition is gaining market share at their expense.

You mean the Bold 9000? No I didn't like that. The 9700's splash of leather is better looking.

This Big Bold may be the Caddy of smart phones but let's not go overboard with the leather. :D

I'm currently using a bold and I'm thinkinng wouldn't the screen be a slightly small to press and pinch on? Otherwise I love the bold form factor

I have a feeling TMO will not get this. It'll go straight to AT&T. Making me even more angry with the fact that they're buying us out. Knowing that if I want the phone right away, I will have to relinquish my amazing plan, and unlimited Data. I hate ATT :P

It's Like I cant even threat TMO that I'm leaving them for ATT anymore! WTH! This all really SUCKS! BALL$!

If you look at the GSM road map you'll see the magenta colored sheets which as many have noted, suggest the bold touch is coming to tmo.

Well then that would be absolutely fantastic and I would have, have nothing to worry about. Lets hope its true! I need this phone.. And yes I wish they would have kept the Faux-Leather back on it..

Looking forward to this so much. My contract ends around October so will hold out as (I believe it was mentioned in a past article) this comes out in November. Will ask my carrier for it for free on an 18 month £30 contract (as did with my 9700 and wife's 9780).

with all the photo ops, why show the darn battery and one screen shot of wi-fi set up? This device looks hot, but this is a major tease

Don't get me wrong when I say this. I love my Bold (9650). I use it every day. But come on Blackberry (RIM) get with the program. Every day my blackberry gives me a reason to move on. Why I don't is because some of us have faith and patiences. Unlike a dozen or so friends of mine that jumped ship and bought an Apple. So let's do this before its to late!!!!

I had an iPhone after a few months of playing you realize they're not as great as you think. I switched back, it just sucks at email too much to overcome the neat stuff it has, and I don't like to screen type.

Actually I switched from iPhone to Bold 9000 and didn't regret it once. Now I have the Torch but I think it's back to this bad boy for me.

Just give me mobile hotspot and I will be happy. Well that only if the carriers can't find a way to try to charge me MORE for the data I already pay for.

not a major downside at all. Did you know that while 4G is deployed in the US, its only in about 40 major cities right now. Thus, even if you have a 4G phone, 99% of the time, you wont be using 4G, which makes it a waste. 4G won't be completed in the US across the whole country until late 2013, and thats just with Verizon...all other major carriers are behind. At&t haven't even started deploying 4G yet, they have hspa+, which is hardly 4g, but they'll drop the 4g name in ads everywhere. Too bad the average consumer is dumb and doesn't do their own research. 3G will be prominent for at least another year to come, so quiet with the 4G talk...k

There is no such thing as 4G in real life. Technology isn't there yet, not even close in fact, but advertising waits for no one. Don't be fooled into thinking we have reached that pinnacle.

I Live, Work and Play in DFW Metroplex. I'm pretty sure there several spots were I could take advantage of the faster speeds (in fact TMO 4G Map claims to have 4G coverage in Dallas). + there's the whole rumor about TMO 3G phone not working once Merged 2 AT&T. Even if I'm safe till 2013 (so they claim that transition will be gradual). 4G will only be getting better and better and that will be 2 more years that I am stuck w/o the faster speeds. I'm just saying. If the DL/UL Speeds on this Great new Device with all the great specs will be the same as my 9700. I'm gonna be pissed!

Don't you have wifi????

It's so dumb what people think is a big deal. Pretty soon cities will be wiMAx and this 4g stuff will be finished.

Hmm I'm not so sure about that.. WiMax in my opinion is about the same. You would have the press making statements like. TMO 4G rival Clear Wire's WiMAx if that were the case.. Sure I have WiFi. But its through a cable network and a wireless router. I tried clearwire for a little bit and just like a wireless network it does not get that great a coverage in rural areas.

I don't think all these Carriers would be making such a big fuss about LTE if that were the case.

Sprint is on 4g in over 70 cities now, so yes 4g would be a huge factor for anyone living in those cities

in 70 you know how many cities there are in the US? please, 70 cities isn't even 1% of the country. C'mon man!

No need to buy a 4G phone until 4G is deployed through at least half of the country...that being early 2013 at best.

Haha, no 4G for good purpose!

Because right after we all will have bought this 9930, RIM will release a new "upgrade" Bold-Touch - very likely the 9950 or 9960 or 9980, which will provide 4G and a new OS with a few modified icons. And, of course, we all will run again and buy a new Bold-Touch, because we will decide that we cannot live any longer without 4G and these new, fancy icons.
That's what RIM executed with great success with 8310-8320, with 8110-8120, with 8800-8820, with 9500-9520, with 9700-9780... and why shouldnt they, so long as there are wealthy clients, who eagerly run behind each and every (partly unnecessary) fashion? I will continue doing so, and many of you will certainly too, ;-)

At least, this is the great lesson in sneering on clients that RIM learned from the Apple religion...

I hope this comes out in the summer. Wishful thinking, but you never know. I think the Bold Touch will be the best selling Blackberry, next to the original Curve.

For the first time in a while with RIM, I can safely say: I want this phone!

I just hope it comes out soon enough, before I get fed up and buy another handset.

MEH I used to really like RIM but now I see that they simply do not have the resources to compete. I mean by the time this thing comes out phones will have dual core CPU for sure and at least as much ram if not more. The only thing tying me to my BB is the keyboard and my contract. Once the contract is up...well I may have to figure out a touch screen because I cannot deal with how slow blackberrys are. I have a 9650 and maybe its just that im spoiled now after my smartphone cherry was broken....but this thing is soooo slow I mean 6 min just to turn it on and then the loading screens ugh. I used to think "oh well blackberries may have less specs but the software is more efficient" this simply is not the case. To go along with that apps for the freakin things are ridiculous. on avg 10 times the price of apple or droid and many times a free app is on android whereas I have to pay $50 on blackberry, for a poorly crafted and inefficient app I could make on my own if I had the time to sit and make phone apps. I think not my money means too much to me.

Blackberry is becoming a sinking ship of technology, only used by those who are unable to adapt to newer technology. Kind of like seniors using pcs etc. The playbook is the one bailout for the company.

"used by those unable to adapt to technology" -- are you a retard or insane? you have got to be one of the two or both really... it has NOTHING to do with adaptation you idiot, I for one despise those idiots that have iPhones because they think they're cool and hip. You have no idea how many times do I have to call the same person because they have an iPhone! That phone sux arse!

pal you better check the facts before you talk. 9650, agreed, terrible phone compared to the competition. RIM is in a transformation period. You'll see, early 2012 when dual core starts to become the norm, RIM will be right there in the mix with their dual core QNX. Right now, dual core for a phone will crush the battery in about 4 hours of usage...that's real fun, walking around with your charger lol.

give it time pal, you'll see.

Hey Pal,

You better check you facts. I own a Dual Core Phone, in fact one of the only ones, Motorola Atrix. My phone is unplugged at 430AM and I plug it back in at 730PM with 20% battery left. I don't need a charger. I Listen to music 2+ hours during my comment, while surfing the web and tethering. So NO battery charger required. On Saturday I snapped 130 photos and recorded a lot of video trying to kil the battery but couldn't. I have two push email accounts on as well.

As of the phone, I am very impressed. This phone has most of what I would want. I still prefer touchscreen only. Larger screens are much nicer for surfing and modifying spreadsheets on the go.

Blackberry is close to a homerun with this phone. This does get them back in the game quickly and stop the departing people to other platforms.

Again Nice job RIM!!!!

I almost passed by this comment without leaving my two cents but I just couldn't do it, there are so many things that I need to say to you.

First of all, I do not care one way or the other if you use a Blackberry or an Iphone or anything in between, but from the tone of your ramblings, I can tell you are unaware of how mobile technology works and it would be best if you go and get reconstructive surgery to fix your "Smartphone cherry"... you would be doing yourself and all of us a favour.

Ok, now that is out of the way, I will begin to dissect your comment:

"MEH I used to really like RIM but now I can see that they simply do not have the resources to compete".

What does this even mean? Are you talking about physical resources like glass and plastic? Maybe you meant it in a monetary sense? Either way, Blackberry sells millions of handsets a year and continue to gain a presence in the mobile industry worldwide, as life exists outside of the U.S. and Canada.

"by the time this thing comes out phones will have dual core CPU for sure and at least as much ram if not more"

You're making my brain ooze out of my ears.... The Atrix is already out and it has a dual core processor with plenty of RAM; but that is only a fraction of the picture. What do you think happens to the battery when you start throwing in unnecessary performance upgrades? Yeah... enjoy strapping a ghostbuster's battery backpack to your back whenever you feel like separating yourself from the wall socket. All operating systems are not equal. As most people know, Android is resource intensive with all of the widgets and live backgrounds, etc. You need a fast processor to run it, however the same does not go for IOS or BBOS. Consider the Iphone 4; from all that I have heard about this phone, laggy is not one of the adjectives that pops out of people's mouths too often, but it still utilizes the power of an 850Mhz processor.

"To go along with that apps for the freakin things are ridiculous. on avg 10 times the price of apple or droid and many times a free app is on android whereas I have to pay $50 on blackberry"

Is that so, Professor? I trust you analyzed the app markets for each device and are going to post your findings in scientific journals by next week? I look forward to reading them.
I have over 40 applications installed onto my Blackberry, all of which are professionally built and work flawlessly. Consider these applications: Poynt, flixster, Score Mobile, Urban Spoon, Shazam, Pocket Grape, Time Mobile, Navita translator, Endomondo, BB podcasts, BB traffic, BB travel, BB protect, etc.

"poorly crafted and inefficient app I could make on my own if I had the time to sit and make phone apps"

No you can't

"Blackberry is becoming a sinking ship of technology, only used by those who are unable to adapt to newer technology"

Adapt to newer technology....? You are what's wrong with society today and I cannot believe how well marketing works on such simple minds. Let me leave you with a very important piece of information that you should pass onto your children (God Forbid). Newer technology does not mean better technology! Take the apple Ipod nano for instance. It reached it's peak of useable from factor in it's 4th generation. the 5th generation added a stupid pinhole camera and because it was new, people lined up to buy them. enter the 6th Generation. To take advantage of the touch screen phase, Apple decides to ditch the controls to go for a more cumbersome and annoying smaller touch screen, because it's fun.... oh and who needs a camera, right? Coming up on the seventh generation now; guess what? Same stupid form factor, but with a camera! genius! But of course it's new so it's better.

I hate you.



I really like the phone but I don't really see the point in having a touch screen with such a small screen. Kinda pointless.

I love how BGR gets some really good exclusives while is left in the dust.
Come on kevin!

The phone looks like a good progression. Much needed hardware/processor upgrades. Let's hope that RIM's recent moves to embrace developers in a more open dev. environment will attract more quality applications. I have what I need basically, and I am not talking about games either, yet everywhere I go there is a magazine a bill board or website highlighting the new app for Apple and Android. Some of it is junk of course, however, if an app is being developed it goes to Apple first, Android second and maybe Blackberry (with the quality being questionable). Some are good. And there are really good apps made just for Blackberry too.
Anyway, this phone should really scream and put an end to browser crashes, really taking full advantage of Webkit. Love the form factor.

This Blackberry looks really sweet. Since it is CDMA, I wonder if maybe sometime down the line if Virgin Mobile USA will pick this or the new curve models up. I would love to get my hands on any one of those as an upgrade to what I am using. Right now I have a Curve 8530, which is pretty nice (It's also my first ever BB). ^_^

I love the initial look of the new battery, looks bigger (probably thinner too), and I think I see that the micro SD slides in up under/beside the camera... cool... making good use of space.
I am excited for this phone!

BG refers to this model pictured as the 9930, doesn't the "30" historically signify that this bad a$$ beyatch is ready for a CDMA carrier? besides, RIM needs all these 6.1 devices out asap to grab PB-BB combo sales. i'm not suggesting that they are being sold as a pair but does anyone really want to pair a shitty 8830 or 8530 or 9530 (*gasp*) with their mint new PlayBook? it's time for everyone to upgrade. inluding your big-Red down south. i love going down south. nice chicken.

About same width and height, but thinner than the Bold 9000. I don't like that form factor, i love the Bold 9700 size.

There seem to be very many BB-users, who simply love the Bold 9000 form factor, and they will adore this new device.

As for me, I am rather with you: I had the 9000, switched to the 9700 and, admitting that the keyboard of the 9000 is impeccable, I got used to the one of the 9700, I can write with it as fast as I did on the 9000, and I do love the smaller size of the 9700, as I usually am carrying my BB in the pocket of my trousers.

So: did you see the previews of the new Curves? They are simply the most elegant devices, which RIM ever will have launched so far. Unfortunately, they are technically a little bit downsized.
A successor for the 9700/9780, in the formfactor of these new, sleek, beautiful Curves, with state-of-the-art technical specs (maybe except a touchscreen, so long as the screen has a higher resolution than the current 9700), would be MY favourite.
Maybe yours as well?

However, just for curiosity, I guess that I will give it a try with this Bold Touch, until the 9780-successor will be released.

Its about giving people more options, there are times when the touchscreen would enhance your interaction with the device and when it doesn't you stick with trackpad and keyboard.

I have the Atrix right now coming from a 9700 , I just might come back on the other side of the fence when this drops ...

Hey, best BB ever? The BlackBerry Touch (Storm 3) will give it competition, and so will the Torch 2.

Right now, RIM only has one so-called killer device, the Torch. From the specs, it's not even on the same page as the current offerings from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.

This summer, RIM will catch up in a big way with three or four excellent smartphones. I can't wait. The PlayBook will be first, but these three or four devices are the strongest & best BlackBerrys in the past 4 years.

For those who liked the 9000, I was good for its time but the browser still sucked.

I've been following this thing for a while and I can't wait to get my mits on it!! I'll be giving up my Torch for it ;)

I love that its touch as well! Allows me to continue to touch open apps as I want instead of moving with the trackpad to open it. And then continue to use it as I see fit touch and track!!

The only thing I see missing in specs is the speaker, I hope its of the 9000 quality and volume. I need this Berry!! Hurry up LoL.

Come on T-Mo you need to make a HUGE push to get this device!! You did not get the 9000 or 9800, PLEEEEEEEASE do not miss out on this one!!!

I've had a few Curve's over the years and I keep seeing comments about the usability of a touchscreen on such a small device. It may not be suitable for angry birds or a major drawing program, but swipe navigation and being able to press dynamic on-screen buttons or launching applications or simply using a NORMAL SIZE DIAL PAD is a UI enhancement for sure.

Pinch to zoom is simply a function that's expected and although not as useful on a smaller screen compared to a larger one, it's nice to have it available. Actually it's arguably more necessary.

Actually as I've played with OS 6 devices, it seems intuitive to press the icons on the screen. I found myself trying to do this on my friend's bold with no prompting. It seems like a natural UI expectation that the screen is touchable now.

I hope there is a setting that can manage the default view when you hit "END". In the demos I've seen it looks like it snaps back too the "ALL" apps tab thing. I would think it should more naturally snap back to the "FAVORITES" tab as after all, they are the favorites.

I really want to find a developer to work with. I have some great BB function ideas that don't seem to be out there. I've found some apps that kinda do some things, but the whole BB experience could be tweaked just a little bit to be arguably perfect. If you are or know of anyone let me know. I have some great ideas that should be built in to BB already.

Probably because these are working demo's? That's my guess. They won't brand the model name until its official. Makes sense to me.

As a previous Bold user, I just don't see the point of having the touch screen on such a small screen. It makes sense on the Torch, but what would you possibly do on the Bold that'd make things actually easier? Text input? No way. Navigation? I'm assuming the trackpad is going to be much more accurate. The only thing I can think of is pinch to zoom...

1:Scrolling through excel, and then pinch zooming the cell,
2:clicking on a thumbnail in a picture library to enlarge it,
3:selecting on screen buttons/Icons in quick succession

as a Torch user, I very much can see how much I would use the touch screen on this device, I am a 90% keyboard/track pad user, but somethings are just faster and more intuitive with a combination touchpad/touch screen

Same here C4U2NV, I have a Curve 8330 i got in June of '08 and have had my Sprint premier upgrade since last year, and have been holding off until BlackBerry came out with a smartphone that would satisfy me until QNX was fully functional, and the Bold Touch 9930 is the phone for me to get hopefully around June 06th.

Haha man I jump to an iPhone4 for literally 36hrs because I was tired of just hearing rumors about the bold touch. I check CB this morning and low and behold, the Bold Touch. Too funny. I have to take back this iPhone after all

I for one am dying to know what size of battery, and I really hope the touchscreen doesn't ruin the battery life because that's a factor in me using Blackberry. Well, that and email, qwerty keyboard and BBM :)

1700MAH would please me.

T mobile will be getting this phone. Inside sources confirm. They juat aren't telling me when.

What's with trend of an all white keyboard and now the all white nav and call bar. Though I do like them lighting up I just think it would look nicer with red and green button and the red dialling pad.

When they first leaked the pictures, the Bold Touch spotted a chrome bezel (9000 and 9700 like), it seems like they have darkened the bezel (9780 like), hope its just the lighting though.

Me too, I loved the chrome bezel that made it look very 9000 retro (and an iphone hint too) but seeing these pics and hoping it is the lighting, makes me think it's a cheapy designed 9780...lets hope it's just the lighting, because those vids on youtube of the 9930 tutorial look great

The phone is pretty. Don't get me wrong. But I wish it was the exact form factor of the 9000. I just loved the look of that phone so much. I also can't tell if I chose this, would I lose screen real estate after using my Torch. I think both of those reasons, spoils this phone for me.

But who knows, maybe when I actually see it in person.. I may have a change of heart.

Such a Bulky BlackBerry, Fat Bold! , Fat BlackBerry!!.
9000 + Fat + Trackpad + Little Design Changes.

For the record! This battery cover is way better looking and way sexier. NOTHING beats the look or function of carbon fiber. I've got a black carbon fiber bracelet, white carbon fiber as well, all the way to the black carbon fiber hood and parts on my car. CARBON FIBER is sick, and if you think different i'm sure you'll realize how wrong you are when you see it and everyone (with style) sees it and looooves it too

This is like my bold 9000, how this phone support adobe flash player 10.2...? Because all smartphone blackberry until bold 9780 can't support flash. And how about price??make It launch soon.