New BlackBerry App World Features To Enable App Storage On SD Cards?!?

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2009 08:49 am EDT
New BlackBerry App World Features To Enable App Storage On SD Cards?!?

As we posted yesterday, RIM launched some new developer tools in the past few days. Digging through the documentation, Ronen over at BerryReview came across some further details pertaining to BlackBerry App World and a possible future version that will allow such things as storing (not running) applications on our beloved media cards.

This feature permits BlackBerry App World™ storefront users to remove applications from their BlackBerry® devices and reinstall the applications without paying for the application a second time. BlackBerry App World archives a record of the application to save memory and so that the user does not have to maintain the application on the BlackBerry device. BlackBerry App World users can also install or archive applications on expandable memory, such as a media card.

This is exactly what the documentation states. This information is of course coming from RIM directly and it is really great to see. Let's just hope they do not change their minds and pull this idea last minute. This appears to be slated for version 1.1 and many are expecting this to be rolled out on July 31st, when App world hits more global markets. So what do you all think? Good move by RIM?

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New BlackBerry App World Features To Enable App Storage On SD Cards?!?


This is a step forward, but it doesn't really solve the limited app memory problem. This would allow me to add and remove application's more easily though.

I don't know how much the limited app memory thing is rim's problem vs it being the application developer's problem. What prevents an application developer from installing application code in app memory and application data on a memory card with current technologies?

I don't know if this means that you can store it on the SD card, I think it only means that you can reinstall it at a later time. I wouldn't put too much hope in that.

This would be perfect. Being new to BB (Pearl 8130) I was confused as to why apps couldn't be stored on the SD card. This limited me with a number of apps.

This really doesn't do all that much. Apps take a minute to download and install OTA. Whether i uninstall it and move it to the SD card or reinstall OTA, is it really all that different (i guess if you're out of your home Data range then maybe)...

This would be ideal if apps were at least 20megs, otherwise this point is mute.

Can anyone explain what the reasoning is behind only allowing apps to install on the flash memory? I'm curious ...

if it is an application that you have to repurchase from app world. Not like you get a receipt or anything.

Pmich, in your response, you said that storing applications on an SD card was a "mute" point. Semantically speaking, the word you should have used was "moot," meaning that the point or idea lacks greater significance.

What will happen to our current applications? I suppose if the only current way is directly downloading through App World, then we are going to have to figure out a way to use their methods to convert on board applications to our SD cards. I want my blackberry to only have the OS on its application memory, and applications on the expandable memory :) Hopefully the App World update will solve this, or we will be able to figure out a way to do it ourselves.

So that developers can make 20 MB games? :) Their applications should be able to be affordable in terms of application memory, and increasing that number from 50 MB (talking about the Storm) to 8-16 GB will give plenty of room for applications.

I thought that it was an OS limitation. Is it really a software coding issue (commands to save on device/app memory designation vs. memory card)? So, in theory, I would be able to re-load those apps to the card...but would they be run from the card?

I'm not versed enough to fully understand this...just enough to be dangerous...

Along with that, version 1.1 needs to add more categories (new apps, deals, etc.) and it need not be such a memory hog and so friggin slow in the Storm!

I have friends who have different phones and App World is pretty snappy on their devices.

I'd rather see App World upgraded to not be so slow. I downloaded it and then removed it from my Blackberry because I didn't have the patience to wait for everything to load once you run App World. It's AWFUL. Much easier just to find the app you need online somewhere and download it and install it via Desktop Manager or have a link sent to your phone. Much faster that way, too.

I agree 100%

App world is useless to me on my Curve, I don't bother using it at all, as its just soooo slow. I hope they fix it soon!

And x whatever on apps being installed and run off the memory cards. Windows mobile phones can do it...

According to the specs that Verizon posted internally, The new App World 1.1 is supposed to load icons and images much faster.

I didn't look anywhere else so maybe RIM has it on their site too.

I've been using Aerize Card Loader to load apps on my SD. I loaded recently and didn't lose any of my apps that were installed on the SD card. And I have quite a few.

Pretty sweet. :)

i've been doing the same. im surprised more people dont know about this wonderful app yet.

everyones getting excited over something RIM MIGHT do in the future.. but all its doing is something aerize card loader ALREADY DOES!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been using Aerize Card Loader for 2 years and its been great not worrying at all about storage space or memory leaks. Every BB owner should have this app.

If this is part of the new development platform, then I would think this also means that developers would have to update programs to take advantage of the capability. Just turning it on through App World might give us an additional plce to store apps, but not to install them. It would be great if the developer could write into the code that the app could be installed to SD card.

This would be an excellent option. Would love to be able to store and/or run apps from my media card. Hope to see it very soon.

I mean, the quote is:
"BlackBerry App World users can also install or archive applications on expandable memory, such as a media card."

To me that says when we INSTALL the application, we can direct it to the SD card (Or in my case, my Bold's 1gb internal extra memory). And, if it's installed there, it must be able to run from there.

Archving is simply a feature to save you time and bandwith if you have to wipe and reload. I know most apps are small, but if you have several, it will be nice to re-install them quickly. Honestly, this is why I prefer Desktop Installs to OTA. If I wipe, I can connect to desktop manager, go in and select all my apps and install them in one shot. I would hope a similar feature will be available. If not, at least it's a few less steps than find, download and install them one by one.

My only complaint with BB is that there is not enough memory internally to allow for more apps to be installed. It sure would be nice to run apps directly from the media card or if that can't be done then why don't they just increase the amount of internal memory. Rim knows how much their customers love their apps and the fact that apps are becoming one of the biggest money makers out there. It just does not make since to me that they would not give us more memory options for more apps..........


Bout time, thats the one thing I loved about my WM deices you can install & run programs off my sd card. RIM should look more into that since most if not all BBs have that issue with if the space is running low it auto deletes msgs & call logs :p yuck

I think this is an excellent idea!!! Whooohooo now only if we could get it to run the applications from my SIM much memory I could gain back on my phone,

At least this is a start!!!

Thanks, Renae

BTW - I would love to see themes stored on my SIM card so that I wouldn't have to delete themes just in order to try new ones....I know I have a thing about themes on my BOLD - love to change it all the time but they kill my phones memory!!!

I wonder if they will actually release this on the 31st or if it will be the game played when they first mentioned release of APP WORLD. Not really a huge feature being able to save to SD unless you can run the app from there. Like said in the above posts, I hope the new release is faster on the Storm. I can;t even tell you how long it has been since I've been on App World. They should really design to have the features and IU that the Crackberry App Store has.

Why does RIM seem so far behind their competitors in all areas?

Verizon's info page also says the 31st. I doubt the carrier would post a release date if it weren't set in stone. It's not like that's really far away anyways haha.

I've been waiting for them to build something like this. Not so much for the extra storage on the phone, but to eliminate the worry of having to redownload/buy all my applications when switching devices (i.e. finally switching to the Tour from my Storm).

I use Aerize Card Loader for that exact same purpose for apps I don't obtain through Mobihand (or even ones that I do), where of course, one may redownload as needed. It's come in handy. I had an app become corrupted while on the road; I deleted the app, re-loaded from the card, re-set preferences, and was off & running in a couple minutes without even connecting with CrackBerry Appstore.

This only helps if they only the Apps to run from the memory card, which would clear up memory on the device. Thus, allowing your device to run smoother and less reboots.

I hope RIM allows BB users to save and insatll all apps to their media cards. It would definatley free up a lot of memory from the device.

nice.. i've reloaded/upgraded os' more than once..its a pain sometimes having to reaquire apps.. greatly appreciated at least from this berry addict!!

Great move by RIM! the phone can only hold so many apps before you have to decide which ones you really need vs want.

I am so glad to see that Rim is going to allow for this feature, saving to the memory card will be a welcome addition for me. I have always wished this was an option on my Storm, all I need now is wifi, and a way to clear my memory without having to use quickpull or removing the battery.

What's the point in doing this.what people want is to be able to save the app in the card not to install them at a later time.i want to use my memory card that a (16gb).for that way my phone would stay fresh longer. i know that rim could do better than this.just might as well take that feat off cause to me is useless.

Wow perfect!! and not before time either. Not being able to store apps on a media card has always been Blackberry's Achilles heel, so hopefully this will go some way toward fixing it. Well done RIM

Wow perfect!! and not before time either. Not being able to store apps on a media card has always been Blackberry's Achilles heel, so hopefully this will go some way toward fixing it. Well done RIM

There is a big difference between installing and running apps from the memory card vs. just saving and storing apps to be installed via memory card to internal memory on the BlackBerry.

I thought i read somewhere that the upcoming OS 5.0 was going to allow full use (installing and running) apps to the memory card...anyone else recall that?

I stumbled on this blog in my desperate search for the limited app memory issue. I cannot believe it's been now almost a year and still no word on how to go about achieving that. I have a BB Bold 9000 and still struggling. Any news anyone?!