New BlackBerry 7 device appears set to arrive as the BlackBerry 9720

By Bla1ze on 6 Jul 2013 11:24 am EDT

During the BlackBerry Q1 2014 conference call, BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins let it be known a new BlackBerry 7 device would be released soon. Before that, there was plenty of rumors one was coming but that sealed the deal for it. At this point, there's no official branding for the device that we're aware of but there is plenty of references in recent builds of BlackBerry Desktop Manager that suggest it will be a 'Curve' series device. But with that being said, we've seen stuff change before so alas, wait and see how it gets branded. Aside from that, the UAProf (viewable in Firefox) required for it has appeared on the BlackBerry website and confirms a few other details about the device. 

  • It's listed as the BlackBerry 9720.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard.
  • Display resolution is 480x360
  • Runs BlackBerry OS 7.1
  • Supports: 802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11n / 3G

Overall, pretty obvious stuff and no surprises there but that was pretty much expected. Personally, I find it hard to get excited about a BlackBerry 7 device when there is great stuff like the A-Series getting closer every day but there's no doubt about it, there is some folks out there who will scoop this one up no matter what. Now, we'll just have to wait and see where it ends up getting released. Some folks may find themselves importing the BlackBerry 9720 if they want it bad enough.

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New BlackBerry 7 device appears set to arrive as the BlackBerry 9720



My thoughts exactly... Although I know from a business perspective there is still demand for a BB7 device in markets when buying a $700 Z10 is not realistic/feasible at all, unless one sells their kidney or something o that nature....

I know there is still a demand from business for a BB7 device, but why not just sell the 9900 at a reduced price?
Why waste time and resources designing and building a new BB7 phone?

That's a good point, they really should do that. There are already a bunch of 9900s out there so why not just relocate them to the areas where they're needed?

Again, good point.

Perhaps they have the novel approach of wanting to not lose money on the devices they are selling which would not be the case with them selling the 9900 for cheap, there also won't be huge stocks of hardware around as they won't have been building them without a carrier order for a while.

Or a souped up 9900 with a better camera, more ram and a faster processor. I would be all over that. The 9900 is the perfect device otherwise.

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Take out the web browser too and anything else that really slows it down... Working on the theory that "if u want it buy a bb10 device"

They are aiming for the 9320 market with this model, so a souped up 9900 most definitely isn't something that is ever going to happen or make any sense for them to make, they have bb10 models at the higher price points if people want a device with higher specs.

Amen to that. I'm sure it's supply and demand but this is just a way to show to business people that BBRY has no confidence in the Q10.

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Exactly. The 9900 is a good basic communication device. As a shareholder, wasting resources on this ticks me off but it may help the top revenue line stay on an up trend.

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Actually, this device looks exactly like the bold 9790, except that it lacks the separate buttons (this looks like the curve button bar). Looks about the same size and has same resolution display. How much cheaper can it be to develop and test a whole new device (which takes about a year) instead of just reducing the price of a two year old model?

PS: is this a new OS, or can the old 7.1 also get the reduced clock bar?

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That is clearly a placeholder image and not a photo of this new device or cb would be trumpeting the fact that they had leaked photos, so you should not read too much into it.

As far as why they would release something new, this device probably heavily reuses stuff from earlier devices and is going to end up in a cheaper plastic casing of a curve to ensure it remains a high yield, low cost model.

Totally agree. Move on, stop living in the past. Why do we need another 3G device? Just make a low end BB10 phone and let it sell in all markets.

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Here's my question:
Why isn't there just a way to toggle off and on the way your data is trafficked in BB10? Through BIS or straight from the ISP (ie your carrier) ? That would enable/disable data compression/BIS push or you can sync via active sync. Seems like an obvious solution to me.

This is because BlackBerry Engineers were unable to make QNX work with their existing BIS. Don't u remember why they couldn't bring it to the Playbook ? its because they just couldn't make it happen...

Because carriers don't want to pay BIS fees anymore, and BIS fees are what paid for the BIS infrastructure. If you're on a BES 10 server the option to route traffic via the NOC is available, as BlackBerry is getting paid via the BES licensing fees. BlackBerry can't afford to run the entire BIS infrastructure with no service fees from carriers.

I would certainly pay a few bucks a month to have BIS. I don't think the current system they had could do LTE 3mb or so speeds and provide a modern smart phone experience.

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By ditching BIS they also made it easier for carriers to sell by not being tied to BlackBerry specific plans. I know my carrier doesn't even offer data roaming for BIS devices.

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Because some people don't want or can't afford a BB10/iPhone/GS3/4 device.

BB sold 60% legacy devices last quarter. This will help bring up the margins on the legacy sales that still take place since they can charge more for a "newer" device. The Q10/Z10/Q5 are great for 4G/LTE speeds. Can you imagine using your device on 3G/EDGE? It would drive you nuts. This new BB7 device is great for those networks.

Personally I couldn't ever leave BB10, but glad they are supporting OS7 people still. The why question is almost like windows users saying why buy XP when Vista was already out.

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But when Windows 7 was released did Microsoft come out months later and announce that they were releasing a new version of Vista? No they didn't. There's a difference between supporting legacy customers and releasing hardware that is extremely outdated which will no doubt be at a premium price. This just looks like BB is trying to be all things to all people which it can't be. It needs to solely focus on bringing legacy features to BB10 and stop making inferior products to try and please everyone.

because some people believe it or not don't like or want to change to a new OS*

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Because 7 has some nice functions that 10 is lacking and BB is showing no signs that they will ever show up. Sad that it looks to be a 9700 level device though, although from a cost standpoint it's understandable. I'd like a replacement for my 9930, but with LTE.

Can we install the 10.2 leak on there so we can have Evernote baked in? :rolls eyes:

Sorry. Lol. Still have 10.2 on my mind from reading the forums last night.

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its to bad that they couldn't use the Q10 or Q5 design with a trackpad then BB7 OS.
that would make it new of sorts

How do you figure? Unless they improve the specs which doesn't look like it; people in emerging markets should just go for the versions already available. By then even the 9900 is better than this crap and cheaper prob.

Good point just mass produce the 9900 and drop the price (after replacing the camera with the 9810/9860 camera)

The 9900 is never going to be a design that could readily fit the cheapest end of the market, this model will provide an upgrade at that end of the market compared with the 9320 which is there now.

I agree However having cheap low spec phones in other markets really got BlackBerry into trouble in the first place. I remember everyone comparing the curve line to the iphone and early android versions No wonder everyone said BB was too slow and didn't have a good browser. I am worried about this choice. I think efforts should have been put in place for the lower cost BB10 device or maybe some changes to the Q5. Let's see if the ones that buy this model (in emerging markets) don't get fed up before an affordable BB10 device is available.

If it isn't for this device, they would only have the option of a 9320 at that price point, so which device is liable to put them off bb out of this one and one of those?

Meh, while I get the point I still think that they are going about it all wrong... emerging markets can get a lower end android phone that can do way more than any BlackBerry 7 phone probably for less than the new BlackBerry 7. I simply don't agree with this phone release.

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You just don't have enough data to say if it's a good or bad move. They know what's the average selling price for emerging markets and when the Q5 will reach it. Keeping those people in the BlackBerry circle is extremely important and if they are doing it, I guess they did their math.

I used to own a BB 7 device (now GS 3) and one of the advantages of BBs is that in Asia, some service providers charge less for BlackBerry network plan compared to others. This is not a problem for me because I am in Canada. But it will help RIM because Asia is a large market and if BB plans have lower cost per month, it will boost sales.

Im a big fan but sorry heins from germany maybe it is only hes personaly story and he dont see that slowly slowly the company goes people please young cool sneaker freaks ... Crackberry guys go for president please....but trackpad i agree to...make it again please...sorry for my english

U got that right, emerging markets won't just put their lives on hold with this legacy device & waiting for the bb10 price point to drop when there are cheaper android devices. RIM need to conduct more market research

This device is released for business clientele on BES who are not at 10. The 99xx series is almost 2 years old. Upgrade cycle is now. Makes perfect sense.

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This device should be released in South America, Africa and some countries on Asia, but that's it. Get the business clientele BES10 and a Z10/Q10, this device will only compete against other Blackberry devices, someone that wants an iPhone or an Android phone won't look back to a BB7 device.

Except I'm sure this is a downgrade hardware wise from the 99xx. Which makes no sense to me. It has to be cheaper now to make a 99xx style BlackBerry with similar hardware but perhaps a better camera than anything coming in the BB10 category.

Finally somebody gets it.
A 9900 refresh would do a better job than this new device and would have required much less resources for development.

There has already been a refresh for the 9900, it is called the q10, this device is an upgrade to the part of the market they cannot yet reach with bb10 models which is the 9320.

BB are not in the business of competing with themselves, if you want a higher spec model then you are offered bb10 with this bb7 model only being there to round out the price range.

Also, given that this model, is practically a 9790 in a new casing, the idea that it would require more resources than a new 9900 is simply laughable.

This is business, son.

Some parts of the world can't just dish out $700+ dollars for a cellphone. They have other higher priorities like food a d shelter but communication is still important. A affordable BlackBerry gets them in the door of the smartphone world without breaking their bank.

I live in Venezuela, do you think you can give me a lecture about poverty?

Just look at my prior comment, I said "This device should be released in South America, Africa and some countries in Asia, but that's it."(sorry for quoting myself, I don't like it.)

It's not just developing countries. There are many people here who buy cheaper phones for affordability reasons or because they can't justify spending $700 on a phone.

I have a Q10, but with recent changes in my life I would have to (painfully) replace it with a much cheaper phone if something happened to it. If BlackBerry doesn't have a $100 or $150 option, I would have to buy a cheaper Android or used BlackBerry. Many people would just buy new and change brands rather than Kijiji hunt.

So either BlackBerry does a new, cheap BB7 phone as low end, or they cut margins and cheapen the higher end BB10 phones.

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Why a new device? The 9900 works for that! Any phone that has less specs than the 9900 will run slow and that's what the media will say.

BB7 ran just fine on devices like the 9790, 9320 etc. and those are lower than a 9900, so the idea that a 9900 is the minimum required for bb7 is simply wrong and the reason for a new device is simply that while plenty of the components would be cheap now the casing and the display of a 9900 still wouldn't be and would be the things to prevent it hitting the required price point.

I had the 9360 and I currently use the 9900, in the 9360 I watched the little clock and had to do a battery pull once a day, in the 9900 the browser checkerboards constantly and the little clock appears frequently, I'm the kind of guy that closes everything I'm not using and I don't use as many apps as other people do. Would you say BB7 is running "just fine" on the 9900? I wouldn't, come on, we complained about this stuff before BB10.

That way it won't be called a legacy device because its new. BlackBerry has failed in this tactic as far as I'm concerned. You make a big deal about moving forward and how great OS10 is then u do a dim witted thing like yeah another BlackBerry 7 is coming out. It's all new but it's based on old tech. Please bear with us while we get our heads out from our ass and understand what we are doing is going backwards.

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I thought they were going to be making another Bold except with a bigger battery and auto focus... I guess not.

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But... It's a bit backwards, the 97xx series reached its height with the 9780 and now.... 9720?! That's a bit lackluster... Lets hope the naming scheme doesn't determine the specs and its a great bb7 device.

Existing BES customers who cannot afford to upgrade their entire fleet to BES 10 or have no interest in doing so.

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..oops posted before ready..
Like I was saying.. I have a Z10, but seriously thinking about getting an older BlackBerry with BIS for work on a cheap data plan if possible. I just hate PUSH email... not good enough.

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The Q5 is supposed to be a mid-priced device. They've been saying for a long time that they intended to keep selling the BB7 devices.

This device is an upgrade to the 9320 end of the market whereas the q5 is aimed more at the 9360/9790 part of the market e.g. on payg in the uk this one will probably be £100 whereas the q5 is going to be more like £200-250.

They release 7 because many left because BIS doesn't exist in anymore. I think that's wrong and should be optional.

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I'm afraid I agree with many others. While BB7 still accounts for the majority of sales, it causes more damage to the brand than good. The older devices can't compete with the new OSes and bring BB users under ridicule, thus deterring BB10 sales. Better to release the Q5 at breakeven or loss just to hold onto market share. Sell it for less than BB7 devices to encourage migration. Build more high end BB10 devices to compete with HTC and Samsung and keep going after the higher margins. If we can't buy an Instagram port directly, buy it by increasing the market share by giving away Q5s to increase the subscriber base.

This makes no sense. I understand why they are doing it but why not keep the Bold going at a cheaper price? Even I would fond myself tempered to get a second phone just to get th at one.

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I was also hoping for a better Bold except with a bigger battery and auto focus, 4G lte would be a plus... I guess not.

(I would actually be willing to buy such an improved Bold device!)

I agree. The only way this makes any sense is to make a "super" Bold, with LTE capabilities, autofocus and a bigger battery. Otherwise, there's already 4 Curves (9360, 9380, 9230, 9220), 2 Bolds (9900, 9790) and 2 Torches (9810, 9860/9850). If they make something that doesn't significantly surpass those, then it's a total waste.

Agree. Double everything the original bold has, except give it a 4inch screen at 1280x720. No sense is making a 2008 phone when people even in emerging markets will compare it to iPhones. 1.2ghz dual core, 3000mah, at least 16gb of internal memory.

My understanding is that bb7 won't run on anything besides a single core processor but the existing 1.2 if fast enough for mine... But yeah love the idea of a big battery, better camera and at least 16gig of storage but storage is expendable if it has an sd slot

If it's anything lower than the 9900 (other than a 1.2 gig processor, which is fine), it's a COMPLETE WASTE! There are so many bb7 phones already that everything under the 9900 is more than covered. There's already a lot of redundancy. What kind of nonsense would it be to throw in another one that adds no value to the already overcrowded pile. Either make a truly updated bb7 phone or look forward with bb10.

This is an updated bb7 device is you compare it with the one it is going to be replacing which is the 9320, all those others you list will disappear from the shops and you will have a BB range of 9720 and bb10 devices only, much simpler.

For those wanting a bold with higher specs, BB already offer the q10, so they were never going to do a bb7 version.

If they did this I'd have it as my work phone and use the BB10 phone for personal. I just don't trust the new OS completely yet and I miss my trackpad on my 9900. The Q10 is nice but it doesn't feel quite right yet.

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Can't believe so many people are upset BlackBerry will be releasing a product that will make them money.

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Ya, this, exactly . . if someone wants a Z/Q10 then get one, what difference does it make if BB wants to sell another phone to others who have different use cases or budgets or preferences?

I think it is about long term success. Money is important to keep the company going but long term having a new product that is responsible for a lot of the poor user experience back on the market scares people. Any business can make money in the short term but people catch on to the poor product and it is over.

BB7 is not a poor user experience though, all this model does is improves the user experience at the 9320 price range and allows BB to drastically simplify their range of legacy products.

People are upset because BlackBerry is splitting it's priorities and going down a path that will lead to a fragmented install base.

If they can build an inexpensive BBOS7 device, they should be using those resources to build an inexpensive BB10 device and keep moving the strategy forward, not looking over their shoulder.

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If you think that they will have spent any resources on this device that would have relevance to bb10 device development (besides testing, certification etc) then you are insane, they still need to have some bbos people to support the existing user base (~70m bbos users still out there) and this device will have been produced by that team too.

As far as inexpensive bb10 devices, there is obviously a limit to how cheap they could get them this year as seen by the q5, so until next year this device fills a need of an upgrade to the 9320 end of the market.

With these stats how is this different from the 9360?

BlackBerry is wasting their time with this...

I'm curious to see what markets they will be selling this in and what the price point will be. If it's going to be sold in markets in which the Q5 is already sold (or is about to go on sale), the price point will have to be significantly lower than the Q5, as if it's only slightly cheaper than the Q5, why bother?

Some may think that still producing OS7 devices is stupid with BB10 being out there, but the thing is that in many emerging markets, the infrastructure for cell phones is lacking and outside of major cities, 3G coverage is sparse and 4G coverage is nonexistent (Even in major cities in emerging markets, 4G coverage is spotty or nonexistent depending on the carrier.). There's a reason why BlackBerry and Nokia have been the dominant brands in most emerging markets for the last several years because they have devices that work on the networks there and have devices whose costs are within reach of average consumers in those countries (Which are some of the reasons why the iPhone has struggled in many emerging markets and is just now beginning to gain some traction in them.).

I think you have nailed it....most of the other commentary on this is coming across as emotional ranting with no real thought towards good business. And thats not even considering all those who do have the proper access to 4G, that make having a BB10 device worthwhile, who are disappointed with some of the features they have become accustomed to in "legacy" OS's that are still missing from BB10.

I'm looking for a BlackBerry OS 7 just because BIS. Here in Perú BIS Full is over 99 Nuevos Soles. Like 36 US Dollars. I use to have a Bold 9650 and now I have the Z10, but Claro Perú only gives me 700 mb of data plan. They only sell 450, 700, and 1gb of data plan. Besides, BIS you can use ilimited data :) that's why I'm looking for a BlackBerry OS7. I like the bold 9900 which has 3G in Perú. But I can't afford it because I'm paying my Z10 for 12 months with a 18 months contract. This is my 3th month of contract.

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How much are those data plans? How much more expensive are they than full bis?

Corky Notes for bb10 developer

The 450 Mb data is like 25 US Dollars. The 700 Mb data are like 35, 46 and 64 Us Dollars and the 1gb data plan is like 114 Us Dollars, also they give you an amount of money for calls and 200 sms. They are the same price for BIS. But, in BIS the 25 US Dollars is called BIS Social just for BBM and social networks. The higher plan gives you BIS FULL, but you can't watch videos in youtube.

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No no no. You have it wrong. It is a new phone. But they are introducing the OS7 also now. :). Lol. It's all new. They just borrowed all the new and unique features from the old 7.

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This is just a bad idea! Just lower the price of the bold. Done! Now let's update the playbook and get the A10 out.

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The bold simply can't be reduced that far in price to allow them to make money at the 9320 price range that's why.

With bb7 release they are contradicting themselves. This is not good. They should stick with bb10 os. They are confusing devs or new devs. Plus noone goes back and reintro old legacy devices with old os. Come on blackberry this just more that thor really has no directions.

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I cannot understand this decision.

How can you justify putting resources into going backwards!

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I'm confused ! On some sites on google there where forums about the 9720 from 2 years ago! Is this a new upgrade then??

I'm from South Africa: traditionally strong BB market here. Just think this release is wrong, even for developing markets. Stop looking back and let's keep moving! Go BB 10!

I was really looking forward to this. But if these specs are correct, another swing and miss. Blackberry seems to be incapable of building hardware. They should partner with someone who can bring vision to the table. Looks like were stuck with BB10. I was so hoping they were finally going to move forward.

I expected it to be either really high end to exceed the 9900 or low end to keep the Curve line going. Looks like this may come in somewhere in between, which wouldn't make sense price wise.

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You are wrongly assuming that this isn't going to slot in at the 9320, the numbering is oddly chosen (9420 might have made a lot more sense) but it seems obvious that this device is firmly aimed at the lowest end of the market where they currently sell the 9320.

They won't be using any bb10 resources on this device, they will still have some bbos people in the company for updates, hot-fixes etc. and those people will have been the ones to work on this too.

I guess this will be the last OS 7.1/7.2 in the range. Just clearing their inventory before working on the A10 and BBM channels and cross platform. I just hope that T.A.T gets the freedom to really revamp the icons for BB10.2

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Just boggled... An absolutely ridiculous move on BB's part. The press will have a hayday with this one, and I won't blame them one bit. It'll be interesting to see what the price point is on this... if it's the same as the Q5 then Thor needs to have his head examined.

Did the press have a field day just recently when Nokia announced a bunch of low end models including some that only supported 2g? No they didn't because those devices fit a particular market and price point just like this device will too.

Bad move. What was the point of Kevin's article regarding fragmentation all about again? Oh and by the way, still waiting for 10.1 on Verizon.

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I really don't understand BlackBerry right now.. their priorities are way off and I don't see where they are headed in the future or how they can survive... Prove me wrong BlackBerry!..

I have no idea what I'm talking about , but this just seems like a step backwards? Reminds me of the "New Coke, Old Coke" debacle.

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Terrible move, people will be confused thinking this is the new BB10 phones. I hope they sell this only for enterprise and specific emerging markets only with limited quantity.

So who is really stupid? BlackBerry for producing the phone, or those confused by the operating system differences because they didn't do their research before purchasing?

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The people are the stupid ones, but BlackBerry will suffer because of that. That's why Apple dumbs down their products so even the simplest among us can us them.

But you have a point, maybe BlackBerry isn't for everyone. People who don’t have the sense to understand that it's a different OS should get an iPhone. Oh well. I hope Blackberry's strategy pays off.

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I think this is a big mistake by BlackBerry. Move towards the future! With Jellybean and iOS 7 upon us why would BlackBerry continue to release BlackBerry 7? They should allocate their resources to BlackBerry 11 instead.

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Perhaps you need to look up the definition of strategic in the dictionary because you do not appear to understand it because this device precisely fits into a strategic plan.

They are offering bb10 devices at most price points they support, but cannot yet do that at the lowest end which is currently filled with the 9320, so rather than abandon that place for a year until they can hit it, they bring out this device with improved specs on the 9320 and proceed to phase out production of pretty much everything besides 9320, 9720 and bb10 devices.

I think this is insane. Why not move the 99xx and 98xx line in to that price point. The hardware should be cheap now to make and they probably still have some sitting in warehouses. They won't invest the time/money into the PlayBook and by doing so infuriating many customers but will come out with a marginal 97XX refresh?!?! Sorry but they need to be working on EOL'ing BBOS not giving it another 2+ years of life/support, especially for a device with these specs. BlackBerry appears to be horribly confused company at this point just flinging poo at the walls and seeing what sticks. As soon as this device is officially announced they will get hammered. They can't even sell many BBOS devices now in their emerging markets as those markets are migrating to cheaper Android devices, and they are going to hope this does the trick for those markets.

Neither the 9900 or 9800 would readily drop down to that pricing while still enabling BB to make any money from them and that is clearly their aim here and not simply to keep selling bbos devices, this will be using the cheaper chipset of the curve series, a lower resolution display and be made from all plastics while still being a step up from the 9320 it will replace.

Z10 owners getting screwed in the USA and yet bbos 7 folks still getting love....

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The PB got plenty of updates, it hardly counts as being screwed if it doesn't get a poorly performing version of bb10 on it.

I so agree with you. I don't give two hoots about an OS7 device when, IMO, there are better BlackBerry devices out and coming. To me, this was a step backwards.

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I think what they are doing is wrong and shows how disorganized the strategy they are using! Releasing a legacy phone and Q5 just doesn't add up, you either release the former or the latter beside the Q10/Z10. You are just distracting your efforts ansd distracting your marketing strategy. It's like apple releasing ios5 phone and google mass marketing gingerbread os! Very disappointed with the way they are heading.

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It does add up, the q5 will not be able to hit the price point of a 9320 so with a little bit of work from their remaining bbos devs they produce an upgrade for that part of the market too.

The q5 occupies the part of the market previously covered by things like the 9360/9790, this model replaces the 9320 instead until they can get a bb10 device down to that pricing in a year's time perhaps.

Why release another BlackBerry Os 7 device, even they say BB7 has liquid graphics and stuff, OS7 sometimes can be a really bad OS. Sometimes it freeze for a second, most likely in some app that we use really often like BBM, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. I think BlackBerry 7 has enough varian like Bold, Torch and current Curve series on the market. Wasting energy, money, time and power to develop more and advertising the new BlackBerry 7 device

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My ex bought a white bold 9900 as she was coming off of a pearl device. She thinks the 9900 is an awesome device. Which it is i'm not taking anything away from it but compared to the new 10. Doesn't hold a candle. It was also based in price for her.

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The picture is just there, it's not actually the new device.

Anyway, I was under the impression that the third world had the STL100-1, not a new BlackBerry 7 device.


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So i guess thjs means there are three app stores.
One for bbos, one for BlackBerry 10, and the playbook
You know if poor sales dont kill them the fragmentation just might. My sister in law uses an iphone and when she downloads an app song or movie from their store she typically gets the option the have it on other devices. This is possible because theres little to no fragmentation. Im starting to see the appeal of apples ecosystem.

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If this does turn out to be a "beefier" 9900, I'll buy one in a heartbeat! BIS and Data compression is worth it.

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This is a good move contrary to common thinking...BB07 is there cash cow until BB10 successfully takes off...why kill your bread and butter

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Especially to those without access to 4G and with very limited data many assume the way things are set in the US are set up the same across the world. Seems to me that OS7 has a big advantage over other OS's that hog data. Also, BBM is huge in other parts of the world that still have very limited texting plans. I still use a 9850 with OS7. While I won't pretend that its on par with a GS3, it is still an excellent communication device, which just may be the priority in other parts of the world.

Yes I agree..... Bb7 devices will disappear when demand for them ceases... If it takes 5 years or even 10 years it doesn't matter..... Bb7 devices email,text, phonecall and BBM great...This is all some people need

Indeed, the important thing for them to do is to phase out the bb7 models that are more expensive to produce like the 9900 and this new one, while it is still a curve has reasonable enough specs that will help them to do that even though it will be aimed at 9320 pricing.

For places like South Africa the legacy devices are still in demand due to BIS being unlimited data on 2 of the 3 major network operators.

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I was getting excited about this phone until I saw the specs! C'mon BB, can you give us an updated and improved 9900? With HDMI out, the specs of the Q10 (Dual-Core processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, bigger battery, front facing cam, improved browser), the convenience key, the dedicated camera key, 4G/LTE, a/c wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, OS 7.2 with improvements/refinements.

Those specs will never go with the BBOS. They should of at least gave this new phone a better resolution and 4G LTE

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Why not? Why limit us to BB10, I've tried OS10 and weren't too happy with it, especially the random reboot problem. Plus they left options out that OS7 has. I much prefer OS7.

Unfortunately, they are not there to cater to your exact demands, if you want higher specs from a bb device then your only option is bb10.

A new BlackBerry 7 phone. If someone wants an entry level phone why wouldn't they just get the Q5?

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This makes no sense. everybody was waiting for the BlackBerry 10 divices to come out. And now that they are here, instead of focussing on how to improve it, BlackBerry is bussy doing other things. If BlackBerry dies, this was suïcide ,!!

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"Everybody." I've read a couple of posts on this very thread that would suggest otherwise. It's amazing what people get upset over.

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Jeez...I try to be a supporter of this questionable company and they just make it harder and harder. I don't get them at all anymore. Love my Z10, but I also want it to be successful and for others to love it.. and love what BlackBerry is doing. I just don't see that ever happening with stuff like this... sucks.

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Exactly. I keep saying OS7 + QNX = OS8. Instead they follow iPhone and Android and come out with the Z10 and then slap a keyboard on it and call it a Q10. This doesn't make sense at all. Is BlackBerry sitting on a native American burial ground or something?

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Don't see the point of this... holding on to OS7 and not fully focused on os10... I thought that's why they didn't update the playbook to focus more on the bb10 products.. they should instead focus on more os updates..

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Looks like BBRY's attempt to compete in the low end of the market.

Z10/Q10 -- high end
Z5/Q5 -- mid-level
BB9720 -- low end

This will sow confusion in the marketplace since BBRY went to such great lengths to tie its future with BB10 and not BB7. By adding new BB7 devices, they're almost conceding that BB10 has failed.

The future is bb10, the present still includes a number of bb7 devices and this new one simply allows them to phase out a lot of those other ones.

This is stupid, just plain waste of resources. If someone said it was based on QNX/bb10, like an OS8, i'd grab it right away just for the trackpad alone. But this makes very little sense in the short term and longterm. A move like this truly makes me question Heins's wisdom.

I don't understand this move. All I can think is STUPID. I've gotta read more to gauge the magnitude of stupidity on this one.

Who is the market for this device if they're not pressing people to move to BB10? WTF.... question overload. I'm really trying to wrap my head around the strategy behind this. What are the benefits of continuing to develop devices for OS7? I can understand apps and tech support but actual hardware?

I have to follow this. Stuff like this makes me want to go get my PHD in Marketing just so I can write a dissertation on bad businesses. I just lost a lot of faith in Heins, for now!

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It is comical the way some people are reacting to this device, in your case you are saying it is a waste of resources and then turn around and suggest that they drastically increase the amount of resources being taken away from bb10 in order to produce an os8 that would serve no purpose other than to fragment what market there was for new bb devices unlike this model which will replace the 9320 at a price point that they cannot yet hit with bb10 hardware.

I was on another site ( Stock Twits) saying good things about BlackBerry, and providing positive news links, and I was sent this message by the administrator:

"" the world doesn't need another blackberry cheerleader. Please dial back the messaging on BBRY or we'll have to suspend your acct.""

What a joke. !

Ha ha ha that's funny man, I also do that on some sites but don't give up man, keep cheer leading as I will do the same.
BlackBerry......keep moving

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Good work. I wonder if there are other BB cheerleaders on the site and he is getting overworked? You should team up and go hard till you get kicked off. Why not?

I would love to have an OS 7 device with active sync support.... But its not going to happen. That was the only down fall for me, wouldn't sync my contacts through the cloud to my windows live account.

The culture of a company is a bitch! While I like Thor, I believe he was the wrong choice for RIM as CEO. New blood was what RIM needed. He is still engrained in the old culture and not looking ahead. When will he realize that people are still buying phones with OS7 because there are too many features missing from BB10 that were inherently BB. A physical keyboard is not going to save BB. He should walk into a phone store and see what phones in 2013 look like, big screens. His 1st order of the day should have been to throw out the templates for the old BB. Back in 2009 when I bought my first BB Curve I thought it looked archaic and here he is still pushing it in 2013. Come on Thor, make a decision and move full speed ahead on that decision. And if that decision is BB10, make it right, larger screen, push email, etc.

I think this could be interesting if it had a front camera and supported BBM video. Or even support for Skype.

Think about it, a low end device, that offers all the best features of BBM. Could be great business for BlackBerry.

To me this a good move, if it is done to reduce the build cost of os7 devices to make better margins.

WTF?!? Why spend even $1 and any time at all on old inferior products? They must have their reasons, but it escapes me.

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This is good. Here in the Philippines, mobile networks offer affordable BlackBerry services. We have 1 month BBM only, approximately 2.50 usd per month. Or BlackBerry social, unlimited use of social apps and bbm for approximately 7 dollars a month. Or unlimited email and bbm for 7 usd also. Or unlimited all services for 14 usd a month. So I think launching a new bb7 phone would be great. I often see students still using BlackBerry os7 phones.. oh OS 5 and 6 too.

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The only market still in the business for a new OS7 device is the failing one. These resources could be better utilized else where. The only thing worse than BBRY's marketing is their reasoning...

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I just spent $350 on a Q10, the truly inferior product. Nothing but a Droid without the befits and all the draw backs. Come on blackberry make a really good BBOS phone.

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And OS 5,6 and 7 resulted in BB being the leading cellphone worldwide? The legacy OS and hardware brought BB to this staggering fall from grace, fighting for survival. Just look at the stock market. The turnaround is with OS 10 'cause the rest of the world have moved on. If legacy OS was so great, why is BB currently fighting to be the number 3 cellphone company?

My mother and brother use Os7 devices, they in no way want a BlackBerry 10, so a new device might just keep them interested.

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I just think if they had half a brain that they would launch it as os 8. Just throw a Cpl more features and BINGO BANGO MO FO!!!

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They are not going to want to make a big deal about this device or spend the time on adding more features, it will simply be there to offer something a bit better at the 9320 end of the market that's all.

The keep on moving wagons gotten stuck. And the designated drunk driver thorstein as just

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