New BlackBerry 7 devices all go up for pre-order at Best Buy Canada

Pre-Order BlackBerry 7 devices
By Bla1ze on 5 Aug 2011 10:38 pm EDT

Want to be among the first to lay your hands on the new BlackBerry 7 devices as soon as they hit in Canada? No problem -- Best Buy has you covered. You can now head on in to your local Best Buy and drop $50 to ensure your device will be in your hands as soon as possible. Yes, Best Buy is doing pre-orders for all the new BlackBerry 7 devices. Now all you have to do is decide on which device you'll be picking up for yourself.

Source: Best Buy; via: Mobile Syrup

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New BlackBerry 7 devices all go up for pre-order at Best Buy Canada


What's up with all this pre order stuff? Do stores not want to stock anything anymore?

Besides .... I want to get it from the FIRST one who gets it ! Maybe Bell .... Rogers .....?

They don't require you to pick a carrier.. you can say just what you said here.. give me whatever carrier has it first.

And why would they want to stock stuff, when they can ship direct from the distribution center? lol

After the Best Buy preorder fiasco for the Playbook, I'll never order from them again here in the U.S. BB Canada seemed to handle it much better.

I didn't have any issues when I preordered 2 PlayBooks from BB Canada. Oh the mystery of this release date, but I'm guessing the 15th is going to be the day. I wonder if BB will be giving a 50 gift card or something with the new BBs in a month or two? I hope the release date is not staggered for the 3 phones as I really want to replace my 9000 as soon as possible.

got my playbook 1 month after release date when i pre-ordered from bb canada. never again. they ignored my emails asking why it was delayed. weeks later they told me that it was because the case i ordered wasn't available... horrible customer communication.

picked my pb up day 1 at futureshop.

I preordered and picked up in store. Glad I didn't preorder it online. Maybe their online system isn't so hot for that? Funny enough, it's not like you took your business elsewhere as bb owns futureshop! oh well...I think I'd only ever do an instore preorder for expensive items such as these.

Does this mean they'd have to sell it to me at the MTM price if I put $50 down? I often find that many stores will decline selling brand new devices at the MTM price right away. They will sometimes sell them on contract only at initial launch.

BB is fucking garbage I unfortunately went there instead of Rogers to upgrade my phone to a 9780 and when I got it not less then a week my 9780 bezel started to peel away from the device, tried to take it back to exchange it and wow let me tell you that was the biggest pain in the ass. Took me 3 times back and forth till I got it replaced. I got the run around by their half brained employees until enough was enough called head chiefs of best buy mad a complaint of the store...then after I finally got a hold of their phone manager of BB he gave me the run around but finally exchanged my from what I learned is never go get your phone from best buy if you do have issues with your phone...

Hey thanks for the heads up, I'm going to have to look at this a little closer, cause a few of my friends say bestbuy is THE place to purchase cellphones from, and the major reason they all say to me is because of the warranty. They've had several issues with numerous different brands, and never had any issue with exchanging/repairs... Was your experience bb-canada? I'm honestly just curious, cause I'm after a good place that will easily take care of me should I have any warranty issues... I thought bb was that place, but now am having second thoughts :s

Edit: re-read your post, realized you mentioned Rogers... Canadian... Gotchya... Any more feed back would be appreciated, did you have bad luck? Or is this a wide spread bb problem.

Hey yeah my experience with BB phone service, wasn't the greatest thats for sure i would definitely not recommend buying your phones from them from my personal experience. The thing is when I went in to upgrade my blackberry they offered me their own warranty which I declined because I already know when you buy something it has a year warranty all ready so I didn't worry about it. So picked up my new 9780 for a week noticed it was falling apart because well its built buy shitty plastic. Then read my return policy(back of my receipt) it said I can return any product with in 14 days and so on(custom satisfaction) went to bring it back phone service guy said they couldn't return it because I talked on the phone for X amount of minutes and they couldn't exchange this. To me it sounded fishy but brushed it off and was like ok....had to go since they were closing. Next day went back tried to talk to the manager but he wasn't there so talked to another phone service guy told him my phone is falling apart and he said he would exchange it. I was relieved but still concerned why the other phone service guy didn't exchange it. So I was waiting for him to put everything in the computer to exchange why faulty phone then he tells me he can't exchange it due to he doesn't have an over ride code to put in the till. I almost lost my mind and he said theres nothing he could do about it. Ill tell you the rest of the story later got to head to work to be continued...........

.....So I got fed up and left because was too angry to deal with anyone then the next day after I cooled down I called to see if the manager was in which he was finally. So I talked to him explained my whole situation then he gave me the run around saying if you went of the date usage you couldn't return it which is the biggest BS skeme I have ever heard. I felt I was getting wripped off because I have this phone less the 2 weeks so I called BB head office made a formal complaint which they said they would report to the phone manager at the BB I was dealing with then no later then 10 mins later I get a call from the greasy manager in BB(Langley B.C.) tells me to come in and we will exchange the phone no charge and give me something free in store for my trouble. So the moral of the whole story dont get shit from best buy unless you want to get fucked over and well if you do get something from them and they dont honour their warrenty bitch and complain till something is done.

I'd say buy it from Future Shop - and always ask them about returning anything. I've bought my BlackBerry's & other electrical stuff from them and never had a problem with returning anything under warrantee. (well so far anyway)

hey im in New Jersey i went to bj's the other day saw the little verizon both went over and asked about the new Blackberrys and when they think theyll be coming out. she said the rep was in today and that means they'll be in soon maybe the end of august or the begining of September. i cant wait

I saw this last night at a Best Buy Mobile store. Neither the sign they had up or the sales associate mentioned having to put down a $50 deposit - you had to speak with an associate for details about if you wanted one.

From what I was told, there doesn't seem to be any perks (yet) for preordering. When the PB launched, you could get 4X BB Reward Zone points (which translated to future BB $'s that you could use for something else). There's a current offer where you buy a PB and BB and save $100 -- doesn't do me any good when I already have a PB. Sometimes, they offer a $50 BB gift card if you sign up for 3-years.

Aside from earning Reward Zone (RZ) points, I'm not sure if you can earn enough to make it worthwhile even if you buy the device outright (1 point = $1, minimum redemption is 400 points = $5).

This is on the Canadian website. Go to and click on Mobile and on the main page, click on the third animation slide and you will see it.

Yeah forget that pre-ordering sh*t especially from BB & especially when there are no release dates. I want my BB as soon as I pay for it.

went to my local BB store today in Vancouver and the sales associate had no idea what i was talking about. i directed him to the website and his reaction was "oh...!" he checked the BB "bulletin board" for more info regarding the pre order and he had zero information about it. he asked if it was going to be a renewal or outright purchase and i told him i wanted to buy it outright and he said that they don't sell phones outright in the early stages of a release.

after that, i went to my local Rogers store in the mall and they said the phone would be available for outright purchase but he didn't have any more info today about a release date. He turned his screen over to show me the tiered pricing and i told him i had already seen that page haha!

but i guess for now..the waiting game continues :(