New BlackBerry To Be Called The Curve

By Kevin Hill on 2 May 2007 03:32 pm EDT

blackberry curveRumours are flying around this morning that RIM is continuing to deviate from its usual number-based system. The company’s first venture into strictly consumer-oriented BlackBerries was called "The Pearl" in an attempt to appear more consumer-friendly.

Apparently, we are about to be introduced to another “named” BlackBerry.

What appears to be behind the rumours is that RIM owns the domain But that domain name now redirects to, which leads one to surmise that the new BlackBerry 8300 is going to branded "The Curve." Thanks to for breaking this story.

RIM is expecting the BlackBerry Curve to merge the business and consumer worlds of the BlackBerry. We’ll keep you updated.

Update: 4pm CST. BGR is reporting the BlackBerry Curve will officially be announced at WES next week.


Reader comments

New BlackBerry To Be Called The Curve


It is going to be really cheap from the look of it. Expect that to be aimed at emerging markets. The big question is will it be BB7 or BB10. I will be shocked if it is BB10.

Of course it will! What company wouldn't introduce a phone without some of the most popular apps? It would be ridiculous not to!

These obviously belated comments are just too much guys lol. But hey, if you can't poke fun, than life is pretty dull right?

Lol it was featured under the article with Z30 new os leak :D I thought that the new BB10 device will be called the curve :P it would be cooler than Qxx