New BlackBerry Bold commercial shows off the "Harmony" of touchscreen + keyboard

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Aug 2011 10:40 am EDT

RIM posted a new commercial for the BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 to their youtube account a few days ago, showing off the harmony of the touchscreen + physical keyboard experience on what they refer to as the "new" BlackBerry Bold. You can check out the video above.

Personally, I'm LOVING that the iconic BlackBerry form factor now has a touchscreen. I use it all the time mixed in with my trackpad and keyboard use. I've tried going back to my touchscreen-less 9780, and now it just feels weird not to have it. That said, a few of my friends who have picked up the 9900 (including my gf), have mentioned on more than one occassion they wish they could turn the touchscreen off.  I guess they're so used to not having a touchscreen that they're not really using it all that much so more than anything they find it gets in the way with accidental swiping. That option doesn't exist of course, but for those who can't stand a touchscreen the newly announced BlackBerry Curves don't have one.


So to all the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 owners out there, be sure to vote on the poll above and let us know where you're weighing in on this debate, and be sure to sound off in the comments!

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New BlackBerry Bold commercial shows off the "Harmony" of touchscreen + keyboard


As is with every evolution comes trepidation, and uneasiness. I believe this will be the new norm for BB here on out so i say just stay the course evryone! i cant wait to finally get my hands on this in a couple of days!


Good morning. Can you just send me a "RIMMPIRE STRIKES BACK" shirt, since there is no way to buy one?

I will send you cash.

Haven't goten my hands on one yet. No thanks to tmo. And with they're re"dick"ulous price for it, I'm not sure when ill get my BOLD!!!!

Hey man, I know how you feel. Here is a suggestion I hope helps.
We got our new BB last weekend, or day 1. However, the price at Sprint stores was 250.00 (I believe on line it was 199.00 and Walmart has it for 199.00 for Sprint so that is cool). However, regardless of how you buy it, we got to trade in our HTC Evo 4G(aka battery will drop you by mid-day, not a world phone, no NFC, and no we were not happy with them)and traded them in for 125 bucks right at the Sprint store and they did not even care if we kept the SD cards!
That is a net purchase of $125.00 bucks for the best all around phone in the world. Yeah, really! Even better, if you order on line, you may get the phone for a net 100 bucks!!!! We believe a reliable phone is a necessity and would gladly pay the 250.00 bucks but hey, if we can save on it, we will and we did.
Good luck, I hope this helps.

Im loving the touchscreen. i use a a good mix of trackpad and touch screen. its another BB option that shortens the time it takes to get where your trying go.

Now if I could just get my hands on a 9900 from AT&T... or Rogers.

1. If any AT&T execs are reading this.. RELEASE THE BEAST SOON!! November is just TOOOO late.

2. Any of my Canadian CrackBerry friends want to send me a Rogers 9900 or exchange one for a new 9810 from AT&T (with some additional cash thrown in)?

It's a good commercial...better than most they had a year ago for new devices.

The first voting option seems a little odd: "LOVE IT! So glad to finally have a touchscreen to use along with the front facing physical keyboard"
Isn't a Torch 9800 a touchscreen with a front facing physical keyboard? I guess you mean specifically on a Bold.

Definitely agree on the quality of the advert. RIM seems to be stepping-up their game on the marketing front if this is their new approach.

As a Bold 9000 owner as well, the form-factor is undoubtedly one of, if not the very best out there, and from the reviews the 9900/9930 steps this-up to a new level.

BTW, planning to upgrade to the 9810 though, as buying a full touchscreen phone and a 9900 will cost waaay too much at the moment! Its the perfect balance between the two options, and saves the cost of an extra phone ;)

Hi @visceralberry,

Alex from RIM here. Good call on the Torch 9810. I’m a Bold 9900 user, but many of my colleagues at RIM are using the new Torch and they love its larger touch screen and slide out keyboard.

If you’re looking for a few tips on getting the most out of your new Torch, check this out: And after you pick it up, please share your experiences with us on Twitter (@BlackBerry) or Facebook (

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

I'm loving mine too... the battery life however isn't great. I long for the days of 4 days between charges, but with this kind of power, you can't have it all. I'm getting 24 hrs if I'm lucky with Telus. One morning I woke up to a completely dead phone... had to wait like 10 minutes in the charger to get my fix! ;)

Good commercial. I'd like to see a business one. RIM needs to ensure the Blackberry Bold is/remains the iconic executive business phone. Loving mine!

At 0:06 I see touch icons when viewing photo. However I do not see this on my current OS build.

Do you see these controls ?

BOLD 9900 is just awesome !

You might actually be able to turn the touchscreen off. It happened to me once by mistake. I was talking to BB Tech support trying to fix a bug in which Youtube videos did not play while on the carrier's networks.

The guy told me to turn the phone off, remove the battery, wait 90 seconds and replace the battery. While it did not fix the issue of Youtube playback, it left the phone as a touchless screen device. Everything worked perfectly with the trackpad.

To get the touchscreen back I simply did a soft-reset. I have not tried again because I love the touch-screen capabilities.

Kevin I'm having the same problem as BBshark....i can't play embedded html5 vids on my 9930...i'm on Verizon running OS .254 ....even when i click on the "youtube video link for mobilie view" link it sends me to the desktop youtube site and it doesnt's play it...I basically have to go to the mobile youtube site and search for the vid just so i can view it just like i used to do on my 9650....that shouldn't be the case though...i've seen Sprint and Rogers 99xx's been able to play embedded html5 vids with no problem the OS version i'm running the cause of this?

I guess I should have wrote on my first post that now I'm able to do Youtube video playback on my phone. I honestly don't know what did it.....but it took a few calls to Bell technical support, then a call to BB tech support, and a fair share of battery pulls. Hopefully yours starts working soon. I love my new Bold and haven't had any other issues. :)

i cant do this either, am also running stock vzw OS7. would like to know if its an OS issue, have been considering loading the sprint version to unlock my NFC capability.

I can play-em... But its annoying because the video is to large for the screen within the browser, zooming out doesn't fix it either, so I end up going to the mobile link youtube site, which the link doesn't seem to work on my 9900 by just clicking it (browser bug maybe??), if I do a long click on the link, it pops up a menu and I can select "open in new tab" this is a work around - I suspect with updated software these small glitches will be worked out. All in all - just LOVING my 9900!!! Thanks RIM :)

The touch screen on my Blackberry Bold stopped working this weekend. I will be taking it back to Sprint. I will also complain about the higher price while I'm @ it.

Anyone else pick up an older phone and keep trying to use the screen as a touch-screen when it is not? I do it all the time to my wife's older BB Curve. lol

Really? A YouTube commercial? How about a real one on network and cable TV where people who aren't specifically looking for this will actually see it.

You know, maybe generate a little exposure outside the core BB users.

Unless that's coming later.

Agreed. RIM, get the masses excited and foaming at the mouth for BB! I hardly ever see a Blackberry commercial any more. The last one I saw was last year for the 9800.

Hey i saw this commercial on TV lol 3 days ago. it was on TSN and i saw again the commercial on Rogers Sports Net. i dont know why they choose sports channels, but is a good commercial.
Hope it Pick up on Public and see more BB than I4.

seeing as how at&t(pissing me off) has YET to release the 9900 and since there is no tmo store within a reasonable distance of my location, i stepped into a local VZW store to check out the 9930...this thing is amazing....i love the combination of the touch screen and the full keyboard...and being that the 9000 form factor has was my favorite, i am dying to get the 9900....COME AT&T at least give us a solid date! ....better yet, release the the *explicit* device already!

So can we get this commercial on TV already? IF anything thats why Apple is ahead of everyone they advertise their butts off.

Slick video. I learned something new about my 9930. I can do the pinch and zoom move. Are there any more? Has CB did a video or article on this. If not it would really help. I did a search and checked my manual that came with the phone and couldn't find anything.

HATE IT! I don't use it. Wish I could disable it so it doesn't get in the way. 2.84% (55 votes)

No disrespect but- why in the world would 55 people buy this phone knowing it had a touchscreen if they didn't want a touchscreen??????? And how can this be turned around to being RIM's fault?

How ironic that the commercial ends accenting the camera and MMS while in reality the camera is arguably the weakest feature of the 99xx Bold. Where's that guys' DLSR? LOL

I do love the 9900, and I am getting used to the touchscreen and don't want to give it up all together, but there are times when I wish I could turn off the touchscreen. Scrolling up and down with the trackpad is hard to do without accidentally selecting something at the bottom of the screen. I put a Zagg invisishield on the screen this weekend, and that helps a lot. Actually it makes the screen almost the perfect sensitivity for me.

In one word AWE-INSPIRING! Think it's a gr8 combination. On the 9000 and 9700 I found myself occasionally touching the screens for a response! I'm a keyboard hardnut. I feel sooo at home on this device. FINALLY I can get a fluid response from touching my screen! And the keyboard, WOW..FANTASTIC!! I'm running .317 and I've had NO issues. Pinch and zoom...welcome, where have you been? I know no other BBs but Bolds. Thought the screen protector might have some -ve effects on touch response, but its been gr8! I see real value in this device. Fly on RIM.